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Review of “Breakthrough List Building” by Jennifer C. Taylor

Breakthrough List Building

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard people say that the money is in the list. And, I’ve paid for products in the past that promised to teach me everything I’d need to know to have a successful list. Needless to say, I was not always impressed. So, when I got the opportunity to review Jennifer C. Taylor’s BREAKTHROUGH List Building course, I thought “Oh, here’s another one of these.”

Here’s what I discovered. Jennifer is known in the Internet Marketing world for a few things:

1. Her integrity.

2. The way she is able to explain technology jargon in words the non-techie can understand

3. Her ability to break complex tasks down into simple steps that work.

Well, this course definitely showcases her ability to break down a process and teach it in a step-by-step system. BREAKTHROUGH List Building is basically the exact, system that every guru on the web uses to make money. And, here’s the “But”…BUT, it’s laid out in simple terms that even newbies can understand.

Here’s BREAKTHROUGH List Building in a nutshell:

B—BEGIN at the Beginning.

R—RELATIONSHIPS are Important.

E—ENGAGE with Real People.

A—ARTICLES breakthrough Anonymity

K—KICK-START Viral Marketing

T—TEMPT Targeted Traffic

H—HIGHLIGHT Your Link Everywhere

R—REAP the Rewards of JVs and Affiliates

O—OPTIMISE for Search Engines

U—UNLOCK the Power of Social Media

G—GROW Your List With…

H—HARMFUL Actions to Avoid

Now, when I review a product, I always try to give an honest review. So, in looking at this course, is it worth the money charged?

Absolutely. It’s worth that and more. The 3 bonuses are pretty great…and I’ll let you into a secret—there are 3 more bonuses inside!

Are there any negatives? Honestly, I can’t think of any, unless it’s that the the recordings aren’t perfect quality—the odd stumble here and there. How’s that for a negative? (I tried to come up with one!)

My review of this product is for this price it’s kind of a no-brainer for anyone interested in having a successful online business.

If you’re a newbie, you NEED this course.

If your list is already rocking, you will still find some valuable nuggets of information.

If you’re in the middle somewhere you can absolutely benefit from this course.

I know you’ll learn something valuable from it, and I hope that it will entice you to jump into the full course. You won’t regret it.

15 quick and easy ways to grab more free traffic from YouTube

Your free copy of Jeff Johnson’s brand new “Tube Traffic Secrets” cheat sheet is now ready for download.

Grab your free “Tube Traffic Secrets” Cheat Sheets here.

He also created a brand new training video for you.

It reveals the 15 quickest and easiest ways to grab more free traffic from YouTube.

Here’s the best part: your “Tube Traffic Secrets” cheat sheets lay all of them out for you in a step-by-step fashion and you can use it as a checklist” to make sure you are using all 15 of them to build your business.

It’s definitely 100% rock-solid training that you can put to use in your business starting immediately.

Grab your free PDF cheat sheets and training video here.

Kindle Cash Flow 2.0 is updated and now ‘live’.

Kindle Cash Flow 2.0

If you want to be taught by the best there is when it comes to Kindle E-Book Publishing read this before it’s t0o late…

Publishing e-books to Amazon’s Kindle platform has been all the rage for the past 2-3 years and the earnings potential is only getting stronger by the day…

Think about it. Amazon has:

1 – More than 20 Million customers a day (yes a day!)

2 – Has over 300 Million credit card numbers on file

3 – Is one of the world’s largest online outlets

So doesn’t it make sense to be able to ‘partner’ with them since they are giving you the opportunity?

Typically you only hear about opportunities like this ‘after’ it has passed, but that’s not the case here.

Publishing e-books for Amazon’s Kindle is going STRONG and its moving full steam ahead.

In fact, you can do really well publishing Kindle e-books but the only way you’ll ever really get to the next level is by:

A – Making sure you stay on top of what currently works and…

B – Avoiding the outdated methods that most people are teaching these days.

When it comes to testing what works and what works TODAY, I know no one else who is better at it than the gentlemanly marketer known as Ty Cohen.

Last year he blew the Internet marketing landscape to pieces by teaching thousands of people the “correct way” to publish on Amazon and this year he is back with a ton of great info that he is calling Kindle Cash Flow 2.0.

