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How to Create Your Auto-Blog Cash Empire…

Blog Hatter

I have a special video that I would like you to view, especially if you are struggling to still make money on the Internet.

With Blog Hatter you will be able to:

1. Import Private Label Rights articles

2. Search and import images from Google, Tinypic and Flickr

3. Search and import video from YouTube

4. Create great blogs in languages other than English using the embedded translation utility

5. Quickly “rewrite” copy using the synonyms and replacement tool

6. Eliminate all the “hard work” that comes with posting content to a blog

7. Schedule your blog to automatically update…while you go on vacation or spend the day with your family!

8. Translate content into other languages and begin to tap into growing foreign PPC markets!

9. Update your blogs faster and easier than ever before!

10. Start using immediately thanks to its “plug and play” simplicity!

11. Rearrange the order of your PLR articles with the simple click of a mouse!

12. Rewrite PLR content and ensure its “fresh” in seconds with the software’s synonyms and replacement tool!

13. Improve the perceived quality of your blog by importing images and video

14. PLUS Unannounced Bonuses that CANNOT be disclosed yet

Watch this free video and gain VIP access here.

Do You Wanna Be A Whale?

How would you like to stop looking like a Twitter newbie and hit superstar “Whale” status so fast it’ll make your head spin?

watch this video ALL THE WAY THROUGH to make sure you get the DISCOUNT OFFER at the end.

Can you imagine what it’s going to be like to have a Twitter follower list bigger than Dell?

AND to have that massive list of targeted followers built for you, automatically, hands free!

Do you think that would help bring in more profits for your business?

Yeah, you bet it will!

The Twittollower system is one of those “insider secrets” used by those “in the know” for the last few months. It’s been a private “by Invitation Only” club for the big dogs to built seriously silly-sized Twitter lists…

And now YOU can get in too!

It’s going to take you less than 30 seconds to get set up in the system, and then you’re going to be getting thousands of new TARGETED followers every month, all without you having to lift a finger!

You’re no longer going to need to spend hours every day trying to build your followers manually, you can just sit back and watch it grow at a pace that’s going to make your eyes water!

All you need to do is make a few tweets now and then to direct all that free, targeted traffic to where you want it, just “point and squeeze”…

so go get up and running right now and you can join the Twitter “Whales” and be sending fresh targeted new visitors to your offer within 24 hours.

Catch Armand Morin LIVE! March 12-13, 2010

Small business owners everywhere have been scrambling to understand all the recent
changes to Visa/Mastercard, Google as well as the new FTC regulations.

If you sell anything online, you need to be aware of these changes so that you not only comply, but so that you also excel in the new environment.

The good news is, on March 12th, 13th and 14th, all of these questions will be answered in great detail.

By the end of the 3 days you’ll know exactly what you can and can’t do—along with a gameplan of what you should do next.


You’ll learn all kinds of other powerful strategies like:

– How to dominate your “local search”

– Why your “marketing sequence” is likely killing your conversions—and an easy method for quickly fixing it

– How to REALLY leverage social media tools like Twitter, Facebook and Google Buzz

– THE most effective (and highest converting) salesletter you should use

– Why Microsoft Bing is quickly becoming the “go-to” place for PPC marketing and how you can easily stay ahead of your competition

And much more!

Where is this being shared?

At a 3-day intensive called Armand Live.

It’s all taking place March 12th, 13th and 14th in Losa Angeles, CA.

You can find out all the details here.

The Passive Income Lie…

Income Autopilot

No doubt you’ve heard the hype about passive income.

You know what I’m talking about…making money while you sleep…letting your business take care of itself etc. etc.

And you’re probably thinking…it’s all one big stinkin’ lie.

In fact, the more you look into making money on the Internet, the more like hard work it seems.

Well, I have some good news for you…

Turns out an automated income really IS possible if you follow certain steps.

See, for the longest time I worked hard on my Internet business.

And I mean really slogged my guts out on it.

Sure, I got some rewards but it was closer to an actual—whisper it—J.O.B (Just Over Broke) than I’d like.

And then I stumbled on something that gave me a staggering residual income.

An income that pours into my bank account week after week, month after month without me lifting a finger.

It’s a beautiful thing.

* Income Autopilot *

What a blogging tip!

