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This is a MUST have.


Imagine if a super affiliate millionaire built a website for you. And then imagine if he took you by the hand and taught you how to drive traffic to that site.

Great news!

Super affiliate millionaire, Mark Ling has just released the most incredible collection of high quality turnkey websites that I’ve ever seen. These are the same kinds of sites that he uses to make over $118K every month and the best part is…

* All the research has been… DONE for you
* 1 FULL year of professionally written e-mails… DONE for you
* Free reports… DONE for you
* Great affiliate products to promote… DONE for you (just plug in your affiliate ID)
* Articles… DONE for you
* Website… MOSTLY DONE for you (small customization required, very easy to do)
* Hosting… DONE for you

AND if that’s not enough, you don’t just get one of these sites…If you join today, you’ll get FIVE of them.

If you can follow some simple instructions, stay focused and copy and paste…then you have everything you need to be successful!

Plus, Mark provides full training for driving traffic to these sites, push-button simple software so that you can get these sites online in no time at all, and further advanced training so that you know how to take these sites to the next level (so that you know how to leverage yourself to eventually having the huge paydays that he gets).

If you’ve ever procrastinated at getting a great site online for yourself, or if you’ve ever cut corners when it comes to creating great content and so forth. This is what you need right now.

Don’t miss out AffiloJetpack.

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Anthony Robbins, Oprah, Dr. Phil, and YOU

Looking for some great ways to get exposure for your work and website?

Here’s two:

1) Position yourself as an expert.
2) Position yourself with other well-known experts., the #1 Self Improvement website in the world, offers a promotional tool that will enable you to use both of these methods, and more. And the best part? It’s *FREE*!


When you sign up for a free SelfGrowth account, you can create and modify your own Expert Page! I recently created my own because I wanted to be featured in front of their 1 Million visitors every month!

To start right now, create your account on by going here.

Who else has an Expert Page on Dr. Phil McGraw, Oprah Winfrey, Anthony Robbins and I have all created our own!


> You can include a biography describing your background
> You can upload your picture
> Include detailed information about your products and services
> Provide book excerpts, favorite quotes, and other insights
> Let people know the best way to contact you


Your own expert page on will:

> Give you additional visibility to our audience of over 1 million monthly visitors
> Enhance your status with the search engines by providing more inbound links to your website >>> Open up networking opportunities with other experts
> Provide visitors with a more personalized view of who you are

Create your page now!

Your "$918 Per Day" Affiliate Website.

There are plenty of niches and opportunities to tap in, but so little time to set up all the sites. What do you do?

No worries, help is on the way! Now you can get your own automated affiliate website, proven to make passive cash profits, like $918 per day!

* Your site can be set up in just 2 minutes
* There’s NO technical or design skills needed
* There’s NO writing needed: just pick a template design and go!
* There’s NO research needed: your site comes loaded with everything you need to get started.

The process has all been designed ensure your new website is built to profit *automatically* because it comes pre-loaded with the exact tools you need to profit:

* Proven templates – product reviews, web pages & pre-sells – all pre-written for you

* Hottest keywords, affiliate programs and opportunities beamed into your website daily…

All the hard work and research is done for you.

Everything you need to succeed is here.

Sounds too good to be true? It is.

Which is why this offer will not be around forever.

So I strongly suggest you read every word of this important letter

Let Feature YOUR website To Over 1 Million Visitors!

How would you like to get FREE exposure for your website, your articles or for yourself?

Sounds too good to be true? I thought so too until I visited,, the #1 website for Self Improvement on the Internet! They recently expanded a section on their website dedicated to providing information about Self Improvement and personal growth websites, articles and experts.

If you are looking for ways to drive more traffic to your Self Improvement or personal growth website, then you must add your listing to their site today! There’s no fee to participate. It’s completely free.

Some of the the topics that they cover include Goal Setting, Law of Attraction, Love, Alternative Medicine, Investing and more!

To create your own listing in their directory, and get featured to OVER 1 Million visitors monthly, just create your account here.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT (Simon Cad’s ClickBank proof inside).

