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A membership site model need not always be of the “recurring subscription” type.

Membership CubeDo you think you know what a membership site really is?

Here’s all a membership site is: a place where people can login using a username and password to get to their stuff.

Membership sites DON’T have to be this thing where people pay you month after month to get access!

I hope that gets you motivated to make your first, if not next membership site, because it suddenly got a lot easier.

If you have a one-hour video, just ask $47 for it. People pay 47 bucks one time, then get their login and can watch your video.

If they refund, they’re kicked out. Simple as that. No further payments after that first one.

Then let’s say you made a second follow-up video. Put it in the membership site so it shows up after 14 days.

Now, everyone who pays 47 bucks gets that first video, then after a couple of weeks they get the next video.

You CAN have sequential content delivery and only have a single payment.

Now let’s say you create a 3rd video, and you schedule it at the 30th day mark. Now you have an instant video, a 14th day video, and a 30th day video, but at this point, you’re ready to raise the price.

Instead of simply doubling the price to $97, make it a 2-payment plan. Now they pay $47 and get a video instantly, they stay in and get the 2nd video after 2 weeks, they get billed again and receive the 3rd video.

The people you sold to early on get all this stuff for free…but the new buyers have to pay both payments, and if they cancel at any time, they’re locked out.

If they let it ride till the end, they get lifetime access to all 3 of your videos.

Isn’t that a better way of looking at drip content? Instead of struggling forever to create months and months of content, worry about creating the first month…then the second month…and so on.

Then change the payment button so you add more payments or a higher price for new buyers. That way you can stop at any time.

I want to show you the exact step-by-step plan to accomplishing EVERYTHING we just talked about in the last couple minutes, right here.

The Ultimate “Done For You”


If all goes well, here is your demo video of that super quick & easy Membership Site software…MEMBERSNAP!

Now who doesn’t want a membership site with the monthly income which it brings? It is THE way to go, with normally a BIG problem: They are hard to set up!

Almost every single successful marketer that I know has a membership site that keeps them with a base of income.

Membersnap is a “snap” to set up. 30 seconds, no kidding…and 10 minutes if you tweak it.

If you pick one of the ready-made businesses, you get everything, the squeeze page, the teaser product, the loaded membership, the built-in pay options for your customers, and the price is crazy-low.

Check this out while they test the low price point.

Calculating subscription website revenues

What is the lifetime customer value (LCV) of each subscriber who signs up for your subscription or membership site?

The LCV can be calculated using the formula below where RR = renewal rate and P = annual membership fee.

LCV = 1/(1-RR) X P

Therefore if your renewal rate is 80% and your annual membership fee is $600, your life-time customer value is:

1/(1-0.8) X $600 = $3,000.

Meaning each new subscriber at $600 a year will stay with you on average 5 years and spend $3,000 total.

Turns your blog into a membership site with just a plugin.

My friends Lance Tamashiro and Robert Plank (the membership site kings) are offering a unique WordPress plugin that turns your blog into a membership site.

Download Member Genius!

A free membership gift for YOU!

I just got access to about 600 info-products and managed to get this link that can get you in the backdoor for free!

It’s like 91.2 GB of material…You can create your next bundle firesale out of this free membership!

Let me know what you think!

A Simple And Affordable Solution To Setting Up Your WP Membership Site

WP Sales Automator

If you’re selling digital products or considering starting a membership site, this VERY powerful WordPress plugin could make it all a whole lot easier for you.

Here are a few of the options you have with WP Sales Automator:

– Add as many products as you want without having to worry about the ongoing manual operations

– Add multiple membership levels with automatic payment collection with teaser content and folder protection

– Protect product files with auto expiring download links or limit how many times the link can be accessed

– Track customer subscriptions with various transactions details, such as duration, status and more

– Track product sales with customer IP, products purchased, referral URL and more

Only Sean Donahoe Can Think Of This!

Simple Cash Magnets

Sean Donahoe has released a top secret cash strategy based on micro-membership sites that is so simple I am amazed no one thought of this before, the potential is huge!

Simple Cash Magnets as exactly as they sound very simple and pure cash magnets that pump your pockets full of cash month after month…

This is a no-holds-barred money-making strategy that anyone can apply (even the biggest newbie).

As you know, Sean’s stuff is always top-notch and powerful and this is no exception, go check it out…

The price is ridiculously low…Go grab your copy right now!

Discount Offer For Powerful WordPress Membership Plugin

Magic Members WordPress Membership Plugin

Magic Members is a premium WordPress membership plugin that turn your WordPress blog into a powerful, fully automated membership site. It’s a lot easier to set up than using other scripts that require its own installation process and SQL database.

