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New Resale Rights Offer by Henry Gold at 90% OFF!

I’ve been in contact with my buddy, Henry Gold. He told me that he has recently released a new site regarding Resale Rights Packages.

In my mind, I was thinking that many marketers have done the same thing, and why should I even bother looking at his website?

However, as Henry has a reputation that makes him do something UNIQUE all the time, I decided to take a look into his website.

WOW. I was VERY impressed.

You see, every time I looked into the resale rights packages, many marketers are giving away 10 Resale Rights in bundles. Well, sometimes they give away 50 packages at most.

With Henry, he is NOT talking about only 1, 3, 10, 50, or even 100 Resale Rights Packages. Instead, these are the number of packages Henry is giving away on his NEW website:

=> 337 Resale Rights Packages
=> 57 E-book Bonus packages
=> 23 Turnkey Packages
=> 2,000+ Special Reports
=> And much, much more.

Plus, if you plan on reselling his product, you will receive 75% of the affiliate commission DIRECTLY to your PayPal account.

This is really AMAZING.

When I asked Henry on how he got all of the products, He told me that he has spent over tens of thousands of dollars to obtain OVER 900+ packages in the last two years. He has also included on his site a little over 400+ resale rights packages.

This way, you can resell the contents over and over again in the future.

The good news is…


You can have all 337 Resale Rights Packages, including 57 Extra bonuses, 23 Turnkey packages, and 2,000+ Special reports…

Here is Something More…

As part of this special Joint Venture deal with Henry Gold, you’ll receive FOUR additional bonuses:

1. by Henry Gold

2. 36+ Video Tutorials to set-up your websites.

3. Access to 7 Interviews with Resale Rights Experts. We will discuss in detail from list-building, maximizing revenue, and making massive cash.

4. Thecopywritingsecrets Home Study Course by Henry Gold (Four DVDs, Four Case Studies, Three Interviews with Mark Joyner, Terry Dean, Mike Filsaime, and nine powerful charts)

These bonuses contain all the details on how marketers make massive CASH by selling resale rights packages. In addition, it will provide you with all the resources you need to set-up your websites from A-Z.

To obtain these FOUR extra special offers, I urge you to purchase Resale Rights Solution immediately. It’s at 90% OFF!

When you have completed your purchase, e-mail Henry directly with your receipt number along with this post link at Henry will UNLOCK the access to the bonuses for you.

Your Own Product Factory For Only $5!

Speedy Profit CreatorI’ve gotta share something with you that I’m pretty excited about. The product is called Speedy Profit Creator and it’s by a guy named Omar Martin.

The website is a combination of software and training to teach you how to quickly create your own digital information products. I’m talking about e-books and reports that you can either sell or give away online to grow your Internet Marketing business.

Speedy Profit Creator takes you by the hand and shows you how to do this as well as provides the tools that you need to get it done fast and effectively. By using this program you can really create beautiful looking products to sell online.

Inside the members area they even give you 40 products to start off with. These are private label rights products that you can completely modify change and claim authorship on. Just like that, you are an instant author. It’s amazing.

Have a look at this if this is what you need to expand your PLR business. Here’s the link.

Hot Firesale by Eric Holmlund and Jeff Alderson

I keep seeing this firesale that everyone else is talking about since Valentine’s Day…finally got invited to take a look at it and, well…I’m converted!

100 great products WITH Master Resell Rights for $10…what’s there not to like?

I’m sure you already know that getting this kind of products is one of the quickest, easiest, and least expensive ways to get products to sell and start making money.

It’s not going to last forever though. The promo ends on February 21st. Click here now for the offer.

Download PLR Products 2013 is ‘LIVE’…Relaunched & Restocked

Download PLR Products” relaunch is ‘LIVE’!

Kevin Fahey has restocked the largest collection of up-to-date PLR, MMR & resale products available.

There is just so much content in this one, 70 training videos to teach you everything you need to know.

The products alone are worth thousands, the training is PRICELESS and the content is NEW!

Earn CRAZY cash by promoting as an affiliate too!

PLUS you will never need to search high and low for a PLR product again! You got all the info you need so GO!

Grab Tons Of Traffic PLR E-books, Training Videos And Coaching With PLR/Resell Rights!

