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Find out the hidden secrets to really connecting with people in a powerful way…

The 7 Secrets To Powerful Communication

I once told a friend (a real one) that “a thousand online connections cannot compare to a friend you know in person.” In order to forge a fruitful relationship, you must be able to communicate effectively and communicate for results.

Many types of people come into our lives—co-workers, clients, bosses, relatives etc., and for each one of these people, we must communicate with them appropriately. Not knowing how to speak to specific people the right way can leave us not only frustrated, but also leave a bad impression on others.

What you need is “The 7 Secrets To Powerful Communication” audio program. It reveals the 7 simple methods to communicate powerfully and create meaningful connections with people both personally and professionally.

You will receive 9 high-quality, professionally recorded, downloadable audio MP3 files that will lead and guide you through both the principles & practices of the 7 Secrets of Powerful Communication.

You will be able to listen through as you work through the exercises, and so enhance your speed and ability to learn the material in the shortest possible time. Burn the MP3s to your CD for listening on your way to work, in the car or wherever is convenient for you.

The 7 Secrets To Powerful Communication” will help you access a whole new level of your power as you learn how to communicate and most importantly CONNECT!

Discover the success secrets of 6 e-mail marketing campaign case studies.

The Wise Old Email Gorilla

Where are you putting your energy when building your online business?

Is it SEO, list building, PPC or is it somewhere else?

Answer honestly.

Where SHOULD you be putting your energy?


You see, there are no prizes for top rankings or having a huge list.

The magic happens when somebody buys something.

If you’re struggling to make sales then you need to check out the 101-page “The Wise Old Email Gorilla” manual.

2 full-time marketers just gave away 6 of their best e-mail marketing campaigns as case studies, and the campaigns aren’t just in the MMO niche. You will see health campaigns, gaming campaigns, forex campaigns and more. Invaluable to anyone wondering how to craft a perfect e-mail offer.

In these case studies, you will learn 10 simple steps that you can take to enjoy great conversions. Everything is revealed. Nothing is held back, and you will get all the juicy details so that:

* You will be squeezing money from your list using outstanding persuasion skills that are only used by gurus.

* You will be able to skyrocket easily your conversions in any niche using proven advanced formulas that the seasoned marketers use.

New CNN-style video player for your website.

Over the past year there has been an onslaught of new video players that have arisen. All of them are fascinated with adding HTML overlays on top of the video container, everything from banners to buttons inside the video container.

The Covert Player Pro however, is unlike any other video player on the market. The original idea came to Mark Dulisse one day when he was watching some videos on‘s website.

Go to and you can see on the left sidebar some thumbnails of videos, that when you click on them they open and close…without losing the text. The videos are seamless and fully integrated into the website. This is great from a viewer’s perspective, as well as from a SEO perspective since it allows you to put more text on your pages and posts.

Covert Player Pro closely emulates CNN’s video presentations for your website.

There are many more features and options available. Make sure you watch the video to see all features available to you.

As an incentive to order the Covert Player Pro during launch week, Mark has added a bonus…everyone who orders during launch week will get a complimentary upgrade to the FlowPlayer module (play self-hosted videos, or videos hosted on your Amazon S3) as well as Wistia and Brightcove supports.

For webinar newbies: discover how to design and conduct hot-converting webinars like a pro.

You’re at the point in your business where you’re ready to conduct webinars whether for training or a sales pitch, but you don’t know how to do it like a pro.

Webinar Pitch Secrets will let you construct webinars that get you maximum sales and near extreme EPCs despite the fierce competition in today’s market!

You’ll get a hefty, no-nonsense 54-page guide that contains a “fill in the blanks” template that you can use to create an awesome, hot converting webinar, tons of closes, transitions that you can plain copy/paste to get results and more!

Get started today and you’ll have immediate access to the members area and training material right away.

Download Paper Template For WordPress.

You most likely have seen web pages with that “piece of paper” look and feel. It is the format of choice because:

– it is a high-converting template.

– it ‘remains’ evergreen: you can’t tell if it’s a web page created in 2001, 2005, 2013 or 2019

– it’s easy to set up; just set it and forget it and add a logo later if I want it to look pretty

Now this template comes as a WordPress plugin, and you can create a professional-looking sales letter or opt-in page with it. Watch this video (and notice the site is using this paper template).

Watch the evolution of video marketing.

Easy Video SuiteI’m going to get straight to the point.

Since 2009, one tool has helped evolve the way marketers use video for their online business more than anything else.

That tool is Easy Video Player by Josh Bartlett.

