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Here’s how to unlock your blog profit potential…

RSS Email 2.0

If you’ve subscribed to any blogs recently you might have noticed that the majority of bloggers out there are focusing on their RSS feed to send out free blog updates to their readers…

But most of them do not know how to capture these readers into a mailing list through their blogs.

An mailing list is even more powerful than a feed broadcast. Once you capture your visitor’s e-mail address you can follow-up with your subscribers on a regular basis, thus increasing your clicks & sales…

Moreover, you can send one-time broadcast messages and recycle traffic to whatever site or product you wish…day in day out!

You can now put your hands on RSS Email 2.0, a 1-2-3 VIDEO package and learn how to build your own list, just like the pros.

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Can you attract 365,000 red-hot visitors to your blog?

The $365k Blog Traffic Formula

Getting your first 1,000 visitors is probably the hard part, but others have done it already.

Getting 1,000 visitors per day puts you in the position to attracting 365,000 red-hot visitors to your blog like bees to honey…

Not sure you can do it?

Let me introduce you to one of the hottest traffic-getting products at the moment.

It’s called “The $365k Blog Traffic Formula” and you should pay close attention to it because:

#1 – It’s a compilation of 8 “exclusive” interviews. 8 pro-bloggers reveal to you how they get their traffic, mostly at no cost whatsoever! It’s probably time you dump all those “money-eating” PPC methods…

#2 – It saves time, money and frustration. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel. Forget about testing. Let others spend a fortune hoping to make some extra money.

You want to work less, and make more…These traffic-generating methods have been tested to print money on demand when used in the right hands. You’d be insane not to ‘model’ them for your blogging business! It’s like you’re using the master chief’s recipe to prepare sushi…it’s guaranteed to work!

Download your copy now before your competitors hear about it and leave you in plain dust.

Push a button and out pops your OWN viral video!

Have you ever seen a video production service like VideoGoRound? I know I haven’t. That’s why you ought to know it’s now possible to write or paste in some text (just like this message), and have it INSTANTLY converted into your *own* viral video that you can do whatever you want with…

Do you realize what that means?!

It means *you* now have the POWER to harness the unlimited traffic and autopilot income potential of viral video more quickly and easily than ever before!

This isn’t yet *another* training course or “insider affiliate success formula”. This is the TOOL, the SOFTWARE, the SERVICE (whatever you want to call it) to actually *do* what you’ve always wanted to do: Generate endless income producing traffic to your favorite offers (either affiliate sites or your own products), with no income limits in sight!

Even ONE video can produce thousands of hits and views in a year, or even a single month. Imagine having the ability to create UNLIMITED professional videos…the potential is mind blowing!

This single service has leveled the playing field, so now even rank NEWBIES can produce all the traffic and potential income they desire.

It’s so simple a kid can do it!

Microphone + Camtasia Video = Emergency Cash!

Camtasia Video Profits

I’m dropping you this quick message today for 2 very important reasons…

1) I’ve just been going through a new video product that you can use to quickly and easily create profit on the Internet without big costs.

2) I want you to have a chance to grab it before the limited amount of copies available sells out and it gets pulled off the market.

This course is called Camtasia Video Profits and features 2 hours of multimedia video that you can just watch & apply.

These techniques are extremely easy to put into practice and can be turned into real-world results in just a few hours.

You’ll also be happy to know that many of the ideas don’t even require a website for you to put into action!

That means you can use the ideas and try them out without having to spend a thin dime out of your own pocket!

I’m sure that you’ll agree that’s a breath of fresh air and something you’d love to give a try.

All you have to do is follow the directions that I give you and you’re well on your way to making money online.

Click here to see what I’m talking about and get your own set of these videos via instant online download…

How true can “blogging for money” get?

There is probably not a tinge of doubt that making money with blogs is a real and viable way of making money. Still, there are the cynics who will always try to put this reality aside if only for the fact they can’t embrace what technology has actually created beyond their boxed ideas. Stepping out of that box, however, will be a very good way of responding to the things that have been revolutionizing crude mindsets.

