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7 Steps To A Winning Advertising Strategy

1. Plant Your Flag! Ask yourself, “What is the one great thing I can say about my product that none of my competitors can say about theirs?”

2. Dig Your Trench! Ask yourself, “How can I find a place for my product in my customer’s mind by relating it to what’s already in there?”

3. Take Dead Aim! Ask yourself, “What does my best prospect already believe that will make her want to buy my product without persuasion?”

4. Take Your Best Shot! Ask yourself, “What is the most I can afford to give away to get a new customer?”

5. Take a Risk! Ask yourself, “How can I make buying from me as easy, safe, and convenient as possible?”

6. Make an Impact! Ask yourself, “How can I break through the clutter?”

7. Make it Count! Ask yourself, “How can I move my customer from awareness to action?”

7 ways to get free PR

“The cleverly expressed opposite of any generally accepted idea is worth a fortune to somebody,” said F. Scott Fitzgerald.

But how can you use this principle in your PR to get media attention? My colleague, marketing expert Marcia Yudkin, says you can do it by:

1. Taking issue with a survey result.

2. Disagreeing with a common belief or counteract a stereotype.

3. Championing an underdog.

4. Revealing common misconceptions.

5. Making surprising predictions.

6. Exposing flaws in something assumed to be beneficial.

7. Describing the underside of something popular.

Example: Bob Baker and 3 colleagues in the music business collaborated on a press release titled “What’s Wrong with American Idol?”

Their press release criticized the popular U.S. talent show for misleading aspiring musicians and the public about what it takes to succeed in music. Baker’s reward for stirring up controversy: 5 radio interviews that highlighted his status as an expert on careers in music.

3 ways to create a sense of urgency

When you encourage prospects to act now instead of later, response rate increases.

1. One way to do this is to put a deadline on your offer.

Since 3rd-class mail takes an average of 2½ weeks to be delivered nationwide, make the deadline at least 8 to 12 weeks from the mail drop date. Alternatively, for any mailing that goes out September or later, a good deadline date is December 21.

Copywriter David Yale recommends emphasizing that the deadline date is final by adding the phrase “it’s too late” as follows: “This offer expires December 21, 2010. After that, it’s too late.”

For e-mail marketing, you can say the offer is good only if the recipient replies “today” or “this week”.

2. If you are not comfortable putting a deadline date on your mail piece, specify a time frame within which the reader must reply, e.g., “reply within the next 10 days”.

3. Or at least make it clear that this is a time-limited offer. Copywriter Milt Pierce suggests this wording: “But I urge you to hurry. This offer is for a limited time only. And once it expires, it may never be repeated again.”

Get ClickBank approved!

ClickBank Approved!

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Should you write your own copy?

My answer may surprise you, but it’s enthusiastically “yes” IF these 3 conditions exist:

1. You are an excellent copywriter.
2. You enjoy writing copy.
3. You have the time to write copy.

Business owners and marketing managers who fit these criteria often produce copy that’s better and more successful than the pros. Why?

They know the product and the market intimately, because they live with it full-time. Half the battle in copywriting is really knowing the customer and the product, so the business owner or manager has the edge…IF he can write.

On the other hand, marketers who can’t write, don’t like to write, or don’t have time to write copy are better off farming it out to an agency or freelancer.

Scarsdale Diet author’s writing secret

When you write with a clear picture of your reader in mind, your copy is much more effective.

Samm Sinclair Baker, author of many best-selling books (including “The Scarsdale Diet” with Dr. Herman Tarnower), had an interesting way of picturing his reader as he wrote:

Baker looked through magazines until he found a picture of a person he imagined was a typical reader for what he was writing.

He then cut out the picture and taped it to the edge of his PC monitor.

As a result, he was constantly looking at his reader while he wrote.

Baker says this helped him write more conversationally, because he was “talking” to the person in the picture as he typed.

9 steps to writing a winning sales page

Dynamo entrepreneur Ali Brown gives these 9 clear and accurate tips for writing powerful sales pages:

1. Establish credibility.

2. Address the potential customer’s pain.

3. List several benefits.

4. Demonstrate how an investment in the product will pay for itself.

5. Provide testimonials.

6. Create an incentive for customers to act in a timely manner.

7. Make a personal connection with the audience by including a picture and some appealing biographical information.

8. Offer a guarantee.

9. Add eye-appealing formatting and graphics to make the page visually appealing.

You Can’t Ignore Facebook and Twitter Anymore.

It’s virtually impossible to ignore.

Everywhere you turn, you hear about these social networking and social media websites: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, Digg, and Delicious. It looks like they are taking over.

Facebook has 350 Million Members.

Youtube visitors are viewing 13 Billion Videos a month.

Linkedin has over 15 Million Business people networking.

Twitter is growing at over 40% a month.

Digg and Delicious are driving millions of visitors to websites every month.

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BUT, even with such amazing stories like David’s, I have always wondered whether e-books would really take off. The answer came in a press release that Amazon sent out a few days ago.


Amazon Kindle (their e-book reader) is the most gifted item ever on Amazon. On Christmas Day, for the first time ever, customers purchased more Kindle books (e-books) than physical books.


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Social Media Facts…

Forrester predicts huge growth for social media marketing.

