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Clean up your useless PLR.

Content ProfessorIf you are anything like me then you have hundreds of PLR (Private Label Rights) material sitting on your hard drive collecting virtual dust.

Yes I know, thinking about the hundreds of dollars you spent on PLR you AREN’T even using isn’t the greatest feeling.

But I do have good news for you today.

Ludovic Louisdhon is giving free passes away to his new revolutionary system Content Professor.

What does that mean?

It means all that PLR you have on your hard drive doesn’t have to go to waste.

You see, with Content Professor you can copy and paste any text you have. Auto-find synonym variations, and create unique content on the spot.

I know it sounds too good to be true, that is why you can try it out yourself.

Even if you don’t use PLR in your business, Content Professor is invaluable. AdSense sites, niche blogs, and so much more can be created using its engine.

In fact I’ll be as bold to say wherever there is text written on a web page, then you can use Content Professor to make your job easier.

How to start your own article directory for passive income

Content Magnet Fortune

I’m sure you’re no stranger to the idea of article marketing i.e. creating articles that are keyword optimized, leaving an author bio in the footer of the article and then getting it distributed through the networks etc. etc.

Whilst it still works and works very well, there is the other side to this story that requires much LESS effort and yet allows you to still earn a passive income!

Why not host your own article directory to attract writers without you lifting a hand to write a single word?

Inside “Content Magnet Fortune“, you’ll be shown:

• Where and how to download, unpack and upload your article directory software (free software)

• How to install your new article directory from start to finish

• How to add Google AdSense or affiliate banners to your article pages (for income)

• How to change the title tag of website for SEO purposes

• How to customize your article directory’s home page for customizing

• How to monetize the home page of your article directory

• How to maintain and manage your new website

• Discover how to automatically start receiving new articles

• Uncover further monetization strategies!

And much more!

I’m very excited to share with you this because you don’t often come across professional advice on running article directories that completely turns the tables around the traditional idea of “article marketing”!

How To Write A Great Article For Your Readers

How To Write A Great Article For Your ReadersArticle writing is one of the best ways to get your knowledge out and provide you with great free exposure for your business or your website.

Here are 7 simple tips and some examples that will teach you how to write a great article for your readers:

1) Create a catchy title: Your article’s title can be a make or break for readers. A short, attention-grabbing title will pique reader interest and draw them in. Be sure that your title remains relevant to the topic you are writing about.

2) Keep it short: People are reading your article because they want information on the topic at hand. Get right into the meat of the article after a brief introduction. Effective Internet articles tend to be relatively short as people are turned off by seeing too many words on their screens. An ideal article contains approximately 450-800 words.

3) Keep it simple and straightforward: Keep in mind your main purpose for writing the article to express your points as clearly as possible. Use language that is easy to understand and conversational in tone. Maintain a clear and organized structure throughout the article, and ALWAYS proofread and edit your article before submitting it.

4) Include a beginning, middle, and end: Every good article has a clear beginning, middle, and end. The beginning should be a short introduction about main focus of your article. The middle, or body, should contain the meat of the article: all of the important facts, ideas, instructions, etc. And an article should always end with a conclusion that wraps up or briefly restates your main points.

5) Write what you know: Be sure to pick a topic that you are knowledgeable about. It is much easier to write about something you are familiar and comfortable with, and your expertise will shine through in your writing. Plus, you will enjoy the writing process!

6) Teach something new or at least teach it in a new way: What point is there in sharing information that has already been brought to the table countless times? Teach your readers something new. Your knowledge is unique: Let your readers see this. If it’s a popular topic, try to put a fresh spin on it or explore an area of your topic that is not commonly written about.

7) Include a short bio: Give yourself credit for your work by writing a brief bio. State who you are and what makes you an expert on your topic. You can also use this section to include links back to your website or contact information.

Article Marketing: What Makes A Good Article?

