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How To Get Winning Content Ideas Your Readers Will LOVE In Just Seconds

Every major market/niche has a magazine that focuses on it.

These publications spend MILLIONS on market research and advertising, so you can be sure that the content they’re publishing has been proven to be desired by their market.

Here’s how to capitalize on that research:

1. Make a list of publications in your niche. If you’re not sure what they are, do a Google search for “major US magazines” or “[category here] magazines” (without the quotes or brackets).

2. In Google image search, type “[name of publication] covers”. To make it more timely, you can add the current year. So, for example: “parenting magazine covers 2012”.

3. You should now be staring at a TON of magazine cover images. Go ahead and click on one and see if you can’t use the headlines to generate some ideas.

Among all the cover images, you’re almost guaranteed to find a bunch of ideas you can use!

Hint: If you really want to stretch this, try turning the headlines into templates. For example, “Parents’ top $ mistakes—fixed!” can be turned into “Parents’ top _____ mistakes—fixed!”.

7 ways to find great content for your marketing campaigns

1 – Subscribe to RSS feeds from bloggers that cover your industry or speak to your target audience.

2 – Subscribe to e-mail newsletters from niche publishers that cover your niche or market.

3 – Set up Google Alerts for keywords related to your products and your customer’s pain points.

4 – Monitor social media to get a real-time feed of what your prospects are talking about.

5 – Conduct original research, such as a survey.

6 – Repurpose content e.g. combine text from an old whitepaper with new video to create a video e-book.

7 – Keep a list of evergreen content; e.g., ideas for saving time and money, inspirational articles, anecdotes.

Source: HubSpot

Untapped and hidden keywords just show up in this new software!

Keywords Magnet

Most marketers may think Keyword AdWord Tool is the only one, if not the best, keyword research tool around. However, the general public is unaware of more hidden keywords that are easier to rank. These keywords come from come from the “Top 10 suggestions” of Google, Yahoo and Bing, and you have a new keyword software called Keywords Magnet to consolidate these untapped keywords in one single interface so you can view them at a glance and use them to generate money-making websites.

Keywords Magnet can even search Amazon, AOL, and YouTube if you choose to. Watch the demo video to see how it works.

* Supports 10 major search engines

* Supports more than 102 countries

* Detailed Keyword analyzing

* Detailed competition analyzing

* High speed searches; up to 35 keywords per second

* Multiple language option

* Different levels of search deep

* Export keywords to CSV file, spin keywords, and copy to clipboard and more…

New software gets you the most accurate keywords for your market.

IM Eye

If you do any sort of marketing online like e-commerce, Pay-Per-Click, CPA, blogging or whatever it may be, listen up as the following video is going to reveal an amazing tool that has the potential to multiple your income TEN-FOLD in the remaining months of 2010 and beyond.

However, I strongly encourage you to read the following in FULL.

Here’s the scoop…

Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey, the creators of Niche Blueprint, Commission Blueprint and other infamous Internet marketing products have just spent $100,000 and recruited a workforce of 120 people in order to produce the most game-changing tool in Internet Marketing since WordTracker arrived all those years ago.

It’s called IM Eye.

But what exactly is “IM Eye”? And what does it do?

Well, IM Eye is a revolutionary new way to find massively profitable markets and niches by making keyword research “smart” and not relying on YOU to accidentally find decent opportunities!

…and as good as they are, it also works in a COMPLETELY different way to other popular tools like KeywordSpy, Spyfu, Market Samurai & Keyword Elite.


Because IM Eye uses a proprietary method of gathering the BEST keywords out there, doing all the analysis and research on them…and then storing them in a HUGE database ready for your use.

What this means is that almost all the tiresome search work is eliminated and with a push of a button, you will be able to:

– Rake in tons of cash by identifying the highest paying AdSense markets and then being shown targeted low-competition keywords phrases that you can dominate on Google almost immediately.

– Pinpoint super-profitable e-commerce niches that have minimal competition but have the potential to do millions of dollar in sales.

– Find high volume keywords which are just 5 cents a click on Google so you can drive tens of thousands of interested prospects to high converting Affiliate offers.

– Get access to VAST sources of untapped traffic that you could use for any number of affiliate or online marketing projects!

…and that is literally just a start.

It’s almost impossible to describe in words how powerful IM Eye is and how much money you could make from using it. Trying to put a document together with all its uses would be like trying to document all the uses of a hammer!

So click here to see it in action and also be sure to grab the free report that demonstrates some of its features more extensively.

Breakthrough keyword research software just launched.

