SHOCKING commission siphoning “black box”!

The Amazing Widget

A clever online marketer and his programmer brainstormed and came up with what is quite possibly the DUMBEST way to make money online ever.

And I don’t mean dumb as in ‘stupid’.

What I mean is, any IDIOT can do this! I know you’ve heard that said before, but here it’s the truth.

All you have to do is place these little “widget ads” across the web using their online (web-based) software
and a little built-in Share Tool which makes everything push-button simple.

So if you have a website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter, or any of a HUNDRED other free options, you can do this like fingerpainting.

But that’s not even the GOOD part! Things get totally *mind blowing* when you understand the viral power of
this thing. They call it “The Amazing Widget“, because it enables you to really leverage and cash in on OTHER PEOPLES’ WORK. That’s how the rich do it, my friend.

The viral aspect was a little tricky for me to understand, but once I re-read it and caught on I was going nuts. This is like nothing you’ve ever seen. Yet so darn simple.

Just go now, and thank me later. I was on this like a dog to bacon and I know you will be too. comments disabled due to abuse