What Makes A Good Article

We all know the raw power and efficacy of online marketing through article publication. All of us can even claim without blinking that article marketing is the most powerful and cost-effective web advertising technique that has been conceptualized since the creation of the digital world.

To put it simply, if you own an Internet enterprise, you have to use article marketing.

However, one of the most asked questions I receive is this: how can I craft a good article?

What Makes A Good Article?

This indicates that though most Internet businessmen realize that they have to pursue article marketing, not all of them are skilled enough to write a web-worthy piece of informative content.

Therefore, I have prepared some easy-to-follow steps on how you can create the most suitable good article for online marketing purposes.

1. Determine the subject you want to write about.

2. Don’t attempt to write about a general subject. Break it down to a more specific subject that people will be fascinated with. Just to illustrate, don’t settle for the broad subject of ‘dogs’. Try to determine a sub-topic that will capture the interest of the prospects you will be aiming for. As is often the case, this sub-topic refers to a particular demand, like “dog training” for people who are experiencing difficulty when it comes to living with their unruly canine companions, or “dog grooming” for cleanliness compulsive dog owners who can’t live with the smell of their untidy canine friends. You need to find a sub-topic that will make people take notice. This is critical. Countless articles fail because they don’t serve a more tangible matter.

3. Because the sub-topic should indicate a need, your article must be able to provide a solution. However, depending on how the article will be used, the solution you will share will vary. By way of example, if you’re going to use the article to promote a product, then practice restraint on the remedy you will share. Your goal, in such a case, is to provide the impression that you are an expert in the field, and invite your readers to consider what you will be offering. Always remember this throughout the writing process.

4. Formulate an attention-seeking title that is dumbed down but exciting. People will visit your article if they will like its title. If not, no one will get to read what you have written.

5. Remember that every article has 3 basic parts: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. The introduction will introduce what your work is all about. You can deliver a shocking fact, a revealing statistic, or a funny anecdote to jerk your audience into knowing that “Yes, the author is the real deal.” The body will discuss the information you want to share, of course. And the ending will summarize the problem, the provided solution, as well as interject some calls-to-action (i.e. “click my link”) if needed.

6. What is the right length for articles of this nature? It’s safe to say that 300 to 750 words would be fantastic!

These are just some easy tips for article writing. It is not hard to write a good article all it takes is a little planning and a little thought. With practice you will find it gets a lot quicker.

Article Marketing: Effective Website Advertising Tactic

Article Marketing: Effective Website Advertising Tactic

By using the Google AdWords Keyword Planner, you can see the thousands of searches done to a certain keyword. When these keywords are typed on search boxes of search engines, indexed websites containing articles with those keywords will be displayed. And this is what leads traffic to websites with keyword-rich articles.

Content is king. You can say that again. That is why articles are one of the most utilized digital marketing media today. Internet surfers just can’t get enough of information on various fields. Giving them the information they need is the most straightforward way to give your site free traffic.

Why is this so? Here are the benefits that writing articles can give your Internet business, and how a proper article marketing strategy can increase your website ranking faster than any other technique.

1. It’s absolutely free.

Too good to be true? Not. Alright, so you have pay your Internet Service Provider. That’s it. All you need is your thoughts, your computer, and your hands. If you have those, nothing will stop you from typing words that will make you complete that article for your website. On which aspect of that process did you really shell out any cent? Maybe later when your electric bills come.

2. Your website will be noticed in a short period of time.

Submit that article of yours to article directories that get the most Web traffic and in no time your website will be crawled. Just don’t forget to place your resource box or byline in your article.

3. Obtain back links automatically.

When you submit your articles to directories, surely, other websites will make use of your article too. With the copyright terms of your articles, the URL of your website will still be in tact and will subsequently direct more traffic to your website. So always keep in mind how important is to use a correct tool to submit your article to the proper sites.

4. Improve your reputation.

As an Internet marketer, if you plainly display your products on your website, you will not gain much conversion rate. Conversion only happens when your website visitors actually buy what you are selling. You have to show that you are knowledgeable on your field. Write useful articles to demonstrate your expertise to your website visitors.

