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The death of dodgy marketing

If you don’t like the deceptive tactics that are being used to try and force us info-product buyers into ‘upsell’ offers these days, but you DO want to know how to sell high-priced products of your own, then refer to The Upsell Equation System right now.

The guy who designed this has stumbled upon a weird little “mind trick” for instantly creating upsell offers that convert at 96.8% (UNHEARD OF numbers).

Which means it out-converts one-time offers and other tired old marketing methods by 380% or more…WITHOUT using any cheap, dodgy tactics.

Ignoring this new fact will probably cost you money.

Are you making over $1 per subscriber?

Extracting Maximum Cash From Your E-Mail Lists

Not many marketers know this, so let me quiz you: Have you ever thought how much you should make—at the minimum—from each subscriber per month?

The rule of thumb is you should make $1 PER subscriber PER month.

So if you have 5000 subscribers, that’s $5000/mth.

But if you work on being an EFFECTIVE e-mail marketer, it’s not uncommon to boost that number to $3-4 per subscriber.

I’ve got a special video series to show you how to do it.

Get the details here.

Get ready to ramp your e-mail marketing up to a new level.

Remember, just having a list is not enough.

You need to know what to do with the list once you’ve got it.

This tell-all video seminar normally goes for $97, but you are offered a massive 80% discount today!

Not only that, but I’m guaranteeing that you’ll see increased profits if you follow the tips in this awesome video series.

* Extracting Maximum Cash From Your E-Mail Lists *

Breakthrough WP Plugin Increased Opt-In Rate By 304% Overnight!

Popup DominationThis is insane! These 2 guys increased their mailing list opt-in rate by over 304% overnight with one simple WordPress plugin and now they’re letting you and I get our hands on it.

You probably heard this before, The Money Is In The List!

And it’s so true…The more people you get on your list, the more money you will make because you can promote more things and send more readers back to your site.

Another guy earns 6 figures a year from one of his blogs and the majority of his income comes from his list, because of that he has included a BONUS presentation you can watch on exactly how he makes money with his mailing list.

See It Here.