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SHOCKING commission siphoning “black box”!

The Amazing Widget

A clever online marketer and his programmer brainstormed and came up with what is quite possibly the DUMBEST way to make money online ever.

And I don’t mean dumb as in ‘stupid’.

What I mean is, any IDIOT can do this! I know you’ve heard that said before, but here it’s the truth.

All you have to do is place these little “widget ads” across the web using their online (web-based) software
and a little built-in Share Tool which makes everything push-button simple.

So if you have a website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter, or any of a HUNDRED other free options, you can do this like fingerpainting.

But that’s not even the GOOD part! Things get totally *mind blowing* when you understand the viral power of
this thing. They call it “The Amazing Widget“, because it enables you to really leverage and cash in on OTHER PEOPLES’ WORK. That’s how the rich do it, my friend.

The viral aspect was a little tricky for me to understand, but once I re-read it and caught on I was going nuts. This is like nothing you’ve ever seen. Yet so darn simple.

Just go now, and thank me later. I was on this like a dog to bacon and I know you will be too.

Updated for 2013: ClickBank Affiliate SuperTips

ClickBank Affiliate SuperTips

One of the most well known gurus on the Net is ‘Mr SuperTips’. That’s Harvey Segal with his highly popular SuperTips series of book such as Ad Tracking SuperTips, Forum SuperTips and 101 SuperTips.

He is also an acknowledged ClickBank expert running a forum and newsletter since 2002.

So who better to write “ClickBank Affiliate SuperTips“, an outstanding e-book packed with dazzling tips on how ClickBank affiliates can maximize their ClickBank income.

Just one area of the book alone is worth 10 times the value as Harvey shows how affiliates are throwing their money away using the wrong affiliate links, promoting sites with sales ‘leaks’ where the vendor gets the commission and having their affiliate links stolen.

These are all explained with clarity in a book that is well organized, neatly set out, easy to follow, written without hype and not littered with annoying links, including:

* Affiliate link theft – what you can do about it
* Sale page leaks – five ways that you are losing out on commission
* Why customers might remove your affiliate link – and how to stop them
* When you should bypass the vendor’s sales page – and how to do it
* The reason why a sales page shows multiple ClickBank products – and how you can promote them individually
* How a product can top the Marketplace rankings without ever having a sale
* When the commission shown at the Marketplace is not the real commission

In researching this book, Harvey went back and re-read every single post at the ClickBank Success Forum, over 4,000 of them.

You can check out the rest of the contents of this highly recommended book here.

Try this link shortening service on Pinterest. It’s free.

Free Link TrackingIt’s now well known that Pinterest technically banned recognizable affiliate links unless you mask them behind a URL shortener. Even so, the Pinterest staff also did their due diligent research and banned popular link shortening services. This one, LinkTrack, is still overlooked. Free sign-up option is available so test-drive it.

How to make money from Amazon Associate Program

Shop Commission-Blueprint

It only requires 3 simple steps to start making money from Amazon Associate Program…

Step #1 – Find winning products to promote
Step #2 – Setup your website
Step #3 – Put up content on your website

Good new is, not only does the Shop Commission Blueprint shows you how to do this step-by-step, you’ll get the website template software to get up and running right away!

Watch this video.

Don’t be an affiliate pest.

An “affiliate pest” is a newbie Internet marketer who thinks she can convince a bigger Internet marketer to promote her product as an affiliate by constantly calling, e-mailing, and otherwise pestering him to get a commitment.

It’s OK to query and to follow-up in a reasonable manner. But not every day. Even more important: don’t write a huffy e-mail complaining “I haven’t heard from you” to the person you’re trying to recruit as an affiliate.

Yes, all the big and even the medium-size (like me) Internet marketers today are inundated with requests from people who want us to promote their products to our lists.

But that means we’re busy. We have many other projects going. So we can’t respond to requests for joint ventures as quickly as we like.

Acknowledge this, and you have a chance. Pressure us, and we’ll avoid you like the plague.

Simple Passive Income Machines

Passive Profit Machines

Who doesn’t want passive income?

What if I told you that there are as many as 11 different passive income streams you can set up right now, and many of them require absolutely NO INVESTMENT?

Lots of people THINK that any kind of passive income stream takes MONEY, and a short time ago I would have agreed with them.

Then I found this book. It shows you how easy it is to set up not just one but several passive income machines that work for you 24/7, even while you sleep (I know that sounds crazy but it’s true).

In Passive Profit Machines, Mike Carraway goes into detail how he earns several thousand a month while spending most of his time at the beach or on cruises.

He doesn’t joke around and he doesn’t need to sell hard. If you watch his videos, you can tell he is a pretty relaxed guy who always seem to be in “vacation mode”.

But if you want to know what he does and how he does it, then you gotta hop over here and grab it while you can.

Revolutionary viral application banks $400.75 per day!

