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The Ultimate “Done For You”


If all goes well, here is your demo video of that super quick & easy Membership Site software…MEMBERSNAP!

Now who doesn’t want a membership site with the monthly income which it brings? It is THE way to go, with normally a BIG problem: They are hard to set up!

Almost every single successful marketer that I know has a membership site that keeps them with a base of income.

Membersnap is a “snap” to set up. 30 seconds, no kidding…and 10 minutes if you tweak it.

If you pick one of the ready-made businesses, you get everything, the squeeze page, the teaser product, the loaded membership, the built-in pay options for your customers, and the price is crazy-low.

Check this out while they test the low price point.

Simple Passive Income Machines

Passive Profit Machines

Who doesn’t want passive income?

What if I told you that there are as many as 11 different passive income streams you can set up right now, and many of them require absolutely NO INVESTMENT?

Lots of people THINK that any kind of passive income stream takes MONEY, and a short time ago I would have agreed with them.

Then I found this book. It shows you how easy it is to set up not just one but several passive income machines that work for you 24/7, even while you sleep (I know that sounds crazy but it’s true).

In Passive Profit Machines, Mike Carraway goes into detail how he earns several thousand a month while spending most of his time at the beach or on cruises.

He doesn’t joke around and he doesn’t need to sell hard. If you watch his videos, you can tell he is a pretty relaxed guy who always seem to be in “vacation mode”.

But if you want to know what he does and how he does it, then you gotta hop over here and grab it while you can.

Not just any other traffic generation program…

Millionaire Society

There are many traffic generation how-to programs out there, but there’s one I strongly recommend since it came to my awareness in January 2011, and it’s still going strong and is highly popular (its Alexa website ranking of 2,876 speaks for itself).

The man behind the Millionaire Society program, Mack Michaels, has sold over $10,000,000 worth of products since 2009 by building a real business based on real business principles. Over 30,000 people have learned from his incredible coaching to earn over 4.8 million bucks as members of his coaching club.

For this reason, I highly recommend that you watch his 23-minute video presentation if you want more traffic to your online business.

Still falling short of your dreams?

Milestone Mapping Mastery

For the first time ever, Stephanie Mulac is releasing to the public her cutting-edge Milestone Mapping formula.

You are able to get your hands on the entire formula complete with a training video, e-books and workbooks.

Never again will you need to ponder why some people seem to achieve their dreams effortlessly while others (perhaps even you) always fall short, no matter how much hard work and effort you put into reaching your desired intentions.

This is not theory or fluff. It’s a true-to-life compilation of years of success that has brought her, her family and an elite group of clients the lifestyle of their dreams.

Don’t let 2012 just pass you by. Achieve your dreams the right way with Milestone Mapping Mastery now!

Link Cloaking & Tracking Just Got SIMPLE!

Link Supercharger

Today I wanted to cover one of the basics of marketing online: Cloaking & Tracking!

Tracking is important so we all know what links get clicked in order to make best use of our advertising resources.

A simple formula of how many visits divided by the number of sales generated also gives us a clear indication of how a sales page is converting, which in turn helps us to target better or know which part of the copy needs changing, or whether we need a better pre-sell page or e-mail.

Likewise, link cloaking is deemed important to stop those commission thieves, or to avoid being classed as spam before our message is even read.

Combining the two usually involves setting up a professional link cloaking script…

And that’s where a lot of folks get lost and confused in the techie world of creating databases and users!

Well today I got the chance to look at a new tool that has all the benefits but none of the negatives of the usual scripts!

Link Supercharger ACTUALLY does what it says on the box!

This script makes you look more professional by allowing you to create those ‘recommends’ links easily in just seconds.

It also has a built-in tracker to see just how many times the link is clicked!

But the BIG one for me is how SIMPLE it is to install!

There are NO databases to create, NO cPanel messing around, NO users to add to databases, NO editing files with PHP, etc.

Just a simple upload of ONE install file and you’re ready to go!

Watch the 90-second video to see how easy it is!

If you’d like to up your game, look far more professional, and know your stats like the gurus do, then this is definitely something to consider!

What’s more, it has one of the cheapest pricings I’ve seen for this type of software, and is fully covered by a 60-day guarantee!

23,877 WordPress Sites At The Click Of A Button?

Backup CreatorDid you know that if you lost your website tomorrow (or even just one file on your website) that you can get it back instantly if you just click the one “BACK UP” button beforehand?

How about this…you no longer have to spend hours setting up a new WordPress site, just get it the way you want it and you can back it up and then restore it to a new location…

Robert Plank and Lance Tamashiro actually have a bunch of backups stored on Amazon for a new membership site, a new blog configured the way they want it, with offline themes…and they can click a button and set up a brand new copy of that site anywhere they want, ready to be filled in…

This is called “Backup Creator” and it’s already powering 23,877 WordPress sites!

– What if you used this to provide a backup (or even theme installation) service to your clients?

– What if you installed a site as a bonus to one of your courses?

– What if you just used this plugin to run regular automatic backups so you never have to worry about messing up your site?

It’s all explained for you right here.

3 ways to increase sales letter readability

1) Limit 80% of the words to 5 characters or less.

2) Make sentences 1.5 lines or shorter.

3) Keep the first paragraph to 3 lines or fewer.

Source: Target Marketing, 3/12, p. 14.

4 rules for writing credible copy

Copywriter Ryan Healy offers these tips on how to get readers to believe your copy:

* Don’t use hype to sell your product.
* Make every effort to be accurate.
* Do not distort the facts.
* Don’t be hypocritical.