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Top 10 Tips For Producing Quality Visual Content

Top 10 Tips For Producing Quality Visual Content

Imagine having to read through a 50-page report. For most casual readers, that is a load of tedium. Wouldn’t you be more interested if it was produced as a piece of visual content, i.e. infographic? The human brain acts in a way that it processes visuals much faster (60,000 times!) than text alone. Visuals have a higher chance of being recognized and recalled, so Singapore marketers must strive to produce visual content as a habit if they want to tap on more content channels.

“Words are processed by our short-term memory where we can only retain about 7 bits of information (plus or minus 2). This is why, by the way, that we have 7-digit phone numbers. Images, on the other hand, go directly into long-term memory where they are indelibly etched.” (Burmark, 2004)

Besides adding value to your audience by delivering attractive, engaging and memorable information, the use of good visual communication can also in turn spread brand awareness and allow others to recognize your brand at a glance. This immediate recognition is crucial in today’s crowded media environment.

It does not mean that you will automatically gain awareness and recognition with just any image or graphic, not even if you include a lot of them. Having an effective piece of visual content does not only rely on your core message and interesting facts and findings. The key factor that will determine the success of your marketing strategy is to have a good design for your visual communication. A poorly designed or visually bland piece of content will hold little value and not create much impact towards your readers. In the event of incorrect data, confusing graphics and layouts, it may even bring about negativity towards your brand.

To avoid such risky situations, these are 10 best design practices that you should take note of when working with visual communication. Following these points will ensure that they are effective, creative and speak of quality.

1. Typography: All fonts should be legible and readable for what you are trying to bring across.

2. Colours: Use no more than 5 colours in a single layout. Alternatively, you may use different shades of one colour to differentiate.

3. Iconography: Use of icons is good as it allows your readers to better understand the content. However, they need to be simple and easy to understand, and not distracting.

4. Callouts: Only use callouts when drawing attention to key information.

5. White space: White space is important. When too much information is cluttered in a restricted layout, messaging becomes incoherent.

6. Illustration: Illustration should match with the content.

7. Layout: Present content in a manner that directs your readers through a logical hierarchy. It helps to maintain consistency.

8. Comparison: Present data in a way that is easy for your readers to compare values.

9. Accuracy: Data and information should be accurate. Inaccurate representations can deceive and confuse your readers.

10. Simplicity: Keep designs simple. Avoid unnecessary illustrations and designs that are impractical and messy.

These 10 tips should get you started if you have never tried supplementing your content with visual stimuli. Get cracking and see your readership skyrocket and your leads pour in!

Discover How To Use Infographics To Generate More Sales Leads.

How To Use Infographics To Generate More Sales Leads

How To Use Infographics To Generate More Sales Leads

Infographics illustrate graphical representations of data and information that can be shared frequently on social media, and have the potential to go more viral than a simple text-only blog post with the same information. By setting up an effective marketing channel and making these graphics easy to share as they point back to this channel, you can increase traffic and generate more sales leads.

Creating an infographic is not complicated if you keep the process simple. Besides having a web designer to create one for you, you can also customize your own simple infographic in PowerPoint by using free templates. There are many free templates online that you can download to create attractive infographics too.

Here are 3 steps to getting your infographics seen online by more people.

1. Choose an offer and present it with an infographic

Take one of your existing offers and think of how you can tease the offer, using:

  • Random bits of trivia
  • Statistics of any sort
  • Interesting bits of information

2. Create a blog post to show off your infographic

A blog post is a great way to show off your infographic. There is no need to write much. It is sufficient to write up a small paragraph as an introduction or explanation above your infographic. Keep in mind to give your blog post an enticing and keyword-rich title. This is significant as people will be able to find your infographic through search engines using your target keywords.

Furthermore, when your post has social sharing buttons, people can share your post on social media. With certain blogging platforms like HubSpot Singapore, social sharing buttons are added to each of your blog posts by default. However, if your blogging platform does not include social sharing buttons, AddThis is a great alternative. Simply sign up for an account, configure your social sharing settings, and add a bit of code to your blog.

3. Add a call-to-action to your blog post leading to your offer

If you already have a professional landing page created for your offer, you should create a call-to-action for this blog post you have created for your infographic. This call-to-action should be hyperlinked to your landing page.

If you need quality graphics, grab this…

We all need quality graphics for our projects, and hiring a professional designer can easily cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

To help save you money on all your graphics needs, I have a really cool resource for you today.

The Marketing Graphics Toolkit package is hands down the best graphics deal of 2012.