Just make your creative juices flow and jot down or key in those ideas quickly to jumpstart your article writing momentum. With those benefits listed above, a writer’s block is the last problem you will ever be able to surmount.

8 Benefits of Article Submission to Article Directories

8 Benefits of Article Submission to Article Directories

As I see, article marketing is not dead yet coming into the new year. Here are 8 benefits of submitting articles to article directories and how it can improve your online business.

1. Free Advertising: Most article directories allow you to include links in the article you submitted that you can direct to your blog. If you write articles with content related to your product or services, you can to advertise your products indirectly and include a back link to your product or services. This results in a free marketing media for your offers.

2. Boost your personal and business credibility: Most article directories allow you to have an author bio box at the bottom of every articles you submitted. You can use your author bio box to advertise your business or personal brand to build a brand image for yourself. In the author box, don’t forget to market your blog by including a link back to your product page for more information on the related articles you have submitted.

Moreover, when you have submitted enough ‘good’ articles read by unlimited visitors to the article directories from all over the world, you will soon be seen as an expert in your industry who has a wide knowledge in the field. Being listed as “authors” in article directories helps promote yourself as an expert in your field too!

3. Get traffic to your website: With the links that you are allowed to include in your articles and your author bio box, you have created a doorway for readers to click on the links to come to your website. When crafted in an interesting way, these links will bring readers to your website especially when your articles are being selected by website owners to post in their own website and reposted all over the Internet.

4. Large exposure to millions of visitors: Your articles may be viewed by the millions of readers who browse article directories every year.

5. Viral Marketing: If your articles were good enough and being chosen by website owners to post in their blogs, this automatically creates a viral effect for your article content. Your article can then be republished virally all over online with backlinks to your blogs as well as your personal advertisement in your author bio box.

Most article directories as well as blogs now comes with RSS (Really Simple Syndication) technology which produces RSS feeds for all websites contents. These articles can then be posted easily through RSS feeds and spread even further receiving more views and clicks that can help you can get traffic to your website or blog.

6. Generate sales and leads without having a website: Even if you do not have a website, you will also gain from your effort in article marketing, since the article directories as well as website owners who reprint your article in their websites can act as your website. Since your articles come with an author bio box as noted above, you can include your contact information such as office address, contact number or email address instead of links to your website to allow potential customers to contact you.

As a suggestion, it always advisable to create a simple web presence online even if you do not know how to build a website. You may create a free blogger or WordPress blogs, or even Facebook and Twitter page that you can link to from the bio box.

7. Reach New Customers: With a wide readership of article directories all over the world. and the chances of your articles spreading on the Internet, submitting articles to article directories can help you reach new clients that you have never dreamed of. Your article content and your business can be exposed to millions of potential clients all over the world.

8. Get continuous traffic to your website for years: Articles submitted to article directories usually stay in the directories forever, meaning that your articles can continue to attract traffic to your site for many years to come.

How To Ensure Your Article Submissions Are Not Rejected

How To Ensure Your Article Submissions Are Not RejectedYour article marketing strategy will prove to be useless if your article will not be accepted by the publishers who review what you have been submitting.

And to ensure the probability that your articles will be accepted, here are some important points to remember before you go into article submissions.

1. Check and proof-read your own article. Some authors do not proof-read their articles because they find it takes a lot of time. But if you want your articles to be accepted quickly and easily, it is your duty to make help out the publisher. How do you do this?

The first thing you should do is to check and review you grammar and spelling more than once. You might have missed something when you checked the first time around but you will come upon it the second or third time.

It is also best if you have and know someone that will review it for you. Ask that person to look for anything that does not seem right. This would be from grammar to sentence formation. They are more likely to see mistakes that you have missed.

When writing articles, you get very familiar with the content that you will not anymore aware of mistakes committed.

It is very easy for writers to miss out obvious mistakes. Adding some familiarity into them does not help either. You will just commit more because of this. By having someone read article, this problem will be eliminated.

