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A point to ponder: niche vs. forte

I was recently asked a question by a social connection: “How do you start your business in a niche?”

At some earlier point in time, I could have grown envious of expert marketers who seem to be able to sell anything and everything, but the best way to get into business is to know the one area where you know you have the passion and skill set to solve its problems or fulfill a need, then expand your business into sub-niches. Of course, the other method is to do quantitative keyword research. A friend once told me another great way is to get at least 5 friends to tell you what they think you’re really good at.

It’s not so much a question about niche as it is about your forte.

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4 Reasons Why Sales Stall

If your prospect says “I want to think it over,” it’s likely for one of these 4 reasons:

1) He’s not convinced he wants what you are offering.

2) The prospect has not been completely honest with you or doesn’t want to reveal the real reason he’s not buying.

3) The prospect wants to shop around first.

4) The prospect is afraid he may be overlooking something.

Source: Harry Browne, “The Secret of Selling Anything”

Learn How To Become Kindle Publisher

Kindle is hot.

And this holiday season, there will be thousands of people going to grab Kindle either as a gift to friend or for themselves.

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Full Internet Marketing Course In The “Chris Douthit System”

Chris Douthit System

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Facebook Advertising Tip

When advertising on Facebook, send the clicks to a Facebook page and not to your website, advise Perry Marshall and Thomas Meloche in their new book “The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising” (Entrepreneur Press).

Reason: If you send your clicks to a Facebook page, then the visitors land in known and comfortable surroundings.

Says Marshall, “Their defenses are much lower than when they are taken to a foreign website for the first time, and they are more likely to engage more frequently with your content.”

In addition, visitors don’t have to worry that you’re about to install a virus on their computer, post offensive material, or assault them with popups and ads.

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Inspiration DNA: Traffic Triple Threat

Khai Ng has just released another mega PLR package with PLR/Resell Rights to one of his most complete PLR packages here.

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1) E-books targeting the most profitable niche in Internet Marketing

Everyone knows that traffic generation or lead generation is the no.1 problem for marketers all over the world.

Therefore, Khai’s latest package targets the hottest topics such as ad swaps, AdWords, article marketing, blogging, Craigslist, e-mail marketing, expert interviews, Facebook ads, forum marketing, guest posting, joint ventures, link exchanges, 100% commissions, giveaways, SEO, social bookmarking, solo ads and many more!

2) Technical setup videos with resell rights

Khai understands that many Internet marketing newbies struggle with the technical barrier so he has added tons Internet marketing training videos that you can resell with this package.

You can resell videos that will teach you how to register domain names, web hosting setup, changing DNS, using FTP, installing popups, creating sales and “thank you” pages, Clickbank setup, creating a PayPal button, e-book creation, PDF creation and many more technical training!

3) PLR and Internet marketing training with resell rights

Last but not least, Khai has included the resell rights to his very own 5-tier PLR training (which works for basic, advanced, expert, market leaders and even Internet marketing gurus!)

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A Quick Tip For Building Credibility

If you want to gain credibility with your prospects, participate in the markets you serve.

For example, I knew of a fellow who sold welding equipment to welders. To relate better to his prospects and make them more comfortable with him, he took courses at night and became a certified welder.

Similarly, if you sell million-dollar life insurance policies, it’s difficult to convince someone else to buy a policy unless you own one yourself.

The Power Of Print

According to a brochure from Appleton Coated, a paper company:

1) Consumers receiving a printed catalog are 2X more likely to buy online than consumers who do not receive a catalog.

2) 67% of online action is driven by offline messages.

3) 80% of Americans read or skim direct mail, and 38% find direct mail interesting.

4) 75% of consumers say they have made a purchase as a result of direct mail.

5) Consumers rate direct mail as 3.9 on a scale of 1 to 5 for the acceptability of various communications channels above all other channels.

7 Ways To Make Meetings More Productive

1 – Start on time. Give warning; then do it.

2 – Assign time-keeping and minutes responsibilities.

3 – Keep posted on the time remaining and the amount behind schedule if any.

4 – Start with and stick to the agenda.

5 – Allow interruptions for emergency purposes only.

6 – Restate conclusions and assignments to ensure agreement.

7 – End on time.

Source: Alec MacKenzie, “The Time Trap” (Amacom)

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