First off, when you blog for money, you’re not just blogging for the sake of expressing yourself. You’re actually doing it with a lot more foresight and practicality. Besides, if you’re enjoying it so much, then why not do it and make money too? What could be better than earning and enjoying at the same time? Blogging is a rewarding way of helping the business community that promotes the very ideas that you believe in enough to blog about.

There’s no room for guilt for putting those ads on your blog. Readers are adult human beings and they do not patronize a product that is advertised on your page because you led them to through your blog. If they do click on those ads and make purchases from those companies, it’s their personal decision and you definitely had nothing to do with it. All you did was inform them about something you know and it’s up to them what to make out of that information.

Blogging for money is a meaningful way to make money. With your blogs, you are able to inform people about the things they need to know, hence, they come to visit your page. You’re not only serving your personal need to express yourself. You’re also doing service to people who believe in what you know and what you can do to affect them in every little way that you, through your blogging, can. Again, why not earn at the same time? Blogging is a completely legitimate way to earn an income.

You are not taking anything from your readers, nor are they forced to surrender anything to you. You are there with the knowledge that you offer and they come to seek that knowledge knowing that when it comes from you, it must be helpful. That’s the basic thing that happens with blogs. When you earn money, that’s your reward for being a good blogger. You’re not blogging for money because you want to make money from your blog. You’re blogging because you have something to share that people could make very good use of. And if you’re making money, it’s a well-deserved bonus for the hard work you put in what you do.

Besides, people can tell if you’re fake and just actually after the money. And people will sense if information is what you came to blog and not the money that you’re hoping to get by imparting that information. To make your blog make money online, it’s not even advisable to keep focused on the money-making part. You have to work to actually earn money blogging and that means being sincere in what you give to your readers by making your content the best that you can make it while promoting it.

Keep a nice record of all your affiliate programs with this software.

Affiliate Commissions Instantly

I know my readers love making instant commissions, so I know you’re going to love this new software that lists 150 instant commission affiliate programs that you can promote, starting NOW.

If you’re serious about affiliate marketing and don’t want to wait for your commissions, you’ll want to download Affiliate Commissions Instantly right now. You can easily review the affiliate programs, signup and promote them quickly…and literally have PayPal cash in minutes!

Now you’d probably be thrilled with just this list of these high-paying affiliate programs, but there’s MORE.

You also get an easy-to-use complete site management software application as well!

This multi-platform software will manage your affiliate programs including:

* Site Name
* Site URL
* Username
* Password
* Category
* Unlimited Notes

Plus you can manage your categories, add, edit or delete sites, keep your program secure by adding a ‘padlock’ to protect your login information, print your sites, sort them, hide them… do just about anything you’d like to keep them organized.

Easily click on any affiliate program site in the software and it opens in your default browser.

And you’re not limited to the sites included with Affiliate Commissions Instantly. You can add as many sites as you want!

Manage all your affiliate programs…or just those included. You decide!

It’s compatible with Windows, MAC and Linux operating systems, so just about anyone can use it.

I’m using this myself, and can tell you it was well worth the whopping $17 price tag they’re asking for it. I’m deep in the “instant commission” market myself, yet didn’t know about 70% of these programs before I got my copy.

After you order, make sure you register for the 100% instant commission affiliate deal they have there. You’ll get every referred sale paid directly, and instantly to YOUR PayPal account.

Beginner’s pointers for profitable blogging

For anyone who enjoys writing, blogging is certainly one of the most exciting ways to do it. It’s a great way to get connected with people when they comment on your posts. It works the same way when you comment on theirs. With a blog, you can reach out to people from parts of the world you almost certainly never even thought existed and what’s more exciting is finding out that you do have something in common—an interest in the topic that you blog about. That in itself is one of the best things about blogging, but when you blog to profit, that could prop things up another level and you’ll find that it’s so much more than communicating with people. You can, after all, earn money blogging if you give it your full dedication and sincerity. If you’re about to give this one a try, there’s a few things you need to consider before even signing up for a blog service.