Inspiration DNA: Traffic Triple Threat

Khai Ng has just released another mega PLR package with PLR/Resell Rights to one of his most complete PLR packages here.

I’ll give you 3 reasons why this package is so powerful:

1) E-books targeting the most profitable niche in Internet Marketing

Everyone knows that traffic generation or lead generation is the no.1 problem for marketers all over the world.

Therefore, Khai’s latest package targets the hottest topics such as ad swaps, AdWords, article marketing, blogging, Craigslist, e-mail marketing, expert interviews, Facebook ads, forum marketing, guest posting, joint ventures, link exchanges, 100% commissions, giveaways, SEO, social bookmarking, solo ads and many more!

2) Technical setup videos with resell rights

Khai understands that many Internet marketing newbies struggle with the technical barrier so he has added tons Internet marketing training videos that you can resell with this package.

You can resell videos that will teach you how to register domain names, web hosting setup, changing DNS, using FTP, installing popups, creating sales and “thank you” pages, Clickbank setup, creating a PayPal button, e-book creation, PDF creation and many more technical training!

3) PLR and Internet marketing training with resell rights

Last but not least, Khai has included the resell rights to his very own 5-tier PLR training (which works for basic, advanced, expert, market leaders and even Internet marketing gurus!)

These 3 components are very powerful!

Talk about a triple threat!

You will be armed to the teeth and your customers will appreciate you for giving them everything they will need to get started.

Grab this package now for a fast action bonus as well.

First Time Ever – Half a million dollars worth of premium Turnkey PLR Content!

Inspiration DNA: Destiny

Words cannot describe the magnitude of value you are about to lay your eyes upon here:

I would describe Khai Ng, the founder of Inspirational DNA, simply as ‘insane’.

Not in the medical sense, but when it comes to creating super huge PLR packages!

And everything he has ever done in the past, will pale into comparison when standing before the mountain of ‘destiny’.

Inspiration DNA: Destiny is the mother of all original PLR packages.

He has packed half a million dollars worth of PLR content, targeting well over 100 lucrative niches in Internet marketing, general business, home business, network marketing, financial, personal growth, self discovery, peace seeking, spiritual, addiction breaking, skill mastery, leadership, relationships, health and wellness and even niches relating to dogs and cats!

But one of the greatest benefits of Inspiration DNA: Destiny is that unlike most low quality PLR out there, each niche comes fully armed to the teeth like a full business in a box.

Each of these businesses in a box consist of:

– An original, high quality product
– A professionally written sales letter with a unique mini-site template
– A lead sucking squeeze page also with a unique mini-site
– A “thank you” page
– An in-depth keyword list listing every keyword you can profit from
– A special preview report you can use in conjunction with your squeeze page
– 3 autoresponder e-mails you can use to promote your product or build rapport with your customers
– 5 unique articles for article submission for most of the series

You will find one set of all of these in EACH SET, or each business in a box.

I want you to take a deep breath and multiply all of these by 100.

In short: You will get 100 different businesses in a box. Each box comes with unique products and marketing materials I’ve listed above.

You will also get everything at an unbelievable price.

Make sure you grab it EARLY because fast action bonuses come with this mammoth of mammoths!

Why Your PLR Won’t Work For You

Big Content Search

Purchasing and downloading a huge pack of PLR articles can make you feel like you are on the verge of something big. You start to think about all of the possibilities. You start to think about all of the products you can create. And yes, you are on the verge of something big…a big headache.

One of the reasons those huge files of PLR won’t work for you is because they’re too big. If you open it up you’ll see that there are a ton of folders for you to try to read through. There are so many articles and folders that trying to manually read through them will give you a huge headache. If you have one of these huge packs then you know exactly what I mean.

Another reason why these are so bad is because the categories they are listed in are horrible. Most times you will find an unrelated article in the wrong folder. Cooking recipes just shouldn’t be in a folder about sports, but often times you will see stuff like this in PLR packs.

So the question remains: what do you do? I will tell you what you do. You find a PLR site that lets you search the titles. You find a PLR site that will save you a ton of time with a search function. You find a PLR site that will give you all of your content needs at your fingertips.

So where can you find one of these?

