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Personal: Can I work one-on-one with you?

Online Income Masterclass

Over the past year or so, James Francis has hand-picked a select few private clients to be coached one-on-one by him personally…

These are people who have gone from literally just having just a few web pages set up and very basic knowledge, being trained all the way to making a very comfortable living online.

Needless to say, these students have now quit their day-jobs and are working full-time online with their very own profit-pulling online businesses.

However, he’s just informed me he’s now looking for a few more people to join his team of newly-successful students…

And hopefully he can do the same for you…

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Webmasters are slaves…

Sometimes we get bombarded with so many “systems” and gimmicks we forget the basics…

Get back to basics…

Because it’s simple.

Because it works.

Because it’s worked forever.

The fact is, the truly successful TOP Internet Marketers NEVER stopped doing what has always worked for them. The category of this post already gives you a clue.

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You have to go check out the free training offered by Bill McRea and Mick Moore. Bill and Mick show you exactly how super affiliates drive traffic to some of the highest converting CPA offers online.

They show you exactly how to scalp traffic from major companies and turn that into a steady flow of affiliate commissions.

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2 Secret Traffic Methods That Will Blow Your Mind! by Bryan Winters

Here are 2 very exciting, little known traffic methods that can be used to get steady visitors to virtually ANY offer online:

Secret 1. Something very few people have tried (or even thought of) is paying other list owners to add your e-mail (promo) to their autoresponders as a follow-up message.

Approach a list owner by e-mail, skype, or PM. Find out how many new subscribers they’re getting every day, and offer them a reasonable monthly fee for adding an e-mail promo (ad) to their automated follow-up messages so that it goes out to all new subscribers to their list(s).

Make sure to use a tracking link so that you can track results (clicks, etc.). And try to get placement such that your e-mail goes out within the first week of when a subscriber first joins their list (the sooner the better).

Another option here is to simply swap follow-up messages for FREE, assuming you have a list of your own where you’re also getting fresh new subscribers daily!

Many people do ad swaps with e-mails sent out to the full list (a one shot deal). But this “follow-up message” approach can mean a STEADY, increasing flow of traffic over time!

Secret 2. Another traffic secret that works well for those on a budget, is called guest blogging. This is where you submit your own unique articles to popular blogs as a guest writer. Typically, you’re able to include a link back to your site, or an affiliate site, in exchange for contributing valuable content (your article) to the site…

Search Google for ‘guest post’, ‘guest blog’, ‘internet marketing guest blog’, ‘internet marketing guest post’, etc. to find blogs that will accept your articles!

Bryan Winters is the architect of the free list building website, 5iphon Hardcore, that gets you 5 *more* subscribers for every ONE you bring in.

Video marketing secrets revealed

Captain Mojo ManifestoVideo is HOT right now and everybody knows it. It builds deeper relationships faster and converts higher.

That’s the bottom line.

We’ve been told this by virtually every Internet marketer (who is actually making money).

Mojo Video Marketing has built a Six-Figure Business using video (and they are quickly on their way to building a 7-figure business). For a limited time (due to high demand) they are releasing the automated video software they built that has helped them grow by 25% each and every month.

Even better…they are prepared to share the tactics that they have been paid as much as 20k for by select, VIP clients.

They are going to teach you the exact method they used to:

1) Get Arizona’s new County Attorney elected. Want to know the cool part? He beat out his competitor who had 16 years of experience in that same office! Not only that, before using this tactic he had zero visibility and no chances for victory.

2) Help Jude W. launch her startup HR consulting company and go from zero revenue to landing her first large paying client and get thousands of inquiries.

3) Increase Ray’s conversion for his tile installation business from 12% to 50% by using this method. Quick note about Ray’s success: he did this in December, which is usually his slowest month.

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Become A Certified Business Coach

You’ll find this interesting.

EVERYONE dreams about becoming personally and financially free on THEIR terms.

Everyone wants to make a fabulous living where they’re the boss and they call the shots. But that’s not all…we all want to make a DIFFERENCE at the same time (after all, what feels better than going to sleep at night knowing you’re supporting others to be successful…while generating an abundant, dream income at the same time?)

And yes, a lot of people make this dream a reality.

But let me tell you something…while there are many legitimate ways to find economic freedom, there are few that offer control of your destiny and personal fulfillment at the same time.

But there’s one way that tends to make all the others, well, not as appealing. And today, I’m going to tell you how you can make this happen for yourself (it’s not as hard as you think… more on this below).

What is it?

The secret is to become a Certified Business Coach. Here’s why:

– you have access to a market worth billions of dollars

– you have potential clients who will do anything to help their businesses grow…people who see hiring a business coach as a true investment

– you’ll get respect in your community as a recognized expert business coach

– you’ll receive incredible gratification knowing your expertise is helping others succeed

– you DON’T need experience to make this dream a reality

– AND, you’ll be the envy of all now that you too have found a way to make lasting financial freedom and personal fulfillment an undeniable reality.