You can see from the link all the features, of worthy note are:

1) Multiple membership levels

2) Different membership billing options

3) Subscription length according to membership levels

4) Sequential course delivery system

Most crucial of all, it will always be updated to be compatible with the latest WordPress version. Read the FAQ section for more details.

I have 3 special offers for you. You can purchase Magic Members with single-user license, 3-user license or unlimited license. Key in these discount codes to take advantage of the reduction in brackets.

Single License: MGM876MM ($15.00)
3 Users License: MGM965MM ($25.00)
Unlimited License: MGM996MM ($35.00)

The Secret To Simple Six Figures Exposed!

Simple Six Figures

When many people think of starting their own business, they go out and look at all the different options. Eventually, they will come to the online world. Then it’s like a vacuum. They get sucked in and drown in the information.

I recently had the very good fortune of being introduced to Paul Evans, who is known as the Short Giant of Online Business and champion of all things “online membership”. Paul is a former youth minister, a current worship leader, and executive director of +100 missions. He’s also an Internet Marketer, and from what I’ve seen, has the best membership resource there is. He teaches entrepreneurs how to create a simple but highly effective membership site in their business. This allows them to work ON their business, not just IN their business.

Listening to him, the light bulbs began to go off in my head. I was brought back to the lessons that I had learned but put aside because I was too busy worrying about all the tasks I needed to do to run a business online successfully. For some reason, many entrepreneurs (myself included) believe that when they start their business, they have to learn everything there is to learn about running and marketing their business first.

From writing articles, buying PPC, creating videos, setting up a wordpress blog, or forum marketing, we believe we have to know it all and do it all. According to Paul, most marketers can set up a simple membership site—like he has done—to allow them to release a lot of time, “get a life”, and create a real business with Simple Six Figures.

The solution that Paul has for all this? Simple. Simply set up a Simple Six Figures membership site to free your days while you do what you want. Most are not even aware that there are membership sites you can build and spend as little as 30 minutes a week on, and still have a business.

Now, when I first heard about this, I thought, “Hmmm, this has got to be very expensive…how can you do this and still not spend hours upon hours on these sites?” Good question. This question—and more—is answered by Paul so freely at his website and on his brand new video on that site where he reveals a case study.

If you’re looking for a way to spend less time on your business while still being able to count on it, you have got to check out this site that Paul has set up. It will allow you to actually accomplish that.

Paul Evans is known for his integrity and he hasn’t disappointed with this product. He pulls out all the stops and lays out a real, doable, and simple system. The same system he used himself to accomplish six figures from just one site that he reveals in his case study.

To see this case study, Watch the video at Simple Six Figures.

WordPress can do this?

Wishlist MemberMany people have tried to turn WordPress into a membership site but in the past it’s been quite tricky.

There are some fabulous plugins out there but you had to “tweak this” and “tweak that” and if you aren’t technical, it becomes very frustrating.

That’s why I was very excited when I saw WishList Member.

It’s a membership solution that was specifically built for WordPress.

The best part is, it has all the features you would want in a membership solution AND it is compatible with all of your other favorite plugins!

So you get the best of both worlds

Plus, they’ve added some very cool features to make running and managing a membership site a whole lot easier.

Like I said, if you like using WordPress, then you’ll love WishList Member.

Get Memberfire for FREE!

Quick! You can get a free single-site license to the Memberfire Membership Site System today…NO CATCH!

Even if you already have a license to Memberfire, this one is an added one for an extra membership site you can create…

You can use it anytime you like! No need to hurry in using it but you have to get this license immediately…

Unlimited-sites license is available as an OTO.

Man, WHATEVER you do, get it now for FREE!

6-Figure Membership Answers

Membership Blueprints

Do you want to know more about creating 6-figure membership websites? Finding niches, pulling traffic, keeping them fresh, and more?

2 underground guys, The Rhodes Brothers, have been doing this successfully for several years…

These two brothers have nailed down a formula that allows them to pump out high profit membership sites, ONE ANOTHER ANOTHER.

They’re now making 6 figures and they’ve been hinting that they’re going to break the 7 figure barrier VERY soon.

This is the really exciting part…

They’ve taken their combined knowledge and put it into a powerful membership system called “Membership Blueprints“…

They have a fast action bonus ONLY for the first 50 people that join Membership Blueprints. They’re going to give you ONE-ON-ONE assistance as you create your first membership…

But that only happens IF you’re one of the first 50 people to join. I *think* there are still a few slots left, but I’m not sure.

Working with them and having that “over the shoulder” assistance could literally put enough money in your pocket to change your life.

Membership Blueprints contains SEVERAL step-by-step videos and advanced money-making strategies that anyone can use.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a complete newbie or you already own a membership site…The Rhodes Brothers will take you to the next level.

Combine the one-on-one assistance you will get with the advanced strategies and techniques inside Membership Blueprints and you have a PROVEN money-making system.