I will tell you where: Big Content Search IS the place. Big Content Search is a first in its PLR class. It’s the only PLR site online that you’ll find with a searchable database. This not only saves you time, but headaches as well. See and feel the difference NOW!

A free membership gift for YOU!

I just got access to about 600 info-products and managed to get this link that can get you in the backdoor for free!

It’s like 91.2 GB of material…You can create your next bundle firesale out of this free membership!

Let me know what you think!

There’s Ton Of Bills, In The Neighborhood…Who’ya Gonna Call?

Debt Busters

I just wanna share with you a simple idea today.

What if you could save someone from financial ruin?

Do you have any idea what that person will do for you?

Not only will they thank you for life, they will most likely buy any debt-reducing solution from you that you offer!

That is what it is like to position yourself as the GO-TO guy with all the right tools and techniques to help people bust their debts!

Know this:

1) Anything that helps people to save money or generate quick cash is hands down the most lucrative market in the world!

2) Helping others to reduce their debts frees up their funds so that they will buy your products.

3) Helping others first will almost guarantee that they will remember you as an expert and follow you for life!

So with the private label rights to the following products:

– Gas Saving Secrets Exposed!

All the techniques you’ll ever need to know about saving big bucks at the pump

– Millionaire Money Mindset Mastery
Reconditioning Your Mind To Get Out Of Debt And Live A Wealthy Life

– Internet Marketing Instant Money
Hands down the fastest cash generating methods on the Internet!

– Recession Retribution
How To Fight Back During A Recession And Save Your Financial Future!

– Budgeting Strategies For Busy Families
Financial Control With Less Effort And More Results

– How To Save Money In Internet Marketing
10 Ways You Can Save Money Online And Keep More Profits!

– Organizing Debts For Better Money Management
Know Where Your Money Goes And Keep More Of It

– Real Estate Money Making Techniques For Newbies
Insider Secrets On Making Money With Property You Don’t Even Own!

– Credit Card Catastrophe Avoidance
Everything You Need To Know About Managing Credit Better

– Curbing College Debt
Tips On Cutting Down On College Expenses And Tuition Fees

Imagine branding yourself as the author of the following books and marketing them to the world…

You can become a debt buster today!

Click here to find out how and get more details!

Don’t Pay for Resell Rights Products Again…

PLR eBook Club

Mark my words…

Today will be remembered as the day that Internet Marketing changed forever!

Never before in history were you able to just “THINK” of a product and have it delivered to you in LESS than *one* minute.

Breakthroughs that make a REAL difference in peoples’ businesses rarely happen, and this is clearly one of them.

If you were given the power to click a button today and almost instantly find a product in *ANY* niche that you can sell as your own, that would obviously be HUGE, right?

That is precisely what this new tool does for you.

It’s actually the largest membership site of resell rights and private label rights products on the planet!

It is called PLR eBook Club and it opens its doors for a limited number of people TODAY.

Here is a small sample of the things PLR eBook Club will give you immediately:

– Get your own product in seconds
– Never pay for another product, ever (all the new products are bought for you)
– Make more profits faster
– Build a huge targeted list easily

Obviously this resource is going to give you a significant edge over the competition. It is like having access to all Resell Rights Products ever created or that will be created in the future.

I know you probably get a lot of e-mails hyping up the next “big thing”. If you dismiss this thinking that it’s just another ho-hum offer, you’ll be making an enormous mistake.

It took the team 14 months and over $54,300 to build this membership site and hunt down all the products. Matter of fact, their Advanced Online Article Spinner/Rewriter was another expense for integration.

If you are currently doing or even thinking about doing business online, I promise you it will be worth your while to take a quick look at this.

Why do most people fail online?

Why is it so easy for some lucky people to succeed online, while others work relentlessly and never seem to get ahead?

There are many reasons, but it all boils down to 3 important factors:

1. Their Minds Aren’t “Hot-Wired” for Success

Make no mistake about it—most successes are made, not born.

Whether your goal is to become an online millionaire, or simply make enough money to retire, it’s all entirely possible.

And it all starts up in your head.

Winners don’t let others discourage them. They have the determination to keep going. Keep pushing. And they do this by continuously feeding their minds the right “food”: positive input.

They read all the right books, learn from other successes and then they ultimately take action.