2. Your articles should have value. If you want free traffic for your site, articles are the best ways to do it. But keep in mind that they are not supposed to be an advertisement. That is why you are using them in the first place. Making your articles appear like one will make publishers delete them so fast you would not know what hit them.

Put yourself in the publishers’ shoes. Their primary concern is to look for some new, fresh and useful content to supply to their readers. For them, good articles are personal commentaries about the latest trend in the industry or reviews about a certain product.

Trying to include a link to your site is obviously advertising. The instant they see that, they dispose of them quickly without bothering to read that you have written a good content. All you efforts thrashed.

Try to go back to the time when you were just new in the article marketing business. You were hungry to get the freshest and the most valuable information. Your articles were all precious to you.

Every writer has the right to a resource box space at the end of each article. This will serve as your advertisement. And this is as far as you can go. Readers who have found your article interesting would surely want to go visit your site to get more information about you and what you are offering.

As small as they seem to be, resource boxes serve much greater purpose if you compare it with others that are promoting visibly and with obvious advertising mediums posted.

When writing your resource box, try to be as brief as you can. They do not have to be near as long as your article. Try to also limit the number of links you put into them. The standard resource box consists of only 4 to 5 lines.

3. Articles should be straight and up to the point. An article is written with one key point in mind and that is to be informational. Do not beat around the bush, be as clear as you possibly can. Keep in mind that your readers are of varying intellectual capacity. Not all can understand idioms or figures of speech.

It is said that an article that is appears to be boring to you may be clear and understandable to your readers. You should have a writing style that is not too difficult to follow. Nothing turns a reader off more than reading an article that seem to go on circles.

Creating a quality article can be easy. Just try to consider your content, your readers and the publishers and you are on your way to a fast and steady start to profits.

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Things You Must Do Before You Submit To Article Directories

SEO Article Writing

Business writers and content strategists know that article marketing is one of the oldest and most effective techniques in getting targeted prospects to their websites and converting them into buyers. As article writing, submissions and publications get increasingly popular, more tools are made available for making the article distribution process easier.

But first, let us look at the common mistakes that some writers make before submitting their contents to article directories:

1. Confusing the reason to promote the articles with the reason to write them.

In article writing, there are three key benefits why you are promoting them: branding, lead generation and promotion, which are all part of your optimization efforts. But there is only one reason why you write an article, and that is to inform your audience. If the article is not focused on this primary and most important purpose, it has failed to achieve the three promotion benefits because no one will be interested in reading them or passing them on to others.

You need to figure out first how to get people to read what is in your article, then make them click on your resource box. You can achieve this by producing better content.

2. Failing to maximize the promotional opportunities of article marketing.

You may know already that your articles can help you generate additional links back to your website. But do you know that you can get more visitors and better search engine results from those same articles?

Mention keywords at strategic places. Just be sure not to overdo them. Some are even using anchor text which is also an effective method. But it is important to know that a majority of the directories are not able to support this and overdoing keyword density can cost you.

Remember that is not only about the links back to your website. Part of doing well in your article marketing is getting picked up by publishers with a large number of audiences and gaining the ability of leveraging other brands because of the quality of your work. Better search engine results also are great benefits.

Start out with a plan and see to it that your article will serve the function that you intended it to have.

3. Publishing content that does not help your readers.

Maybe in the process of writing articles, you are thinking that all that you wanted is links back to your website. And any visitors it can generate are fine.

Guess what? Not all article banks and directories are going to accept your content automatically. Oftentimes, they have some guidelines and specifications on the articles that they are accepting.

You can double the number of sites you can submit to by writing articles that the directories want to share with other people. All it takes is one publisher with a hundred thousand readers to increase your potential audience overnight.

Write the articles that publishers want in their publications if you want your article marketing to work the most effective way for you. This also means you have to obey the standard guidelines, spell checks, researching on a good topic and even hiring a writer to produce a good content on your behalf.