First, what makes your blog make money is traffic. Traffic is the volume of readership you have. This means more people, more traffic and definitely more income, and there’s no limit to traffic you can get. The second thing you need to consider then is how to keep that traffic coming. This means you’re going to have to be making very smart decisions. The dirty works are given—backlinking, social network promotions, even article submissions. Your verbal prowess is given and your ability to catch people’s attention is there.

The more important question is, with the huge number of blogs proliferating in the Internet, what are the odds that yours is going to end up in people’s monitors as you compete with other bloggers who are working just as hard as you are? When it comes down to this, choice of topic becomes very crucial. If you want your blog to make money, don’t blog about the first thing that comes into your mind when you signed up for that blogging service. Think long and hard and think what topic will people probably search about the most. It’s significant to understand that some topics are simply more marketable than the others. This means that if you want a topic that makes money, get one that the most number of people might be interested in. Then, you can have that traffic coming and the money that comes with it.

You can make money through your blog using programs like Google AdSense or by hooking up with affiliate sites. You can make reviews and get paid for it or you can even do direct sales. If you’re selling a product or service, you can use your blog to promote it. The point is, the money-making ability of blogs is established. What you’re going to do is to figure out the ways how to make it work for you. Not all bloggers are successful probably because they were too rash in their decisions with regards to anything that affected the outcome of their blogs. If you carefully consider the kind of quality content to publish every sequential day, you’ll probably be a cut above the rest and be successful. Blogging to make money is a very real possibility and if it happened to others, it will happen to you. But before you quit your day job and take the plunge, weigh your options and be smart with every little thing you do before you can expect to be making money blogging.

Your Christmas gift courtesy of Dan Kennedy.

Happy holidays!

I came across this great “Christmas special” bundle…

It has 2 full courses by DAN KENNEDY and even a great one by Robert Allen.

It’s only being kept up during the holidays…completely free.

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Traffic Generation Lab Workshop DVD Delivered To Your Door…

Traffic Generation Lab Workshop DVD

Getting traffic to your site is not easy! Getting TARGETED traffic is even harder!

If you are still buying traffic to your site, you are wasting your money. And you should take a look at the Traffic Generation Lab Workshop DVD.

This workshop is hosted by Kevin Riley as a “Warrior Forum” exclusive. So far, only forum participants at Warrior Forum had access to this kind of information.

Now Kevin and Ken Sar make this available to the public and I am letting you in on this…

This is a complete workshop DVD that will ship to your door step featuring 4-week private workshop showing you step-by-step to building your own traffic generation centers one after another.

Grab it now and start building your own targeted traffic generation centers!

10 Tips For Getting More Subscribers by Brian Terry

Did you know that there’s a fortune laying hidden in your mailing list?


The bigger your list, the bigger fortune for you to tap.

That’s why these 10 tips for getting more subscribers are almost as good as money in the bank…

Here you go…

1. Include a call to action at the end of your blog posts.

Let your visitors know that if they like your blog posts, they’ll love your newsletter content.

That’s because you save some of your best niche tips, tricks and secrets for subscribers.

To get more subscribers, include a link to your landing page at the bottom of your posts, along with a reason to click on that link.

Example: Discover 101 more weight loss tricks for free—click here!

2. Encourage a viral effect.

You can get more subscribers simply by including a note at the bottom of every newsletter where you encourage your existing subscribers to forward your e-mail to their friends, family and colleagues who could benefit from the information.

Example: “Do you know someone else who could benefit from these dog training secrets? Please forward this e-mail to them—they’ll thank you for it!”

3. Use your forum signature file to get new subscribers.

If you’re visiting busy niche forums, include an ad and a call to action in your forum signature.

Example: “Free report reveals the health secrets your doctor doesn’t want you to know! Click here to claim your copy now…”

4. Point your Twitter followers to a free report.

You can use as well as other social media sites (like to grow your list.

Simply point your fans and followers towards your squeeze page to pick up a free report. Include this link on your profile page as well as in some of your posts (“tweets”).

5. Embed your links in your products.

Sometimes people share your digital products with their friends. Sometimes they give away or sell pirated copies of your product.

Either way, you can benefit from this if you include links to your squeeze page in your paid products.