Simple Start Videos

Simon Cad, the man behind Simple Start Videos has just been in contact with me, I was so stunned, that I just HAD to let you know about this right away.

(I think you’re gonna’ love it!).

He has decided for a VERY limited time, to practically hand you full access to the entire training modules and download content within the members area.

But under once circumstance…

We want you to ACTUALLY use this, and see it working for yourself. This really is so powerful, that it would be a complete waste to leave it collecting digital dust on your hard drive.

For the price of a Starbucks coffee ($4.95), you can get in and trial it for a FULL 7 days totally risk free, to see exactly what you’re missing out on right now.

What’s more, you can cancel at ANY time, and if you don’t like it, let him know, he will give back your $4.95, plus you can keep the product anyway!

That’s how confident we both are that you will LOVE this!

Here’s your EXCLUSIVE special 7-day trial link (please do not share this with anyone).

This might change YOUR life…

Affiliate Cash Ultimatum

Paul Walker was broke and almost computer illiterate 3 years ago.

He’s now making as much as $40,000 a month.

Even better, he is revealing his method.

The best part is: You don’t need anything to start making money.

Get your access to Affiliate Cash Ultimatum now!

Hey, get to know Paul better with reading this special report. Free tips and a video course inside.

Must-have PPC tool for the day.

SpeedPPC is a must-have tool for those marketers who are serious about PPC marketing. This will help you:

– Increase your profits with high quality, powerful PPC campaigns
– Stop losing budget on wasted ad spend on poorly targeted campaigns
– Save months of time setting up and fixing your campaigns
– Achieve better click through rates on your PPC ads
– Boost conversions with super-targeted landing pages
– Reduce your minimum bid costs with better quality score
– Track profitable keywords with unique URLs per keyword

With competition as tough as it is, you need to revolutionize your pay-per-click marketing and SpeedPPC is a ground-breaking, patent-pending software package that uses best search engine practices to create powerful PPC campaigns in a matter of minutes.

Send up to 250,000 visitors to your website in 30 days.

Boost your website traffic!Growstats is generating buzz for its traffic generation service. It offers bulk visitor packages at low cost, such as 1000 visitors for $6.95, or 250,000 for $650.

GrowStats offers traffic from full-sized pop-unders on high-traffic websites. You can target the visitors further through over 100 different categories and several countries. They also offer additional services to benefit webmasters including search engine and directory submission and optimization reports to gain top results for phrases or keywords on certain search engines.

Growstats offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for all clients. If at any point during the campaign you are unsatisfied with the traffic then you can pause your campaign and request a refund for the undelivered portion of traffic. You are guaranteed that 100% of the traffic is delivered or you will be offered a refund or make use of the customer support to resolve the issue.

Why you should use Growstats:

* Real targeted traffic
* Cheap prices
* Money back guarantee
* Support

To sum it all up, there are many traffic selling services out there and it all comes down to quality and customer service…GrowStats has it all.

Don’t Pay for Resell Rights Products Again…

PLR eBook Club

Mark my words…

Today will be remembered as the day that Internet Marketing changed forever!

Never before in history were you able to just “THINK” of a product and have it delivered to you in LESS than *one* minute.

Breakthroughs that make a REAL difference in peoples’ businesses rarely happen, and this is clearly one of them.

If you were given the power to click a button today and almost instantly find a product in *ANY* niche that you can sell as your own, that would obviously be HUGE, right?

That is precisely what this new tool does for you.

It’s actually the largest membership site of resell rights and private label rights products on the planet!

It is called PLR eBook Club and it opens its doors for a limited number of people TODAY.

Here is a small sample of the things PLR eBook Club will give you immediately:

– Get your own product in seconds
– Never pay for another product, ever (all the new products are bought for you)
– Make more profits faster
– Build a huge targeted list easily

Obviously this resource is going to give you a significant edge over the competition. It is like having access to all Resell Rights Products ever created or that will be created in the future.

I know you probably get a lot of e-mails hyping up the next “big thing”. If you dismiss this thinking that it’s just another ho-hum offer, you’ll be making an enormous mistake.