In the end, it is all really a matter of choice on your part. You can start getting a little exposure from increased links back but on a very basic level, or enjoy massive exposure from a little extra time making quality content.

It will be your choice. You may not be aware of the fact that an article published on directories is not meant to have the same level of exposure as highly-targeted content focused on a well-defined group of people.

Learn the difference between these two and it will surely help you know what kinds of articles to write and to submit.

How To Make Really Easy Money With Articles by Bryan Winters

I don’t know any online business owner that doesn’t need quality *articles* for something…

Whether it be articles to send to your e-mail list. Or articles for your blog visitors. Or articles to turn into videos, etc.

Not to mention the fact that you can make EASY money just by consistently submitting fresh new articles to your blog, to article directories, and to your YouTube channel…

Literally, if you simply write fresh content, the cash will follow if you’re consistent. Consistency is the big secret.

The bottom line is you simply need quality content to fuel your online business and make more money!

So I’d like to share 2 ways to get all the quality article content you could EVER want, for no cost…

FREE METHOD 1: Compile a list of “hot tips” to create your article!

This is probably the easiest, fastest way I know of to create your own unique articles even if you aren’t a great writer.

Simply come up with a hot topic headline such as:

“3 Ways To Get Free Facebook Traffic”

“7 Ways To Increase Conversions”

“5 Ways To Double Your Sales In 30 Days”


From there, you search Google to find info related to your headline topic. For example, if your article is about getting more free traffic, you’d obviously Google “free online traffic tips” or something very similar.

Read for 10 or 15 minutes on the topic of choice, ideally from several different sources. And then from *memory* (so that you’re not tempted to copy anybody else’s work), write out your tips one by one to create the body of your article.

Finish up your article by telling your reader you hope they’ve enjoyed your tips, letting them know how they can get your upcoming content. Or, place a call-to-action at the end of the article, prompting them to visit another website or affiliate offer for more information on the featured topic!

Once you’ve mastered this SIMPLE article writing method, you can *also* use it to make cash by selling unique articles to others in need, such as by offering your own article writing service through Fiverr and/or through the Warrior Forum!


I’ve got a very well established service called InfoGoRound, featuring a HUGE database of thousands of “private label” articles on all sorts of different topics, covering just about every popular niche you can imagine.

As a member of IGR, you can simply login, search for a specific keyword topic, and our search engine lists all the private label articles including the keyword you searched under!

So you can literally have content within *seconds* ready to send to your e-mail subscribers, or post to your blog, etc. No sifting through big zip files of articles and all that.

IGR articles are even RATED for quality by other members, so you can see at a glance what your subscribers and visitors will like.

Being that these are private label articles, you can modify them however you’d like, and even sign *your* name as author of the article (even if you don’t change a thing).

Now here’s the cool part…

InfoGoRound is $25 per month. BUT you can very easily get a 100% rebate on that $25 just by writing and submitting one unique article of your own per month!

Meaning you’re getting ongoing access to an ever growing database of articles ultimately for ZERO cost.

At $25 value per article, there are over 4,000 articles currently in the InfoGoRound database, meaning you’re getting access to literally over $100,000 worth of articles!

So the value is just insane. You also get access to private label books and sales letters each month, along with a huge archive of the past 5 years of content up through *today*.

And once again, you have a way of getting it ALL for no cost with the 100% rebate program (which is called the “Cash for Content” program).

Either way, budget or no budget, you now have 2 easy methods here to get all the articles and content you want, in virtually ANY niche, for no cost!

Bryan Winters is the architect of the free list building website, 5iphon Hardcore, that gets you 5 *more* subscribers for every ONE you bring in.

Write unique content FAST with your free Jiffy Articles account!

I’ll bet you’ve experienced this before.

You need to write an article for your website, so you sit down at your desk and open your word processor. You stare at the blank white page, hoping to get some inspiration or idea of what to write about.