Even now, over 2 years after the launch of Easy Video Player 2, other video software is STILL trying desperately to catch up with what they innovated with back in 2010!

Meanwhile Josh has been working on the next evolution of video marketing for over 2 years…

And he invested multiple, six figures of his own money to create the “next generation” of video marketing, based on the input of tens of thousands of his satisfied customers.

If you want know how to record, convert, publish, market and track your videos with just one easy-to-use system, then you’ll want to watch Josh’s video!

In this video, Josh reveals his journey from just having the best video player on the market, to doing something even greater and producing truly the ultimate video marketing solution: the Easy Video Suite.

You’ll also discover how you can now do the following with videos:

* How to have a perfectly web-optimized video that is viewable on all mobile devices (simply by dragging and dropping your videos into a desktop app that is PC & Mac-compatible)!

* Know what type of video will convert your prospects into customers and raving fans (see how they interact with your videos in real-time!).

* Have your now-optimized and converted video on a sales page and viewable by your prospects in ONE minute or less (without uploading a single file or touching a piece of code)!

* Let Easy Video Suite actually automatically track and run your entire video marketing campaign (as close to autopilot as it can get!).

Watch the video now to realize the the true power of Easy Video Suite. With video being an increasingly attractive medium for marketing, Easy Video Suite can serve you well into the long term.

7 Steps How To Create Android App with No Coding Skills?

App Dev Empire

Do you want to discover how to create Android apps easily with no programming experience and earn big money selling your apps?

Have you ever dreamed of creating your own great game or application for Android with no programming skills and hit pay dirt with it in the Google Play Store?

Then you need to check out App Dev Empire.

Learn habits that will turn you into a millionaire.

Most of us know at least one wealthy person who is neither education nor smart.

In fact, judging by the number of poor people with PhDs, higher education must actually be a hindrance to financial success.

Truly rich people—not those who do it with loan, leveraging and manipulating other people’s money—simply have different habits.

Describing the principles is beyond the scope of this book but I highly recommend the book, The Richest Man In Babylon. It is a wonderful place to begin.

The habits you need to learn to become a millionaire are no more complex than the rules for playing Monopoly.

Up till now, education about money has been left to the individual.

The only people I see taking the time to educate the public about credits, credit cards and savings are banks and other financial institutions.

But when we look at the track records of these institutions, it becomes quite obvious that these “teachers” have a lot to learn themselves before they start advising other people.

To let bankers educate the masses about credit is a little like having the fox protect the hen house.

Most of us are so enamored of the idea of security that, even when we are unhappy with our jobs, will stay with them, day after day and year.

The truth is, that staying in situations which are unsatisfying only increases our sense of insecurity.

We begin to feel there is no other choice but to sell our souls in the name of security.

Excerpted from Robert Kiyosaki’s book “If You Want To Be Rich & Happy”.

WP Answers Pulls Q&A From Yahoo! Answers.

WP Answers

Cool plugin pulls questions and answers from Yahoo! Answers and posts to your blog on auto-pilot.

You can set the keywords or key phrases that are related to your blog so it only pulls those Q&As that are related to those keywords. This creates relevant content to your blog.

The more relevant content you have, the more love you get from Google.

Developer license is included for the price shown on the sales page.

* WP Answers *

Special Video You Need To See Today (Important)

I have a video I’d like you to watch today.

It’s from a guy who has been quietly making his living online from home for almost two decades.

If you’ve been stalled in your efforts to generate income from the web, this can change everything.

Mobile Website Design Tips

Consultant Wendy Montes de Oca says websites designed for display on mobile devices should be fast and user friendly.

Being fast, according to de Oca, means having a site that loads in around 5 seconds or less. Being user-friendly means having large buttons, easy search capabilities, and limited scrolling.

Consider having responsive templates that adjust accordingly based on the user’s device, albeit template, desktop, or mobile phone. Offer ready access to company information such as easy-to-find business directions, contact numbers, product and purchasing information.

Even better: add a click-to-call access button to contact a customer service rep to take an order via the phone as well as an option for users to visit a non-mobile site.

Source: Precision Marketing eNewsletter, 12/11/12

How To Display Amazon Deals Of The Day In Just 5 Minutes.

Zon Goldbox Wizard

I want to show you how you can display Amazon Daily Deals on your site in just 5 MINUTES!

The secret is this Zon Goldbox Wizard plugin.

This plugin will automatically display Amazon “Deals Of The Day” products on your site.

By using this plugin, you are giving a reason for your visitor site to keep coming back to your site!

It only take 5 MINUTES to set it up.

Grab it now with developer license at ridiculous low price!