********* HERE’S THE GOOD NEWS ***********

Celebrity hypnotist Steve G. Jones, along with internationally acclaimed life and business coach, best-selling author and personal development expert, Dr. Joe Rubino, have put together the most comprehensive Business Coaching Certification program around.

But don’t worry: you’re not going to need textbooks and months of study. They’ve stripped out all the fluff and given you all the secrets of the trade…tactics for business success that very few people know about (imagine what you could do if you ever wanted to start a side business of your own!).

But the best part?

As a “welcome aboard” gift, they’ve decided to offer this full-throttle Business Coach Certification at a whopping 95% off! (this program is normally offered for $675 at…just don’t enroll there!)

This is a very limited time opportunity to pick it up at this huge 95% discount.

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Do you want to IMPROVE your solo ads RESULTS?

Ultimate Guide to Solo Ads

Advertising with solo ads isn’t rocket science, and I’m sure you know it very well …

Actually, solo ads advertising is as easy as building a wall using common bricks.

However, I have some BAD NEWS: it’s enough to miss one single small brick and your “enemy”—the failure—may ruin your wall.

How to avoid this unpleasant situation?

You only need some PROPER GUIDANCE and…your “enemy” will be vanished forever…

The GOOD NEWS is that your problems are OVER now and the SOLUTION has a name: “The Ultimate Guide to Solo Ads

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Free Gift: Watch, Copy, Manifest Your Dreams!

Miracle Mind MethodToday is your lucky day!

If you act now today, you can be one of the lucky few to grab a copy of this FREE training provided by my esteemed friend and colleague, Chris Cains.

This is a FREE video training that reveals a secret method to living a good life that schools, friends and everyone else…failed to tell you about.

Chris Cains was out of a job and over $50,000 in debt back in 2005.

But miraculously, he turned his life around quickly and went on to make as much $10,000, $20,000 and even $70,000 in a single month!

Chris attributed his overnight success to a secret insider shortcut!

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5 reasons online buyers abandon your shopping cart.

In the first 6 months of 2011, the online shopping cart abandonment rate was a staggering 35%. According to Forrester, here are the 5 most common reasons for it:

>> Shipping and handling costs were too high – 44%.

>> They were not ready to purchase the product – 41%.

>> They wanted to compare prices on other sites – 27%.

>> The product price was too high – 25%.

>> They wanted to save the product in the cart for later consideration – 24%.

Source: Response, 2/12, p. 47.

Add credibility to your landing pages.

Many consumers are turned off by and distrust long-copy landing pages, which they find too salesy or even sleazy. Here are some elements you can add to your landing page to eliminate this turnoff and add credibility:

>> Industry or media awards (editor’s choice, fastest growing company).

>> Media coverage (mentions in mainstream press or blogs).

>> Endorsements from individuals, analysts, associations.

>> Partnerships (e.g., authorized reseller) with well-respected companies.

>> Client lists and logos.

>> User testimonials and third-party review.

>> Studies and surveys (e.g. ranked #1 in customer satisfaction).

Source: Target Marketing Group, “3 Landing Page Mistakes to Avoid.”

First Page Ranking with Effective SEO – 3rd Pillar Revealed

A HUGE Event is happening right NOW, but let me first talk about the 3 Pillars.

The 3 Pillars of effective SEO (that works):

a) On-page SEO
b) Off-page SEO (backlinking)
c) Social Signals Optimization

We know about on-page and off-page very well. But have you started working on optimizing your Social Signals?

Google has confirmed that they are tracking and picking up collective information about a site’s social presences. They termed this “Social Signals”.

In other words, a site with great social signals tends to rank higher.

Daniel has tested this a lot and it is right. The better your social signals are, the higher your site will rank.

Daniel’s tests on a network of 2,000+ sites (by turning REDS to GREENS): Top 10% of the sites show up to 360% more traffic, 410% more keywords ranked into first page of Google and 310% more revenues!

I have “turning REDS to GREENS” bold. Yep, that’s the Social Signal Analytics Plugin that Daniel has just released this week! We have been using this plugin to track our social signals. It shows RED when we are not doing well, and gradually turning GREEN when we are getting better. At the same time, we see improvement in traffic, ranking and revenues!

If you want to manage your social signals, first, you need to measure them! And that’s what you are getting now! A great plugin that will track your Social Signals the way Google’s tracking them! I think you need to know about this!

The Social Metrics Pro plugin is ‘LIVE’ NOW as a special offer. Daniel told me the price is going to increase eventually, so be sure to grab it early!

And I do hope you get it and let me know how great it has helped you with Social Signals!

Download your FREE “Psychic Popups” software!

Psychic Popups

I just came across a new site that is giving away AWESOME software that can easily recycle the exit traffic on your website for additional profits.

What this software program does is predicts the very moment someone tries to leave your website and stops them dead in their tracks with a profit-pulling unblockable psychic popup!

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