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Your websites are ugly. Here’s how to fix them.

It’s not just enough to build a site that’s loaded with great content (although that certainly does help!). If you want to make a truly profitable website, then you need to make sure it looks good.

However, building a beautiful site isn’t the easiest task in the world. Back in the day it used to be far more difficult, requiring extensive coding knowledge and a real eye for design.

Then WordPress came along and totally altered the game. With its “plug n’ play” themes anybody could create a great-looking site with a few mouse clicks.

Sounds fantastic, right?

The biggest problem is that heaps of WordPress themes are actually damn ugly. What’s worse, they often don’t feature much in terms of search engine optimization or monetization benefits.

Super affiliate Mark Ling, the famous name behind the Affilorama brand, has just released AffiloTheme. This amazing premium WordPress theme is something different.

Here’s why:

  • You get 6 awesome themes in one
  • Everything is fully customizable (including colors, fonts, and layouts)
  • You can wow your visitors with the built-in header creator tool that makes your site look a million bucks
  • You’ll make more sales of your affiliate products with the built in affiliate link cloaking tool
  • Your list subscriber numbers will go through the roof, with opt-in forms and squeeze pages that are designed to convert
  • Everything is fully optimized for great SEO and higher search rankings
  • You also get full, personalized customer support

All in all, AffiloTheme kicks some serious ass. Sure, those plain WordPress themes might work, but AffiloTheme is just so much better that you’d be crazy not to try it.

With Mark’s stellar 60-day money-back guarantee, free customer support, and full updates for life, you have nothing to lose and a whole load more traffic, opt-ins, and money to make.

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Pinterest Basics 101 now on video series.

Mastering The Basics Of Pinterest

If you’re not yet using Pinterest, you should be. Any business whether based online or off can benefit from the social interaction of Pinterest and spreading your marketing through new methods with minimal work.

A series of training videos for “Mastering The Basics Of Pinterest” has just been released. So if you want to learn how to maximize your Pinterest user experience or are interested in reselling the videos by taking advantage of the resell rights, you can take a look at this opportunity now.

Holy Viral Sales Funnel Batman!


This is frikken amaze balls!! Can you tell I’m excited? Well, here’s why. We’re all here to build a successful Internet business and most of us try our very best…But…97% FAIL!

Everybody thinks they know the reason why and they swear it won’t happen to them. But still 97% of people fail and here’s why.

It’s because your business must do several things well, simultaneously:

1. You have to attract new prospects on auto-pilot 24/7.
2. You have to create powerful lead magnets and ethical bribes to entice prospects.
3. You have to build multiple lists and properly segment your subscribers.
4. You have to follow-up accordingly with your respective lists to monetize them.
5. These things must happen simultaneously not sequentially.

You must be able to quickly duplicate this process again and again. Most marketers can’t even do it once because they’re too busy doing one thing without the other.

The synergistic simultaneous execution of these things is called a viral sales funnel and you’re about to harness its power.

The Buzzinar system is the most solid technique I’ve ever seen taught publicly for the purpose of growing your business long term.

You can’t just create stuff to sell and you can’t just promote products. You’ll make a little bit of money for a little while but you’ll fail in the end.

You can blame it on the lack of traffic, you can blame it on the economy or you can blame it on anything you want, but in the end, you’ll still fail if you’re not building viral Buzzinar funnels that grow in your sleep.

I highly recommend that you watch the video to learn more about Buzzinar. You’ll be amazed that how easy and cheap this thing is.

You’ve gotta move fast or you might miss out!

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Mark Ling’s reports are as good as paid, and their content is always value-adding. I enjoy reading them.

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Get a headstart with Mobile Cash Madness.

Mobile Cash Madness

If you want to increase your online profit significantly by tapping HOT mobile market then you should read this.

With over 241 illustrated pages, you can’t get a better start at mobile marketing than this.