How about you—are you getting enough continuous positive input?

2. They Make It Too Hard

Let me ask you a question…

What is easier, creating a new online product from scratch—including product research, product creation, writing the copy, hiring a graphic designer, etc.—or sticking your name on a ready-made, professional product and calling it yours?

It’s pretty obvious that the second option is easier—yet so many people online don’t go that route…

Seriously—When you’re starting out online you’d have to be insane to start creating everything from scratch!

There IS a massive shortcut to online success and I’ll let you in on it in a minute.

3. They Don’t Take Action

You can have all the knowledge in the world, and still be wretchedly poor.

The thin line between success and failure is separated only by a willingness to take repeated, positive actions towards your goals.

Today you have the opportunity to take ACTION on a great opportunity—one that could FAST-TRACK your online success. Catapult your online earnings.

I’m talking about a brand-new private membership site that offers you all the tools you need to succeed online—positive mindset tools, an easy-to-follow method to make money online, and ongoing support.


It’s called Money2K and it’s a private PLR membership site that offers you all the latest, hottest Private Label Rights (PLR) products—products that you can put your name on and use as your own! (And yes, this is totally legal.)

Forget about boring product research, tedious product creation and expensive copywriting and graphic design. IT’S ALL DONE FOR YOU!

You can literally have your own product in minutes and start profiting!

However, this is much more than your typical PLR membership site—you’ll also get…

* Free motivational audio programs, videos and books to help you along the way, as you grow more and more successful…

* Ongoing training on the BEST way to use PLR (most people are doing this wrong…)

* Personal support from Marcel Vinson, PLR expert and the site’s creator.

* Amazing resources to help you learn WHATEVER YOU WANT about profiting online: CPA, affiliate marketing, list building, facebook, Videos—you name it!

And best of all, it’s Absolutely FREE for a limited time.

That’s right, if you sign up right now, you’ll get access to over 200+ hot products that you can use to build your list, sell for yourself, or use to learn the advanced methods and profit!

And this isn’t a 30-Day or 60-Day no-cost trial—it’s a LIFETIME membership. Better jump on this while you can!

Inspiration DNA Inner Circle Legacy membership trial offer

Inspirational DNA

My friend Khai Ng has officially released an original collection of Internet Marketing and self-improvement e-books that you can resell and keep 100% profits in your pocket! Check out the Inspirational DNA membership.

Currently there’s:

* Product #1: Ironclad Psychology For Internet Marketers

* Product #2: Dieting Dilemma & Skinny Solutions

* Product #3: Effective Communication Strategies In The 21st Century

* Product #4: Indispensable Home Business Training Guide

* Product #5: Awareness Building And Consciousness Raising Facts

* Product #6: Most Inspiring Movies Of Today

* Product #7: Personal Development Gurus Exposed

* Product #8: 20 Productivity Methods For The Positive Mind

* Product #9: Rules Of The Rich And Wealthy

* Product #10: Internet Marketing Pitfalls

* Product #11: Loving Yourself And Others

* Product #12: Implementing Yoga For Body And Business

* Product #13: Money And Me

* Product #14: Inspirational Lessons From Inspirational People

* Product #15: Networking Supreme

Remember, you still get the e-books, e-covers, sales letters, squeeze pages, promo e-mails, articles and thank-you pages to all these awesome packages.

If you haven’t bought them, then get them now while it is only at $10.

Free Lifetime PLR Membership in Resell Rights Online.

Resell Rights OnlineMy friend Patrice Filio is giving away free PLR and MRR products every week on his membership site Resell Rights Online!

You get PLR to e-books, videos, software, templates, articles, and much more.

Sign up for free now and get quality PLR products each and every week.

Here is what you can get on your membership:

>> Instant access to PLR/MRR products in Resell Rights Online vault.

>> Two hot new products each and every week!

>> Get New Private Label Rights articles every month!

>> Get one package of Ready AdSense Site every month!

You keep 100% of the money when you sell these products, and you can sell them over and over again! No cost to sign up but the free membership in Resell Rights Online will not be available much longer!

So go sign up today!

Not Everyone Is A Writer. Eliminate the Headaches Of Creating Content Yourself!

