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“AIS Elite” Internet Marketing study course

Chris Cobb has been quietly banking thousands of dollars a day online for the past 10 years. Today, he is an Internet Millionaire making in excess of $10 million.

Imagine if he had shown you the stuff he had known about now, you’d wish you had turned back the clock and cut short years of trial-and-error.

Access his brand new “AIS Elite” Internet Marketing study course and make this your best educational investment this year.

Motivated Affiliates: The Shortcut To Success by Clate Mask

One of my favorite moments was when someone taught me about synergy. The example they used was two horses pulling a cart. Each horse can pull approximately 500 lbs. (I’m making that up, because I don’t remember the actual number).

A basic understanding of math would logically determine that by strapping the two horses together, they could pull 1,000 lbs. In reality, two horses working together can pull three times the amount they could on their own, not double.

This same principle is the reason business owners need to consider using affiliates. You see, you can’t be the ‘perfect’ entrepreneur. You can try, and maybe get close, but at some point in time everybody needs additional skills, markets, and time they don’t possess.

So what exactly does having affiliates add to your business? Here are just a few benefits:

* More Referrals
* A Larger Market (yours + your affiliate’s)
* An Outside Promoter of Your Products/Services
* Increased Networking Abilities
* & Ultimately More Sales!

Consider the value of having another salesman reaching out to your customers. Now, you don’t have to grow your company on your own. By creating an affiliate program, you can achieve much more than you will EVER be able to achieve alone!

When you develop lasting partnerships, your business is going to grow automatically, just from the leverage you gave it. Strap yourself to affiliates, and see where the synergy can take you!

Clate Mask is the CEO of Infusionsoft.

1,635,212 visitors in a month??

Traffic Ultimatum

Traffic to your websites is one of the most important things you can do to increase your online sales…

Yet it is probably one of the things that gives people the most trouble.

Now don’t let this kid’s age fool you on what he knows about traffic generation.

He may be young but he’s been pulling in some serious traffic and sales over the past year.

Traffic Ultimatum is the ultimate traffic-getting course that 19-year-old George Brown uses to make several thousands of bucks each day!

It’s a very well rounded course all laid out in streaming & downloadable videos along with PDF overviews.

It’s very easy to follow and find exactly what parts you’d like to learn first.

Even if you already know lots of methods on getting traffic, have you honestly mastered every single one?

Here’s what’s included:

[+] 35+ unique traffic getting methods and strategies
[+] 300 plus process maps, mind maps, diagrams and everything else!
[+] Several tools and resources on Media buying, video marketing, Google AdWords, PPV and much more
[+] Personal 1-on-1 support from George Brown himself (exclusive!)

While I know a lot about getting traffic I can say that I don’t know everything (not sure if that is even possible nowadays).

I’m always on the look out for new or improved strategies on traffic generation.

So if you want a really good resource added to your library about traffic generation than this course is a must!

Believe this: no more recessions in your LIFE!

Clickbank Cash Supreme

For the first time ever, ClickBank millionaire Paul Walker reveals how he is making $38k per month with ClickBank working only a few hours per week!

You heard it right! But wait, let skip all the usual hype and cut straight to the chase, because there really isn’t any time to waste.

First, if you’ve never heard of Paul before, let me tell you…

Paul’s truly the guy under the radar. But he made $782,940 as a ClickBank’s affiliate and publisher last year alone…all from free website traffic…

But Paul will be the last person to call himself a guru. A few years ago, he was flat broke! Frustrated making no red cents month after month. He was once in your shoes!

However, his life has completely changed since the day he discovered a cool system to make money with ClickBank, which now he calls as Clickbank Cash Supreme.

Listen closely, this system has helped many people to rake in loads of cash promoting other people’s products from ClickBank. And it can work for you too…

…even if you don’t know jack about Internet or online marketing

…even if you’ve promoted multiple products as an affiliate and none of them have made a profit

…even if you’ve tried everything you can think of and nothing has worked

…even if you’re dead broke & only have a few hours a week to spare

With this system, you will get a complete picture about making money online business as an affiliate or as a information product publisher and…

…you are about to know EXACTLY how to start from nothing and launch a successful six-figure online business in only a matter of days…

The best part is…

The system WORKS for everyone, because …

** You don’t need a website to start…

** You don’t need have a ton of money to spend. In fact, all the methods are FREE to implement…

** You don’t have to have any previous marketing experience (or any technical skills at all!).

You see, REAL people are making REAL money with this…

So probably right now you wanna ask:


ClickBank Cash Supreme is a complete course that teaches you the best, the supreme and the fastest methods to make money online from ClickBank…with no cost!

With this simple yet powerful effective system, it’s like you have someone looking over your shoulder, leading your steps, and hand-holding you down the quickest path to making your way to online success.

Listen, you know that economic crisis is not over yet…and this year is going to be a tough year again…many uncertain things might happen…

…so what if you can make extra income like $1000, $5000, or even up to $38,000 per month?

Would it be nice?

Watch all the income proofs and listen to what other people have got to say about ClickBank Cash Supreme right here.

Your online empire is waiting.

New Affiliate Profit Blueprint Costs You NOTHING.

Affiliate Profit PlanFor the first time ever, all of Jeremy Gislason & Simon Hodgkinson’s top money-making affiliate strategies have been condensed into one solid, yet ridiculously simply blueprint. And you can get it 100% FREE here.

You’ll discover the exact same tactics that enable them to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in commissions every year, and that have cemented them to the JV circuit’s “Most Wanted” list for the past 5 years…

You’ll want to download this brand new video along with a handy mindmap (for reference) and start “plugging in” these super easy affiliate marketing strategies right away.

Let this stuff go to work for you to start sucking in commission checks like an industrial vacuum…

Run your own giveaways with this software.