You’ll want to immediately take a look at this because just like he did last year, he is revealing tried and tested tips that you can immediately start using to do very well by publishing e-books to Kindle.

The video is online and is available RIGHT THIS MOMENT FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY.

The best bonus to come out of a seminar, ever…free to you!

What Happens In Vegas...Changes Everything!

Since mid-August, Dennis Becker has been working on a book, compiled from the 2012 Earn1KaDay seminar.

It’s called “What Happens In Vegas…Changes Everything!

No cost, no obligation, Dennis is letting me give it to you.

Inside the book are detailed notes transcribed from the presentations of all 15 speakers.

In addition, there are insights into what influenced the speakers and many of the attendees in achieving their success.

You’ll read things like:

1) Mario Brown’s story of early childhood struggles, then coming to the U.S. with very little money in his pocket, how he used Google to start his trek from zero to $40,000 per month income.

2) Connie Ragen Green’s formula for building e-mail relationships, including how she was able to build a 6-figure IM income from a list of only 651 e-mail subscribers.

3) Gene Pimentel’s formula for profiting from buying and selling domain names…yes, just the names.

4) Colin Theriot’s copywriting trick of creating top converting sales pages by answering just 4 questions.

5) There’s a whole lot more, both in the form of inspiration and step-by-step plans, and you can get access to the entire book for free today, while other attendees paid to get into the seminar last August!

After you download it, you’ll want to also pass it around to others, and that’s totally permissible. I have a mission to put this incredible information into as many Internet marketers as possible.

A membership site model need not always be of the “recurring subscription” type.

Membership CubeDo you think you know what a membership site really is?

Here’s all a membership site is: a place where people can login using a username and password to get to their stuff.

Membership sites DON’T have to be this thing where people pay you month after month to get access!

I hope that gets you motivated to make your first, if not next membership site, because it suddenly got a lot easier.

If you have a one-hour video, just ask $47 for it. People pay 47 bucks one time, then get their login and can watch your video.

If they refund, they’re kicked out. Simple as that. No further payments after that first one.

Then let’s say you made a second follow-up video. Put it in the membership site so it shows up after 14 days.

Now, everyone who pays 47 bucks gets that first video, then after a couple of weeks they get the next video.

You CAN have sequential content delivery and only have a single payment.

Now let’s say you create a 3rd video, and you schedule it at the 30th day mark. Now you have an instant video, a 14th day video, and a 30th day video, but at this point, you’re ready to raise the price.

Instead of simply doubling the price to $97, make it a 2-payment plan. Now they pay $47 and get a video instantly, they stay in and get the 2nd video after 2 weeks, they get billed again and receive the 3rd video.

The people you sold to early on get all this stuff for free…but the new buyers have to pay both payments, and if they cancel at any time, they’re locked out.

If they let it ride till the end, they get lifetime access to all 3 of your videos.

Isn’t that a better way of looking at drip content? Instead of struggling forever to create months and months of content, worry about creating the first month…then the second month…and so on.

Then change the payment button so you add more payments or a higher price for new buyers. That way you can stop at any time.

I want to show you the exact step-by-step plan to accomplishing EVERYTHING we just talked about in the last couple minutes, right here.

Learn copywriting skills at very affordable price!

Copywriting Mastery

Copywriting is one skill that defines the calibre of a marketer, and it is a form of communication that can make a break the marketer’s success in life.

If you can’t write good copy, you may have to pay through the nose to get your stuff to convert.

Thankfully, there is a copywriting course that’s super easy for ANYONE to learn.

It’s called Copywriting Mastery and in all its 77-pages arranged in 16 logical chapters, this amazing course is crammed with little known secrets the elite super-rich wordsmiths use to turn simple words in their adverts and sales letters into PURE GOLD.

This is a true investment in your business and your future, and you don’t have to pay $2,000 to get the essence of this skill. Find out how little it costs to have you banging out incredible sales letters in as soon as 3 hours from now!

Want 21 pieces of Self-Help PLR for FREE?

Free Personal Development PLRYou’re in luck!

Ronnie from just released a complimentary 21-pack including:

1. 10-page PDF report with a worksheet
2. Personal development articles
3. Affirmation self-reflections
4. A beautifully designed PowerPoint

And a whole lot more!