It took the team 14 months and over $54,300 to build this membership site and hunt down all the products. Matter of fact, their Advanced Online Article Spinner/Rewriter was another expense for integration.

If you are currently doing or even thinking about doing business online, I promise you it will be worth your while to take a quick look at this.

Free incredible report reveals how to make 10k/month online.

The 5 Step Formula to Making 10k/month online

I’ve just finished reading Mark Ling’s new report “The 5 Step Formula to Making 10k/month online” and not only was I impressed with this, but over 350 other people have already left comments on Mark’s blog saying how incredible that they thought was.

This is actually the best report I’ve downloaded all year. I couldn’t recommend it to you any more highly.

Inside this revealing report Mark reveals the exact strategies that he uses to make over 7 figures a year online.

I strongly recommend that you give his formula a shot as Mark Ling is living testament of a top-notch affiliate.

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Why do most people fail online?

Why is it so easy for some lucky people to succeed online, while others work relentlessly and never seem to get ahead?

There are many reasons, but it all boils down to 3 important factors:

1. Their Minds Aren’t “Hot-Wired” for Success

Make no mistake about it—most successes are made, not born.

Whether your goal is to become an online millionaire, or simply make enough money to retire, it’s all entirely possible.

And it all starts up in your head.

Winners don’t let others discourage them. They have the determination to keep going. Keep pushing. And they do this by continuously feeding their minds the right “food”: positive input.

They read all the right books, learn from other successes and then they ultimately take action.

How about you—are you getting enough continuous positive input?

2. They Make It Too Hard

Let me ask you a question…

What is easier, creating a new online product from scratch—including product research, product creation, writing the copy, hiring a graphic designer, etc.—or sticking your name on a ready-made, professional product and calling it yours?

It’s pretty obvious that the second option is easier—yet so many people online don’t go that route…

Seriously—When you’re starting out online you’d have to be insane to start creating everything from scratch!

There IS a massive shortcut to online success and I’ll let you in on it in a minute.

3. They Don’t Take Action

You can have all the knowledge in the world, and still be wretchedly poor.

The thin line between success and failure is separated only by a willingness to take repeated, positive actions towards your goals.

Today you have the opportunity to take ACTION on a great opportunity—one that could FAST-TRACK your online success. Catapult your online earnings.

I’m talking about a brand-new private membership site that offers you all the tools you need to succeed online—positive mindset tools, an easy-to-follow method to make money online, and ongoing support.


It’s called Money2K and it’s a private PLR membership site that offers you all the latest, hottest Private Label Rights (PLR) products—products that you can put your name on and use as your own! (And yes, this is totally legal.)

Forget about boring product research, tedious product creation and expensive copywriting and graphic design. IT’S ALL DONE FOR YOU!

You can literally have your own product in minutes and start profiting!

However, this is much more than your typical PLR membership site—you’ll also get…

* Free motivational audio programs, videos and books to help you along the way, as you grow more and more successful…

* Ongoing training on the BEST way to use PLR (most people are doing this wrong…)

* Personal support from Marcel Vinson, PLR expert and the site’s creator.

* Amazing resources to help you learn WHATEVER YOU WANT about profiting online: CPA, affiliate marketing, list building, facebook, Videos—you name it!

And best of all, it’s Absolutely FREE for a limited time.

That’s right, if you sign up right now, you’ll get access to over 200+ hot products that you can use to build your list, sell for yourself, or use to learn the advanced methods and profit!

And this isn’t a 30-Day or 60-Day no-cost trial—it’s a LIFETIME membership. Better jump on this while you can!

Cool Video Shows How To Profit From Twitter.

Twitter Commando

Sean Donahoe has released a new video that shows you how to make money with Twitter and he is giving you this incredibly valuable information for free.

Most people would charge a small fortune for the info that Sean gives away for free.

Not only that there 2 more killer videos about Twitter marketing that Sean is giving away for free.

So, stop what you are doing, go watch this and learn from one of the leading experts in Social Media Marketing.

The best way to build lists.

I wanted to tell you about this awesome system that automates your ad swaps. It looks very good!

Ad swappers with the best results already have accounts there.

