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Facts I learned from John Reese:

1. The most successful online marketers leverage inexpensive virtual workers.

2. There are tens of thousands of virtual workers wanting to work for you for as little as $2/hour.

3. Virtual Workers = They Do The Work, You Make The Money!

And now you can get first-hand coaching directly from someone that has mastered Outsourcing.

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Build a million-dollar business by using this 1 technique!

I have a secret to that I want to share with you.

It’s actually a real secret, not some “everyone knows this” type of secret that you’ve heard of before.

It always turns out that most secrets are common knowledge found easily online, but this is different…WAY different.

You see, the video you are about to watch shows a person who used to be deep in debt, over $75,000 in debt when he first got started online in 1999.

He failed to make a dime for 4 years.

By 2003, he was doing over $10,000 per month, while he was working full time as a youth minister in a church.

In 2005 and 2006 he was doing over $5000 a week, EVERY week!

In his best month, he did over $106,000 all because of this ONE secret he used which hardly anyone is using or doing.

And now he does $80,000 to $110,000 in just one 72-hour time frame over a weekend.

Plus…he has sold over $2.4 million dollars worth of products and services online and he owes it ALL to using this one secret which he has become a master at.

Just know this…these results are not typical, but they are possible…

Look what others have said about this man’s stuff…

“After hearing you speak about outsourcing at the MSC I saw the light and I just hired my first Filipino worker last week. she started working for me on Monday, so I’m pretty excited!” – Alan Peterson

“How are you doing? Hope all is well! You would be very proud of me…lol! I am doing a lot more outsourcing for my business. I have article writers doing great articles for $2.50 each, I have a data entry type person working for $2.22/hour, and am just hiring a link building assistant at $1.67/hour! These rates are nuts and their work is good! I just thought I would let you know that I am doing more of this now!” – Paul Counts

“Outsourcing is a goal I recently set and your information was very helpful. I have a great need for outsourcing as my businesses have become way too much for me to handle well. The future looks great from here. Thank you again.” – David Clingo

“About 18 months ago I ran across a video you had online which led me to your site where I learned about outsourcing online marketing tasks to the gifts and talents of others. In that video you interviewed the Turners who were also trying to do it all.

They got emotional when explaining how your outsourcing secrets gave them their life back to be with their kids. That hit home for me big time!

I felt like a bag was lifted off my head and a monkey off my back. I read and listened to everything you had produced online about outsourcing and took action on it.

I now have 4 people overseas building and promoting mini-sites for me. A blog creator/builder, a content writer/researcher, an SEO/Link Builder, and a video creator.

Together I pay them $700/mo. to do tasks much better than I could ever do and I have my life back.” – Randy VanderVeen

Click this link and watch a free video as he shares his #1 secret for success, which you can view for free right now, and I guess the secret is now out…the Secret is using “Virtual Assistants”!

I don’t want to make this all about money either, as we all know there is more to life than wealth. Things like family, time freedom and just helping people for the right reasons are why you’ll you will thank me after you are done viewing this free video message.

Outsource Method by Daniel Turner and Marc Lindsay

Outsource Method

If you want to learn more about outsourcing your Internet Marketing tasks, this is NOT ‘just’ another resource. Through outsourcing Daniel Turner and Marc Lindsay have ensured their business will conservatively do $3 million in turnover this year, and $5 million if “everything goes according to plan”.

These pair of guys know what they’re talking about because they run several solid Internet businesses including Article Marketing Automation, a blog network of which I’m a member of.

The Outsource Method is a program consisting of 7 modules. I was lucky enough to preview the Module 1 which gives lots of background information about outsourcing, including the differences from out-tasking, why you need to consider outsourcing, what potential problems can arise and what future modules will contain. If the other 6 modules are the same standard as the first one, the Outsource Method will be a stunning product.

This program is definitely for everyone who, at the end of the day, thinks, “Damn it, I wish I had more time in the day.”

