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For webinar newbies: discover how to design and conduct hot-converting webinars like a pro.

You’re at the point in your business where you’re ready to conduct webinars whether for training or a sales pitch, but you don’t know how to do it like a pro.

Webinar Pitch Secrets will let you construct webinars that get you maximum sales and near extreme EPCs despite the fierce competition in today’s market!

You’ll get a hefty, no-nonsense 54-page guide that contains a “fill in the blanks” template that you can use to create an awesome, hot converting webinar, tons of closes, transitions that you can plain copy/paste to get results and more!

Get started today and you’ll have immediate access to the members area and training material right away.

Does webinar attendance translate into sales?

Yes, according to Rally Point Seminars. Their findings: 20% of the attendees will be ready to buy in 6 months or sooner, and 5% will be ready to buy immediately.

Tip: to increase conversions, have your sales team call webinar attendees right after the event.

Source: “How to Sell with Webinars”, Rally Point Webinars whitepaper

A special deal for a special day.

11/11/11 is coming up, and the Mojo Guys are revealing their 7-figure webinar secrets on an all-day webinar. You’ll discover methods for creating a highly automated selling process that puts recurring revenue into your PayPal account.

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Discover how to make more sales with webcasts.

Webcast Strategies

Tackling your first webcast can be a daunting experience. There are so many details to plan—who to host with, when to schedule, how often to send reminders, and let’s not forget the format. Add to that the fact that webcasts are ‘live’, and you might just find yourself putting this profit-pulling event on the back burner…again!

Stop selling yourself short! You CAN do this. You just need a guide to show you the way. And that’s exactly what Mark Call’s 4-part “Business Webcast Strategies” video series is designed to do.

In these videos you’ll discover everything you need to know about hosting popular, profitable webcasts, including:

• How to research your market – so you don’t end up filling your valuable webcast space with tire kickers.

• Various webcast formats – not every format is right for every market. Learn the ins and outs of different presentation styles so you can discover the one that suits your unique purposes.

• Tips to help you plan and host webcasts even on a tight budget – learn where you can scrimp, and when you should remember that “you get what you pay for”.

But that’s just the start. This series is packed full of critical information it took him months of trial and (a lot of) error to figure out. Most importantly, it’s available to you on demand, when you’re ready.

You’ll see how webcasts can build your credibility, your authority, and your profits while filling your list with happy customers! Get started today.

New marketing breakthrough: automated webinars!

This is not a trick question, but it’s still intriguing nonetheless.

Is there such a thing as an automated webinar?

No it can’t be…this is as real as a mirage. How could a webinar be not ‘live’? Can’t attendees tell apart a recorded presentation from a ‘live’ one? Don’t you need to hold a Q&A to answer questions in real time? How about addressing connection problems and time-specific special offers?

It has always been a “holy grail” goal to automated as much of your Internet business as you can. As much as you can outsource a lot of things, webinars are the last frontier where people still want to hear directly from YOU and not some support staff.

From today onwards, even this frontier is breached.

Mike Filsaime is now making $300,000 a month with his Evergreen Business System based on technologies he has developed to leverage on automated webinars.

It is a system because he not only provides you with the SOFTWARE, but also with the insight and training. There is no other person that has made more with webinars in the world than he has with the right software and training. Period!

FACT: Top marketers are paying him $10,000 for access to this software before he made it public because they needed it NOW and needed his team to install it for them. They knew it would make them Millions and they did not want to wait.

I don’t need to tell you what you already know. Webinars WORK. You can get people more likely to spend $497 or more for your great products after listening to you for 1 hour to 90 minutes.

But to do it as many as 3 times a week is just plain manual.

Evergreen Business System is going to RESET the marketing world just as Mike’s Butterfly Marketing concept did. There is no other software like it on the market.

Now you might think since this is original stuff, Mike is calling the shots with regards to pricing…

Let me tell you straight: there are no monthly fees and NO continuity programs to join.

Mike’s giving you lifetime access for just $497 ONE TIME (or you get access or $297 x 2) + LIFETIME SUPPORT AND UPGRADES FOR FREE.

Don’t wait. You can start using this now.

Even as an affiliate you can use this software.

See why Mike has made this the most affordable solution and best value for the best product on the market today.

YOU! Webinar Legend?!

It’s not much of a secret anymore…Webinars, if done right, are the most profitable things on the planet.

The keywords: “if done right”.

This is one of the few skills that doesn’t come natural to anyone, but something you need COACHING on.

Yes, not just training, but hands-on coaching.

2 of the top webinar specialists on the planet—Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos—have just opened up their brand new coaching program called Webinar Legend.

It’s a bargain for the coaching involved, much less of an investment than you’d think.

If you do webinars, or consider doing them in the future, you MUST check this out.

The most underutilized tool in marketing

Prospects might spend 60 seconds on your website. But they’ll spend 60 or more MINUTES with you on a teleseminar.

That’s why teleseminars may be the most underutilized tool in marketing today.

Here’s the teleseminar tool I recommend.

Not only is it the easiest to use, it’s the only teleseminar/webcast tool that’s designed specifically for people who are selling online…

AND they’ve got the best training in the industry. So not only do you get the tool, you learn how to make it work in your business. Take a look.