“When you start your blog, begin to think about writing posts as chapters for a book. After 6 months of blogging, you may have more than half the book done. If you can afford it, GIVE IT AWAY. A printed book is a business card that will never be thrown away.” – Bob Bly, copywriter

Forget "resolutions" and do this…

OK, so it’s February and if you’re like most people, guess what has happened to your well-intentioned New Year’s resolutions?

They’ve disappeared into the dark valley of
 shame, regret, and discouragement.

Hey, I’m not any pinnacle of virtue either, that’s for sure.

But I really do not like feeling like yet another statistic when it comes to making lasting and positive changes in life.

That’s why when I previewed this, I immediately wanted to tell you all about it too, because this IS the answer!

Forget resolutions and do THIS instead!

The reality is, my colleague Natalie Ledwell (one of the creators of Mind Movies) has hit the nail on the head with this video.

Nat has worked closely with people who were involved with “The Secret”. In fact, she has used the law of attraction to reach a number of really phenomenal achievements in life.

But she quickly realized that something extremely important was missing from the message of The Secret.

And it was causing a LOT of disappointment among those 
of us who want with all our hearts to attract our deepest desires into our lives—but can’t seem to get there from here.

The difference between Natalie and “the rest of us” is that she set out on a mission to figure this out. And she did!

Simply by putting her philosophy to work and PROVING it to herself first.

And when she saw how incredibly reliably this works, she knew what she had to do: Make it available to anyone who wanted to fully access the incredible power of the law of attraction…so you can actually get RESULTS by implementing a few very easy-to-understand concepts.

It all starts with four steps you can take right now to get started.

And you know what? It makes so much sense, it is so easy to do, and it WORKS!

You’ll see when you do it—things just seem to start falling into place to deliver your goals to you. But they key is actually DOING this…

Natalie shows you the way right here.

She clearly explains the four steps, and it’s super easy to begin.

Actually, I’m still shocked that she’s giving this away, but she is.

I watched this video twice, just to make sure I could jot 
down some notes on the steps—and I have to tell you, I was so excited to get started with it, I began immediately.

I’m already seeing and feeling the difference this 
makes. Once you do this, anything is possible for you if you just follow these four easy steps!

I’m totally stoked about this, and I think you will be 
too. Because once you see how effective this is for ANY goal you want to achieve, I believe you’ll be applying this simple but powerful formula to accomplish ANYTHING.

So watch the video—and don’t forget to leave your e-mail to get 3 other awesome gifts Natalie has for you. No funny business or small print—she just wants to get this into the hands of as many people as possible so you can 
realize your dreams too.

Oh and by the way, this takes all the struggle out of trying to keep your New Year’s resolutions. It’s a whole different way of going after what you want with one big difference…


Someone just made $59,741 from AdSense.

FatCat Blueprint

Apparently this looks like a low-key product launch, which tells me the product creator is not your typical IM shark which suggests that his main source of revenue is not teaching “how to make money products”.

The FatCat Blueprint is a 244-page guide to building a highly profitable AdSense business in as little time as possible. The rest of the package includes the FatCat SEO guide, FatCat Templates, The Secret Bonus Chapter, and the FatCat Domain Hunter software.

You only need to understand 3 key points about Bertil Jenner’s blueprint:

1) How to set up an overall system that makes you a passive income
2) How a simple website of not more than 10 static pages can be a complete income machine
3) How to get your traffic totally free

And may I add a 4th point: AdSense as a main income source is never the solution of a fast-track system. Your site might not get high ranking in search engine in the very short period of time unless you are targeting micro niches which have very few competitors. On top of that, your site might get sandboxed in case you do something wrong.

If you purchase FatCat Blueprint here, you will also receive another AdSense strategic manual called “How To Build An AdSense Empire” as a bonus. Not to be confused with the “Building Your Own AdSense Empire” PLR e-book, “How To Build…” was published in 2005 and is now no longer sold. Some of the resource recommendations are invalid but the ideas and strategies behind keyword research and linking are still worth revisiting. For your personal use only.

The content of this manual is hardly seen these days, so if you want this bonus, purchase FatCat Blueprint and e-mail me your proof of receipt to I’ll reply with the download link.

Over 125 Hot CPA Landing Pages in EVERY niche!

Landing Page Classroom

If there is anything I vouch for, it is the landing page as an integral component of Internet Marketing and list building. And right now, you can get over 125 Premium CPA and Clickbank landing pages that will bring in MASSIVE PROFITS.

