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Amazon S3 Is Not Fully Secure!

If you use Amazon S3 the way most marketers do, I guarantee you’re paying too much money and losing too many sales.

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5 Best Practices For E-Newsletter Publishers

Annette Iafrate, an executive with Constant Contact, gives the following smart and sensible tips for improving e-mail marketing results:

1. Use your own permission-based list.

2. When people sign up, let them know what kind of e-mails they will receive from you and when they will get them.

3. Keep your list up-to-date by removing inactive subscribers or sending them a one-time e-mail asking them to confirm their interest.

4. Determine the optimal frequency by asking yourself how frequently your customers think about or use your product.

5. Keep your content fresh, useful, and relevant.

Source: Target Marketing magazine

Do you measure this important e-mail metric?

Measuring open and click-through rates can show you just how successful your e-mail marketing campaigns are.

But on the flip side, there’s another metric you should measure: the “complaint rate.” And if it’s too high, you could be in trouble.

Complaint rate is the percentage of recipients receiving your e-mail who complain to their ISP that you are spamming them.

According to e-mail deliverability expert Kevin Senne, the complaint rate should not exceed 0.2%, meaning a maximum of 2 spam complaints per 1,000 e-mails broadcast.

Warning: a number of e-mail services will refuse to distribute e-mails to your list if your spam complaint rate exceeds 0.2% or even 0.1%.

To lower your complaint rate to acceptable levels:

1. Make your e-mail copy more content-heavy…and less sales-oriented.

2. Ask subscribers what they want to read in your e-mails and give it to them.

3. E-mail your list less frequently.

Source: The Marketing Report

Writing A Positioning Statement

The purpose of a Positioning Statement is to create a short message that people will remember. If you want to get your message across, it has to be memorable.

The first sentence tells people what your service is and how they will benefit from it. The second sentence tells how your service is different from that of other firms.

The formula goes like this: [Name of firm] is a [category] firm that helps [primary clients] reach [primary benefits]. Unlike other [category] firms, [name of firm] specializes in [primary difference].

Example: “ABC is an architectural firm that helps medium-sized businesses find and renovate unique commercial spaces. Unlike other architectural firms, ABC specializes in this type of renovation.”

Using this simple formula, you can get at the essential description of what your firm does that’s different from other firms, and make your message more memorable.

Source: PSMJ newsletter

5 Reasons Why Video Salesletters Work Like Charm!

Here is why video sales letters work so well for any market, especially for niche markets and local marketing. And why you should start using it in your marketing asap!

1. Novelty effect

First of all, it is a brand new marketing style which has a clear novelty effect for the customer.

Everyone got used to long text sales letters, but when people see the changing text and voice on the page, they become curious and want to find out more.

2. Web has gone multimedia

The customer wants to see, hear, and feel your offer! This can be done only with video. That’s why YouTube and online streaming, online TV, and stuff like that gained huge popularity.

Just look at how YouTube traffic boosted over the last years, and it continues to grow!

3. “Text sales copy blindness” effect

We live in the era of informational overload. We get so much information on a daily basis that we don’t even have time to process it, and become immune to all kinds of outdated ways of advertising.

Have you heard of “banner blindness effect”? We don’t see banners anymore, we don’t bother to waste time reading long sales copies. Call it “text sales copy blindness” if you will. We need to get everything right now, and FAST. Really fast. Only video can deliver that.

4. You control the sales funnel!

And here is one more trick for you, and why it works like magic.

Maybe you noticed my video sales letters don’t have controls. You can pause it, but you can’t fast-forward or rewind. That’s how you keep your client to follow your selling routine properly. He can’t simply fast-forward to see the price and miss the whole offer because you did not even have a chance to build a value first. By using a video with no controls, you are in control of your marketing offer again; you decide when and how to treat the client properly, and how to prevent him from jumping to the conclusion before building a value.

Imagine you sell antique Stradivarius violins. However ,the customer jumps into your shop, sees the violin with the price tag, and runs away immediately saying, “Wow, that is a rip-off for such an old looking violin.” You didn’t even have a chance to explain that it was made by Stradivarius master himself. OK, you get the point. You’ve got to be in control to build the selling funnel properly!

5. Mind control tricks

Here is one more important reason.

The video sales letter involves a lot of psychology. You may be wondering why I read the text on-screen when doing video sales letter when you could just read it by yourself, but in reality that involves a lot of subconscious tricks when the information is delivered to the customer on different modalities. All my split tests showed that the video sales letter where I read the exact text you see on the screen works twice as well as other ways of presentation delivery like bullet points, diagrams, and charts. It all comes down to basic things like during childhood when your grandma would read you a book and you are all ears.

That’s why video sales letter is the way to go.

Moreover, it’s really easy to do. You don’t need any video editing experience, expensive video equipment. You don’t need to be on camera, and you don’t even have to record your own voice! I will show you how you can hire a perfect native English speaking voice talent for a dozen bucks to record the whole presentation for you!

Secondly, it is really fast to create. You simply need a PowerPoint and Camtasia recorder where you can set up everything in a matter of minutes.

The good thing is you don’t have to be a world class copywriter to create it. You simply follow a secret 20-step proven formula and apply it to your own product or service to make it rock! Believe me, the sequence is what matters!

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When to send e-mail invitations for webinars?

When should you start sending e-mails to invite people to your seminar, and how many should you send? Consultant Leslie Davidson sends 5 to 6 e-mails starting no more than 3-4 weeks before the event.

“Consider sending at least a couple of e-mails in the week just prior to the webinar, when people are most likely to register,” advises Davidson. She says that 30-50% of registrations come in the last week before the webinar.

Source: SIPA Hotline, 3/11, p. 7.

You Can Dropship Wholesale Products For 60% Discount!

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Increase web revenues with people photos.

According to Internet marketing expert Amy Africa, the average user spends 10% more time on web sites that have a lot of photos showing people. Reason: according to Amy, when we see other people’s eyes, we stay longer.

How does this translate into more online revenues? “The more you stay, the more you pay,” Amy notes. (That’s the same reason why Barnes & Noble now serves coffee and puts out comfy chairs for you to sit and read.)

Tip: You can find cheap, royalty-free stock photos of almost any image, including shots with people, at some of these online stock photo resources:

18 Free Stock Photo Sites

24 Free Stock Photo Sites

Source: Thinking Inside the Box, 6/30/09.