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Get More Buyers and Make More Money

Get More Buyers

You may not have heard, but Michael Rasmussen is going to be launching a product that will expose the lie that “the money is in the list.” I had a chance to get a review copy of his product and here is the breakdown.

The main components of the Get More Buyers course are the 90-minute video and the Battle Plan PDF report. Then you’ve also got the 3 deluxe videos for those who upgrade to the deluxe version of the course.

Each part of the course serves a unique purpose, and together they form the most comprehensive course on this subject available today.

Speaking of the course, let’s dive right in. We’ll start off with the main component is the “Get More Buyers” video. This is the heart of the course. It teaches you the main concepts and ideas that make this strategy so effective. You’ll learn all my best strategies for packing your list with tons of eager buyers, and the best part is that most of those strategies are all automated.

The video is roughly 90 minutes long, and makes up the bulk of the course. The scope of it is to show you step by step how to create a massive buyer’s list and not just a subscriber list. The money is not just in the list, but in the list of buyers. Most of the information here is not on theory, but on experience so feeding the buyer’s list is the key to what is included in this video. It comes down to fueling your business growth. The video talks about how to choose a low cost product, how to test the product in a key location to see if it will sell and using this unique tactic to start building your list of buyers. You will also learn how to effectively use bonuses to get new buyers who are eager to buy.

He also talks about what you should do once you get more buyers. Start by selling an entry level product and then offer the customer an advanced version of the product and move on to other advanced products that may include a possible training course and so on.

With this method, you are migrating your buyer to each level. The highest level will have the smallest list, but these people who remain in your funnel will be buyers you can depend on when you recommend a product. Subscribers are only worth something when they become buyers. Add true buyers directly to your list. You will create a list for each level of buyer/subscriber by using an automated list resource.

Component 2 is the battle plan. This is a 144-page battle plan report that you can download in PDF format. This report was designed to give you a step-by-step action plan for each of the ten strategies. Download your preview of the report.

A lot of courses leave you hanging with actual action plans, but not this one. This report will walk you through each step and give examples of how to implement each one.

The third component is the advanced video 1, which Michael Rasmussen calls “Your Buyer Factory”. In this 27-minute video, you’ll learn how to put together a killer reseller offer. This is where you create a program that allows people to sell your products for 100% commissions, but you get to add the buyers to your list. It’s a true win/win situation that can make you a LOT of money in the end.

The fourth component is the advanced video 2, which is called “The Buyers Virus”. This 35-minute video will teach you all the best strategies for building a buyer list using nothing but short, viral reports. This is one of my favorite strategies, and it will add tens of thousands of buyers to your list. Most people can easily see themselves creating short reports. It’s the long e-books that intimidate most newbies.

Advanced video 3, is a 27-minute video is all about continuity, which is my favorite word in the Internet marketing language! Lots of marketing teachers talk about how important a monthly recurring program is, but nobody teaches how to build a buyer list using this strategy. This proved to be a big eye opener for me.

What I liked about this course

I was blown away by the quality of the course. This goes WAY beyond what else is out there in this price range. I liked how he revealed the same secrets that he used to make money by getting more buyers on his list. His system challenges you to get beyond affiliate marketing to own your product and get affiliates to market the product for you instead, which gives you a better bottom line. He also explained the idea and concept of using OTO, which is “one time offer,” that your customer will have an option to purchase and how to get them to buy. He went through each strategy one at a time and explained exactly what to do to implement them. Michael gives specific examples of how he used certain strategies to make money. He gave really good tips on how to keep your buyers motivated and interested. The way the video is set up, you can listen to different portions of the videos and skip the ones you don’t want to listen to.

Minus Point

I thought that Michael was long winded in these videos. He talked about things that newbies could not relate to. He talked really fast and there was so much information to process, you would have to listen to them more than once. He put a lot of emphasis on creating funnels, price points and migrating buyers, which seemed to be overwhelming if you are not familiar with this system, so it will be a learning curve for new internet marketers. His system works better when you have created your own product, but he did give examples of how you can use private label rights and bundle them into one product. I notice that he did not cover anything about promoting with article marketing or social marketing. His main component talks more about the generality of getting more buyers except for four hidden secrets that he exposed, which can make you tons of money. These secrets alone make his product well worth getting.

‘Lost’ Photos From World Internet Mega Summit Singapore 2007

Note: My head tends to glow on bright days so it gives the perception of less hair.

Thanks for the memories.

Mobshot #3: The 4 Money Mastery Graduates

Practical Blog Marketing

From left: Nelson, Jolly Tan, Tan Kian Ann and Shi Heng Cheong

This mobshot was taken on February 10th, when Kian Ann run his first-ever Practical Blog Marketing workshop. A good start is better than none! I think he was really burned out. After all, it’s not easy to stand and talk the whole day.

The next run of Practical Blog Marketing will probably be 2 full days! The Blogopreneur has got so much more to share, so check details of the workshop and contact Kian Ann to reserve your seat for the next run.

Mobshot #2: Guru meets Guru

Jolly Tan and Richard Quek

Uncle Jolly lives just a block away from me and is very good at event management, networking for business contacts and defining business processes. If I need to look up to him for help, he treats me to a drink instead…

Mobshot #1: Guru meets Gooroo

Richard Quek and me!

About 2 weeks ago, Mr. Richard Quek dropped by so together with old friend Jolly Tan, we had supper!

Past encounters were rather brief so this time we had a great chat for more than 2 hours. I had tears in my eyes from laughter and breathlessness as he related his own adventures online, the good…MAINLY the bad and ugly crossfire-style. OMOM…

I promise you more mobshots in the future. You should take pictures for fun too.

Richard previously launched his TIMM eSeminar physical package in October 2006 for $497. Since then he received many requests for an online version that is more affordable.

So as a way of welcoming 2007, he has prepared all the softcopy versions of his materials ready on offer–the TIMM eSeminar online version. If you are interested in learning the basics of Internet marketing without all the hype, take a look here.

This is a MUST for Internet Marketing beginners.