6. Drive traffic to your landing page using videos.

You can create videos for the sole purpose of driving traffic to your newsletter sign up page.

To get the best results, include a call to action at the end of your video where you promise viewers they can get the second part of the video—for free—when they join your list.

7. Tap into Squidoo to get new subscribers.

Create pages around niche topics with the purpose of driving visitors to your landing page.

In other words, when including links in your Squidoo page, consider making as many as possible point to your squeeze pages.

8. Co-promote with others in your niche.

Here you can swap endorsements with your partners. You can post your endorsements on your respective blogs as well as in your newsletters. I’ve also very successfully done ad swaps where I swap ads with other marketers.

9. Unleash the power of content marketing.

First create a multi-part article series around a niche topic.

Then upload Part 1 to the article directories (such as:, and and upload the rest of the series to your autoresponder.

Use your article byline to encourage people to get the rest of the series (starting with Part 2) by clicking through to your squeeze page.

10. Form a newsletter co-op.

Do a co-registration deal with one or more people in your niche, that is, when a prospect joins your partners newsletter, they also get the option of joining your newsletter at the same time (simply by checking a checkbox).


You can use each of these ten methods to get dozens, hundreds or even thousands of new subscribers.

The important thing is to choose one and do it over and over again.

Then, try another. Just imagine how big your list will be once you apply all these methods.

Squidoo + Bum Marketing = A Lethal Combo?

Squidoo Queen

Imagine a combination of the popular Bum Marketing Method (basically using articles and other free techniques to generate traffic and visitors) and the power of Squidoo to get hungry visitors going to your website and generating sales and affiliate commissions for you…with zero advertising cost!

This is the focus of what Kelly Stone’s “Squidoo Queen” guide will reveal: not so much on the how-to of setting up a Squidoo lens, but more about finding the right niche market and the right traffic to send to your lens. There’s tons of stuff already out there on Google or YouTube which will show you exactly how to set up a lens, so there’s no real point in going over it again, plus the secret to success on Squidoo or any type of selling is: Find a strong demand and a hungry crowd and then give them what they want.

This will be the difference between making it and not making it online, and Squidoo Queen does a good job of putting this point across.

The forum and one-on-one coaching you’ll get when you purchase the product are definitely worth it, as the ability to ask questions and get quick answers and encouragement can make all the difference in getting going quickly.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been trying to make money online for some time, Squidoo Queen will be beneficial to you as it will show you exactly what you need to be doing to really kickstart your online marketing and tap into the current trend of social marketing.

How To ‘Photoshop’ Your Way To Becoming A Graphic Expert

Project Minisite

Do you create your own graphics using Adobe Photoshop? If so, are you looking for ways to improve your skills? Perhaps you are like me, whenever a design technique stumps me, like creating a wave or fade-in-transition, I would do a search in Google. Problem is, you’re never sure if the technique has a specific name, and as a result you go through page after page of non-essential info.

Well, not anymore. Project Minisite is your complete and comprehensive Photoshop design course to equip yourself with all the necessary skills to design graphics that sell. What’s more, it specifically targets Internet marketers. As the name suggests, Project Minisite focuses on the graphic design aspects of a minisite, like the header, footer, background and banners.

You know what, if you take one step further, you may become a full-fledged PLR minisite or graphic designer and sell your works in high-value packages just like some of the other popular designers you may have come across! Pick up the course for a one-time investment now, because you’ll never get a better chance at acquiring a skill that meets a strong demand in the IM industry.

What to do with repeat visitors.

A reader of one of my articles posted an interesting question as a comment. I reproduce it and my answer here:

Melanie: I was wondering if you had any thoughts on how to evaluate repeat visitors to a website, specifically why they were visiting again. I know some people have surveys and such that pop up but those seem to be more annoying than anything. Do you have any other ideas on how to evaluate these users? Specifically I know of a particular ip address that has visited my website over 100 times.


