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7 Steps To Mastering Your Wealth Accumulation

Money Mastery

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An easy way to make sales FAST from your websites.

Free One Time Offer Script

If you’ve been involved with Internet marketing for even a short amount of time, the odds are you’ve encountered the “one-time offer”.

One-time offers are commonly referred to “OTO” for short.

It’s a page that displays just once, giving you some super special discount on a product or membership.

The reason one-time offers are used by just about all the big money-earning Internet marketers is because they pull in sales like CRAZY!

The hard part is actually being able to make an OTO. Usually it requires some expensive membership software to even be able to show one that looks professional.

Luckily, Solomon Huey decided to create a service that could finally help Internet marketers create their own one-time offers for free.

You can check out his new site here.

Solomon is a full-time marketer who really knows his stuff, and his one-time offer software is something that has been needed for a very long time.

One-time offers are one of the easiest ways to start making more sales today, so naturally this service is perfect if you’ve been looking for more ways to earn bigger profits online.

OTOs are one of the FEW methods that can truly put you on a more level-playing field with the big-time marketers who typically spend thousands of dollars developing new software.

Of course you’ll see a very cool upgrade offer when you join. If you’re serious about pulling in more sales from the Internet, you don’t want to miss it!

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Traffic and sales come painlessly…

Painless Traffic System

Painless Traffic System by Bill McRea and Mick Moore.

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That’s a 6-figure day for 2 affiliate marketers, WOW!

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Free Website Traffic System Revealed

Easy Traffic Videos

Sick of seeing no traffic and no sales from your website?

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Holiday Toy Guide: Learn To Sell Toys On eBay And Amazon

This is a quick message because time is running out on this and if you want to generate some easy income in the next few weeks you need to get out there as soon as you can with the Holiday Toy Guide.

December 10th through the 25th is usually known as CRUNCH TIME on eBay.

Parents start to panic as they cannot find the special toy their son or daughter desires most. And in this panic, they are willing to go to EXTREME measures and PAY incredible prices!

In many stores around the US (and the world) items sell out but in other places they still line the shelves. That’s where you can come in and just “clean house” a.k.a. buy them at retail and resell them. There’s still enough time to take advantage of this but you have to act soon.

You will know which products are extremely in demand right up until the last few days of Christmas, and how to clean house quickly and make some decent extra cash!

Fabian Tan’s formula for 6-figure income without the 1-click B.S.!

The Set And Forget Traffic Course

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In the Set And Forget Traffic Course, you will learn Fabian Tan’s EXACT strategies that he uses day in and day out to get thousands of unique, highly-targeted visitors daily, so you will finally see tangible profits! You will learn covert strategies for getting truckloads of visitors every hour, and how to get crowds of starving buyers eager to fork out money to you!

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Bill Bonner’s copywriting secret

Agora Publishing founder Bill Bonner uses the “IRS” (interrupt, reveal, sell) formula to write great copy:

1) Interrupt your audience with a big idea they haven’t heard before.

2) Reveal what it is you are talking about and how it connects to the reader.

3) Sell by linking your big idea message to the product you are about to offer.

Source: The Copywriter’s Roundtable

Did you know this shocking fact about Google?

Incredibly, sites can actually have different positions in Google depending on who is searching for them!

“Several things can account for differences in search engine position results,” says my SEO guru Ed Taylor. “One factor is the Google server (data center) that is accessed. Google has many data centers around the world and they often have slightly different rankings.”

Another factor affecting the results you see in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is the location of your PC. According to Ed, this is especially evident on searches that Google deems of a local nature (i.e. a dentist). In the case of local searches, very often the Google Map setting will appear with a group of listings specific to the local area.

Ranking differences can also result from the searcher’s computer settings. Computers that are logged into a Google account often display different ranking results that than those that are not. These results are influenced by the web sites the searcher has visited in the past.

Recommendation: The best way to view core Google indexes—the rankings uninfluenced by your browsing history and location—is to log out of your Google account, clear out your browser’s cookies and cache, and then perform a search on your keyword.

Are you charging enough for your info-products?

The minimum price for physical information products can be calculated using the “10:1 rule”.

This rule says the price of a physical product sold through direct marketing must be at least 10 times your product cost.

Example: A set of DVDs that costs $8 per copy to make should sell for a minimum of $80.

A book that costs $2 per copy to print should sell for at least $20.

But that’s the minimum. If your information is worth more, and buyers will pay more, then charge more.

Source: Speaker Fulfillment Services, News & Notes, Vol. 15, p. 1.

How long should my e-book be?

“How long should I make my e-books?” a new Internet info-marketer asked me.

Answer: for an e-book selling in the $19 to $39 range, the PDF should be a minimum of 50 pages.

If it’s much shorter than 40 pages, your customers may think you are not giving them enough ‘meat’.

A typeset PDF page is around 300 words. So when you are writing your e-book, you know you have enough content when your Word document is around 15,000 words.

Affiliate Marketing 3.0 Is HERE

Affiliate Cash Snipers

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Should you cut prices during a recession?

According to a survey by the National Federation of Independent Business, nearly 30% of small business owners have lowered their prices.

When setting your own prices, consider these ideas:

>> Be flexible – offer a wide variety of pricing options to win over and keep risk-averse customers.

>> Customize – ask your clients what they need, and then change your mix of offerings to emphasize the most affordable.

>> Target customers when they have the most cash. The first week of the month after shoppers have received their pay checks is usually the best time.

Source: Evans, Teri, “Slash & Earn,” BusinessWeek SmallBiz.

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Write unique content FAST with your free Jiffy Articles account!

I’ll bet you’ve experienced this before.

You need to write an article for your website, so you sit down at your desk and open your word processor. You stare at the blank white page, hoping to get some inspiration or idea of what to write about.


Or maybe you have some kind of idea of what to write about, but you just can’t get the ideas flowing for how to structure the article.

You, my friend, suffered from writer’s block. It happens to all of us.

I’ve got the cure and it’s free for now.

It’s called Jiffy Articles. Jiffy Articles is a system that walks you through creating niche content in dozens of categories by using pre-defined templates that give you ideas and inspiration on what to write about.

There are more than 2,000 templates in the database so far. It’s super simple to use and can help you write articles faster than you ever have.

Here’s a few comments from users at the forum about how fast they have been able to write articles with Jiffy Articles:

“I was able to write a 300 words article within 10 minutes
thanks to the suggestions.”

“To be honest I was convinced I can not write articles.
Yep, I am 4 years in business but I’ve always hired someone
to write the articles or just rewrite them with TBS.” But
with Jiffy Articles? “614 words in 18 minutes.”

“Just tried it and pumped out 761 words in about half
an hour.”

“I have just finished writing an article on SEO; I found
that using Jiffy made the process very easy. I finished
an article of 650 words in just 30 minutes.”

Because right now Jiffy Articles is in beta, getting its system tested and receiving user feedback, it’s absolutely free to use!

You don’t want to get caught out paying a subscription fee when it officially opens, so go sign up for your free account right now and try its features. It’s very easy to use and you’ll “get it” without any help or documentation.

Cheap software for creating mobile landing pages.

Do you have a need for publishing a mobile version of your landing pages? I got a software that does the job and you can have it for less than $10!

Check out the demo video at Instant Mobile Landing Pages.

This would be great for local businesses.

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Quantum Success Secrets

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