For under $20 you’re getting 30 “modules” of different graphics tools and templates for pretty much ALL your graphics needs like:

– Full blown “mini site” sales pages
– Professional squeeze pages
– 3D product cover mockups
– Premium header and banner templates
– Pricing tables
– Powerpoint backgrounds
– Badges and logos
– Social media icons
– And MUCH more

All of this content is premium quality and brand new. And all of it comes in both “web ready” format and also with source PSD files, so people with OR without Photoshop can use it.

Marketing Graphics For Sale!

The Wacky Gals Denise and Kathe are putting up a wide range of interesting graphics and packages for sale, including templates, headline texts, e-covers, sales buttons and Adobe PhotoShop tutorials.

Here’s the current list:

* Graphics Blowout
* Web 2.0 Covers
* “Scruffy” Graphics Sale
* Templates Blowout
* Killer Headline Text
* 300 Button Graphics
* Photoshop For Newbies
* PSD Blowout Sale
* Valentine’s Day Graphics
* Christmas Graphics – 150 Meg!

With more to come!

If you’re short on graphical resources, this is the page to watch.

Special Offer price for new Photoshop action scripts for creating e-cover graphics.

Mockup Master

Don’t get too fascinated at how marketers seem to create such beautiful 3D e-cover graphics for their info-products. All they need is run an Adobe Photoshop action script and the e-covers assemble themselves in seconds! Of course, you have to come up with your own design but the scripts’ dimensions would have aided you to keep within the boundaries. What’s more, you can create e-covers for e-books, e-zines, membership cards, software boxes, CD covers, DVD cases and even flyers.

All these scripts come in one package called Mockup Master and it’s good for the price of $17 for the first 50 customers! Don’t be deceived by the price. Check out the quality of the graphics for yourself here.

Conquer 20 Lucrative Niches With These Graphics

Inspirational DNA: Graphics Arsenal

If you’ve been in Internet marketing for awhile or you’ve just started, you’ll know that:

– Millions of dollars worth of sales are being left on the table because of poorly designed websites…

– An average sales page converts at less than 1%. If you’re very lucky, your website can convert at a rate of 1.5%…

– The first thing that catches your potential customers eyes is not the headline, but the site’s layout…

– 90% of marketers are paying through their noses for good graphic designers…

Apart from that, if you own an online business, you probably have come across some of these problems…

– You don’t have the skills to create you own professional graphics…

– You are too busy marketing your products to bother creating graphics…

– You lack the resources to pay designers hundreds of dollars for your graphics…

– You can’t find a good enough designer within your budget

– You are totally clueless when it comes to graphics!

– Many other problems too numerous to list here!

Do all these sound familiar? My friend Khai Ng has created the ultimate solution to all these problems!

He has not only created the biggest graphics package in the history of personal development, he has also identified 20 lucrative niches you can use these graphics and cash in on them right away.

These niches are:

– Thinking Out Of The Box
– Law of attraction
– Keys To Success
– Leadership
– Accomplish Results

– Developing Courage
– Building credibility
– Taking Action
– Rewarding And Recognizing Others
– Making A Difference

– Personal Fulfillment
– Finding Your Purpose
– Habits Of The Heart
– Inspirational Stories
– Coping With Stress

– Thinking Out Of The Box
– Authentic Communication
– Self Healing
– Time Management
– Winning Attitude

Check out Inspirational DNA: Graphics Arsenal for the full details. This is one thing you will not want to miss!

Master PhotoShop in record time!

Learn PhotoShop Now

If you want to become proficient at Photoshop fast, but don’t want to spend hours and hours battling your way through incredibly boring manuals, waste several days watching colossal DVD courses, or attend incredibly expensive special classes…

…Then I have the answer for you.

The whole purpose of “Learn PhotoShop Now” is to teach you how to master the basics of Photoshop in under 2 hours.

There’s no fluff, no tutorials that cover topics you’ll never use, no wasting of your time at all.

It simply goes for the jugular!

You can download the videos or view them online. Nonetheless, each video contains detailed instructions, explaining how to perform each task. It has easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions on how to master the basics of Photoshop fast.

It allows you to pause, rewind and re-watch any points again and again until you’re comfortable. It’s totally flexible and allows you to learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home, on your own computer (and the videos are fully Mac and PC compatible).

With these specifically designed online video tutorials you will be a confident and competent Photoshop user in just 2 hours!

Good Graphics VS Good Product

Graphic Design Masterclass

Is it possible that your website(s) are being let down by the lack of attention in the graphics department?