Super Affiliate Marketer Andrew Payne is literally offering to show you the landing pages he uses in his affiliate marketing campaigns at Landing Page Classroom.

These impressively designed landing pages are proven to shoot up conversion rates through the ROOF!

And the designs are available for most popular niches like weight loss, dating, health, finance, biz opps, and many more…

Setup the whole site and landing page in under 5 minutes and be able to launch campaigns at lightening speed all while CRUSHING mediocre competitors around you…

As a LPC member, you also have access to a private mentoring forum, free training and more awesome bonuses.

After having seen failed campaigns after failed campaigns, it’s time to become an “Affiliate Marketing Rockstar”…starting with a great landing page!

Marketing on mobile phones?

In case you haven’t noticed, mobile phones are more common now than sand on a beach. Wanna know how you can start marketing on mobile devices now?

This is HUGE. My friend Howie Schwartz has put together a KILLER report on why MOBILE MARKETING is the next big thing in 2010 and how you can profit from this virtually untapped market.

Think about it, thanks to smart phones, people are getting online even more from their mobile devices then they are sitting around in front of their computers.

Up until now, nobody knew the secrets to monetizing the mobile marketing revolution, but that’s about to change…

Get in EARLY as the mobile wave is hitting right now and you do not want to be left behind on this one.

I gotta go now, because I’m in the middle of discovering how to apply mobile to my business too

This Guy made $2,193,070 with Copycat Sites!

Whitehat Copycat

Did you hear of Tim Bekker or K.K. Maybel?

He raked in over $2 Million over the past 5 years.

Totally “Underground”. No one knew him…until he suddenly popped up on the radar with a BIG BANG.

He surprised us ALL…how did he do this?

With small little sites or Copycat Sites (as Tim calls them) that take LESS than 15 minutes to setup. All floating around on the Internet.

Raking in 60K+ Free Visitors per month.

This guy may have found the next BIG thing in IM World!

With his secret Whitehat Copycat system you get the EXACT system that Tim Bekker used to generate over $2.1 Million over the last 5 years!

You can simply follow Tim’s step-by-step advice and C & C (Copy & Customize) his ENTIRE system at ZERO COSTS…

No advertising, no development costs…NONE!

For the first time EVER you are given:

[+] Professional Designed Copycat Site Templates (Value $749+)
[+] The Whitehat Copycat Blueprint
[+] The Niche Blueprint
[+] The Product Blueprint
[+] The Copycat Sites Blueprint
[+] The Traffc Blueprint
[+] The Download Page Blueprint


==> Get 1000’s of quality Visitors for $0.00 on AutoPilot!
==> Get Tim’s PROVEN Top of The Notch INSANE Converting Templates!
==> Get Tim’s Exact $100+/D Niches that WILL make you Money in under 30 days Guaranteed!
==> Get The EXACT blueprint to Tim’s SECRET $100+/Day Autopilot System!

Stop trying to fit ALL the “pieces” together…
Stop experimenting…
Stop implementing system AFTER system…

First get a steady revenue stream and go from there…

Everything is laid out for you in the Whitehat Copycat System to Copy Tim Bekker’s exact copycat site business…

But You need to hurry now because the Launch copies are now sold for $82 less!

Invade Niche Honeyholes With Little To ZERO Competition

Robert and Lance have only been teaching this behind closed doors to their $1,000 clients.

It’s finally released to the general public.

They were late to get it on their website. Now you can finally own it.

Their top $1,000 student, Larry Hoffman took this Niche Invasion System and ran with it.

In the past 6 months, he’s made the fastest progress of anyone.

It’s not every day you find an underground system as powerfully profitable as this.

Get it here.

Do you have 28,800 hours every day?

If I can recall correctly, 20 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute. That’s 28,800 hours every day!

So my question is: is video production a hard thing to do?

I’ve heard plenty of excuses like “it is too hard” or “it is too expensive” or “too slow” and more sincere inquiries about file formatting or resolution in relation to file size. And the biggest challenge most marketers have about video has to do with storyboarding: how to craft an effective video that gets your message across.

Both software and hardware resources for video making are getting better and cheaper by the days. Just the other day a local technology review press supplement rated the 3rd-generation Creative Vado HD as an “Editor’s Choice” for:

* simplified elegance
* video and audio quality
* uncomplicated high-definition video shoot
* price
* form factor
* ease of use

On the software side, I came across the Debut Video Capture Software. It’s free and it’s fun and easy to use too. Do a PowerPoint presentation on your PC, capture it, save it into a video and upload it to YouTube.