Mass Income Multiplier

The revolutionary “Mass Income Multiplier” application can generate for you awesome auto money pages within 30 seconds, bring you perpetual traffic for life, and build for you the massive lists that you can monetize from time to time…

Just check out all the REAL-TIME, hardcore video proofs yourself. This is really a significant breakthrough. First time ever this is done.

You’ll understand the revolutionary concept and powerful principles behind the application. It’s all about a private money network that will make money together with you and for you.

Check it out. This can change your income forever.

Just 15 Minutes a Day = $400 a day?

Commission Autopilot

You are in luck…

You’ve just stumbled onto a brand new 2012 software breakthrough beyond anything you could’ve ever dreamed up…

You can now TAP into a traffic source much bigger than Google, Clickbank, Mobile Marketing or Facebook…

This automated commission-getting technology is something brand new and revolutionary!

The exhilarating video reveals all…

HINT: This has nothing to do with SEO, websites, Google, blogs, list building, PPC or advertising!


You DO NOT even need a website or a product to use this brand new software…

Everything you know is wrong!

This revolutionary technology gets $400 per day in commissions with just 15 minutes work by driving massive traffic that will…

– Never run out
– Never dry up
– Doesn’t cost a single penny!

This is an absolutely “STUNNING” 2012 discovery. You must see it to believe it!

Traffic and sales come painlessly…

Painless Traffic System

Painless Traffic System by Bill McRea and Mick Moore.

You wouldn’t believe they made $123,857.06 on July 26th!

That’s a 6-figure day for 2 affiliate marketers, WOW!

Find out how they did it.

Holiday Toy Guide: Learn To Sell Toys On eBay And Amazon

This is a quick message because time is running out on this and if you want to generate some easy income in the next few weeks you need to get out there as soon as you can with the Holiday Toy Guide.

December 10th through the 25th is usually known as CRUNCH TIME on eBay.

Parents start to panic as they cannot find the special toy their son or daughter desires most. And in this panic, they are willing to go to EXTREME measures and PAY incredible prices!

In many stores around the US (and the world) items sell out but in other places they still line the shelves. That’s where you can come in and just “clean house” a.k.a. buy them at retail and resell them. There’s still enough time to take advantage of this but you have to act soon.

You will know which products are extremely in demand right up until the last few days of Christmas, and how to clean house quickly and make some decent extra cash!

Affiliate Marketing 3.0 Is HERE

Affiliate Cash Snipers

Affiliate Marketing 3.0 has arrived. This is a a true game changer.

This shocking software breakthrough lets you siphon off HUGE affiliate profits from the biggest, most profitable retail websites on the Internet.

The money-sucking technology of this breakthrough software simplifies everything. This video shows you how.

I’m talking about powerful features that let you:

* Tap into 243,360 niches bringing in $34 BILLION a year (and more)

* Add interactive affiliate marketing POWER to any web page, including Facebook pages, with only a few clicks

* Get in front of the MASSIVE holiday spending spree that’s just around the corner

* Rack up four-, five- and six-figure affiliate paychecks on complete autopilot

This video describes the all-in-one solution that makes it all possible.

I know these guys. Michael Rasmussen and Mike Mograbi always over-deliver, and this unique technology is no exception.

Their software ROCKS. It’s going to shock you, just like it did me.

The income potential with this next generation software is so big…no, I don’t want to spoil it…just watch this video right now and be amazed.

Do you want reliable affiliate paydays? Then this point-and-click easy software is EXACTLY what you need.

$511,512.50 Deposit in ONE DAY

Cash Siphon

Wow, I’m in SHOCK right now.

I just finished watching this video in which the infamous Andrew X reveals how he banked an AMAZING $511,512.50 in ONE DAY!

I’m not kidding around, you need to see this for yourself right now.

Be prepared to be *shocked*.

Google got hacked?

Google Cash Monster

I never thought it could happen to the mighty G…

But these affiliates have finally found a way to hack Google and steal all of the traffic for major products for FREE.

The best thing is, it can’t be hacked.

Google has to sit and watch, as hundreds of underground affiliates swipe traffic with automated websites…without paying a single cent for clicks.

The G empire hates it…but the affiliates who are already using this are freaking out with excitement…and banking a lot of money each day.

I don’t say this often, but the Google Cash Monster contains a legit loophole that allows you to steal free traffic with practically zero effort.

And it’s never been done like this before…

If you’re not getting lots of traffic right now, or if you’re paying over the odds for traffic that isn’t converting…then you owe it to yourself to check this out, before it gets pulled down.

$39,545 by ruthlessly dominating any niche online?

Dominating Niches

If you’ve been watching Chris Freville’s launch party for his new system, Dominating Niches, than you know why the buzz surrounding this is so intense.

There’s just never been a niche marketing system quite like this before.

Simply put: You can clone a forty grand per month niche dominating system over the next 30 days.