Buyer Keywords Generator

Let’s say you’re promoting a product related to ‘brain power’ as an affiliate or with your own product.

So how do you know what people are looking for on the Internet?

I know. Some of them are…

“brain power cd”
“brain power for kids”
“brain power diet”
“brain power enrichment”
“brain power essential oil”

And I don’t even need to think at all because the Buyer Keywords Generator software does all of the heavy lifting for me.

Now, here’s the important part: These are not only keywords that are being searched by real people but ‘BUYING’ keywords.

If you don’t understand the power of this, doesn’t matter because the software comes with a complete home course study explaining how to make money with the keywords really fast.

Mike Mograbi’s bad decision = your benefit?

Buyer Keyword Profits Exposed

No one smart enough is going to reveal their site’s BUYING keywords because it’s what makes that person or company their revenue!

Getting someone’s list of buying keywords to their site is like opening the gates to Fort Knox and having your pick of how many gold bars you’d like to take with you.

Sad truth is that most business owners are going after the WRONG keywords that may have a lot of traffic, but the web surfer is most likely (99% of the time) in the ‘research’ stage of their purchase.

These visitors are NOT buyers (and it’s wasting a LOT of your time in both research and implementation).

It is your goal to get visitors to your site when they are in the peak moment or the cusp of buying your product or service—not in the beginning stages.

Why have some visitor using your site as a springboard for research when they should be making their buying decision at YOUR site.

See, most people are making the REAL money off keywords like…

“AT&T Tilt HTC 8925 battery pack L528” (I made that up)

“Plantronics voyager bluetooth 2.0 headset”

Notice the detail in those keywords?

The best part is (and this is like the cherry on top once you discover BUYING keywords)…these keyword phrases are NOT that hard to make it to the TOP of Google’s results.

But how exactly do you locate the buying keywords for your site?

Problem solved.

My long-time colleague from, Mike Mograbi, just came out with a huge video home study course on exactly how to do find BUYER KEYWORDS.

In fact, it’s 90+ videos of pure content—and the wildest part is that he’s NOT charging a dime for the content (yet!).

I watched all the videos and this course is fresh and new and worth a cool $297 easily if Mike were to sell it!

Professional Video Home Study Course
The Complete DELUXE Version
Nothing Held Back
Not Available Anywhere Else On The Web
Watch & Learn Micro-Videos Quickly & Easily!
$297 Value, Yours FREE!
Buyer Keyword Profits Exposed! Instantly Transforms You Into A Niche Buyer Keywords Detective
Secret Sources and Sites
Secret Advanced Techniques and Methods
Secret Tips, Tricks and Tactics

The Most Important Information You Could Ever Have As A Serious Internet Marketer.

* Buyer Keyword Profits Exposed *

What’s new in Keyword Elite 2.0?

Keyword Elite 2.0

Brad Callen has incorporated new features in Keyword Elite 2.0 to take your keyword research experience beyond the usual routines of checking keyword combinations and search volumes.

* Entirely new look and feel to allow faster navigation and increased user-friendliness.

* 100% new AdWords Time Machine module which allows you to view the entire 6-month AdWords ad history of any AdWords advertiser!

* 100% new Advanced Google Site Targeter module which allows you to quickly find websites displaying AdSense that you can advertise your own ad in.

* 100% New JV Diamond Miner program which allows you to quickly and easily find websites that are building e-mail lists, allowing you to mooch traffic from their already profitable businesses.

* 100% New CPA Magnet program which allows you to find high converting CPA offers, as well as monetize those offers through stealth keyword generation.

* Keyword generation and analysis has been overhauled to produce faster, more accurate results.

* Added Keyword Elite’s own keyword data source, which allows you to build your keyword lists in seconds, not minutes.

* Added a multi-tab interface to allow you to run as many projects as you wish at the same time while not losing data from the previously run project!

* Completely changed the keyword editing screen to allow for much easier keyword manipulation.

* Added much more filtering capabilities so you can create an ultra specific keyword list based around your niche.

* Added several new columns including the ability to see how many clicks you can expect to receive for each keyword in both the paid and free search engine listings.

* Added trends graphs to the reports.

* Greatly increased the depth of analysis for on-page ranking factors for sites in Google, Yahoo, and Bing, allowing you to see, at a glance, why sites rank where they do and how to beat them.

* Added the Microsoft OCI percentage so you can see what percentage of visitors searching on a specific keyword are potential buyers vs. just browsers.

* Added a competition strength indicator to quickly tell you if a keyword is worth optimizing for based on the level of the competition.

* Plus literally hundreds of other feature enhancements gathered over the past year! Way too many to list here.