You know you gotta have video when Frank Kern says his ‘ghetto’ videos are making millions of dollars during product launches, and he’s not lying. Videos are great for getting traffic to your site and proven to convert traffic into sales.

The video marketing part is what separates the real marketers from the leisure video producers. You may not know this but YouTube count as 1 complete video view when the video is loaded and played from start to finish. Most viewers would have already moved on if they can’t find what they want. How are you going to lock their attention and hook them for the close?

Here is where you can learn from Andy Jenkins’ latest coaching program: The Video Boss. You’re talking about someone who has a pro background in video editing and comes straight from Hollywood (he won an Emmy too!) before he co-founded StomperNet with Brad Fallon.

I won’t reveal too much about what’s inside other than to suggest you watch the video (what else?) and discover what’s in it for you, but let’s just say you won’t need very sophisticated tools that will drain your computer’s CPU or disk resources; in fact, some of the tools may have already been installed on your computer. What about SEO? You can’t practically do anything about SEO without text, but Andy will show you how to get ranked on the first page of Google with the most negligible amount of SEO work!

In short, you’re going to get your investment’s worth with 9 weeks of coaching from Andy to make YOU a Video Boss.

Don’t miss your opportunity to learn video from The Best Video Marketer Ever!

The 500 spots will go Fast, so Act Now!

Search Engine Optimization is no rocket science.

Optimization Factor #1: On-Page

There are 2 main types of SEO, first of which is on-page optimization, referring to the content you publish on a web page. Essentially, the words you publish on the page must match what most surfers type in the search engines so that that page of yours can show up in the SE results. This in turn increases the likelihood that the surfers come and visit your page, thus qualifying themselves as qualified visitors.

It is therefore very important that you decide on your keywords carefully. Once I told a property agent that in order to fill enough ongoing content for her site and fully express her professional knowledge, she must conscientiously recall the keywords of her profession: housing loans, real estate, HDB (Housing Development Board) flats, maisonette etc. What are the keywords you have to deal most in your profession on a daily basis? Write them down. These keywords come together as composites to form the single market identity, which in her case, is property.

From my perspective, this is not even proper keyword research, but if you maintain a momentum of publishing fresh content and mention your keywords often enough, your site will be seen by Google as an ‘authority’ of sorts and your web pages will rise in the SE rankings.

At the same time, it is with caution that you should take note of not repeating your keywords too much or the page can be perceived as spam. Just write naturally and maintain a keyword density of less than 5%. Best practice is you mention your keywords once or twice in the first paragraph.

It is said that a bare minimum of 100 searches per day is needed to indicate a market. That’s 3,000 searches per month. Use the AdWords Keyword Tool to get your numbers.

Optimization Factor #2: Off-Page

This usually refers to link building. When a lot of websites link to your site, Google sees it as a kind of endorsement and it results in higher SE ranking for your pages. Links that are forged voluntarily by other webmasters are considered the best kind. If you have to create a link-back via article submissions, blog commenting etc., use important keywords as anchor keywords within the hyperlink. For example, if you sell calculators online, use a link like “buy calculator” instead of “click here”.

Target Your Audience

Leave your link on websites where your potential customers congregate, like forums or discussion boards related to your website niche. Do not spam your website as this can be noticed by crawlers and will eventually result in a blacklist entry.

Offline Targeting

Be positive about plugging your website offline as well. Advertise in native newspapers, tell everybody concerning your website etc.

Add A Sitemap To Your Website

When you want search engines to crawl your entire website, the simplest solution is to add a sitemap to your website.

Just Plain Text

Searchbots solely browse plain text. Regardless of how stunning your flash animation is, searchbots cannot scan the content inside that animation. So strive to avoid Flash animations on your website when there’s content involved. Same story goes for JavaScript.

Do NOT Use iframes

Never use iframes to style your website! Search engines merely skip web pages with frames since “a page within a page” is considered a HTML anomaly. From a “user experience” perspective, it’s no good either. Let’s say you have a page called content.html framed within menu.html. If by chance a visitor land on content.html, not menu.html, he wouldn’t have a menu to navigate through your website.