Niche ContentNiche Content has 120+ niche content packages to choose from, each one with headers and e-covers.

Your get Private Label Rights (PLR) meaning you get editorial rights on all content and you can put your name on it, use it for your blogs, websites, newsletters, e-books, reports, videos, audios etc.

It’s a credit system, meaning you buy credits and then you spend them as you wish in the store. You decide which packages to instantly download using your credits.

Go to Niche Content and be impressed by the number of topics available from A to Z!

Ways To Make Money From Resell Rights Products

Resell Rights are special rights or permissions that are granted to you by means of a legal transaction between you and the owner of a product. Resell rights are very popular right now because most just don’t have the time or money it requires to produce their own products. You can actually just purchase the rights to the product and keep all the revenue without having to pay any royalties.

There are many methods to make money from resell rights products. The first way, needless to say, is to simply resell the product. Nevertheless, there are ways to attain more revenue. It just requires a bit of thought and resourcefulness.

Whenever you sell the product, have an extra quality product or products to sell as an upsell or backend product. For instance, sell the resell product at 29.95, then have an upsell, or even a related product, that you offer on your order page for an increased price, such as 39.95 or 49.95. Your upsell may perhaps even be a membership site, for which you would collect monthly membership fees from your customers.

You can also advertise a backend product on the thank you page. This is a product which may be offered after the purchase of the initial product is made, for a different price. Backend products can cost in excess of the initial product, the exact same, or maybe less. By catching customers when they’re already in the “buying mood”, you stand a much better chance of making extra sales, substantially boosting your income.

It’s a well-proven stratagem and utilized by most of the Internet’s leading marketers. However despite the potential profits, most marketers don’t bother to market something valuable on their thank you pages. This is actually because it’s a hassle to make numerous thank you pages with upsell offers on them. However, there exists internet marketing software that provides a simple way to profit from backend sales by way of thank you pages.

You may also profit more from your resell rights products by repackaging it, incorporating supplementary products, and raising the value of the package – which consequently raises the price. If you have master resell rights of the product, which allows you to sell the resell rights as well, it is possible to produce a nice package of varied interrelated products and sell resell rights to that package as well.

You could even simply sell the product, or give it away if you’re allowed to do so, with a purpose to use a squeeze page to collect quality leads. A sizable list of high-quality leads opens many profitable doors. For example, you could enter into joint venture offers to promote high ticket products to your list, or rent your email list out to other companies for a fee.

Selling digital products is, indisputably, amongst the easiest and quickest ways to make significant money on the world wide web. As more and more people venture online, the interest in digital products will continue to snowball. Are you getting your share of the profits? However, before you start incorporating an assortment of strategies for increasing your earnings with resell rights products, it is essential that you read your license agreement to make sure that you are not in violation of any of the terms.

Sell fresh high-quality video packages every month!

Video PLR Monthly

In a moment, I’ll tell you about this opportunity and how you can get in on it, if you’re serious about making real money online.

First I want to share a few facts with you:

1) More and more people are searching for video training every day. Thanks to TV, most people have trained themselves to learn better through video than through books. This wasn’t true 100 years ago, but it’s true today and becoming more true all the time.

2) Runaway Web 2.0 hits, like YouTube, have helped introduce people to the concept of online video. However, most of the time those services make people hungry for more because so many of the videos are low in quality and incomplete in scope.

3) The average online video tutorial sells for two or three TIMES more than a similar eBook product. This means that you can bump up the profitability of your online business without increasing your marketing efforts at all.

So imagine, for just a moment, that you’re sitting in front of your computer a month from today just like you are now. You can either be looking back on this e-mail with regret in your heart, realizing that you missed an amazing opportunity, or you can smile to yourself and relax in your chair, thinking back to the excitement you first felt reading this e-mail and knowing that you were one of the rare thinkers who took advantage of this opportunity…

So what is it? Video PLR Monthly.

For less than most other PLR membership sites are charging, Tim Carter is providing his members with 2 fully-featured and ready-to-sell video packages built around the most commonly searched-for questions.

I’m sure you see exactly why this model is vastly superior to all of the other PLR membership sites out there right now.

Instead of giving you an e-book and some articles built around a narrow little niche, Tim is giving you products that will appeal to many different niches.