This is definitely one software program you aren’t going to be without. It looks completely different from 1.0 and it’s going to help niche marketers make better decisions and take better actions on their web content.

Try this integration marketing tip.

Integration marketing is a term coined by Mark Joyner. In short, this refers to the practice of “integrating” your product offer into someone else’s sales funnel. Example: If you sell educational products, you would place your products in a friend’s bookstore so his/her customers can pick them up.

Closer to Internet Marketing, you could place your ads in a JV partner’s opt-in “thank you” page. Just offer an “equal opportunity” swap and have his/her ad on your page. But how do you find targeted partners whose sites complement your niche? Here’s the tip I’m talking about.

Google-search a phrase like: lose weight “your privacy is safe with us”.

Or: lose weight “we never rent or sell our members’ data to anyone”.

Or: lose weight “all information is held strictly confidential”.

There are tons of other typical phrases you can take note of when you stumble into other landing pages. The point is wherever you can find these phrases, you most likely have come to a landing page.

Of course, there are many other things you can do with a JV partner that go beyond a simple ad swap, like running a webinar. Your choice is entirely up to you, and this tip is just one shared by Brad Callen in his new free report “The Keyword Minute“.

The Keyword Minute

The surprising thing about Brad, whom I’ve not heard from for some time until he personally e-mailed me about his upcoming Keyword Elite 2.0 (to be launched on August 25th. You want to take this date down), is his thinking about keyword research has evolved beyond tracking down exact key phrases and search volumes per se. I believe some of us can do that using the Google Keyword Tool.

Of course, keyword research is merely a phase towards active and effective marketing of your products and services, and Brad has 2 more creative methods to using new features in Keyword Elite 2.0 for bum marketing and AdWords. Click here and stay in the loop for his updates.

New keyword research software debunks market saturation.

Precision Keyword Finder

Did you check out the video that shows how under-radar SEO engineer Brandon Bourne uncover profitable keywords in markets that were thought to be saturated already?

The results speak for themselves.

If you want to have at your fingertips the same techniques that he has used to rank high in google since 2005, then I strongly urge you not to miss his video and cutting-edge Precision Keyword Finder software.

Eliminate Writer’s Block With Answer Analyst.

Answer Analyst

Jonathan Leger has a new software! Answer Analyst is the fastest way to research any subject and extract content, even if you know nothing about it when you start. The demo video explains everything about how it works.

Does lack of AdWords ads indicate no market?

Here’s a little interaction I had with a subscriber:

David: “Just a quick question please. What does it mean when I punch in a niche I’m thinking of going into and there are no…”NOT ANY” AdWords on the top or down the right side?”

Nelson: “Hello David,

Hope all is well with you. There are many types of evidence to indicate market viability and AdWords ads are only one component.

However you feel about a market possibility, the absence of AdWords ads may indicate:

1) the subject matter is too exclusive…could be a sub-niche.

2) It’s a new cutting-edge area.

3) It’s just not economically viable (advertising cost high, product price cheap or priced out of reach).

Still, I have a philosophy that goes, “No market is ever too small” as long as you know there’s a rabid demand for your product/service.

Since AdWords ads are only one component, you may also take into account 2 other crucial evidence:

1) The number of Internet searches performed on the keyword per month: I remember reading somewhere a bare minimum of 100 searches per day to indicate a market. That’s 3,000 searches per month. Use the AdWords Keyword Tool to get your numbers.

2) The number of search results: minimum 30,000 according to WordTracker’s free keyword tool.

To make up for the perceived “small market size”, you have to:

1) think broader to cover a larger market base e.g.

sub-niche = making the first impression
main niche = dating

2) Consider markets of overlapping interests:

1st sub-niche = making the first impression for women
2nd sub-niche = making the first impression for men
3rd sub-niche = dating gifts, romantic gifts
4th sub-niche = cosmetics for women

Please read this post which explains the difference between market and keyword research.”

This is keyword research on steroids.

Can you really force Google to give up all its keyword secrets?

Yes, you certainly can!

There is actually a way to quickly and easily tap directly into Google’s most important and vital keyword data…

So, you can eliminate all of the guesswork and concentrate on building each and every one of your niche websites to the EXACT keyword standards that Google wants!

Do you think that might be helpful for improving your current results and increasing your profits?

Oh yeah!

If you’ve ever wanted to maximize your keyword research…

If you’ve ever wanted to jump way past all your competitors…

If you’ve ever wanted to get the inside track on exactly what it takes to drive all your niche sites to the top of PageRank and search results…

This *secret* makes a HUGE difference.

