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Incredible story…Incredible video (watch now)!

Steve Pierce (not to be confused with Steven Pierce) has gone from absolutely nothing to…

$50, $100, $200, $500 per day!

And now he makes an absolute minimum of $1k each and every day!


Check out the video here to see how he’s done this…

How Did He Get 122,400 Free Visitors?!

Neil Shearing has a great track record for selling products that people love. In fact, he sold his first e-book in 1997!

Now he’s created a “blueprint” for creating fast, free traffic based on a year he spent building blogs OUTSIDE Internet Marketing.

Get this…with just 97 blog posts in a YEAR, he managed to get 122,400 FREE visitors to a niche technology blog!

Unlike a lot of products being offered today, Neil has full proof at his website…and he even waited a full YEAR to make sure the traffic was consistent before writing his Free Traffic Blueprint.

If you want to know how he got so much free traffic with almost no effort, take a look…

Analytics Tool Review: GetClicky

An analytics tool is a fundamental part of an Internet marketer’s life. Through monitoring visits, traffic sources, bounce rates and conversions, a good analytics tool helps a you get an idea of how well you’re performing and how you should adjust your strategies. It also helps a marketer gauge results when you’re conducting split or multivariate tests.

One popular analytics tool is GetClicky and in this review, I’ll be talking about why it’s a top choice for most Internet marketers. What I like about it:

1) Presentation – GetClicky’s interface includes a dashboard that shows you reports on visits, actions made by visitors, time spent on site and bounce rates. GetClicky presents these figures in a comprehensible manner and if that’s not enough, it allows you to customize which reports you want to see on your dashboard.

2) Real-Time Data – Real-time analytics data is helpful in that it gives you the opportunity to change certain components in your web page or blog post depending on the data you get.

Here’s an example: if you’re in the middle of a launch and you see your landing page is getting attention only from your e-mail blasts, you may want to shift your focus to social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter. By putting a Facebook ‘Like’ Button or a ‘Tweet This’ button on your landing page, you could easily spread the news about the new product you’re launching. Without GetClicky’s quick result tally, you could miss out on areas of opportunity and just find out about it when it’s too late.

3) Reporting Features – As mentioned earlier, GetClicky shows you reports on visits, actions and bounce rates. What makes this more fascinating is that you’re able to expand on your visits and action reports. For visits, you get to check how many unique visits and new visitors you have. For the Actions reports, you can find information about page views, downloads, outbound links, clicks and video. GetClicky tells you what’s going on, who’s visiting your site and what they do in it too.

GetClicky also shows you where traffic has been coming from. You can trace the visit geographically and you can find out which website linking to you referred the traffic. Lastly, it can show which pages in your site are common entry points for users. This will allow you to determine the factors that make a page a crowd-drawer.

4) Twitter Search – GetClicky can literally tell you how popular you are on Twitter. This is a helpful feature because it can track down search queries, retweets and mentions in Twitter that involves your website. With it, you can easily gauge how well you’re performing in this social media hotspot.

5) Application Programming Interface – GetClicky allows you to integrate your tracking data with other applications you might want to use. This is useful, say, if you want to create a custom widget for your WordPress site that shows data from GetClicky.

6) Visitor Espionage – GetClicky’s super-cool feature called “Spy” allows you to snoop in to whoever’s visiting your site. It tells you what they click most and which pages they visit most of the time. This is an awesome feature if you want to find out what component in your website catches the attention of your visitors. Also, it’s a great tool for finding out where you want to place ads or affiliate links.

7) Mobile Phone Feature – If you’re on the road and you want to be constantly checking on your real-time tracking data, don’t fret. GetClicky has a mobile phone version of its interface and you can access the GetClicky website and your account from there.

The Take

With real-time data and a user-friendly interface, GetClicky gives Internet marketers the opportunity to gauge their website’s success without delay. While it’s true that most of its features are inherent in other analytics tools, it’s the extras like real-time data and Twitter Analytics that make it unique enough to stand as a must-have. Overall, I would recommend it to anyone who’s serious about measuring success and improving their business based on accurate, credible data.