For the majority of online marketers, graphics is at the bottom of their priority list, if it is there at all!

Here are the real advantages to being able to represent your product the way it’s supposed to be…

Your products become easier to sell, quite simply because your graphics will do all the ‘talking’ for you!

Your price starts to seem minute in comparison to what you’re selling, that’s because you now know how to create huge package images that look like you’re giving so much value for the price you’re asking!

You can start increasing your pricing, simply because the perceived value of your product has just gone up!

You start to attract more affiliates to sell your product than you could have ever imagined, because affiliates like promoting products that covert so that they can profit from it years from now!

Your sales page dramatically improves with the graphics makeover which invites your customers to read what’s on the sales page to improve your conversions.

You have the ability to profit from ANY resell rights product. You’ll never suffer from marketing the same resell rights product in the same way as another marketer because you’re smart and you’ve now got the ability to transform ANY product!

You can use this skill to capture more leads and build a mailing list by applying design layout, e-cover graphics and mini-site design techniques you’re in control of what your visitor should do when they land on your squeeze page which means more sign up for YOU!

Check out the videos in Graphic Design Masterclass and see what tricks you’ll be able to pull off.

How To ‘Photoshop’ Your Way To Becoming A Graphic Expert

Project Minisite

Do you create your own graphics using Adobe Photoshop? If so, are you looking for ways to improve your skills? Perhaps you are like me, whenever a design technique stumps me, like creating a wave or fade-in-transition, I would do a search in Google. Problem is, you’re never sure if the technique has a specific name, and as a result you go through page after page of non-essential info.

Well, not anymore. Project Minisite is your complete and comprehensive Photoshop design course to equip yourself with all the necessary skills to design graphics that sell. What’s more, it specifically targets Internet marketers. As the name suggests, Project Minisite focuses on the graphic design aspects of a minisite, like the header, footer, background and banners.

You know what, if you take one step further, you may become a full-fledged PLR minisite or graphic designer and sell your works in high-value packages just like some of the other popular designers you may have come across! Pick up the course for a one-time investment now, because you’ll never get a better chance at acquiring a skill that meets a strong demand in the IM industry.

Web 2.0 Graphics Pack for a bargain.

Web 2.0 Graphics Pack

Web 2.0 Graphics Pack comes with over 2000 quality Web 2.0 graphics in JPG and PNG formats. They are generic and can be used in virtually any kind of site. Graphics comes in a variety of colors and size and can easily be customized with your own text in any low-end graphics editor. You do not need PhotoShop!

The Web 2.0 Graphics Pack also comes with some bonus graphics called Scribbles which consists of handwritten words and arrows and symbols that you can use to give your web pages a very personal and engaging look.

If you are graphical challenged or simply want to save time and money, then Web 2.0 Graphics Pack is a very wise purchase. For just $17 (this is a dynamic price that counts up, so you’ve to act fast!) you get the library and bonuses and can begin customizing the Web 2.0 graphics and sprinkle them liberally across your sites to give them that valued Web 2.0 graphic look.

Create e-covers like you’ve never seen before.

One In A Million eCovers

There’s no point in investing in another e-cover design software unless the software has a good reason to better those that came before, and this one is a real surprise.

The One In A Million eCovers action script collection contains more than 70 unique and creative script that allows you to create a variety of 3D product covers. Guess what, e-covers include a shopping bag, bookmark, CD stack, CD rack, CD leather bag, vouchers, cap and even a keychain.

This is probably one of the most creative packages of action scripts I have seen in a long time. If you are anything like me you will LOVE this package!

Get All The E-Covers You Can Handle.

Photoshop Action Scripts

My friends Ben Clemons and Josh Fulfer have just set the bar when it comes to quality Photoshop e-cover action scripts.

Their selection of 40 high-quality action scripts not only makes your e-cover look sharp, it’s done with just 2 clicks. They even have e-cover graphics for a shopping bag, MP3 player, clipboard and product bundle.

And for bonus, you get over 5000 bonus graphics with Private Label Rights, which you can use on your sales pages, squeeze pages, or anywhere you like for a more professional look.

Preview the graphics for yourself and get Photoshop Action Scripts for a time-limited promo price!

Finally…Non-Photoshop E-Covers!

eCover Creator PRO

Adobe Photoshop(TM) is the best software for creating your graphics, but it’s quite expensive too. If you cannot afford it then you need to check this eCover Creator PRO.

I have tested various software applications and eCover Creator PRO is one of the BEST solutions you can use for creating covers for e-books, software boxes, CD images, reports, etc. Absolutely No Photoshop, No Action Scripts or Graphics Creation Experience needed!