9 out of 10 25-34-year-old UK Internet users visited a social networking site in May 2009.

Time spent on social networks is growing at 3x the overall Internet rate.

More than 120 million users log on to Facebook at least once a day!

While 14% people trust ads, 76% of people trust consumer recommendations (interesting).

Analysts predict FB members will cross 500 million mark by 2011!

Facebook is the 3rd most trafficked website in the world.

Facebook is the largest photo-sharing platform With over 1 billion photos.

The fastest growing demographic on FB is those 35-years-old and older.

More than 70% of Facebook users are outside the United States!

Twitter is the fastest growing social network in the world, increasing by 1,928% from June 2008 to Jun 2009.

Twitter reached the 50 million unique visitor mark in July 2009.

If Twitter’s current growth rate keeps up, they could be at 100 million members by the end of 2010.

1 out of 8 couples married in the U.S. last year met via social media.

Social networking sites are officially the most popular sites ahead of porn sites.

3 out Of 4 Americans use social technology.

2/3 of the global Internet population has visited social networks.

Visiting social sites is now the 4th most popular online activity, ahead of personal e-mail.

54% of bloggers post content or tweet daily.

If Facebook were a country, it would be the world’s forth largest after US.

China’s Qzone has more than 300 million using their services.

80% of companies are using LinkedIn as their primary tool to find employees.

Ashton Kutcher and Ellen DeGeneres have more followers than the entire population of Ireland, Norway and Panama.

80% of Twitter usage is on mobile devices. People update anywhere anytime.

67 million Americans used online social networks in an average month during 2008.

Average person is exposed to 3000 advertising messages/day.

34% post opinions about products and brands on their blogs.

36% think more positively about companies that have blogs.

32% trust blogger’s opinion on products and service.

93% believe a company should have a presence in social media.

5,000,000,000 – The number of minutes spent on Facebook each day.

3,600,000,000 – The number of photos archived on Flickr as of June 2009.

1,000,000,000 – The amount of articles shared on Facebook each week.

3,000,000 – The average number of tweets per day on Twitter.

13,000,000 – The number of articles available on Wikipedia.

100,000,000 – The number of YouTube videos viewed per day.

1382% – The monthly growth rate of Twitter users from January to February 2009.

Time spent on social networks is 10% of all Internet time.

412.4 years – The length of time it would take to view every YouTube video.

13 hours – The amount of video uploaded to YouTube every minute.

How To Transform Your PDFs Into 24/7 Viral Sales Machines

A new viral marketing tool is achieving new breakthroughs with the distribution of PDF reports.

James Grandstaff’s Viral PDF Generator is a web-based PDF rebranding software that makes it super easy for your readers to give away YOUR PDF reports and e-books using social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

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Sneaky WP Plugin makes moolah from people just "visiting" your blog.

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Well, because these “guru” methods are usually short-lived and temporary, meaning you can’t earn consistent monthly income.

Sure you may be able to earn 10K in 1 day.

But how long does it last?

Can you still earn 10K in 1 day one month later?


Take a look at the CRAZY product launch that’s happening every single day with the “how I went from zero to 100K per month in just 14 days just by working 2 hours per day” yadda yadda claim…

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Next day you receive another e-mail from the SAME marketer, this time offering a different “next big thing” that is supposed to be the best discovery since slice bread.

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Success without stress

Here are 10 tips for living with less stress, from “Loving and Leaving the Good Life” by Helen Nearing:

1. Do the best you can, whatever arises.

2. Be at peace with yourself.

3. Find a job you enjoy.

4. Live in simple conditions; get rid of clutter.

5. Contact nature every day; find the earth under your feet.

6. Take physical exercise.

7. Don’t worry; live one day at a time.

8. Share something every day with someone else; help someone else somehow.

9. Take time to wonder at the world and at life; see some humor in life where you can.

10. Be kind.

Double Your Networking Power

If you want to leave an indelible impression on somebody, ask for 2 business cards—one for yourself, and one to pass on to somebody else. You’ll always be remembered as the person who asked for an extra business card to pass along.

Also, wear a sports jacket with 2 pockets: one for the business cards that you collect, and one to hold your business cards to hand out to others.

Source: Words from Woody, Winter 2004, p. 2

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Magic Members WordPress Membership Plugin

Magic Members is a premium WordPress membership plugin that turn your WordPress blog into a powerful, fully automated membership site. It’s a lot easier to set up than using other scripts that require its own installation process and SQL database.

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How much should you pay per click?

Dana Todd, executive VP of SiteLabs, uses this formula:

Break-even cost-per-click = average gross profit X average conversion ratio

If your gross profit is $5 and your average conversion rate is 2%, then $5 X .02 = $0.10.

Maximum you should pay per click: 10 cents.

Source: Internet Marketing Report, 9/30/03, p. 2.

The New Rules Of Selling

1 – Sell what the customer desires or requires, not what you want them to buy.

2 – Get personal; collect as much information about your customer as possible and use it.

3 – Become a friend, because people will buy from their friends but don’t always trust salespeople.

4 – Concentrate on building strong relationships.

5 – Find things you and your customer have in common, and build on those similarities.

6 – Gain the trust of your customers.

7 – Have a great time, and have a great sense of humor.

8 – Don’t even look like you’re trying to sell.

Source: Business Brief