Or maybe you have some kind of idea of what to write about, but you just can’t get the ideas flowing for how to structure the article.

You, my friend, suffered from writer’s block. It happens to all of us.

I’ve got the cure and it’s free for now.

It’s called Jiffy Articles. Jiffy Articles is a system that walks you through creating niche content in dozens of categories by using pre-defined templates that give you ideas and inspiration on what to write about.

There are more than 2,000 templates in the database so far. It’s super simple to use and can help you write articles faster than you ever have.

Here’s a few comments from users at the forum about how fast they have been able to write articles with Jiffy Articles:

“I was able to write a 300 words article within 10 minutes
thanks to the suggestions.”

“To be honest I was convinced I can not write articles.
Yep, I am 4 years in business but I’ve always hired someone
to write the articles or just rewrite them with TBS.” But
with Jiffy Articles? “614 words in 18 minutes.”

“Just tried it and pumped out 761 words in about half
an hour.”

“I have just finished writing an article on SEO; I found
that using Jiffy made the process very easy. I finished
an article of 650 words in just 30 minutes.”

Because right now Jiffy Articles is in beta, getting its system tested and receiving user feedback, it’s absolutely free to use!

You don’t want to get caught out paying a subscription fee when it officially opens, so go sign up for your free account right now and try its features. It’s very easy to use and you’ll “get it” without any help or documentation.

Article Marketing Domination Has Arrived…

Article Marketing Robot

I have just discovered an Article Marketing tool that is going to blow your mind and I couldn’t stop myself from telling you.

If you have any sort of content on the Web, then you need to listen up, because you’re going to learn about the most advanced article marketing tool that I have ever seen.

This tool is called Article Marketing Robot, and boy, it isn’t a lightweight article marketing tool like all the rest.

Instead, it provides you with amazing article rewriting and submission power that slaughters the competition.

For one, it can automatically submit to other WordPress blogs.

WORDPRESS! No software does that! (And Google LOVES WordPress.)

If that isn’t enough, it has over 1000 article directories in its database.

And that’s not all…

Article rewriting has never been so easy because it sorts your synonyms by definition!

BY DEFINITION. That means no more sifting through hundreds of words that have nothing to do with the word you are trying to find synonyms for.

I strongly suggest you check the site and the features section.

I guarantee it will knock your socks off.

EdwinSoft’s New Born Demon


I will cut the story short and tell you what ArticleDemon can do for you:

– It can automatically create accounts and pen names for hundreds of article directories.

– It allows you to self-add unlimited number of article directories that uses script such as ArticleMS, ArticleFriendly, ArticleDashboard, ArticleBeach and WordPress.

– It will perform Account Activation by verifying your e-mails automatically.

– It comes with an Article Status Checker to find out if your submitted articles are published.

– It has a scheduler in which you can schedule your account creation, pen name creation, article submission tasks.

– It has a Article Spinning And Rewriter built right into its core, allowing you to create thousands of unique versions of your articles using spin syntax { | }.

– You will find a Mass Replace Synonyms function right in the Rewriter that can instantly apply spin syntax to all words/phrase found with synonyms.

– Within the Rewriter, you will find Niche Synonyms classification. This allows you to group your synonyms into different set of niches.

– It also comes with a Synonyms Harvester to build your personal powerful synonyms database using your existing spun articles.

– It is the only article submission tool in the market that provides the most Accurate Category selection.

– It has a spun article previewer that will show you how your spun article looks like as you rewrite.

– To satisfy your multi-niche needs, we even have a project management built right in.

– For those who want 100% unmanned submission, you can rely on Visual Aid services.

– It simulates human-like submission behavior with an Anti-bot feature.

– It performs multi-threading for faster submission.

– It provides proxy rotation support.

ArticleDemon is the article creation and submission software you are looking for as it will improve your content’s search engine ranking, website traffic volume and ultimately your income.

How To Reword Content The Easy Way?