You will come away knowing how to leverage your time through other people’s efforts, allowing you to grow your business faster, and achieve more with less.

$869,311.95 video showing proof that outsourcing works!

Have you ever wished you knew how successful business people were able to accomplish so much and earn so much when they work and live on the same 24 hours a day that you do?

You’ve seen the “lifestyle videos” of Kern surfing, Filsaime going to McDonald’s, Deiss at his office, Brunson giving away cars and prizes…all from their Internet Marketing businesses.

But the story behind the story is that there is a literal ARMY of virtual assistants who have been employed by these superstar guru marketers and they offload all their busy work to them behind the scenes, and you never see or hear about it, but they make it look so easy and effortless.

Well, it’s not like they lied to you, after all, what most of the gurus say is true. The reality is they don’t anyhow reveal HOW they got trained virtual assistants to work for them in the first place and how much they pay them!

Wouldn’t you like to know all their secrets and how they did it?

Jeff Mills is going to pull back the curtain and reveal never shared before secrets of how you can be like the guru’s who outsource all their Internet Marketing work, but on a poor man’s budget.

Very soon you’ll be able to outsource like the gurus and find people who will do work for you at $2-$3 per hour or $250-$400 full time salary for the month for 40-50 hours of work per week!

In the following video, Jeff Mills shows you how he was able to leverage his way to the top, all by employing outsourcers and he reveals how he was able to generate $869,311.95 in his video showing proof that OUTSOURCING works!

In Jeff’s 22-minute video, he outlines all the things he’ll be revealing to you at his live outsourcing workshop that he is doing in the Atlanta, GA area, May 30 and 31, 2009.

Last time I looked, only 23 seats were available, but the good news is…he is streaming the entire event live over the web so if you cannot make it there in person, you’ll have the next best experience…seeing it virtually from your computer screen!

Now, Jeff is bringing Mike Stewart, the Internet Video and Audio Guy to share some great insights about outsourcing audio/video with some new technology tools.

He’s also bringing in his trusted project manager, Henry Griner to teach step by step methods that will allow you to stop struggling by trying to figure everything out about Internet Marketing, and how to find the right people who will basically do all the work for you at a fraction of the cost to you.

Is that something you’d like to know and learn?

I thought it would be helpful to you, which is why I wanted to post this message on my blog so you could be one of the few who gain this hidden knowledge that NO ONE is talking about online.

Isn’t it time you discovered the secrets that successful business owners use to grow their businesses?

If you are ready to save money while quickly building your own home-based Internet business you need to set aside May 30-31 to join Jeff and his presenters at his Outsource Workshop in Atlanta, next week.

Afraid To Take A Vacation? Put Your Business On Cruise Control by Nicole Dean

“I started my business so that I’d have freedom, but I’ve never felt more trapped…”

I come across a statement like that at least once a day on a forum post or in e-mail. You start your Internet business because of the freedom of being your own boss and working on your own schedule and then promptly sit on your hind-end for 12 hours/day EVERY DAY. No wonder you feel burnt out.  And no wonder family and friends are feeling neglected when all you can think and talk about is your business.

Freedom sounds pretty miserable to me if it means freedom from fun and the ones that I love.

So, how do you break free?

Start by taking a good look at your business and getting your goals and priorities straight. Don’t worry, it’s not nearly as complicated as it sounds. I’ll walk you through it right now. Ready?

Grab a pen and a piece of paper or open your favorite word processor. Divide your page into four columns.

Now you’re ready to brainstorm. Write everything down as it comes to mind. Don’t overthink this. Just start writing.

First, figure out what is working. Whatever it is. It may be one of your websites, your e-courses, a joint venture, a certain marketing method. Where is the bulk of your money coming from, currently? (If none yet, where do you believe will be the place where the largest profits will come from?) Write those items in column #1 under: “Do More”.

