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Developing Your Optimal Selling Strategy

The focus of your optimal selling strategy is mostly based on acquiring new customers for your business.

The first thing you’ll want to focus on, is creating a front-end product that has massive appeal to your ideal customers, is affordable, and will therefore attract a maximum amount of new buyers.

Once your product is developed, there are 5 areas to develop your optimal selling strategy:

1. Media – What is the best advertising method to reach potential customers?

2. Message – Developing the style/tone of your pitch, and deciding what format to deliver it in audio, video, text, etc.

3. Process – Also known as your sales funnel, think of what steps you want new customers to take.

4. Cost – How much does it take to acquire a new lead? You don’t have to necessarily make a profit from your front-end product. If you have a process in place, you can break even up front, and sell other offers later.

5. Measure & Tweak – Track your results and use the information to improve your campaigns.

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How long should SEOed web pages be?

According to the whitepaper “Top 10 Considerations When Planning a Website Redesign,” each page on a search engine optimized website should contain 200 to 500 words of text-based content.

Make sure none of the elements you want search engines to be able to crawl (headlines, body copy, navigation) are image or flash-based.


Get a free bait piece from Uncle Sam

In past issues, I’ve recommended that you have a “bait piece”—a special report, whitepaper, or other informational premium you give away to generate leads for your product or service.

But many marketers don’t produce info-premiums because of the research and writing work involved.

An easy way to get around this is to visit the U.S. government’s There are loads of how-to and information booklets on a wide range of topics such as money, health, travel, housing, nutrition, computers, small business, and more.

If you find one that would make a good info-premium for your business, you can print or download the text, put your own cover on it, print copies, and use it as your own freebie—without paying Uncle Sam a dime!

How? Most of these publications are not copyrighted, so the U.S. government allows you to use them for your own purposes (they do appreciate if you credit them as the source).

Warning: Be sure to check the publication for copyright notices. If the booklet you selected is copyrighted, then you can’t use it.

Create your positioning statement

If you want to get your message across, it has to be memorable. The purpose of a Positioning Statement is to create a short message that people will remember.

The first sentence tells people what your service is and how they will benefit from it. The second sentence tells how your service is different from that of other firms.

The formula goes like this:

* [Name of firm] is a [category] firm that helps [primary clients] achieve [primary benefits].

* Unlike other [category] firms, [name of firm] specializes in [primary difference].


“ABC is an architectural firm that helps medium-sized businesses find and renovate unique commercial spaces. Unlike other architectural firms, ABC specializes in this type of renovation.”

Using this simple formula, you can get at the essential description of what your firm does that’s different from other firms, and make your message more memorable.

Source: PSMJ newsletter

3 ways to increase sales of luxury products

“As a rule, I believe it pays to think of high-end buyers as the same as you and me, except they have lots more money,” says my colleague, Ruth Sheldon, a copywriter specializing in luxury product marketing.

Here are 3 tips from Ruth on how to sell costly goods and services to affluent buyers:

1. They love a deal. Even though they have more resources than most, buyers of luxury products want to think they’re getting a bargain.

Being frugal may be how they got their money in the first place, and wanting to get a deal will always be a part of their emotional make-up. Besides, thinking you’ve scored big-time is part of the game—and everyone wants to feel like a winner.

2. They love exclusivity. Consumers of luxury goods want to feel the product or service for which they are being asked to spend top dollar, will not be available to everyone. They can afford to be different—and they’re willing to pay for it. Try to use one-of-a-kind or limited edition positioning if possible.

3. They want value—and do their homework to make sure they get it. Although luxury car buyers, for example, will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for a car without flinching, you can be sure they’ll carefully evaluate performance, safety, acceleration speeds, etc. to make sure they’re getting exactly what they want.

So be prepared to give them the facts they want along with a knock-your-socks off emotional appeal. You can call
Ruth Sheldon at (212) 873-0496 or e-mail her at

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Getting feedback on your sales pitch

After making your sales presentation, pause, and ask the prospect: “How does that sound—good, bad, or terrible?”

If the prospect answers “good”, you can proceed to the next step in the sales cycle. If the prospect answers “bad” or “terrible”, ask her what she doesn’t like. Then address these concerns so you can move the sale forward.

Source: Studebaker-Worthington Leasing Corp.

Be a better networker

1 – As soon as possible after meeting new contacts, jot down notes on the back of their business card. Your notes should include memory joggers (mustache, red hair), reminders of where you met, what you discussed, and things you have in common.

2 – The next day, transfer their details and your notes into your contact management system.

3 – Follow up. Send a short note or e-mail to strengthen the initial contact. Note: unless sales information was specifically requested, your first follow-up should not be marketing-oriented.

Source: IABC

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Little-known trick for boosting landing page sales

In the close of your landing page, in addition to the “click here to order” hyperlink, provide a toll-free phone number as an ordering option.

Reason: according to a Search Marketing Now Webcast, 84% of companies close leads and sales from their website via phone.

Source: BtoB Lead Generation Guide, p. 23.

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5 reasons to publish an e-newsletter

1 – To keep your name in front of your clients and build relationships.

2 – To let your customers know about special offers that you are giving only to them.

3 – Because if people don’t hear from you, you don’t exist or no news is bad news.

4 – To get more business or get people to your website or store. More communication means more business.

5 – A newsletter can give helpful information and fun, thus giving your customers the pleasant surprise of extra value.

Source: Colleen Wilhite