About Nelson

Hey there, It’s Nelson Tan here. That’s me in the brown shirt with my 2 old friends Patrick Lim (middle) and Kevin Ong when we toured Taman Negara, Malaysia in May 2010.

When I first started Internet Marketing in Dec. 2003, little did I know I could last in this business until today. This is definitely not a case of “jumping onto the bandwagon” when there were so few success stories back then. I learn as I earn, and I can recall my gross Internet income is less than $50 in my first year. I guess that’s what you called ‘passion’, but more than that, an online business already has powerful leveraging factors built into its operations, thanks to the continual development and evolution of the Internet in its content, technology and culture. When you witness the kind of tumultous changes that have taken place in the corporate world, personal lifestyle and habits and interpersonal communication in the first decade of the 21st century, you will understand that having your own online business is truly the way to go towards the security of your financial future.

No doubt there’s much to devour and learn. In this highly creative industry, if you stop being active for even 2 weeks, you could lag behind the competition. The good news is Internet Marketing as a business model is simple yet terrific. It is essentially dynamic but not beyond control. You have to think systematically with regards to the technicalities of your website, yet at the same time be personable to your visitors by expressing information in a value-added manner.

The best way to stay relevant is to embrace learning, contribute and excel and create an effective lifestyle out of Internet Marketing. I want YOU to engage in non-stop possibility thinking and share your wisdom and know-how for the benefit of raising standards within the community and your personal profile too. Come and join me as we seek to improve one another’s lives in the name of FUN, GROWTH and PROFIT!

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