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Managing Your WordPress Site

I am really big on getting the small things in my business taken care as fast and efficient as possible so I can focus on the stuff that really moves my business forward.

I used to spend WAAAY too much time tweaking and “playing with” my sites instead of doing the things that really made a difference.

If you are tired of messing with plugins, worrying about updates and ready to start managing your WordPress sites instead of the other way around, then make sure you check this FREE training right now.

[Special Price] Hot, Responsive Clickbank WP Theme

CB ProfitPress

Ken Sar just released a brand new WordPress Theme that you can use to create a nice-looking and professional Clickbank affiliate sites!

Some features of this theme:

– Custom Post Panel
– Responsive Layout
– Shortcodes-Ready (30+ Shortcodes) Beat
– Compatible with CB Goliath
– Custom Opt-in Form To Capture Subscribers
– Beautiful Ribbon Tags
– and much more!

See all complete features and DEMO site here.

Easy way to submit your press releases to more than 250 media outlets.

Have you been religiously doing your Off-page SEO?

If not, let us help you out with our special offer to MAXIMIZE your SEO Backlinking Efforts!

As you already know, there’s no better way to do off-page SEO than to use mass press release distribution!

Marketers Media was conceived as a solution to a problem faced by Daniel Tan as well as other fellow online marketers.

This resulted in “The Niche Press Release Distribution Site” that provides high quality widespread distribution for marketers to share their product launches, software releases, acquisitions and other entrepreneurial related announcements at the lowest possible cost.

So Why

  • Your Premium Press Releases will be widely syndicated through more than 250 media outlets—you’ll gain maximum publicity both online and offline!
  • Experience SEO benefits with automatic syndication of backlinks, you’ll enjoy increased traffic, higher rankings on SERPs and get your Press Release featured on Google News!
  • Expect fast and viral traffic through social media as your press release races across an online population of over 2 billion users!
  • One-stop centralized location for Marketers to read as well as share niche information with each other!
  • Top-notch Distribution for a fraction of the cost that other sites are charging!

What are you waiting for? Make Marketers Media your valued choice for premium press distribution NOW!

5 Content Marketing Tips To Publish Like A Pro

1. Know your audience: Carefully consider the type of readers you’re targeting and/or trying to attract, and tailor your content to them.

2. Create a framework for future content needs: Map out potential blog ideas, stories, featured posts, etc. That way, you have something to work from each time content is needed.

3. Create a content schedule: If you find yourself not blogging enough, creating a schedule can be the perfect way to get focused and stay motivated.

4. Think Multimedia: Looks for ways to recycle the same content into different formats.

5. Always encourage reader feedback and welcome user-generated content as part of your publishing mix.

How To Get Winning Content Ideas Your Readers Will LOVE In Just Seconds

Every major market/niche has a magazine that focuses on it.

These publications spend MILLIONS on market research and advertising, so you can be sure that the content they’re publishing has been proven to be desired by their market.

Here’s how to capitalize on that research:

1. Make a list of publications in your niche. If you’re not sure what they are, do a Google search for “major US magazines” or “[category here] magazines” (without the quotes or brackets).

2. In Google image search, type “[name of publication] covers”. To make it more timely, you can add the current year. So, for example: “parenting magazine covers 2012”.

3. You should now be staring at a TON of magazine cover images. Go ahead and click on one and see if you can’t use the headlines to generate some ideas.

Among all the cover images, you’re almost guaranteed to find a bunch of ideas you can use!

Hint: If you really want to stretch this, try turning the headlines into templates. For example, “Parents’ top $ mistakes—fixed!” can be turned into “Parents’ top _____ mistakes—fixed!”.

Astonishing Truths Of Pareto’s Law

I’ll let you in on a little secret. The first step toward improving yourself is to understand Pareto’s Law…

So who is Pareto and why is his law so important? Well, he was a economist, sociologist, and engineer (i.e. a genius). He mathematically proved that 80% of outputs result from 20% of inputs and that this rule applied to almost every area of life:

1. Psychology and skill: Tony Robbins says that success requires 80% mindset and only 20% skill. Having the right mental attitude is much more important than being smart or talented. This is why improving yourself is so crucial to becoming rich.

2. Wealth distribution: 80% of all wealth and income is possessed 20% of people. Ever heard of a thing called the income gap?

3. Sales: 80% of your profits come from 20% of your products. If you want to make more money, start promoting the 20% of products that bring in most of your money.

4. Customers: 80% of sales come from 20% of your customers. I hope you’re bending over backwards to please the 20%!

5. Traffic: 80% of your visitors come from 20% of your advertising efforts. Test and track as many traffic sources as you can and identify the top 20% best-performing ones. Spend more of your time and money in them.

Isn’t it crazy how this simple principal applies to so many things in life? Now, please do yourself a favor and use this to get the most out of your time and efforts. Focus on the 20% that produce 80%.

This guru finally speaks up!

Blogging With John Chow

If you have been in Internet Marketing or the business of blogging long enough, you would have surely heard of John Chow.

He has the reputation of being the #1 of the Top 50 Canadian Internet Marketing Bloggers, and has been featured in the New York Times too!

For 2 years now, he has built his blog from scratch to earning $40,000 a month! His site attracts over 200,000 active daily readers and followers and is one of the biggest on the Internet.

Clearly, he knows what he is doing. Don’t you wish you know how he only works 2 hours a day?

Watch this brief video.

New WordPress Management Plugin To Handle All Your Blogs Centrally.

A new WordPress plugin is going to answer all your prayers for more control and better protection for your WordPress blogs!

No longer will you have to worry about:

– security
– upgrading plugins
– upgrading themes
– upgrading WordPress software
– creating backups of blogs
– creating duplicate or clone blogs
– finding themes/plugins that you have purchased

And so much more!

Some of these new features are:

– ability to clone one or all of your blogs in just a few clicks

– ability to backup one or all of your blogs with all of the options that you would ever want

– ability to do all of your updating in just one click (literally)

Watch a demo video about halfway down the page to see exactly how WP Pipeline works, and get a steep discount on the Professional Level of this software.

The discount is only going to be available for the next 7 days. Now is the time to make your purchase.

25 complete turn-key businesses built just for you!

Mike Filsaime spent the last 2 years perfecting a system that will allow you to be up, running, and ready to make money in a matter of minutes with not 1 TURNKEY business…but 25!

And he’s letting you get started for FREE!

Watch this video for all the details.

He took what’s been working for him for the last 10 years and made it available to you.

It’s as plug-n-play of a business you will ever get your hands on.

All you need to do is just walk through the steps and fill in some simple information and then press ‘BUILD’ and BOOM! You are in business.

Make sure you stick around to see the site building software in action and witness just how quickly and easily you can be ready to get paid.