Magic Article Rewriter

Article marketing can be difficult, tedious and time-consuming. However, there is a solution for this common problem. The most excellent Magic Article Rewriter can revolutionize everything! Just use it once and you’ll see results in as little as 24 hours, sometimes even less.

This is how the finest online rewording tool works: all you need to do is type, copy and paste or import an article. Start with the title and highlight either a word or sentence and select synonyms from the list (or add your own), you can also type in a unique sentence. Go through the whole article and when it’s complete, click the “rewrite article” button or the “mass rewrite” button and you have a “spun” article. What this means is that you can now generate hundreds of unique articles. Try doing that the old fashioned way! You don’t have to worry about unreadable or duplicated content, it will always be non-duplicate content, as long as you spin your content right, you will have no trouble.

The amount of time it takes to complete the process is actually shorter that writing the actual article. I’m sure you’ve never spent 30 minutes writing hundreds of article. Most likely never! This online rewording tool saves you so much time and money. While it saves you time, you produce more articles, get more backlinks, and increase your traffic and overall income. Sounds good to me!

Besides rewording or spinning articles, it also merges articles. It spell-checks your content and furthermore you have the freedom to include your personal synonyms to your database. It also lets you know how much of your article you have spun or reworded. On the bottom, left corner you’ll see a number, that percentage represents the amount you’ve spun. The bigger the percentage the better, the more distinctive articles you will get! There is certainly no other online rewording tool that could do all of the above.

For customers, there is a 90-day money-back guarantee. Truthfully, this is definitely not a tool you could live without, when you do start using it, you will by no means want to go back! You also get some really good bonuses; the best piece will be 27000 private label rights articles for almost every niche. Click for Magic Article Rewriter!

Article Writing On Steroids.

Rapid Rewriter

If you know anything about getting free traffic from the search engines, you’ll know its the best kind…

…However you’ll most likely also know that in order to get to the top of the search engine rankings, you need to write A LOT of unique articles.

Articles are a key factor in getting backlinks to your sites, and we all know backlinks is the secret to top search engines rankings!

But writing articles can be a total drag, and a major time waster.

I just checked out this new tool that solves this problem by producing 100’s of unique articles, that read in perfect English in an instant for you.

There’s a video on the page, so you can check out Rapid Rewriter for yourself.

That’s not all though, the same guy who developed this thing, has been enjoying top Google rankings for countless niche sites.

The reason for this, is because after years of careful testing and trial and error, he’s developed a fool-proof backlinking plan that gets all his sites to the top.

It’s a complete blueprint that anyone can follow to replicate his success with.

Why am I telling you this? Well the thing is, that he’s giving this Backlink Blueprint course away with his software for free for a limited time…

Seriously, this is a pretty crazy offer, but that’s not all, the first 300 get a huge discount too, so move fast.

Article Marketing For Traffic Starts With The Quality Of The Article

Anybody who is seriously doing article marketing should be striving to increase the traffic to their website from it. Poorly written articles are not going to get the click through to your website URL. Here are a few ideas on improving the quality of your article so you can increase the traffic you get from it.

1. Write interesting titles. This is the only way to get potential readers into the body of your article. Create swipe files of other interesting articles that had titles that caught your eye. This is a good way to develop catchy titles for your own articles.

2. Make your introductory paragraph precise and tell your reader exactly what to expect in the body of the article. You do this by writing short sentences that the reader can quickly comprehend and make them want to continue reading on.

3. Write numbered list articles. These are much easier to read on the Internet and they are also easier to write. Numbered list articles force you to stay on theme and not wander off into long paragraphs that bore the reader.

4. Provide useful and helpful information in your article. Today most people use the Internet to research information. Often times they have problems that need to be solved. This gives you the opportunity to do that with your article marketing.

5. Pay attention to the little things in your article. Here were talking specifically about using proper English and spelling. This should be true whether you are dealing with emotional articles or technical articles. Just write them so they are easy to read and contain no errors.

6. Spend more time crafting a well written resource box. This is your real opportunity to get the click through to your website.

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