Second, figure out what is not bringing in money. Is it hanging out on forums or posting classified ads to freebie sites? Is it endlessly checking your stats, or e-mail? What are your daily time-suckers? Write those under column #2: “Do Less”.

Third, figure out what could work better. Do you have upsells in place? Are your websites designed to bring you cash from every visitor? Make a list of ideas in column #3: “Improvements”. (If you don’t know yet, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to improve your business as you learn and grow.)

Fourth, figure out what can be automated. Which tasks are repetitive and boring, albeit necessary? Many of those types of tasks can be automated with simple tools. For instance, if you’re submitting articles to directories by hand, there are tools and services to do that for you. Add these to column #4: “Automation”.

Now that you’re armed with your list, it’s time to get to work.

Look at your list in Column #1: “Do More”. Those are the tasks that you should focus your energies on. It’s a good idea to tackle one or two of the tasks on that list first thing in the morningevery morning. Believe me, it’s much more productive than checking out your favorite blogs or logging into twitter. And you’ll be amazed at how much you can get done quickly when your mind is fresh.

Look at your list in Column #2: “Do Less”. These activities should be forbidden until after you get your #1 list done, if you do them at all. For instance, hanging out on Twitter is fun, but do not do it until everything in column #1 is finished for the day.

Now, go back to Column #1, 3, and 4. Your “Do More”, “Improvements”, and “Automation” lists.

Look at all of the items that are on those three lists. Now, circle each task that you …

• Can’t Do
• Don’t Have Time to Do
• Don’t Want To Do

Those are the tasks that you’ll outsource.

Freedom means a lot of things. It means freedom to do the things that you want to do. However, it also means freedom to NOT do things that you really dislike doing.

For me, it’s graphics. I have outsourced all of my graphics since 2001. I don’t have the time, patience or inclination to learn how to make my own graphics. I have more important things to do, like write this article and then go on a bike ride with my son. Perhaps when I get back from my bike ride, my graphics will be waiting for me in my inbox.

Now, that’s freedom to me.

Outsource Weekly

Want to outsource but don’t know where to start? Nicole Dean and Jimmy D. Brown invite you to Outsource Weekly where you’ll learn how you can get free time (and earn more money) while others run your business for you.

Real business empires are not built on personal expertise…

When you are in business for yourself, especially one that is conducted online, you’ll find there are a number of different things for you to learn about that can save you time and make you money. Outsourcing is by far one of the more exciting things to discover and put to use.

All too common is the business owner who feels they have to do everything themselves in order for things to go smoothly in their online venture.

This couldn’t be further from the truth! In case you’re curious about why so many online business owners are singing the praises of outsourcing, keep reading to see just 5 of the many benefits it can obtain:

1) More Value For Your Time: When you own an online business, one of the most important things to remember is how much your time is really worth.

When you think about the dull or repetitive tasks that you are doing, you’ll find this work is not worth your high per-hour price tag!

When you outsource, you’ll pay someone else to take care of those responsibilities while you give attention to the more important, money-making projects.

2) Saving Resources: Think about everything that goes into the tasks that you would outsource. This will range from things like your time and space to costs such as Internet and software.

After a while all of these costs add up. For instance, graphics software can get quite expensive. If you are outsourcing an activity, you get more than just the task itself out of the way.

You will also get someone who specializes in areas of your business that you may not know quite as well as or have no desire to learn. More than likely these people will already have the tools needed to complete their assignment.

Depending on the project, this might save you money and learning time. This brings me to the next benefit of outsourcing.

3) Going To The Experts: The tasks you are outsourcing might be ones that you have no desire to learn about, whether they are troubleshooting, manufacturing, taking orders, website design and maintenance, or something else.

By handing the work over to an expert who enjoys and makes it their business to know these things, you’ll be able to take advantage of their knowledge in the area without having to learn it yourself.

This in turn will give your customers or clients more than you could possibly give them yourself.