Get unlimited quality e-covers for life!

eCover MAX Action Scripts

We all know that getting an e-cover graphic for your project can be a very expensive thing to lay out cash for.

You are going to get the same “action scripts” that pro-web designers use to make graphics that they sell for hundreds of dollars.

Everything you need to know is laid out clearly so that even a total newbie can make professional graphics with amazing speed.

Get instant access to the eCover MAX Action Scripts and dramatically change your life like you never thought possible.

Get FREE amazing e-cover and flat graphics by Max Rylski.

Max Rylski has just started giving away 4 sets of amazing e-cover and flat graphics which you can find here.

When you scroll the page down, you find a link to his full-fledged membership offer into Graphics Club Monthly in which you get:

1) A brand new PLR product every month, with salesletter, graphics, and everything formatted and ready to go.

2) Priority and discounts on all of Max’s graphics services.

3) Other special deals through Max’s JVs.

4) Access to a community of graphics enthusiasts.

5) And more access to more products with Master Resell Rights.

This membership is only limited to 250 people and it has already counted down to 203! This is to prevent market saturation when everyone would be selling the same product. If you’re interested in this offer, now is the time to get in. The prices will go up, and this discount opportunity will not last forever.

More 3D E-Covers To Entice Your Prospects’ Visual Sense…

3D Ecovers 

Special discount at $20 off!
Coupon code: 3DOFF20RF
Expires: Nov 15, 2007

If you are like hundreds of other people wondering why your conversions are not shooting up or why you are not making any sales, then you are going to be very interested in what I am going to tell you in this e-mail.

It doesn’t take much to get those numbers going up. Sometimes just one little change can propel you to the next level. A tweak here…a key addition there…and conversions start shooting up.

This is especially true in sales letters. Just a slight modification in headline, graphics, or offer can mean the difference between a 3-figure launch and a 6-figure launch.

That’s why I was so pumped when I saw Erum Munir’s new 3D e-covers package…

Now, I’ve known Erum for a while. And I know how she always over delivers on her products. It’s just how she does business.

But this…well. let’s just say she went a little overboard.

With 3D Ecovers, you’ll finally have the tools to step up your graphics game and put you over the top.

This full-featured (yet amazingly simple) package gives you everything you need to create amazingly realistic, high definition ecovers with only a few clicks.

How realistic? Glad you asked. There’s a great story about that on her website. You GOTTA see this!

For the price, I don’t know of any e-cover generation system that can match what Erum is offering with 3D Ecovers.

Honestly, when you throw in the video tutorials and the monster bonus package, nothing else even comes close.

So if you’re ready to take your sales letter to the next level with crisp, hi-def graphics that literally leap from the screen, then you owe it to yourself to check out 3D Ecovers.

* Graphical Optin Template Pack *

Graphical Optin Template Pack

J.P. Schoeffel has packaged a collection of testimonial and opt-in box graphics into a very affordable template pack. You'll know straightaway these high-quality graphics can only come out of his hands.

Simple-to-use e-book cover software creates beautiful 3D e-cover graphics.

Mark Monciardini has a set of Photoshop Action Scripts for creating e-covers to represent most popular media types. All you need to do is design a FLAT Photoshop template, input it into the script and voila! It turns 3D. You can create great looking e-covers in minutes with Cover Action Pro.

Looking For Better Graphics To BOOST Your Sales?

Graphics Collection

Some gurus say their UGLY websites make tons of money. But if you can't help it, would a few good-looking and enticing graphics help to increase sales? Get your collection of marketing site templates and graphics for only $10…

Are you currently using an e-cover software?

We want to share with you 2 e-cover software we are using right now. You can tell their quality from the look of our product images.

1) Virtual Cover Creator. Virtual Cover Creator is a 3D cover creator software that helps you create professional-looking, unlimited 3D covers for your e-book, software box, CDs, special reports, two or three-sided boxes, electronic magazines and more in less than 3 minutes! Virtual Cover Creator has a complete 2D editing capabilities so that you don’t have to use other graphic software. Download shareware here.

2) CompactDraw. With CompactDraw you draw, edit and combine your shapes, text and other objects as in vector drawing packages. However each object has its own bitmap properties as a color, texture, transparency, many 3D effects, bevels or casting shadows. The objects have smooth edges and the feel of bitmap image or rendered scene. Everything is editable all the time in the same way as a multi-layered PhotoShop image is, so you don’t have to recreate the graphics again and again from scratch just to change small things. Download shareware here.