Hi Melanie,

Your weather data site looks interesting

The key reason for tracking repeat visitors is you want to know their names and if possible, their faces too. Some steps I suggest include:

1) Put up a Web 2.0 widget like MyBlogLog on your blog. Widgets will point back to visitors’ Web 2.0 accounts where you will know your visitors’ profile.

2) E-mail some interesting questions to your subscribers and encourage your subscribers to reply to you. Encourage blog commenting also.

3) Get more involved in Facebook and other social sites. Observe friends with similar interests. They are your most likely repeat visitors if you can get their attention with new content and stuff.

4) Personally greet them and say you know them because they visited or downloaded this and that. You project yourself as personally remembering them for past actions and that gives them a good feeling you are an attentive friend.

You’re not going to know everyone in the world, but if you know a few that can form a “critical mass” and elevate their status as peers and become your potential sales force, you gain leverage.

It can work both ways, If my memory slips, remind me you are Melanie from WeatherARC Have a great week!

Advanced SEO Techniques By David Jenyns

The SEO Method

I just came to know an SEO course that guarantees to rank you position #1 on Google for any niche, every time!

It sure sounds a little over the top to me but I also know that marketers like Shawn Casey, Jason Potash, Paul Colligan, Keith Baxter and Mike Koenigs are singing praises about the course.

You can pick up fundamental SEO skills for free and they work most of the time, but on the whole, traffic generation is a time-consuming process and it is easier to accept SEO as only a part of it.

It’s just that there are masters out there who do SEO a hundred times better than most marketers and the results come thick and fast.

Simply called “The SEO Method“, this course by David Jenyns contains 3+ hrs of video training, 13+ hrs of audio and more. Learn from a master and cut short your learning curve by clicking here.

Information overload solved?

IM Productivity Secrets

Tired of sitting at the computer hour after hour “building your online business?

How is that working out for you?

If you are anything like I WAS, you probably feel like your head is going to explode and you are being pulled in a million directions while nothing is getting done.

Luckily beating information overload isn’t nearly as hard as you think.

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Videos Can Give The Emotional Connection. Here’s Your Free Lessons.

Screencast Profits

Did you realize that YouTube is now the #2 most popular site?

With nearly double the traffic of Google, no wonder the Big G bought YT for $1.6 billion!

Face it, video is one of the most powerful methods to deliver your message…

But the problem is most videos suck…

We have all seen bad videos…

Maybe you have even made one…

And as more and more videos are produced and published online, the quality of your video will determine the success of delivering your message.

Discover simple techniques of producing high quality and powerful videos in a step-by-step video tutorial series that show you exactly how to create professional quality videos every time!

If you use videos for:

Product reviews
Product help/support sections
Membership concepts
Information products
Optin enticements

Then you already realize how important video is to your online business.

Make your videos stand out and never go out of style.

Go to Screencast Profits now!

Introducing The Simplified Approach To Unlimited *Free* Traffic.

Get More Backlinks

“Finally Revealed! Insider Trade Secrets To Unstoppable Traffic With Powerful Fast-Action Backlink Strategies!”

The strategies revealed within the “Get More Backlinks” guide are fast acting, simple and guaranteed to work even if you have never been successful with building backlinks before (OR if you haven’t even heard of backlink traffic generation for that matter)!

All you have to do is plug in a series of “traffic activation” methods and within a few hours your website will be crawling with fresh, hot prospects!

You can begin to funnel massive traffic to your website within just a few hours from NOW!

Ever wonder how your competitors have been able to secure top search engine rankings for highly competitive keyword phrases?

This guide reveals exactly how they do it quickly, easily and absolutely *FREE*!

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List Building Unmasked: Secrets Of Profitable List Building

List Building Unmasked

According to the majority of successful online entrepreneurs, the fastest and easiest method of building online wealth is by building a mailing list and then broadcasting promotional messages to your audience.

Make sense, but there’s one problem with that concept; it’s a heck of a lot easier said than done.

When you first thought of building your online business, you probably never even considered a mailing list as part of your marketing arsenal. In fact, for the most part, building a list and effectively marketing to it is one of the last things most of us ever do because we’re far too busy trying to create a reputation, build a brand and establish ourselves within our markets.