It’s absolutely free and you can tweak and publish it both online or offline.

You’re going to want to grab your 21-pack right away.

That just made this week’s content creation a whole lot easier, didn’t it?

Passive Kindle Profits Just Got a Whole Lot Easier!

Kindle Ritual

Brian G. Johnson has just launched Kindle Ritual, which is a new software app that makes it dead simple to publish high-quality books to the number one product engine on the planet, Amazon.

Even for those that don’t want to write a signal word!

Kindle self-publishing is a huge money maker and millions of early adaptors have already started leveraging this amazing opportunity.

Kindle Ritual Allows You To:

– Create high-quality, 100% unique books in any niche, even if you know nothing it and even if you don’t want to write a single word.

– Take all the hard work usually associated with self-publishing because it automates the entire process and the job is done.

– Create a unique “Author Website” with your books in a matter of seconds, complete with a book sales page, book reviews, star ratings and more.

– Create high-quality book covers in just minutes with an easy-to-use Kindle cover creator.

– Provides a step-by-step video tutorial that walks you though every aspect of Kindle marketing and using this awesome new software.

This is a top-quality product that you need to check out. Get more details by clicking here.

Why 97% of Internet Marketers fail.

Profit From Your Passion BlueprintWatch this new video by “Google Cash” legend Chris Carpenter, in which he explains the 4 real reasons why most people fail to make any real money on the Internet.

This is not the same stuff you hear over and over again. I guarantee you have not heard this before.

He also shares his system that you can implement to build a lifestyle business on the Internet.

Chris says that YOU can live your dream lifestyle now. And the way to do it is to build a business on the Internet around your interests and passions.

In case you don’t know who Chris Carpenter is, he’s a master affiliate marketer, bestselling author and inventor of the Google Cash system. He has written several e-books, developed killer software, run massive membership sites and even bigger newsletters.

On top of all that Chris is truly living the Internet lifestyle.

He lives on the beach in front of a secret surf break that he has all to himself. He travels the world with his family searching out adventure like surfing and skiing.

And the best part is no matter where he is he runs his online businesses from his laptop with no offices, no phone, no meetings, no overhead and no stress.

In this video he teaches you how to make money doing what you love.

OMG! Rags to Riches Recipe: $0 to $1.4 Million, EXACT Step By Step

Greg Morrison, the guy I call the “One Man Gang” went from making $0 in June of 2011 to hauling in over $1.4 MILLION since then! (All with FREE TRAFFIC and without some big business!)

Now he’s revealed his “Rags to Riches” recipe.

Greg creates “OMG Machines“, little free traffic-powered websites that are like self-funding ATM Machines!

Greg’s full system includes 3 different Google ranking multi-part strategies. Each of his Google ranking free traffic strategies involves a blend of on-page and off-page (backlinking) techniques.

He then uses a keyword understanding blueprint, a profoundly simple pay-per-click add-on blueprint, a conversion checklist, and an outsourcing strategy. Once you start hearing Greg explain things step by step, it is all so very doable and it is reality.

This is a great opportunity for you to achieve something big, kick your financial life into high gear and feel as financially secure as Greg does.

5 Marketing Principles To Improve Conversions

Although you might not be promoting the same thing as everyone else, there are some basic principles of marketing that apply to everyone with something to offer.

They are:

1. Your product – Making sure there is a market for what you have to offer. The best approach is to research your market first, find what they need, and then find (or create) a product that helps them.

2. Product price – Making sure the product price is within reach for your target market, but also considering that lowering your price may make your product appear to be “low quality”.

In general, charge what you’re worth.

3. Consistent promotion – Free methods exist, but they’re slow and often untargeted. Using consistent advertising is the only real way to generate results on-demand.

4. The right advertising channels – Know what types of advertising generate the best response.

5. Being unique – Follow the principles above, but also add your own flair and personality to your market. This could be as simple as doing audio recordings, getting on video, creating your own unique voice for written content, etc.

Add your location when bidding on keywords

If your service is one where customers would prefer to work with a local vendor (e.g., cosmetic dentistry, PC repair), bid on key phrases that include your location. Example: “Hard drive data recovery Northern NJ.”