To find out exactly what you’ll get, go here.

By the way, if you like to, you can also promote Membership Blueprints and earn 50% commission. Create your affiliate account here.

Unearth the gold in membership sites.

Membership Gold Rush

Cindy Battye’s “Membership Gold Rush” helps readers understand and fulfill 2 quick goals:

1) that it is terrifically easy to brainstorm a profitable niche and research for and accumulate the materials.

2) that there are 5 types of membership sites and you can turn ANY idea that you have into a solid membership website as long as you think over your business like a guerilla.

Cindy has also twisted a few arms and got some of the industry’s top names Dean Hunt, Jeff Dedrick, Liz Tomey, Robert Puddy, Calvin Woon, Soren Jordansen and more to contribute some absolutely amazing content.

The key is to build systems that generate passive income for you…the type that comes in automatically month after month, year after year for as long as you build one system after another…each one bringing in a substantial income for you on total autopilot…you decide how much you want to earn, and the sky’s the limit!

Get help with aMember Pro tutorial videos.

Membership Master

How would you like to start your own online membership website?

If you answered yes to that question, but you have never quite known where to start, then read on and I will tell you all about it!

I’m sure you have heard how membership sites are the ‘foundations’ to every successful online business, you may even be part of one already. Well just imagine owning your very own membership site, where hundreds or even thousands of members are paying you a fee every single month!

On the Internet and in the world around you, members-only clubs are sprouting everywhere, whether paid or free. This is because membership sites generally provide access to something that is unique from other sites. They also build communities of people alike.

If you don’t have your own membership site already, it’s about time you started one. It doesn’t need to be difficult at all. Starting a membership site starts with a topic that you are passionate about. It can be anything at all as you will be in control.

So what’s the main thing that stops everybody from creating their own membership sites?

They simply do not have the skill to create a membership site, so they give up before they have even started!

That’s where Membership Master steps in!

You will learn everything you need to know in order to create your very own membership site built up using aMember Pro, the foundation for your business!

aMember Pro is one of the most popular programs online for managing recurring membership sites and is also feature-rich. It can do pretty much everything when it comes to managing membership sites.

You will gain access to in-depth videos on membership creation that show you how to do it step by step. The videos don’t just cover the surface level, they go deeper than that.

I know this will give you the know-how that you need to create your very own membership site, once you have done one, I am sure you will be creating many more and just keep getting bigger and bigger!

Discover Jimmy D. Brown’s BIG Twist To Membership Sites.

MembernaireIt’s no secret membership subscription sites are the most lucrative online business models you can run, especially when your customers have to pay you monthly.

The challenge is you have to address a whole new level of expectations. If you can’t keep up with uploading fresh new content or offering a new experience every new month, cutting off the subscription is as easy as clicking a button.

In fact, Jimmy D. Brown says you’d be lucky to have your members hanging around for 3 months! But that’s precisely the problem: most membership sites cannot sustain interest for a long time.

Jimmy knows from experience, of course. Having run membership sites like Profits Vault Monthly, Nicheology, Content Goldmine and List And Traffic, he knows it’s tough maintaining traditional membership sites, because most netrepreneurs don’t realize they are practically building a trap for themselves the moment they think, “Aha, I’m going to collect subscriptions now.”

What Jimmy has to offer is not another sophisticated membership software, or to teach you how to employ staff to run your site for you. According to Jimmy, membership sites in the non-traditional sense is a *bloody* simple model: All you need is a domain name, the site, an autoresponder and a payment gateway like ClickBank to collect subscriptions. That’s all. If you have been doing e-mail marketing and selling info-products, it’s very likely you already have these resources.

This simple model is practically an e-course model. No surprise, but Jimmy is going to teach you how to design your follow-up materials up to the type of quality that is worth a monthly subscription. He will teach how to market your e-course, and you actually get to do some homework and ultimately create your very own e-course along the way.

Tell you what, Jimmy is precisely running this unconventional membership model while selling his Membernaire e-course, so you get to see first-hand how he did it.

Jimmy is accepting 1,000 members into the site and it is likely to sell out in the next few days. Go on and make real residual income by next week!

Easy Member Pro goes gold!

Easy Member ProIf you’ve been pondering about setting up a membership site, just to let you know you can watch an exclusive demo of how you can get Easy Member Pro up and running in minutes with all your preferred settings. It’s supposed to be ‘Easy’.

Easy Member Pro is a cutting-edge membership site software created by Kim Standerline & Anthony Hull. You can handle administration of multiple subscription periods—monthly, 3-month, 6-month, 12-month and 1-time and different payment options for each level, to the extent that members can get a discount for signing up for longer periods (a good flexible feature). There is also a whole lot more you can do to communicate with affiliates and plain paying members separately.

If you have been pondering a membership subscription model for your online business, this should come just in time.