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Autoresponder Improvements

Stuck in an autoresponder rut with only your e-zine going out regularly? Get out of the rut with some of these ideas for improvements.

1. Provide back issues of your e-zine archives via your autoresponder instead of hosting all your archives online. This will give your subscribers and website visitors easy access to them and offers a chance to include graphics, audio and video and other components all rolled up in PDF files for quick, easy download.

2. Help with tech issues and publish your entire website, save it in a PDF file, and load it into an autoresponder. Sometimes visitors don’t have enough time to read your entire site or they lose their Internet connection or time online. So this way, they could print it out and read it offline.

3. You could offer your e-book via an autoresponder. Regular e-zine content is often sporadic and is never complete by itself. This e-book should reveal a set of fundamental information to get your subscribers into an active mode of action.

4. For a handy and nice legal touch, you could include the terms and conditions to purchase transactions and load them into an autoresponder that is triggered with each purchase. This could include return policies, purchases, refunds etc.

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Auto Cash Funnel

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Autopilot Traffic Robot

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Lift your direct mail response rates with lift letters.

The lift letter, also known as a lift note, is the second, small letter that is sometimes inserted into a direct mail package along with the main multi-page sales letter. It often has a headline that reads something like, “Read this only if you are NOT interested in buying [name of product].”

The purpose, as its name implies, is to lift response. But what do you put in a lift note to achieve that goal?

John Forde suggests 10 possible topics and goals for lift letters:

1. To counter a key objection.

2. As a place to test your second-best or alternative headlines.

3. To give readers an extra testimonial.

4. As an endorsement (approved, of course) from an authority or a celebrity.

5. To emphasize a time deadline on the purchase.

6. To focus on the best aspect of the offer (premiums, guarantees, discounts).

7. To emphasize long-standing credibility (a formal letterhead might work well here).

8. To keep the message newsworthy. Let the lift note cover events that have happened since the initial mailing was written.

9. To underscore the ONE THING that really gives your product an edge over everyone else.

10. To emphasize track record, unusual and impressive credentials, or to make the benefits of the most important package feature especially clear.

Source: The Copywriter’s Roundtable.

4 Tips For Marketing In A Recession

Dozens of my readers are complaining to me of declining response rates, a downturn in business, and the weak economy. “Our marketing isn’t pulling like it used to,” they complain. “What can I do?” Here’s what I have found works:

1. Take massive action. Figure out what you think you need to do to generate the level of leads and orders you need. Then do twice that amount.

2. Don’t rely on only one promotional vehicle, like direct mail or cold calling. Do three, four, even five things: send out mailings; advertise; regularly e-mail your list; write an article; give a speech.

3. Make every communication a direct marketing communication. Offer a premium with a high perceived value. Stress your free offer in your promotion.

4. Test different offers, ideas, copy, formats, and media to see which work best. Roll out with those promotions that work. Scratch the others. If they don’t do well in a small test, mailing more won’t help.

For more advice on marketing in a recession, see Bob Bly’s book Fool-Proof Marketing, published by John Wiley & Sons.

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