4) Expand: When you outsource, you will soon realize that you are in a great place when it comes to getting more involved with your business. You will be able to expand and provide everything your customers need.

Outsourcing frees you up to try new things with your business, learn more and experience new aspects of your industry.

5) Accountability: When you outsource, you will have a contract with the person or company you are working with.

By having someone else who is depending on work from you, you are more apt to stay ahead of the game by planning better and making sure that your tasks are getting completed as well.

When you first begin learning about and implementing outsourcing techniques within your business, you’ll find out those boring or repetitive tasks can easily be handed off to someone who enjoys doing them.

This will allow you, as the business’ owner, to free up more time to concentrate on more important aspects of your business such as product creation, advertising, networking and other marketing practices.

These are the things that will help your business to grow even more profitable. That’s how you leverage on other people’s expertise.

Finding Cheap Skilled Helpers by Andrew Hansen

Carrying on with our discussion about using the skills of other people to grow your business.

Firstly here’s an important part of this process that I forgot to mention last time.

As an individual, you have certain skills and abilities. You also have certain things that you suck at, you will always suck at them and even if you try it will take you a long time to learn them, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

Part of running a good online business as any business is finding the things that you are most skilled at and focusing on those things, then designating the tasks that you aren’t as good at, to people who are better at them! The result is a much higher quality output.

Moving on…

First, here’s the basic outline of the flow of events in case anyone isn’t familiar with it:

– You create an account at one of the main freelance services ( is a good place to start) and you post a request for bids on your project.

– As bids start to come in you select from them a freelancer who best suits the needs of your project.

– You communicate through the freelance site back and forth with the freelancer until the project is completed to your satisfaction after which time the remainder of a payment balance is forwarded to the freelancer signifying the completion of their work.

Here’s some tips on going about finding the best kind of people for a great price, whatever kind of work you’re looking for.

Consider the location. Don’t get me wrong, freelancers from developed countries are great but depending on the kind of work you need done, you’re often likely to get great offers from people in developing countries too.

I’ve had high quality work done by writers from the Philippines and Romania, coders from Russia, Egypt and India and so forth.

Like I mentioned earlier, you can get people from these countries who can do great work and are willing to do it for A LOT less than people from America, Australia or the UK.

Of course you can always use the sites feedback system to see whether the freelancer in question is of good quality and you can also test them with smaller but similar projects prior to hiring them for your main desired job. Doing this does as close as possible guarantee that you’ll get a high quality result.

Next tip, and this is a bit sly but it’s the truth: You want to assess the freelancers circumstances as well as their skill in the desired task.

You’ll come across young freelancers who accept projects in their university holidays and so forth—big no no! They’re always in between tasks, always have interruptions, you’ll rarely get your project done on time. My point being that you should have a look at the coders circumstances if you can, check out their profile, even don’t be afraid to ask them questions about their work on RentACoder etc.

Here’s the bit that sounds a bit harsh: Ideally you want to get people whose circumstances make them desperate to complete their work and get their money. It sounds harsh but for getting work completed on time, people with mortgages, kids to feed, debts to pay etc are the ones most likely to get their work completed on time.

Next tip: You can literally get ANYTHING done by freelancers…

A lot of people get stuck online because they get to a point where they don’t know how to complete a certain task—the thing is you don’t have to waste time deliberating over how to do it—you can have someone do it for you!

Once you get good at describing projects and negotiating for good prices you will be able to get any task done quickly and easily.

My last and best tip for using freelance sites is this—and it’s a bit controversial too…

The best thing you can do particularly when you find people who are good to work with is try to get some information by which you can contact them outside of RentACoder.

RentACoder in particular doesn’t like you getting the freelancers contact information because obviously they’d prefer you to keep buying projects from them from within RentACoder so you pay their fees and commissions. They’ll even sometimes close projects when you ask for instant messaging addresses within the conversation of the project.