I’m not going to say a whole lot more because Tim has said it all very thoroughly on his site and you need to be getting over there right now before you miss your chance to get in. He started with 200 spots open and had 70 or so gone before he even launched. I was able to talk him into letting me share the news with you but he can’t guarantee a spot. There are only a few spots left.


1) 2 products provided every month, each one appealing to a widely sought after concern. You will be able to market these products in a wide variety of niches.

2) Each package will sell for 2 or 3 times more than the e-books that most of your competitors are trying to peddle. Bring in the same traffic that you do right now and you can double or triple your profits.

3) Membership is being severely limited, so you’re going to have much less competition (unlike the other sites with 500+ members) with a product in much higher demand.

To fully understand the insane potential of this thing, head over to the site right now to see the full details.

Private Label Rights Products: Is Reworking Them Worth The Time?

The utilization of PLR products is a good leveraging strategy for your Internet marketing business. If you employ these product in the proper means, the profit potential is huge. This article will show you the simplest manner to reap the most value out of your PLR products.

A query that often arises is whether or not they should be re-worked first. Let’s now take a closer look at this question.

There are a number of forms that these PLR merchandise come in. As an example, they can be in the format of articles, reports, e-books, software, CDs and things like that. For that reason, there’s a large line of merchandise that an online marketer can select from.

An instantaneous problem that you wish to contemplate with PLR products is that a lot of other online marketers will have identical access to these products. Therefore, you’re going to want to create some changes to these products in order to be completely different from the competition. There are usually thousands of different marketers utilizing the same products. You don’t want to fall into the trap of using any product that will have duplicate content.

Most individuals use their websites or blogs to market PLR products. By having your own customized blog or website, you can publish reworked non-public label rights products in a different manner than the rest of the crowd and therefore you’ll stand out.

Besides selling a PLR product, there are other ways to use these merchandise to your advantage. You can, as an example, re-write a PLR article and use it as a new piece of web page content, a blog post or another kind of search engine bait. Think creatively and you can present what is essentially the ‘same’ content in multiple unique ways and readers won’t know the difference as long as they can see the value in it.

You shouldn’t need to spend a long time rewriting PLR content. Here are some of the things that you’ll do to make it unique. You can amend a few words, re-write some sentences or maybe re-write one or 2 whole paragraphs. Also, you’ll add numbering to paragraphs, and add some highlights such as bolding or italics.

There is no work that is perfect. Be a little more nit-picking and inputing your own ideas and inspirations into the mix is the key to overcoming writer’s block.

If you are just too busy to re-write content, then consider outsourcing this task. If you try the Warrior Forum or Digital Point Forum, you should be able to find people who will do re-writes for you at a very cheap price.

A final plan for you is that you can add extra components to your PLR products and thereby increase the price. This is another way to make you distinctive from the competition.

In summary then, transforming PLR products is unquestionably worth the tiny quantity of effort that it takes. By creating your content unique, you’ll stand apart from the competition and duplicate content problems.

How to recycle your PLR content in 1001 ways.

Often, when someone buys the Private Label Rights to a product, they use it once to create a new version of the product, then they tuck it away or delete it and never use it again.

I think that is one of the biggest wastes of good content there is. If you’ve spent good money on great content, use it until you can’t find a way to use it any more!

You can take the same exact content and use it in so many different ways that it will make your head spin. Let’s go over some of the things that you can do with the exact same content.

First, we’ll start with the obvious things like creating and editing articles.

If you have a set of articles, take them and edit them so that they are slightly different from the original. Just change a few words, add in your own opening or closing. Simple is the key to your first edit.

Then take them and chop them up into paragraphs. Use the individual blocks of text and mix and match them so that you can create a whole new article.

Now break them up in to tips, signature lines and even ad copy, such as solo ads, small classified or 3-line Google

Are you getting any good ideas?

Now just imagine, if you can do that much with simple articles, you can do even more with e-books and reports, not to mention graphics and software. The possible combinations are endless. So whatever you do, don’t just stop after you’ve made one revision.

Use the same process with any PLR content and I guarantee you will get more than 10 times the amount of your investment back.

I know that we have gone over this before, but I’m going to list for you one more time some of the fantastic uses for PLR content.

