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Mobile Website Design Tips

Consultant Wendy Montes de Oca says websites designed for display on mobile devices should be fast and user friendly.

Being fast, according to de Oca, means having a site that loads in around 5 seconds or less. Being user-friendly means having large buttons, easy search capabilities, and limited scrolling.

Consider having responsive templates that adjust accordingly based on the user’s device, albeit template, desktop, or mobile phone. Offer ready access to company information such as easy-to-find business directions, contact numbers, product and purchasing information.

Even better: add a click-to-call access button to contact a customer service rep to take an order via the phone as well as an option for users to visit a non-mobile site.

Source: Precision Marketing eNewsletter, 12/11/12

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Some characteristics of mobile-friendly websites

To make your website easier to read on the small screens of mobile devices, streamline text files and images. Reduce the size of text files by eliminating white space. Reduce the file size of images. Once you have identified the traffic as coming from a mobile, selectively send site content based on the data volumes the mobile devices can support.

Keep server connections to a minimum. While full desktop browsers can handle a large number of parallel connections, mobile browsers benefit from sites that create fewer connections. Use fewer hosts to minimize the number of connections.

Source: Target Marketing, 12/10, p. 33.