What you can do is try to e-mail them personally to ask for their MSN, Yahoo, or Skype ID so you can talk to them.

The reason this is so good is because once you can contact them privately you have the potential to be able to negotiate ongoing work (instead of one off projects every now and then).

I have found a couple of our now full-time employees this way. They started out doing one-off projects, I got chatting with them in instant messengers and organized for them to do ongoing weekly work for a nominal fee—powerful stuff!

Well that should do it for today. I hope my tips have opened your eyes to the power of outsourcing and how you can find quality help in the pursuit to build a successful online business.

Check out just who Andrew Hansen is.

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How To Find People Who Will Boost Your Income by Andrew Hansen

What I mean by this is finding people to help you make more money online.

Normally, as soon as we talk about hiring employees a lot of people switch off because they think they aren’t at the stage yet where such a move is financially feasible.

What we’re going to talk are some of the ways you can enlist the help of skillful individuals, that can seriously boost your online business efforts at VERY cheap prices.

I’ve written an e-mail alluding to this topic once before but I think you’ll find this one more than eye opening.

Firstly let me provide some general tips on starting to find people who can help you.

The first thing to realise is this: A lot of the skillful workers you can enlist are from 3rd-world countries where the cost of labour is only a fraction of what it would otherwise be in the United States, The UK, Australia, Europe etc.

Now contrary to popular opinion, this isn’t taking advantage, it’s not slave labour or anything else…I say it’s smart hiring!

For example in Romania the average wage is something like US$150 a month. If you are using skilled programmers from Romania and paying them $200 a month you’re making some VERY happy people!

Not to mention you’re getting great work done for the fraction of the cost. Ah, the beauty of the Internet.

The next thing you need to note is that you can employ people to get tasks done for you very cheaply. For example, if you can’t write, you can find a great writer for just a few dollars per article to take that task off your hands.

If you can’t setup WordPress blogs you can write your own content and pay someone a small fee to install WordPress blogs for you.

And so on and so forth. The great thing about the Internet is there is almost no limit to the things that you can have people help you with!

So now that you’ve recognized these fundamental points let’s look at the places you can begin your search for help.

Basically there are two good places to scout for help that we’ll look at today. These are Internet Marketing forums, and Freelance sites.

Let me firstly and quickly mention IM forums.

If you’re not participating in Online Marketing forums, even if you don’t sell directly to online marketers, you’re losing money. There are many reasons for this that we need not get into but the most valuable thing you can get from forums is connections with people.

With regards to finding people who can help you in your business, forums are a gold mine because there are countless people who have writers, coders, various errand runners of their own that they are often willing to share with you.

As you’ll learn, finding people from freelance sites like RentACoder can be hit and miss but when you get a recommendation from someone who’s already used them, particularly if that person is well known and trust worthy, you have a big advantage.

It’s a piece of cake to jump on to an Internet Marketing forum and post a thread titled “Can anyone recommend a writer/coder/blog creator/mysql database specialist?” etc.

You can have numerous options within hours of posting. Again, forums are a great place to start in the hunt for help!

Second, Freelance sites!

The next thing you have to do is get used to sites of freelancers like,,, etc. They are all great and house hordes of skillful individuals that are ready to help you grow your online business.

If you haven’t already, go to some of those sites and start and getting a feel for how the hiring and freelancing process works. Personally I use RentACoder, it has always worked well for me.

Generally you post a description of a project to a certain category on one of these sites and it gets opened to the freelancers of that category to post their bids on your project.

You can literally post any task you like, on a one-off basis or an ongoing basis.

The keys are to describe accurately what you want done and negotiate the right price with a good freelancer (‘good’ being based on the feedback score you can see that most freelancers will have).

These being the basics, let’s look quickly at what kind of tasks you can get freelanced.

If I were you this is what I’d consider getting outsourced:

1. Content Writing: I’ve spoken about this before. It’s so easy to get a great writer for just a few dollars per article on any keyword you wish. Article writing is too time consuming to be doing unless you really have to.