  • Instant site content.
  • Submit it to directories.
  • Publish it in newsletters.
  • Exchange it.
  • Let your visitors publish it with your byline.
  • Gain link popularity with it.
  • Make different versions of it.
  • Give it away.
  • Sell it.
  • Sell the resell rights to it.
  • Sell the master resell rights to it.
  • Sell the private label rights to it.
  • Make multiple versions of it.
  • Build your opt-in list with it.
  • Increase value with it.
  • Create original articles with it.
  • Create original e-books with it.
  • Create original reports with it.
  • Create original tips and sig files with it.
  • Create original articles with it.
  • Create original ad copy with it.
  • Increase your profits with it.
  • Start your own affiliate program with it.
  • Use it to make promotional content for your new affiliates.

Here are a few more advanced ideas:

  • Make audio versions of it.
  • Make a video out of it using it as a script.
  • Make video screen casts with it.
  • Make power point slide shows with it.
  • Put it on a CD and use it as an upsell.

Here is one final tip that I hope will save you loads of time and trouble.

Create a special folder on your desktop and whenever you purchase PLR products tuck it in that folder. That way when you are on the hunt for a chunk of content for a project, you can easily search that folder by keyword and find exactly what you are looking for without rummaging around on your hard drive for hours!

Are Info-Products A Viable Option In 2010?

There are so many business models you can pursue as an online business owner. You may be planning to branch out in a new direction or you might still be plotting out your strategy for your very first foray into building an online business.

You can build a membership site, create pages of content to fuel an AdSense campaign, be a mentor to others in your niche, act as a service provider who tackles tasks others would rather pay to have done or develop your own info-products that provide you with a residual income for many years.

Info-product development means many things to many people. An info-product is a product that shares information with others but the format in which it teaches can vary. Some marketers use a report, while others prefer podcast or video products.

Info-products will still be very viable this year. Many newcomers to Internet Marketing mistakenly believe that because there are so many no-charge blogs, websites and article directories chock full of information, there’s no way consumers would pay to gain information shared in a digital download.

That’s never been true, nor will it be now in 2010! Consumers have always been willing to pay for convenience. Some people are left scratching their heads wondering why they would pay if it’s free elsewhere? Because they don’t want to sit and hunt and peck for hours trying to find instructions on how to do something specific.

First do the background research to see what kind of searches are being conducted for your niche topic. Then determine what media format would best convey your instructions to your audience.

If you want to fast track your product creation process, try using quality PLR content like I use at Special Report Club.

You’ll get instant access to complete PLR reports, marketing content, and graphics packages to help you create the content you need to put together a healthy combination of audio, video and written text to make your hungry audience crave your info-products.

Know your rights – PLR, MRR, RR.

iClick PLR 2.0

I remember a subscriber once asked me what the difference was between all the different “Rights” products we all see on the market.

The main “Rights” you’ll find are Private Label Rights (PLR), Master Resale Rights (MRR), and Resale Rights (RR). I’ll give you the basic meaning of each of the rights, but read any license agreements that come with the products you order, because some authors may include different guidelines.

Private Label Rights give you the most flexibility with a product. You’re allowed to edit and manipulate the information as much as you like and put your own name on the product. This is one of the fastest ways to create a product.

If it’s a written product, you’ll generally get the Word .doc file, which allows you to easily edit and improve the content. If it’s an audio product, you’ll generally get the MP3 or WAV file and can add your own introduction and conclusion to promote yourself and your products.

Master Resale Rights allow you to resell the product and keep all the profit. These rights often allow you to offer the Master Resale Rights and Resale Rights to your customers. That allows your customers to follow in your footsteps and resell the product as well.

Resale Rights are the least flexible. If you own the Resale Rights to a product, you have the right to sell the product and keep the profit, but you can’t offer your customers the same rights. You have the rights to sell the product, that’s it.

Owning rights to a product can be very profitable. If you have a choice, Private Label Rights are the best rights to buy. Owning the PLR for a product allows you to resell the product as is, create a new product almost instantly and then offer your customers any of the rights you choose.

Start off with a set of high-quality PLR products and develop a system that plugs in product after product to increase your profits. If you don’t have a system in place already, you can tap into Terry Telford’s PLR system at iClick PLR.