Why it pays: there are fewer people bidding on this key phrase than on the broader “Hard drive data recovery,” so you’ll likely be able to pay less per click and, you attract local prospects more inclined to hire you.

Tip: Make sure your physical address is prominent on your website. Many service providers bid on local key phrases, and then try to hide the fact that they are actually out of town.

Facebook advertising results you can expect

According to eMarketer, the average page “like” click-through rate is 0.7% at a cost of 45 cents. That means for every 1,000 people who see your Facebook ad, 7 will click on it, and the ad will cost you 45 cents for each of those 7 people.

Source: How to Attract Customers with Facebook, HubSpot

Master WordPress Like A Pro

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform every marketer uses.

But it seems confusing at time…there are too many features to master.

There are features you may not need, but then again, you are not harnessing its potential. Lucky for you today, I found this offer that has the necessary video tutorials for you to maximize WordPress.

The price is cheap…less than $10 for over 45 videos. It is a steal!

7 ways to engage your Facebook fans

1 – Focus on the unique personality of your fans to determine what type of messaging or content they’ll respond to with the greatest enthusiasm.

2 – Ask simple, closed questions that are easy to answer.

3 – Use instructive language in your posts to make it crystal clear what you want your fans to do.

4 – Give your fans exclusive content, promotions, and deals that you haven’t shared or posted to your web site yet.

5 – Address your fans by name whenever possible, and respond to their comments one-on-one.

6 – Actively invite personal conversation with your fans by soliciting their opinions on relevant topics.

7 – Ask your fans what types of content they want to see and then act on their suggestions.

Source: “Best Practices for Engaging Messaging,” Wildfire whitepaper

Does the low price always win the sale?

Do customers always want the lowest price? Not always, it seems.

A software company selling to both consumers and professionals priced their software at $79 per copy, which they thought would appeal to both segments. But it appealed to neither: consumers found it too high, and it communicated “not a serious tool” to professionals.

Solution: Focus on the professional market and raise the price to $129. When the company did so, sales soared. Lesson: despite your intuition to the contrary, the best price is often not the lowest price.

Source: Brown, Dennis, “10 Common Pricing Mistakes,” Atenga, p. 3

Tips for creating profitable infomercials

1 – Tell more and sell more: the most successful infomercials embody the basic premise of “the more you tell, the more you sell.”

2 – Solve a problem: the bigger the problem your product can solve the higher your return on investment.

3 – Demonstrate the product and describe it in detail: educate, excite, earn trust, and entice.

4 – Create a story around your product in a way that develops a strong emotional tie with viewers.

5 – Create a sense of urgency to buy: use such techniques as quick-response bonuses, two for one, and free gift with purchase.

Source: Timothy Hawthorne, Response Magazine, 9/12, p. 56

The Silver Rules of business success

From Internet marketing pioneer Yanik Silver come these 3 “Silver Rules” of business success:

>> Focus most of your time on your core strengths and less time working in areas in which you are weak.

>> Get paid before you deliver your product or service and when possible figure how to create recurring revenue from transactions.

>> Bootstrap – start your business on a shoestring. Reason: having too much capital leads to incredible waste and doing things using conventional means.

How to publish on and profit from Kindle

Kindle KashThis is another solid back-to-basics info-product on Kindle publishing for anyone who is ready to start raking in the cash with some Kindle products but doesn’t know how to start.

UK author Nick Daws reveals everything you need to know to plan, research, write, edit, publish and promote your very own money-making Kindle e-book—fiction or non-fiction!

Kindle Kash assumes no special knowledge, and no technical or programming skills are required. It is therefore ideal for writers who are new to writing online, or taking their first few steps towards creating and selling an e-book on the massively popular Amazon Kindle platform. And, don’t worry, other popular e-book formats are covered as well!

If you follow the step-by-step, practical advice set out in the guide, you will very soon have your own Kindle e-book, on a subject of your choice, selling online via the Amazon Kindle Store and making good money for you.

After that, to keep boosting your income, all you need to do is wash, rinse and repeat!

So if you are struggling to complete a book, I would definitely recommend Kindle Kash for its useful strategies. A great chance for you to gain a solid foothold in the self-publishing industry.