I’m in a Christmas mood already. Are you?

As an affiliate marketer/reseller, you should be.

Christmas is like 2 months away, but you never know how time flies at the bat of an eyelid!

Before I forget, look out for major Christmas giveaway events like Mark Hendrick’s “12 Days Of Christmas” and “30 Days of Christmas” in mid-November, but this is besides the main issue today.

The festive season is also ‘merchandize’ season. Your spider senses must tingle over the hot goods that sell at year-end. From today, there should be enough time for you to do your market research and prepare your sales campaign.

Here are some personal suggestions:

1. Electronics (iThis, iThat…)
2. Christmas recipes
3. Christmas trees and other decors
4. Christmas-themed or New Year-themed DVDs and albums, e-books, PLR articles etc.
5. Goal-setting materials
6. Gaming consoles (PlayStation 3, X360, Wii)
7. Alcohol
8. New clothes for the New Year.
9. For men: watches
10. For women: jewelry
11. Season greetings cards
12. 2008 diaries/calendars
13. Corporate gifts (it’s peak market season now actually)

What’s so special about point 13? You can understand the market situation for corporate gifts by going to Google Trends and type in “corporate gifts”! You’ll find that it hits a low throughout December; likely that companies are doing stock-taking on performance, inventories etc. in preparation for the New Year.

Likewise you can research on watches and jewelry to check out its year-on-year patterns. Google Trends does not tell you what to sell…well, if only! You’ll have to consolidate your best keywords and type them in Trends to get a rough idea whether they’re worth selling in the next 2 months or not.

So Google Trends is particularly great for sniffing out seasonal patterns, like checking for spikes in search volume during Christmas/year-end period, mid-year, Halloween, other ethnic festivals etc. You can spot sellable niches this way.

Other things you can do in December is run your annual year-end garage sale or offer year-end discounts for your products and services.

Starting mid-December, start selling weight loss products! People will want to get rid of tummy flab from consuming too much meat. Serious!

It’s no secret watches, jewelry and iPods sell very well over eBay, and there are other items that consistently sell well throughout the year. Now you may think selling hard products is too much work, too much logistics etc. At the end of the day, the profit you can gain from selling high-ticket luxury items certainly outweighs whatever disadvantages you may perceive as part of the setup/learning process, or else so many PowerSellers wouldn’t be doing it.

You will need to find wholesale products you can sell, and there’s one place where you can buy them up to 90% off. You also get a list of trustworthy wholesalers and merchants who want to work with you and mingle in a forum with other marketers to gain tips and opportunities. This place is none other SaleHoo.

I hope today’s ideas will keep your neurons firing. Merry Christmas!!! (huh…)

This software finds niches that the AdWords keyword tool fails to uncover!

I just came across a very handy tool that finds very small niches in less than 10 seconds!  You start the desktop-based software, search for a basic keyword and then you look for long-tail keywords with high search count and small competition.

This is made possible through a feature called the Strength Of Competition index. The SOC will sort your searches for you and reveal the niches to select. It’s what sets it apart from other keyword research tools and it really looks simplistic. When you check the demo videos for its software interface, there are only 3 main categories of data to be concerned with: the keywords, search count statistics and SOC, but don’t let its simplicity fool you.

The first demo video shows James Jones, the creator, selecting “world of warcraft jewelcrafting guide”. It’s very intriguing for me to discover that the phrase “world of warcraft jewelcrafting guide” is not reflected in either Overture Suggestion Tool (not updated for a long while anyway) or AdWords keyword tool (that demands an explanation!), and I did took a few minutes to check how much more extensive Micro Niche Finder might generate its keyword lists. I really think this software is worth it.

Beyond offering the software, James also suggests how you can create multiple profit streams revolving around the use of Micro Niche Finder, like how you can set up a quick blog and write an article for submission based on any micro niches you can find, and this is exactly how he earns his income over and over again. PLUS he throws in 4 rare bonuses as well.

There are thousands of uncompetitive niches out there and I trust that you’ll not be disappointed with Micro Niche Finder! See all the demo videos by clicking the link.

Eliminate keyword research. It’s been outsourced.

Running out of lucrative keywords for your AdSense biz? The Top Paying Keywords database presents the keyword prices of the 20,000 most popular keyword searches. By identifying the highest paying keywords on the Internet, the database allows website owners to dramatically improve earnings in the Google AdSense program. You’ll never run out of ideas again.

Let’s StumbleUpon This Project.

Generally speaking, the whole principle of dealing with online communities and Web 2.0 sites consists simply of 3 steps:

1) Create your account and login.
2) Write something as long as you leave your URL at the end.
3) Get out!