Keep Away From Unhealthy Neighbourhoods

Do not be tempted into leaving your link on abandoned guestbooks, forums or spam your link on each website you can find. Do not exchange links with spammy websites (such as pharmacy websites) either. The danger exists that Google can classify your website as a spam site and will block your website from any search results.

FREE: The Ultimate Affiliate WordPress Plugin


There’s no catch! You CAN grab your own copy of CookieFire—The Ultimate Affiliate Secret Weapon—for FREE!

It allows you to silently and invisibly cookie visitors to your blog and static pages without them knowing.

It cuts dead those lost sales from people who simply WON’T click affiliate links.

It DEFEATS the link cloaking problem—buyers KNOW that all a cloaking script hides is an affiliate link so often they just WON’T click.

CookieFire gives you a serious advantage over other affiliates.

If you want to see a big hike in your affiliate commissions, make sure CookieFire is part of your affiliate toolkit.

Download this quick because I can’t see this offer lasting much longer.

New Affiliate Profit Blueprint Costs You NOTHING.

Affiliate Profit PlanFor the first time ever, all of Jeremy Gislason & Simon Hodgkinson’s top money-making affiliate strategies have been condensed into one solid, yet ridiculously simply blueprint. And you can get it 100% FREE here.

You’ll discover the exact same tactics that enable them to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in commissions every year, and that have cemented them to the JV circuit’s “Most Wanted” list for the past 5 years…

You’ll want to download this brand new video along with a handy mindmap (for reference) and start “plugging in” these super easy affiliate marketing strategies right away.

Let this stuff go to work for you to start sucking in commission checks like an industrial vacuum…

Special Recession-Busting Offer On Mind Movies!

Mind Movies

You are not going to believe the exciting news I just got from my friend Ryan at Mind Movies

I’m not sure if this applies to you but Ryan was sharing with me how he’s heard from so many people that they are immensely happy that 2009 is over at last.

It’s really tough reaching all your goals when you’re looking down the barrel of a world wide economic crisis.

Now you may not know this about Ryan but he is a really good guy and genuinely wants to help as many people as possible turn the tables and make 2010 a rewarding, happy and amazing year.

This is where the exciting part comes in.

So after Ryan and the whole Mind Movies team racked their brains together they came up with an awesome Recession Busting Mind Movies Offer…

The entire online version of the Mind Movies Creation Kit for only…wait for it…$20!

Yep, you heard right, $20…PLUS he’s throwing in $1000 worth of additional bonuses!

Of course he’s not offering this to the whole world, just Mind Movie subscribers and close friends of Mind Movies and only for a very limited time.

Plus, Ryan is also including 6 pre-made Mind Movies so you can start watching these right NOW.

This honestly takes applying the Law of Attraction to a whole new level.

So…if you’re determined to make 2010 your best year yet, grab your Mind Movie Creation Kit for $20 plus $1000 in FREE bonuses here.

Top 3 Ways To Boost Your Affiliate Commissions Overnight

The perfect world of affiliate marketing does not need you to have your own website, or to manage customers, refunds, product development and maintenance. This is often one in all the best ways of launching into an online business and earning more profits.

Assuming you’re already into affiliate marketing, what would be the things to look out for so you can double, or perhaps triple, your commissions?

Here are some powerful recommendations on how to boost your affiliate program commissions overnight.

1. Grasp the best program and product to promote. Clearly, you’d need to market a program that will enable you to realize the greatest profits within the shortest attainable time.

There are plenty of factors to consider in selecting such a program. Opt for those that have a generous commission structure. The product must also ‘click’ with your target audience. The company must have a solid record of paying their affiliates easily and on time.

The fact that there are thousands of affiliate programs online provides you the rationale to be picky. You may need to pick the best to avoid losing your advertising dollars.

Write free reports or short e-books to distribute from your site. There’s a nice possibility that you are competing with different affiliates that are promoting the same program. If you begin writing short report connected to the product you are promoting, you’ll be in a position to distinguish yourself from the other affiliates.

Within the reports, provide some valuable data for free. If attainable, add some recommendations about the products. With e-books, you get credibility. Customers will see that in you and that they can be enticed to learn more about what you are offering.

2. Collect and save the e-mail addresses of those that download your free e-books. It’s a known reality that people do not build an acquisition on the first solicitation. You will wish to send out your message a few more times to ensure you have their attention and help them get closer to a buying decision.

