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[MUST WATCH] Secret ‘guru’ software finds unlimited EDU backlinks…

Instant Backlink Magic

You must see this underground secret software that finds unlimited EDU backlinks & Dofollow backlinks with a push of an button…

Mike is even sharing how he got dozens of clients paying him well over $149/month for backlinks that takes 2 min to find using his software.

You would never have thought of providing a backlink service, but you can use this software not only for your own purpose but to do good for others too. Watch the video for a ‘live’ demo of how Instant Backlink Magic works.

5 most lucrative paths to monetizing your knowledge

Did you see Brendon Burchard has passed over 9,500 comments on his Experts Academy series? Incredible. Now he’s doing a complimentary webinar that I think is a “must-attend”.

Brendon is teaching a webinar called the “5 Most Lucrative Paths to Monetizing Your Advice & How-To Content Online”. You’ll learn:

— Which marketing strategies work best online TODAY
— Why people would pay you thousands for YOUR advice
— What types of advice and content you should release (and when)
— Five example paths that all lead to $1,000,000

It doesn’t cost anything, and you can register here.

Revolutionary viral application banks $400.75 per day!

Mass Income Multiplier

The revolutionary “Mass Income Multiplier” application can generate for you awesome auto money pages within 30 seconds, bring you perpetual traffic for life, and build for you the massive lists that you can monetize from time to time…

Just check out all the REAL-TIME, hardcore video proofs yourself. This is really a significant breakthrough. First time ever this is done.

You’ll understand the revolutionary concept and powerful principles behind the application. It’s all about a private money network that will make money together with you and for you.

Check it out. This can change your income forever.

Focus on repeat sales.

Too many marketers focus on the initial sale, when the real profits are often generated by repeat business over the lifetime of the customer, says marketing expert Jay Abraham.

For Icy Hot, a balm, he got $10 million worth of advertising without paying for a single spot. In exchange for running the ads at no cost, the station or publication could keep the $3 customers paid for each jar bought from the ads. One million people tried Icy Hot on that basis.

Approximately one-third of these buyers came back at least 6 times a year at an average order of $10, generating $21 million a year in sales.

Icy Hot became so successful that a major pharmaceutical company bought out its original manufacturer for many millions of dollars.

Source: The Abraham Files

“I have to think it over.”

One of the most dreaded customer objections is “I have to think it over.” Here are some responses that can help get past it:

>> “What exactly do you want to think about?”
>> “Let’s think it over out loud. Sometime two heads are better than one.”
>> “Let’s think it over while it is fresh in your mind. What are some of the items you need to know more about?”

Source: Selling Power magazine

Building Your E-List

According to consultant Wendy Montes de Oca, conducting online polls is a great way to add names to your e-list.

She says that for an e-list built with online polls, less than 2% of the names dropped off the list after 6 months.

Other methods Wendy recommends for e-list building include article marketing, reciprocal ad swaps for lead generation, and pay-per-click advertising.

Not working so well: buying e-mail addresses (“almost always a waste of money”), renting e-lists, sweepstakes, and e-mail address appending. “With these methods, more than 50% of the names dropped off the file after 6 months,” she says.

Best Days To Send E-Mail by Bob Bly

According to an article in Target Marketing (12/11, p. 7), 56% of e-mail is sent Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, distributed almost evenly among those 3 days.

Participants at a 12/8/11 Specialized Information Publishers Association (SIPA) Roundtable reported some success e-mailing on other days, most notably Friday and Saturday.

I send 4 e-mails to my list weekly. Monday and Thursday are content messages. Tuesday and Friday are promotions.

As a rule of thumb, at least 50% of your e-mail messages should be content. If not, people unsubscribe.

Just 15 Minutes a Day = $400 a day?

Commission Autopilot

You are in luck…

You’ve just stumbled onto a brand new 2012 software breakthrough beyond anything you could’ve ever dreamed up…

You can now TAP into a traffic source much bigger than Google, Clickbank, Mobile Marketing or Facebook…

This automated commission-getting technology is something brand new and revolutionary!

The exhilarating video reveals all…

HINT: This has nothing to do with SEO, websites, Google, blogs, list building, PPC or advertising!


You DO NOT even need a website or a product to use this brand new software…

Everything you know is wrong!

This revolutionary technology gets $400 per day in commissions with just 15 minutes work by driving massive traffic that will…

– Never run out
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– Doesn’t cost a single penny!

This is an absolutely “STUNNING” 2012 discovery. You must see it to believe it!

Finally, buy solo ads in any niche for 15 bucks?

What if you could buy solo ads in virtually ANY niche, including the one you’re in, or would like to be in, for only $15?

Well, you can’t. But Marlon Sanders has discovered the next best thing and recorded a video on it for you…

The ‘big’ drawback of solos in the past was they were expensive and you couldn’t get them in niches.

This new twist removes those barriers and opens a whole new world for you in 2013.

Marlon explains the whole thing here.

Banner Advertising Made Simple

TE BannersI wanted to let you know about this new banner advertising service called TE Banners.

No longer do you have to log in to every traffic exchange you are a member of just to check up on your banners.

TE Banners has simplified how you do banner advertising. You simply purchase banner impressions, add your banners, and assign your impressions.

They will do all the hard work for you and put your banner(s) across multiple traffic exchanges and sites for you!

Getting 200 People To Tweet For You.

Totally TweetableThere has never been a system like this.

Totally Tweetable is the ultimate system for every person who markets ANYTHING.

This site is a viral marketing tool like no other. Here’s how it works: When you send an e-mail to fellow Totally Tweetable members, the members that click on the e-mails they receive are also given the choice to tweet and ‘like’ on Facebook. Members effectively publish details of that e-mail out to their Twitter accounts and Facebook pages for you. They are given incentives (credits) to share your marketing, thus helping you reach wider audiences than ever before. You are leveraging on the effort of at least 200 members to reach thousands more prospects just by using a FREE account! Hit the “send e-mail” and tweet button and your message will propagate like crazy!

In other words, can you imagine 200 people tweeting out your message every time you release an e-mail in Totally Tweetable? And their connections saw it on their social profile page and became interested.

We are talking about reaching people in the way they want to be reached.

THAT is Totally Tweetable!
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