That’s it. The main motive is to leave a trail or footprints so interested visitors can follow all the way to your site and respond accordingly to your site’s message. I am especially excited that since joining StumbleUpon, I have been getting good traffic from the network and I have to credit Ian Fernando for coming up with the idea for a “StumbleUpon Exchange Project”.

The whole idea of this project is based on reciprocal review and ‘favoriting’, resulting in more traffic and more traffic = more prospects and sales. On a good day, I can have 50 readers based on the MyBlogLog stats. I only started out with Ian’s idea today by reviewing my own blog posts (a bit narcisstic and black-hat). Guess what? Within the last 5 minutes I have a stupendous increase by more than 200 readers. I don’t know where they all come from, but I think it works tremendously well. Just don’t overdo it on your own content but endorse others so you can get streams of visitors from other sources.

First of all, what are the benefits of being a favorite?

In general it provides social proof of your blog’s popularity. If it’s popular don’t you think others will want to read about it? When other members of the same social network endorse you, they are giving YOU unique targeted readers who will view and read your blog specifically for the information you provide. The results are multiplied.

Since now you know a little bit of what I have in mind, let’s start exchanging shall we?

Part 1: How To Exchange

1. The easiest way to exchange favs is to simply leave a comment about this post with your website’s URL in your name.

2. Fav my blog, this post and my main page. Once you favorite my blog through StumbleUpon I will do the same, or show me which pages you want me to review. Please give me some time if I do not fav your blog right away.

3. Add me as a friend, my SU nickname is webmastery within your network so you can easily check my favorites to see if I have fav your blog or site. If I have not done so please contact me, but please allow me some time as again I do not know what the reaction of this project may cause.

Part 2 Of StumbleUpon Traffic

1. Create a post on your blog announcing that you are participating in a StumbleUpon Exchange Project. Prominently include a link to this post to indicate that there is a similar exchange going on at Internet Mastery Center Blog. You can use any link text you want. I do however prefer that you make a new post on this topic instead of putting the link in a old post that is already deep in your archives.

2. You can copy the direction or modify it as you wish to fit your blog if necessary.

What Is The Main Goal?

Again the goal of this exchange project is to simply see if StumbleUpon is really a great traffic generator than the other social bookmarking sites. Is it that easy to get traffic like this for long?

Now other social bookmarking websites, you will need to be in the top X amount to get great traffic. With SU (that I have noticed), there is no such rating. There is a “Recently Popular Pages” page on the main interface, but it changes depending on the favorites that moment. Again, this is what I have experienced so far. If you have great ideas on how to tap on social networking as a group of people, please feel free to comment. As a Chinese saying goes, “Things are better done with more people.” Cheers.

Competitive intelligence edge in reverse AdWords research.

AdSpy Pro

There wasn't exactly a slew of AdWords monitoring software, but their impact was huge. You might have heard the buzz around J.P. Schoeffel's AdSpy Pro. Just as it also helps you to find profitable AdWords ads like Undercover Profits or Google Cash Detective, this new script is only 3% of UC's price and 10% of GCD (including some monthly fees. You don't have to pay 10 to 30 times more for the same features. In fact, AdSpy Pro has even MORE features. Look at the comparisons. You can also access this help section to get an overview of what AdSpy Pro is capable of. Snap the software at pre-launch price!

Search for Public Domain material quickly and easily with this toolbar.

Public Domain Express Toolbar

In the past, public domain materials are best searched by keywords. Since last year, we are beginning to see more tools that help to make the job easier.

What you have here is the “Public Domain Express Toolbar“, giving you INSTANT access to over 450 Public Domain-related websites with millions of reports, books, videos and images.

Imagine what you can do with all this media:

1. Republish as-is as a downloadable e-book
2. Use content to develop how-to course
3. Update or rewrite material for new product
4. Use content to develop mini-course by e-mail or online
5. Record reading as an audio book
6. Use content as e-zine articles
7. Use content for web pages along with AdSense
8. Use content to create videos for YouTube, Google Video, etc.
9. Use collection of PD books to create a membership site
10. Use audio and video to create mobile content for iPods


Advantage of Google’s blog search tool.

Here’s what you can do with Google Blog Search. Just type in your keywords, and see the RSS subscribe link at the bottom of the results. Lots of possibilites, including a great research tool to add to their alerts service. For example: You could type in an exact match search for your name or product name and subscribe to the feed. You will then know when anyone writes about you or your product on their blog (assuming their blogs are listed on Google). More info can be found here.