Your FREE 50-min outline for creating 12 highly-lucrative products

Information marketing is a mystery to a lot of people. But when you discover there are only 12 kinds of products and programs you can create, it’s not so intimidating and you can finally tackle them to start making money and sharing your message.

Brendon Burchard just released a video on this, and it’s awesome!

He really breaks it down, and explains the outline, process and MATH for making $100,000 a year with each product.

You’ll learn:

– The ‘Create Anything’ outline and script for creating your products
– 12 simple-to-create products and programs that bring in recurring revenue
– The MATH for how you can make $100,000 in 12 months with EACH of these products
– How you can win $1,200 just for posting a video of your story and advice

This all sounds high-strung, but the video nails it. It’s not hype, it’s a 50-minute training video!

Brendon is a #1 New York Times best-selling author, and he made over $4.6 million in his first 24 months following these strategies. This was before he was famous, back when he was broke and starting out. The path to wealth is clearly in product creation.

At some point, every “guru” or expert decides to monetize their knowledge via products and programs. The challenge is that our community often focuses so much on generic marketing strategies that few people really know exactly how to create AND market highly-lucrative products.

Brendon shows you how in this video, so check it out before he pulls it down. Enjoy it and take good notes. Trust me, it’s worth the opt-in.

About the Facebook ‘Send’ button.

The Facebook ‘Send’ button allows users to share your content with specific people they choose in just one click. While the ‘Like’ button allows users to share content on their wall, visible to all friends and friends of friends (depending on the user’s settings), the ‘Send’ button allows users to choose to share the content with only a specific group of people.

Every user can share the page they are viewing on your website, by sending their friends a link with an image along with a short message, all this without leaving your website.

The ‘Send’ button also eliminates the need to look up e-mail addresses by auto-suggesting friends and groups the user belongs to.

Using the Facebook ‘Send’ button, the user can choose to post the content on a group wall he or she belongs to, send the content as an inbox message or create an e-mail.


* Allows users to privately share your content with specific friends
* Eliminates the need to look up lists of e-mails
* Creates an easy way for your readers to share your content
* Contributes to your content’s distribution
* Increased functionality for Facebook groups


* A quick Facebook messaging platform
* Message includes a link, automatically detected images and a short message
* Auto-suggestion of friends and groups
* One-click sharing with specific people

Turns your blog into a membership site with just a plugin.

My friends Lance Tamashiro and Robert Plank (the membership site kings) are offering a unique WordPress plugin that turns your blog into a membership site.

Download Member Genius!

Download Traffic Travis SEO Software For FREE!

Traffic TravisI receive plenty of free gift offers in my inbox, but this SEO software is one which I have not uninstalled in a year and you can still download it for free while it lasts.

Yup, you heard me right. You can make use of all the powerful tools inside Traffic Travis without spending a penny.

It has so many wonderfully useful features that it’d be a drag to listen to me going on about all of them. I’ll mention a couple though, then you can watch the video tour.

One of the features that I love, is that it will do an on-page SEO analysis of your web pages.

It’s almost like having an SEO expert look at your web page and tell you what you are doing right, and what you are doing wrong. And then give you solutions for improving your on-page SEO. Traffic Travis does all that.

And no, they didn’t forget the off-page stuff, that is all in the software too. Along with PPC competition analysis (find out what keywords your competition is bidding on in AdWords) and a lot more!

Here’s the video tour.

A Q&A on developing relationships in business.

This was asked in LinkedIn and I gave a shot with my answer. Hopefully you can gain some ideas:

Q: What does a business do while developing relationships to close business, in the short term? This is a topic no one wants to really addresses openly. I understand that there is a balance and that it takes time to harvest time spent to grow a business. Any thoughts?

A: I’m not sure if I can answer your question accurately, but I’ll try. By nature, most people won’t respond to a company or its staff unless it’s absolutely necessary, so the staff must do some things to maintain their interest or get them interactive, like:

1) Hold a lucky draw
2) Conduct a poll
3) Get feedback to a question
4) Run a “no-selling” weekly newsletter
5) Conduct a webinar
6) Invite blog comments

If you can do one of these things twice a week, by next month or 2 they should have some expectation of the products/services to come.