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You are leaving TONS of money on the table if you are ignoring the hot and still NOT fully tapped mobile market!

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Get instant mind power. Do you believe?

As you know, the average human uses roughly 10% of the capacity of their brain power.

What they don’t tell you is how to use the other 90% percent.

You are 10% of the human potential you could be right now.

After reading this book, you can unleash the full potential of your mind power to do amazing things.

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More people now use mobile phones than toilet paper?

That sounds weird until you discover that more people now have mobile phones than electricity or drinking water.

Weird but true…and within the next couple years, they’re saying there will be one mobile phone for every person on earth. Even better, 8 out of 10 people with a mobile phone literally won’t leave home without it…and 66% of them use it to go online every single day.

So, if you want to know how the smartest (and richest) marketers are cashing in…and the software that copies their tactics on autopilot, watch this before it’s too late.

7 Secrets For Successful Freelance Copywriting

1 – Create value in what you provide. Give 10 times or more the value of what you charge for your services.

2 – Get paid at least 50% before you begin any work on any project for a new client.

3 – Turn a small project into a larger one by learning more about marketing and upselling; e.g. if a client needs an e-newsletter, can the lead story also be used in a press release.

4 – Set up a package plan for your business that offers clients a better rate in exchange for guaranteed work over extended periods of time.

5 – Have your client sign an agreement that outlines your terms of service, what you will do, fee agreement, timetable, and any caveats.

6 – Be sure to include a cancellation clause in your agreement that lets you keep your deposit should a client cancel the contract after you’ve already started work.

7 – Never charge by hours worked. Charge by project based on the value and return on investment (ROI) you’ll provide.

Source: The Writer’s Life, 8/3/12.

Convert Your Blog Posts Into Other Formats

If you have some extra time, turning your blog posts and articles into other forms of content can be a great way to get some extra traffic.

For example, you could read your content into a mic and turn it into podcast content. Submit this content to podcast directories.

Additionally, you could take that audio and sync it with a few slides to turn into a video and upload to multiple video sharing sites.

Suddenly, one piece of content and a little extra work turns into 3 times the potential views you started with!

If nothing else, you could upload the audio with your blog post for those who don’t care to read through everything.

Does webinar attendance translate into sales?

Yes, according to Rally Point Seminars. Their findings: 20% of the attendees will be ready to buy in 6 months or sooner, and 5% will be ready to buy immediately.

Tip: to increase conversions, have your sales team call webinar attendees right after the event.

Source: “How to Sell with Webinars”, Rally Point Webinars whitepaper

What are long-tail keywords?

A “long tail” keyword is a phrase very specific to what your website is selling and what people are looking for. By comparison, shorter keywords are called “head keywords”. Example:

Head keyword: laundry detergent.
Long-tail keywords: environmentally safe laundry detergent.

Long-tail keywords are usually cheaper to bid on for Google AdWords campaigns because there is less competition for them.

Also, people who search online using long-tail keywords are far more likely to become buyers because they know exactly what they want and are often searching for a supplier.

By comparison, people who search on the head keyword are typically more in the research stage and not so ready to buy.

Source: Wordtracker, 7/17/12

6 Steps To Sales Success

1 – Be clear in knowing your goal.

2 – Ask for what you want.

3 – Ask again.

4 – Ask a lot of people.

5 – Be persistent.

6 – Don’t take “no” for an answer.

Source: Wendy Weiss, 7/18/12

Double Your Productivity For Life In Just 48 Hours

It’s not easy to increase your productivity when you are a “one-man army” in your online business. Fortunately, Jason Fladlien wants to share with you a series of productivity hacks that, once you get your hands on, will help you become at least twice as productive.

In fact, Jason proclaims he can get more done in 3 hours than an average marketer can get done in a whole week.

Jason has designed his info-product within the Internet Marketing context so that EVERYTHING you need to do in Internet marketing can now be accomplished quicker than ever when you use his productivity secrets.

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