2. Content posting: I’d hire someone and give them the login details to your wordpress blog and have them post an article that you (or preferrably THEY) have written, even as little as once per week. Not having to worry about whether your blog is updated? Priceless!

3. Blog Creation: You could buy 10 domains for Niche Marketing On Crack type sites (which I hope you know about by now) then give a coder the FTP details and say: Install wordpress blogs on these sites with these details, this theme, these plugins and just let them go wild.

4. Link building: This is one I’ve done with great success. You can hire people who will contact other webmasters to try and exchange links with you. Better yet you can have a freelancer source out sites related to your niche from which you can buy textlinks back to your site, powerful stuff!

Anyhow I won’t bombard you with too much more information today.

This message is mainly an idea starter and an introduction on how you can start to use outsourced help to grow your online income no matter where you’re starting from.

We’ll talk more about this next time.

Check out just who Andrew Hansen is.

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Let’s StumbleUpon This Project.

Generally speaking, the whole principle of dealing with online communities and Web 2.0 sites consists simply of 3 steps:

1) Create your account and login.
2) Write something as long as you leave your URL at the end.
3) Get out!

That’s it. The main motive is to leave a trail or footprints so interested visitors can follow all the way to your site and respond accordingly to your site’s message. I am especially excited that since joining StumbleUpon, I have been getting good traffic from the network and I have to credit Ian Fernando for coming up with the idea for a “StumbleUpon Exchange Project”.

The whole idea of this project is based on reciprocal review and ‘favoriting’, resulting in more traffic and more traffic = more prospects and sales. On a good day, I can have 50 readers based on the MyBlogLog stats. I only started out with Ian’s idea today by reviewing my own blog posts (a bit narcisstic and black-hat). Guess what? Within the last 5 minutes I have a stupendous increase by more than 200 readers. I don’t know where they all come from, but I think it works tremendously well. Just don’t overdo it on your own content but endorse others so you can get streams of visitors from other sources.

First of all, what are the benefits of being a favorite?

In general it provides social proof of your blog’s popularity. If it’s popular don’t you think others will want to read about it? When other members of the same social network endorse you, they are giving YOU unique targeted readers who will view and read your blog specifically for the information you provide. The results are multiplied.

Since now you know a little bit of what I have in mind, let’s start exchanging shall we?

Part 1: How To Exchange

1. The easiest way to exchange favs is to simply leave a comment about this post with your website’s URL in your name.

2. Fav my blog, this post and my main page. Once you favorite my blog through StumbleUpon I will do the same, or show me which pages you want me to review. Please give me some time if I do not fav your blog right away.

3. Add me as a friend, my SU nickname is webmastery within your network so you can easily check my favorites to see if I have fav your blog or site. If I have not done so please contact me, but please allow me some time as again I do not know what the reaction of this project may cause.

Part 2 Of StumbleUpon Traffic

1. Create a post on your blog announcing that you are participating in a StumbleUpon Exchange Project. Prominently include a link to this post to indicate that there is a similar exchange going on at Internet Mastery Center Blog. You can use any link text you want. I do however prefer that you make a new post on this topic instead of putting the link in a old post that is already deep in your archives.

2. You can copy the direction or modify it as you wish to fit your blog if necessary.

What Is The Main Goal?

Again the goal of this exchange project is to simply see if StumbleUpon is really a great traffic generator than the other social bookmarking sites. Is it that easy to get traffic like this for long?

Now other social bookmarking websites, you will need to be in the top X amount to get great traffic. With SU (that I have noticed), there is no such rating. There is a “Recently Popular Pages” page on the main interface, but it changes depending on the favorites that moment. Again, this is what I have experienced so far. If you have great ideas on how to tap on social networking as a group of people, please feel free to comment. As a Chinese saying goes, “Things are better done with more people.” Cheers.