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[Residual Income] Use WordPress To Run Membership Sites.

Micro Membership

Membership sites are one of the best business models to use for anyone who wants to make full-time residual income with part-time hours, and it just gets easier to set up!

You can even build niche membership sites using WordPress and all you need is a plug-in.

Micro Membership is a basic, easy-to-use WordPress plug-in that adds full featured “membership” functionality to any WordPress blog.

The real benefit of this plug-in is that it seamlessly integrates PayPal or ClickBank payment processing into your blog, thus allowing you to charge for content and automatically collect payments from your users.

Micro Membership creates and manages 5 membership payment levels:

* Free – the user has registered thru WordPress but has chosen not to pay for a subscription

* Standard – the user has paid for the “standard” subscription

* Premium – the user has pain for a “premium” level subscription

* Executive – the user has paid for an “executive” level subscription

* Elite – the user has paid for an “elite” level subscription

Micro Membership has everything you will need to build WordPress membership sites without the hefty price tag…

You can get resell rights to this plug-in now for only $9.97 for a very limited time here.