They basically give you two calendars: first one to manage ad swaps and the second for others to book ad swaps with you.

Your ad swap texts are being queued in autoresponders automatically.

Plus they have automatic click-tracking and you won’t have to create separate links for every partner.

Try Safe-Swaps and watch your list explode!

Blog Profit Camp Opens for 4 Days Only!

The wait is over! John Chow has open his Blog Profit Camp coaching program for registration. However, it’s only open for 4 days so you need to sign up now to ensure you get a seat!

Blog Profit Camp is a 12-week interactive course that will show you step-by-step how to make big money with blogging. John started blogging in December 2005 and within 2 years, took his blog from making zero to making over $40,000 per month!

Today, he runs one of the biggest and most profitable blogs in the world, with over 100,000 RSS readers and over 56,000 people following him on Twitter.

In this new course, John will detail everything you need to do in order to achieve the same level of success. You will be given every tool needed and most important, you’ll have direct access to John and his team to answer any questions you may have.

Blogging has allowed John to have time, money and location freedom. To most people. this is just a dream. But it’s a
dream that you can achieve if you put your mind to it and be willing learn.

Limited To 150 Students

The first round of registration is limited to 150 students. The program will sell out so the sooner you sign up, the better your chance of getting in.

Blog Profit Camp is covered by a “30 day, no questions asked, money back” guarantee. Try Blog Profit Camp for a full 30 days and if it’s not all that you hope for, send John an e-mail and he’ll give your money back, no questions asked.

Free $500 Review To The First 50 Students

To make this a can’t lose deal, John is giving $500 reviews to the first 50 students. Companies pay $500 for a review on John’s blog. However, if you’re among the first 50 to order Blog Profit Camp, you’ll get the review for FREE!

This is truly a can’t lose deal! However, you must order now to take advantage of this offer. Don’t wait until the last minute because you will lose out! Go get in the program now!

A New Look At Safelist Marketing

Safelist Marketing Tactics

In the never ending quest to drive targeted traffic to our websites there is one form of advertising that is often ignored even though it produces some amazing results when used correctly.

I am talking about safelist marketing.

Safelists are a great way to drive targeted traffic to your sites but if you don’t know what you are doing you could find yourself wasting a lot of time and money.

That is why you should check out Jerry Iannucci’s “Safelist Marketing Tactics“.

Jerry has created a guidebook that shows you the PROPER way to market with safelists and this stuff really works!

Inside you will discover…

– How to drastically reduce the time spent clicking for credits while still sending your ads to the maximum number of readers.

– How to setup your inbox to make managing multiple safelist accounts a breeze.

– How to stand out from the competition by creating stunning HTML e-mails with just a few clicks of your mouse.

– How one simple safelist e-mail can generate multiple streams of income for you over and over again.

And a whole lot more!

The crazy thing is that he is giving it away for FREE for a limited time.

Grab it while it lasts!

Inspiration DNA Inner Circle Legacy membership trial offer

Inspirational DNA

My friend Khai Ng has officially released an original collection of Internet Marketing and self-improvement e-books that you can resell and keep 100% profits in your pocket! Check out the Inspirational DNA membership.

Currently there’s:

* Product #1: Ironclad Psychology For Internet Marketers

* Product #2: Dieting Dilemma & Skinny Solutions

* Product #3: Effective Communication Strategies In The 21st Century

* Product #4: Indispensable Home Business Training Guide

* Product #5: Awareness Building And Consciousness Raising Facts

* Product #6: Most Inspiring Movies Of Today

* Product #7: Personal Development Gurus Exposed

* Product #8: 20 Productivity Methods For The Positive Mind

* Product #9: Rules Of The Rich And Wealthy

* Product #10: Internet Marketing Pitfalls

* Product #11: Loving Yourself And Others

* Product #12: Implementing Yoga For Body And Business

* Product #13: Money And Me

* Product #14: Inspirational Lessons From Inspirational People

* Product #15: Networking Supreme

Remember, you still get the e-books, e-covers, sales letters, squeeze pages, promo e-mails, articles and thank-you pages to all these awesome packages.

If you haven’t bought them, then get them now while it is only at $10.