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Most important Internet Marketing program!

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Hot Firesale by Eric Holmlund and Jeff Alderson

I keep seeing this firesale that everyone else is talking about since Valentine’s Day…finally got invited to take a look at it and, well…I’m converted!

100 great products WITH Master Resell Rights for $10…what’s there not to like?

I’m sure you already know that getting this kind of products is one of the quickest, easiest, and least expensive ways to get products to sell and start making money.

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How to determine your budget for online advertising

To determine your online advertising budget, your first step is to determine what you can afford to pay for each new name you add to your list.

To determine the value of new names, divide annual online revenues by the number of subscribers. Example: If your 20,000 online subscribers account for $300,000 in annual sales, your subscriber value is $15 per name per year.

List-building campaigns should ideally pay back their cost within 6 months or sooner. Therefore, if your names are worth $15 per year each, you can afford to spend up to $7.50 per subscriber to acquire new names.

Which products are easiest to sell online?

Which products are easiest to sell online?

According to Internet entrepreneurs Brock Felt and Buck Rizvi, products sold online can be divided into four categories:

1 – Products that alleviate the prospect’s pain.

2 – Products that solve a problem.

3 – Products that give or enable pleasure.

4 – Products that prevent a problem or condition.

Of these, #1 and #2 are the easiest to sell, because people feel an urgent need to solve the problem or get rid of the pain.

Pleasure is desirable but its attainment is less urgent, making products in category #3 more difficult to sell.

Products in category #4 are the most difficult to sell because, as health marketers have long known, people will buy cure but not prevention.

Source: ETR Internet Marketing Conference.

Your no. 1 marketing tool is…

Autoresponder Profit System

Ask any successful successful Internet marketer and they will probably tell you that their most valuable marketing tool is their autoresponder.

I know you’ve heard it before…

“The Money is in the List!”

Well, your autoresponder is the key to unlocking extraordinary profits from your list with a system that puts money in your pocket like nothing else you have seen before.

So how do you build a list?

And more importantly…

How do you make money from your list?

Here’s the answer.

Jerry Iannucci’s Autoresponder Profit System book gives you everything you need to start earning a full-time income building a list while exploding your sales in any online business you are currently promoting.

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Is getting targeted traffic a mystery?

30 Day Traffic Flow

Have you ever spent months building a website, then realized you didn’t know how to get people to visit your site?

Well now there’s a easy, systematic way to get targeted traffic to your sites or promotions…and it only takes 30 days.

At last here’s something that does exactly what it says on the squeeze page!  In fact I’ve been inside the member’s area and it does a LOT more.

There is no need to empty your bank account to get targeted traffic to your site.

With “30 Day Traffic Flow“, your sites’ traffic will soon go up by at least 10x.

Just follow some simple day-by-day instructions to get all the traffic you need.

The only way to rank in Google in 2012

SEO Link MonsterGoogle has been making MAJOR changes to their ranking algorithm (again!) over the last year specifically, and formerly high-ranking pages are dropping like flies.

In the year 2012, it’s going to be almost impossible to “luck” your way into ranking for keywords that send worthwhile traffic to your websites.

If you don’t know what Google wants right now and beyond, you can bet other websites are going to outrank you and take the traffic that you could have potentially gotten.

Anyway, I want to let you know that SEO experts Brad & Matt Callen, and Dori Friend will teach exactly how Google is currently ranking websites, right now, in 2012 in a free webinar scheduled on Feb 6th, 8pm EST. Then they will release SEO Link Monster on Feb 7th.

I hope you’re able to listen in on the webinar. I can guarantee you’ll be glad you did. These guys know how to teach and their free stuff is easily worth more than paid stuff others put out.