So if you’ve been dabbling in affiliate marketing, and getting frustrated by making only half of what could be 100% profit in your pocket…then you need what Chris has put together here…

I’ve yet to see another niche marketing system spell it out the way this one does.

Everything is laid out on the table.

This is the premiere step-by-step guide for locating, infiltrating and dominating lucrative niches within 30 days—he even guarantees it!

Crowded niche…untapped goldmine…doesn’t matter. Chris has his way with them all, and for the first time he’s revealing how he does it.

I just finished reading the product page…and I was surprised to see him reveal his secret psychology behind creating aliases. That’s usually the kind of insight you have to pay for…

But this page is a good example of how to do something I preach a lot: Make your ads valuable!

If you’re interested in taking your marketing to the next level and join the ranks of well-to-do and happy-go-lucky marketers living the life of their dreams, then you have to check out Dominating Niches.

The Bible Of Affiliate Marketing

Super Affiliate Handbook

Known as the ‘bible’ of Affiliate Marketing, Rosalind Gardner’s Super Affiliate Handbook is a MUST-READ for anyone who wants to become an affiliate marketer.

In a style that is friendly and humorous, the Super Affiliate Handbook is peppered with real examples of what Rosalind did to become one of the most recognizable Super Affiliates in the world. And she doesn’t just tell you what she did right—she exposes the mistakes she made as well—to help you avoid potential problems.

Exceptionally well written, Super Affiliate Handbook covers absolutely everything you need to know about making money as an affiliate marketer.

I HIGHLY Recommended it.

Want to learn from the “Queen of Affiliate Marketing”?

Affiliate Blogger ProRosalind Gardner is known around the world as the “Queen of Affiliate Marketing”, earning up to (and over) one million dollars per year selling other people’s stuff online.

As author of the bestselling book on the subject, she has taught tens of thousands of people how to do what she does—build online businesses that are profitable and sustainable, even during these tough times.

Her book was FANTASTIC, but her recently released multimedia training program goes SO much farther!

Affiliate Blogger Pro includes:

* Step-by-step written tutorials
* Video training to SHOW you how everything works
* A super helpful and friendly community forum
* and much MUCH more…

And unlike so many gurus, Rosalind actually responds to members’ questions herself. She also has a team of experts who specialize in site building and design, copywriting and marketing.

What I appreciate most about Rosalind’s methods, is that she actually does what she teaches and you get to watch as she works her magic online…and learn how to do the same!

She’s not into “here today, gone tomorrow” methods and training. Ros stands by her products & students for YEARS…so you can count on her over the long term.

I HIGHLY recommend that you invest in your future and join Rosalind’s training program today. With her guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

Copy this to make $3M on Clickbank.

Cash Renegade

A renegade super affiliate living on the French Riviera has just released a video that’s already changing the way people make money online.

He was FURIOUS with all the LIES so he decided to reveal his $338,896 per month renegade funnels. It’s simply insane.

Go watch it immediately…

This guy ran from everything that had been holding him back.

Escaping his dead end job, tyrant boss and pathetic salary.

And he fought for the life he knew he deserved and was meant to live.

Now it’s YOUR turn to escape.

This affiliate has put up a free video to explain everything, and it’s a MUST-SEE.

If you’ve ever been half-way serious about making some money from the Internet, then you need to see this video NOW.

7 Clicks to $198,016 PROFIT every month!

Imagine clicking a mouse button 7 times…

And 1 minute 47 seconds later having your own cash site banking you daily commissions (without having to worry about any traffic).

If you like the sound of making $6914, $16,936 or an impressive $21,211 a month for spending 2 minutes pushing 7 buttons then you MUST watch Mike’s video right now!

You’ll quickly realize you’re just 7 clicks and under 2 minutes away from changing your life for the better.

Incredible story…Incredible video (watch now)!

Steve Pierce (not to be confused with Steven Pierce) has gone from absolutely nothing to…

$50, $100, $200, $500 per day!

And now he makes an absolute minimum of $1k each and every day!


Check out the video here to see how he’s done this…

The *EASIEST* $251,283 Affiliate Strategy

Profit Instruments

A 22-year-old guy from India quit a day job that made him $350 a month…

And he’s created an affiliate system that makes him $20,940 EVERY month!

It’s the SIMPLEST strategy that I’ve seen in years…

It’s about creating these tiny sites called “Profit Instruments” which are focused on “Product Name Keywords”.

These Profit Instruments get top rankings in Google, Yahoo!, Bing and get loads of free traffic!

And make money day after day on complete autopilot.

He just throws up a website in a couple of hours and forgets about it.

Soon enough, this tiny website keeps on making him money and he NEVER even touches it again…now THAT’S Autopilot!

Now he’s giving away some really cool “Early Mover” bonuses for the first few customers…

This relaunch will probably SELL OUT very soon, so check it out NOW!