Remember that you are providing free advertisement for the merchandise owners. You get paid solely when you create a sale. If you send prospects directly to the vendors, probabilities are they would be lost to you forever.

However when you get their names, you’ll be able to continuously send other marketing messages to them to be able to earn an ongoing commission on other complementary products rather than a one-time sale only.

Publish an online newsletter or e-zine. It’s continuously best to recommend a product to someone you recognize than to sell to a stranger. This can be the aim behind publishing your own newsletter. This also allows you to develop a relationship based on trust with your subscribers.

This strategy may be a delicate balance between providing useful data with a sales pitch. If you still write informative editorials you may be in a position to make a sense of reciprocity in your readers that will make them support you by shopping for your products.

3. Ask for beyond traditional commission from merchants. If you are already successful with a particular promotion, you can try and approach the merchant and negotiate a percentage commission for your sales.

If the merchant is agreeable, she or he can doubtless grant your request instead of losing a valuable asset in you. Keep in mind that you are a zero-risk investment to your merchant; therefore be upfront about requesting for addition in your commissions. Simply try to be reasonable concerning it.

Write robust PPC ads. Many successful marketers have vouch for PPC advertising as an effective medium for collecting targeted leads. Test and retest ads to determine which ads are more effective and which ones to dispose of.

Do try out these strategies and see the distinction it can make to your commission checks within the shortest of time.

Drive a LOT more traffic using…

How would you like to get an extra 100,000 visitors to your site every single month?

That’s exactly what happened for one well-known marketer after using this secret PPC system.

It’s a system that can be used by virtually any site and is responsible for getting clicks for as little as 1 CENT per click…

What you could do with all that traffic?

Build your opt-in list?

Sell more products?

Generate more leads for high-end product sales?

Your options are limitless but if you don’t have the traffic, growing your business can be very difficult.

Find out today how to immediately increase your traffic by watching this video.

How to recycle your PLR content in 1001 ways.

Often, when someone buys the Private Label Rights to a product, they use it once to create a new version of the product, then they tuck it away or delete it and never use it again.

I think that is one of the biggest wastes of good content there is. If you’ve spent good money on great content, use it until you can’t find a way to use it any more!

You can take the same exact content and use it in so many different ways that it will make your head spin. Let’s go over some of the things that you can do with the exact same content.

First, we’ll start with the obvious things like creating and editing articles.

If you have a set of articles, take them and edit them so that they are slightly different from the original. Just change a few words, add in your own opening or closing. Simple is the key to your first edit.

Then take them and chop them up into paragraphs. Use the individual blocks of text and mix and match them so that you can create a whole new article.

Now break them up in to tips, signature lines and even ad copy, such as solo ads, small classified or 3-line Google

Are you getting any good ideas?

Now just imagine, if you can do that much with simple articles, you can do even more with e-books and reports, not to mention graphics and software. The possible combinations are endless. So whatever you do, don’t just stop after you’ve made one revision.

Use the same process with any PLR content and I guarantee you will get more than 10 times the amount of your investment back.

I know that we have gone over this before, but I’m going to list for you one more time some of the fantastic uses for PLR content.

  • Instant site content.
  • Submit it to directories.
  • Publish it in newsletters.
  • Exchange it.
  • Let your visitors publish it with your byline.
  • Gain link popularity with it.
  • Make different versions of it.
  • Give it away.
  • Sell it.
  • Sell the resell rights to it.
  • Sell the master resell rights to it.
  • Sell the private label rights to it.
  • Make multiple versions of it.
  • Build your opt-in list with it.
  • Increase value with it.
  • Create original articles with it.
  • Create original e-books with it.
  • Create original reports with it.
  • Create original tips and sig files with it.
  • Create original articles with it.
  • Create original ad copy with it.
  • Increase your profits with it.
  • Start your own affiliate program with it.
  • Use it to make promotional content for your new affiliates.

Here are a few more advanced ideas:

  • Make audio versions of it.
  • Make a video out of it using it as a script.
  • Make video screen casts with it.
  • Make power point slide shows with it.
  • Put it on a CD and use it as an upsell.

Here is one final tip that I hope will save you loads of time and trouble.

Create a special folder on your desktop and whenever you purchase PLR products tuck it in that folder. That way when you are on the hunt for a chunk of content for a project, you can easily search that folder by keyword and find exactly what you are looking for without rummaging around on your hard drive for hours!

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Cutting Edge Traffic Generation

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