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A Script That Updates Your Site For You (Resale Rights Available)

Website Time Direct

I want you to check out this awesome new script called Website Time Direct.

What it does is that it will direct your site to whatever URL you specify at the specific time and date.

It is a great tool to use for updating your site, or you can use it to run a Monday special, or launch your product.

Make sure to watch the video on the sales page to explore how you can use this awesome script.

Resolve duplicate content in the face of Google Farmer update.

One of the key essence in online niche marketing is content generation, and you probably know that it takes any from 10 to 100 niche content sites to make you a decent income from AdSense and affiliate marketing every month.

For this to happen, you might have thought that you need to spend a lot of money on writers to get them to write fresh and unique articles every time…

Well, you don’t need that option, and neither are you going to die writing. Sandwiched between these 2 choices is a convenient way of working that is spinning your articles.

For your information though, the new Google Farmer Update is smart enough to hit hard duplicate content sites, and even if you were used to spin content at 30-50% uniqueness, it’s still NOT enough. Sooner or later, Google will track down those articles and your backlinks won’t count.

Luckily, if you follow the instructions that I’ll be providing you on this page, duplicate content will NEVER be an issue again…

Conquer 20 Lucrative Niches With These Graphics

Inspirational DNA: Graphics Arsenal

If you’ve been in Internet marketing for awhile or you’ve just started, you’ll know that:

– Millions of dollars worth of sales are being left on the table because of poorly designed websites…

– An average sales page converts at less than 1%. If you’re very lucky, your website can convert at a rate of 1.5%…

– The first thing that catches your potential customers eyes is not the headline, but the site’s layout…

– 90% of marketers are paying through their noses for good graphic designers…

Apart from that, if you own an online business, you probably have come across some of these problems…

– You don’t have the skills to create you own professional graphics…

– You are too busy marketing your products to bother creating graphics…

– You lack the resources to pay designers hundreds of dollars for your graphics…

– You can’t find a good enough designer within your budget

– You are totally clueless when it comes to graphics!

– Many other problems too numerous to list here!

Do all these sound familiar? My friend Khai Ng has created the ultimate solution to all these problems!

He has not only created the biggest graphics package in the history of personal development, he has also identified 20 lucrative niches you can use these graphics and cash in on them right away.

These niches are:

– Thinking Out Of The Box
– Law of attraction
– Keys To Success
– Leadership
– Accomplish Results

– Developing Courage
– Building credibility
– Taking Action
– Rewarding And Recognizing Others
– Making A Difference

– Personal Fulfillment
– Finding Your Purpose
– Habits Of The Heart
– Inspirational Stories
– Coping With Stress

– Thinking Out Of The Box
– Authentic Communication
– Self Healing
– Time Management
– Winning Attitude

Check out Inspirational DNA: Graphics Arsenal for the full details. This is one thing you will not want to miss!

Calculating subscription website revenues

What is the lifetime customer value (LCV) of each subscriber who signs up for your subscription or membership site?

The LCV can be calculated using the formula below where RR = renewal rate and P = annual membership fee.

LCV = 1/(1-RR) X P

Therefore if your renewal rate is 80% and your annual membership fee is $600, your life-time customer value is:

1/(1-0.8) X $600 = $3,000.

Meaning each new subscriber at $600 a year will stay with you on average 5 years and spend $3,000 total.

257% Increase In E-mail Subscribers With A Simple Plugin!

List EruptionWhat if I told you…

There was a list building system that would have your subscribers BEGGING to grow your list FOR YOU?

List Eruption, a REVOLUTIONARY WordPress plugin is now released to the public for the first time.

This plugin and list building method has been proven to double and even triple your opt-in and subscriber rates overnight!

If you have been struggling to grow your e-mail list and make money online (like most people are) you will want to make sure you check this out!

YOU! Webinar Legend?!

It’s not much of a secret anymore…Webinars, if done right, are the most profitable things on the planet.

The keywords: “if done right”.

This is one of the few skills that doesn’t come natural to anyone, but something you need COACHING on.

Yes, not just training, but hands-on coaching.

2 of the top webinar specialists on the planet—Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos—have just opened up their brand new coaching program called Webinar Legend.

It’s a bargain for the coaching involved, much less of an investment than you’d think.

If you do webinars, or consider doing them in the future, you MUST check this out.

Thousands of New Leads Today!

Setup Your Fan Page

The course may be simply named “Setup A Fan Page“, but it is much more than that. You will discover how to transform your Facebook Fan Pages into a powerful gateway for list building. This is real eyeball traffic converted into 10,237 subscribers in less than a week! You will be blown away to when you saw for the first time the REAL power of using Facebook for traffic…

Do this and you’ll get traffic.

Here’s a simple 4-step video marketing method:

1) Download the free CamStudio screen recording software.

2) Use Powerpoint and CamStudio to create a quick teaser video presentation on a niche topic. Include a website address reference at the beginning and end of the video.

3) Do some basic keyword research and use relevant long-tail keywords in the video title that you can easily get traffic for.

4) Sign up for a free account on waach and distribute your video all over the web with a ‘live’ link to your web page in the description.

Do that each day for a month and I guarantee you’ll get lots of traffic. That being said, it does take work to get it done.

Dominate Niches With Video Marketing

Download this 73-page video marketing blueprint PROVEN to snare in huge amounts of traffic to your websites with easy-to-make videos for FREE!

Learn how to publish & promote a money-making e-zine

Ezine Marketing Power

Are you ready to start your very own e-mail newsletter, so you can make some extra cash or finally launch your business?

Then check out entrepreneur mentor (and former “Ezine Queen”) Ali Brown’s brand new e-zine manual, “Ezine Marketing Power“.

Let Ali walk you step-by-step through planning, writing, publishing and promoting a money-making e-zine, so you can make more money, attract new clients, and grow your list and your business FAST.

Plus you can get this course at a great price right now! But you must act by midnight tonight. Get all the details here.

How to be an e-book bestseller in your first month.

The 10-Day E-BookWriter’s aren’t usually the RICHEST of people.

They pour a lifetime into their manuscripts. Years into finding a publisher. Months into trying to promote their work. Their reward? A few Amazon sales, generating enough royalties to buy a Big Mac meal.

Writers really do SUFFER for their art.

But what if there was a way to FLIP the TABLES?

What if you could GUARANTEE that you could get published in just DAYS?

What if you could begin earning THOUSANDS from your book starting just a MONTH from now?

Award-winning author Nick Daws has been doing this for years. He’s tapped into the world of E-BOOKS and his methods are being used right now to generate millions in sales.

He has structured a special system for going from IDEA to final PUBLISHED E-BOOK—in just 10 days—AND earning yourself at least $1000 per month from each e-book as a result. NO experience required.

Check this out: The 10-Day E-Book.