Ultimate JV Giveaway Script

Scott Case has released v4 of the Ultimate JV Giveaway Script.

The Ultimate JV Giveaway Script is a tried and tested script used by many JV Givveaway events currently on the Internet.

Here are just a few new features:

– Built-in template editor
– Rating & review system
– Updated mass mail function
– One-click updates
– Amazon S3 – optional plugin
– Site backup

That is just a few of the enhancements and there is a TON of core code that has been revamped. Instead of being a contributor, why not step to the other side by being the organizer of your very own giveaway event and leverage on the efforts of contributors to bring hordes of subscribers to you?

Secrets Of A “Google-Approved Qualified Professional”

PPC Scare Tactics

Quickly and easily inject your ads with the most effective psychological tactics that will make people literally afraid NOT to click through and buy your products and services right now!

The PPC Scare Tactics package contains 7 videos and an e-book on how to write better AdWords ads to improve response. Justin Schneiderman is not a Google AdWords Qualified Professional for nothing. Inside the videos are real case studies of some of his highly responsive and profitable ads. Justin also talks about how to push psychological buttons to ‘force’ readers to respond to your ad. They won’t be able to help themselves. Very soon you’ll find incredible ways to improve your ad writing skills and construct money-churning ads like never before.

A quick sneak peak at what you get:

1) Discover how to strike the core motivating desires of your prospects with copy & paste simplicity.

2) Get detailed videos and a quick reference PDF guide to make it ridiculously easy to master scare tactics.

3) Includes special web-based software designed to amplify the intensity of the fear you induce and put more money in your pocket.

Download Your Free Blog Setup Video Guide.

Blog Tactics

Every marketer who’s really making money online has a blog, for the simple reason that it’s a real easy way to get great search engine rankings and loads of free traffic, but..

Have you ever wanted to know how the “experts” can get a blog up and running in a matter of just minutes?

Does the idea of having to learn all that techie stuff put you off?

I used to feel the exact same way and it took me ages to get over my fear of messing it all up, wasting time and getting nowhere, but not anymore!

Now I can get a blog up and running and configured for maximum traffic to rake in the money in just minutes, and I’ll show you how…

Inside the free Blog Tactics Blog Setup Guide there are step-by-step tutorial videos to show you how easy it is to:

# Choose A Domain Name For Your Blog
# Buy an Existing Blog
# Pick Up An Expired Domain With Traffic & PageRank
# Choose A Good Host For Your Blog
# Which Is The ONLY Free Blogging Script You Should Use & Why
# Update Nameservers
# Add A Site To A cPanel Host
# Install A WordPress Blog Using Fantastico in just minutes
# Set Up Your Email For Your Blog, Including How To Cut Down On The Spam You Get
# Upload Files To Your Blog
# Automate Future Posts With WordPress
# Add A Newsletter Subscription Form To Your Blog to start building your own subscriber list
# Create A Custom Header Graphic
# Add Images To Your Blog Posts

and lots more…

Grab your free Blog Tactics Blog Setup Guide and step-by-step tutorial videos now.

Unleash the Marketing & Publishing Power of RSS!

Unleash The Marketing And Publishing Power Of RSSRSS industry leaders, top marketers, respected publishers and even other RSS book authors agree that the “Unleash the Marketing & Publishing Power of RSS” e-book is the “best and most comprehensive” guide on RSS for marketers.

These include the CEO of Feedburner, the leading RSS solution provider for marketers, Dr. Mani who himself wrote an e-book on RSS, Bill Flitter of Pheedo, the leading RSS advertising company and many others.

Unleash the Marketing & Publishing Power of RSS” gives you all the information you need to quickly launch your own RSS strategy and become an RSS marketer & publisher in practically no time.

It will tell you exactly what you can do with RSS…and how, to get the advantage over your competitors in the shortest time possible!

Find the link to find out more and download your free report, “The Business Case For RSS“.

Learn from the Masters of Copywriting…

Daniel Levis is a top marketing consultant & direct response copywriter based in Toronto, Canada, and he has published the world-famous copywriting anthology “Masters of Copywriting” featuring the marketing wisdom of 42 of the world’s greatest copywriters, including Clayton Makepeace, Joe Sugarman, Joe Vitale, Bob Bly and dozens more!

Click on this page to download a free excerpt. All meat, no fluff.

“Live” SEO Workshop in Singapore!

To our local friends,

Money Mastery buddy Shi Heng Cheong will commence his 3rd run of the SEO Web Design Workshop on January 19th and 20th at SIM Management House along Namly Ave.

Here’s what you’ll get at the 2-day workshop:

* Hands-on practice to master the secrets of SEO Web Design
* Web hosting – free subdomain
* Free search engine submission
* Internet business resources & ebooks worth $497
* Admittance to Internet Marketing In Action eCommunity
* Bonus: 3 months Online Coaching worth $997!

While these workshops happen from time to time, in between Shi provides SEO consultation for corporations because “that’s where the big money is”.

You are encouraged to bring along your own notebook. Please don’t call Hercules to move your desktop (an instance like that happened in one U.S.-based workshop I heard of. What a legend.)

We are looking forward to form our local community of e-marketers within the best of our capabilities. Get to know fellow attendees and network too.

All the details and enrolment form is in here.

Hope to see you around, because I’ll be there. – Nelson

The “Big Brother” Report

This report by Jason Potash sounds a red alarm for every marketer who are creating quick-&-easy sites of a heavy ‘click’ nature e.g. affiliate marketing sites, Adsense sites etc. If you want to know what Google is up to in its effort to clamp down on such sites and what you can do about it, and what the next trend in website design and content generation is like in 2006, you cannot ignore this report, period.