But here’s the thing: If you actually focus ALL of your efforts on list building and e-mail marketing, you can simultaneously achieve ALL of these things without ever having to spend a penny on advertising your business or spending every waking moment trying to push your brand out in front of your target audience.

In fact, you can build a brand, make money, advertise your products, maximize your income AND still have time at the end of the day to focus on everything (and anything) else you want to do.

List Building Unmasked” is your essential guide to simplifying every single aspect associated to list building and running a successful online business. In over 40 pages of rock solid information, it addresses all your possible concerns about the challenges involved in building a subscriber list. If you want low-to-no cost strategies to kickstart your e-mail marketing campaigns without putting strain on your bank account, look no further than this guide to lay it all out.

Can you write a salesletter in 5 minutes?

You need a salesletter to sell your product, service, or membership site. It’s that simple.

The direct response salesletter is THE tried and true advertising method. It has worked for hundreds of years in newsletter advertising and direct mail ads.

You create a web page with all the usual components…a headline, subheadline, story, features, offer, guarantee, and call-to-action, and get prospects to run directly for your ‘order’ button.

One small problem though…you don’t know how to write copy. Or maybe you just suck at it. Maybe it takes you weeks just to write a single salesletter.

No big deal, you say…I’ll outsource it. Great, pay $4000 for a copywriter to bang out a sales page in a couple of days. You launch a product and it makes you $5000. You only walk away with one thousand dollars…you could have made 5 TIMES as much if only you knew how to write a quick ad on your own.

Allow yourself to imagine you have an easy-to-understand roadmap to write a salesletter in just 5 minutes.

You do a little bit of research around the Internet (it usually takes about 15 minutes for me) then sit down for 5 minutes during a commercial break, bathroom break, or even the last 5 minutes before you go to bed.

Then your sales copy is done…$4000 saved!

I am not claiming that you will be able to write on the same level as the world’s top copywriters. Some people are just “born” to write ads that sell. But think about this…

Most copywriters will never even look at your product, or even look at your product enough to understand it. You are the BEST person to explain the benefits of the thing you’re selling.

Luckily, there is a solution. Robert Plank’s “Five Minute Copywriting” instruction book shows you how to write a salesletter in just 5 minutes. It won’t be the best salesletter you’ve ever written, but it will be a salesletter that works and can take orders.

If you want to go back at a later time, this formula shows how you can make quick edits to the copy in 5-minute increments.

Do you have a finished product sitting around that isn’t selling…just because you don’t have a salesletter?

Are you sick of paying overpriced copywriting fees, just to get a half-assed salesletter that arrives PAST due, that you aren’t even happy with?

Nevermind the fact that you’ll have to go back to that copywriter, wait for him to make your requested changes, then wait around even LONGER until you get a revised edition of the ad…and repeat the process until you finally settle for something mediocre.

With “Five Minute Copywriting”, you’ll never have to wait impatiently for a salesletter again, because you are the one following this formula.

With “Five Minute Copywriting”, you’ll never waste another dime on copywriters, because you’ll do it all yourself.

With “Five Minute Copywriting”, you will enjoy even MORE free time than you do now, because that nagging sales letter will only take 5 minutes out of your life…instead of hours, days, or weeks.

Do yourself a favor and try out these simple instructions to write salesletters so fast, you’d think they were going out of style. I know you are curious. If you are prepared for a huge advantage over your competitors, click here.

Discover The Latent Power Of Self-Suggestion

The Self-Suggestion KitPsychologists have long known about the power of “Self-Suggestion”.

It’s the process of repeating affirmations over and over, effectively “reprogramming” how the brain works. It’s technically known as “Programmed Rehearsal” and can bring about great results in just DAYS.

Enjoy greater abundance. Heightened self-esteem and confidence. Shameless optimism. All-natural energy spurts. Excelled health. Sparkling relations. Deeper sleep. Less stress. And so much more.

…All just by listening to a simple “affirmation session” for 15 minutes each day.

Sounds too good to be true?

Check out The Self-Suggestion Kit for yourself.

It’s risk-free. And I guarantee you’ll be amazed.

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