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“AIS Elite” Internet Marketing study course

Chris Cobb has been quietly banking thousands of dollars a day online for the past 10 years. Today, he is an Internet Millionaire making in excess of $10 million.

Imagine if he had shown you the stuff he had known about now, you’d wish you had turned back the clock and cut short years of trial-and-error.

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You have been upgraded!

Here’s a viral widget for your site that earns you 100% commissions. The cost: free.

(Click the above link to the page where you will see a “Free Widgets” link at the top fold. Can’t miss it.)

The reason I said “you have been upgraded” is because until now, this was made available only to a few exclusive marketers.

My friend David Cheyne has finished beta testing and the results are astounding…and he is opening this up to the general public.

You will see these widgets everywhere you look very shortly, and you can be a big part of that and be compensated very well for it.

You can get this for free and make instant commissions or…

If you want to know how to create monthly residual income, then read the whole page, because it may be the easiest way to leverage your efforts. The proof is in the first video, and the explanation of why this works is in the second video.

This is truly a way that you can have other people promote your affiliate link on thousands of sites in a very short period of time.

Don’t hesitate on this, just go there now, and get the free widget or read the whole page and get the pro widget like I did!

Create Successful Affiliate Programs by Clate Mask

In conjunction with last week’s tip, this e-mail will address the 3 main aspects of creating a successful affiliate program.

Who should my affiliates be?

When selecting people to partner with you, consider their value. Find someone whose influence is going to drive sales. Seek out the gurus and experts in your industry and see if they’d be willing to partner with you. Look for individuals with a market that is either larger, or hits another set of prospects than yours does. Finally, choose affiliates that are excited about, and preferably use, your products and service.

How should my affiliates be paid?

Always pay your affiliates on a commission basis. Like most salesman, if they do nothing…they receive nothing. The harder they work, the more they earn. However, the value of each of your affiliates is going to vary. Consider paying commissions based on a tiered payment structure.

How do I motivate affiliates to act?

Even the best partners need motivation to work with you. Here’s the key: make it EASY and LUCRATIVE for them. They’re busy. You’ve got to do as much of the work for them as you can. And, you need to be generous. Remember, it’s their influence and list you want, not their work. Make it easy and lucrative for them and your success will soar.

Creating and managing multi-tiered affiliate structures should not be difficult. Find an affiliate management software program that does this for you. Then, sit back and see what your affiliates can do!

Clate Mask is the CEO of Infusionsoft.

Download your free backlinks generator script.

Free Backlinks Generator

You may have been told it’s all about ranking high on search engines such as Google and that in turn depends on getting backlinks.

Well today I want to recommend a backlinks generator script to you that does just that.

You can download it for free but look out for 2 upgrade versions which gives you massive additional benefits:

1) You can add your own name and website link to the script and give it away or sell it.

2) When people install the script on their sites you then get additional backlinks to your site and also traffic.

3) Your Affiliate ID is also stored in the script so you get commission on any sales of the upgraded scripts made when someone clicks on your links (including links in the scripts you gave away!)

This is a very viral system and once you start it the links, traffic and commissions grow almost by themselves (via other people doing the work for you but you get the idea).

New Affiliate Profit Blueprint Costs You NOTHING.

Affiliate Profit PlanFor the first time ever, all of Jeremy Gislason & Simon Hodgkinson’s top money-making affiliate strategies have been condensed into one solid, yet ridiculously simply blueprint. And you can get it 100% FREE here.

You’ll discover the exact same tactics that enable them to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in commissions every year, and that have cemented them to the JV circuit’s “Most Wanted” list for the past 5 years…

You’ll want to download this brand new video along with a handy mindmap (for reference) and start “plugging in” these super easy affiliate marketing strategies right away.

Let this stuff go to work for you to start sucking in commission checks like an industrial vacuum…

Poor Adsense Conversions? Clickbank Ad Rotator Will Boost Your Commissions.

ClickBank Ad Rotator

We all know AdSense doesn’t pay as well as it used to. My earnings have dropped over 75% over the last 2 years and if you have AdSense ads on any of your websites I’m sure you have seen similar results.

Well that is about to change.

Over the last 6 months John Thornhill has been working alongside Dave Nicholson and Daniel Sumner on an ad system that can out-perform Google AdSense, they have spent over $10,000 developing and perfecting this system and the result is something that can outperform Google AdSense every time.

This is also something that has never been seen before, while there are similar ad systems on the marketplace there are none that can deliver as much as ClickBank Ad Rotator. This system uses the whole ClickBank Marketplace and is also so simple to use. If you can copy/paste you can use this system, it really is that easy.

The concept is really quite simple. All the ads you create are embedded with your ClickBank affiliate id. If someone clicks on an ad then buys the product advertised you get paid a commission. Unlike Google AdSense the ads are keyword driven so there is no danger of your site displaying irrelevant ads. This happens a lot with AdSense.

So for example if you had a weight loss website and used the keyword’ ‘weight’ and ‘loss’ you would only display products containing both those keywords.

The ads can be fully customized to reflect the look of your website, you can change the font, font colors, font size, border colors and styles, you can also choose the exact size of ads you require by title length, description length, word length, ad number, width, height, orientation etc.

But the real beauty of these ads is you get paid per sale and not per click. Why get paid a pathetic 10 cents for an ad click when you could be earning over $50 per sale as an affiliate.

Allow me to give you an example.

Let’s say you use ClickBank Ad Rotator and you promote a $97 product offering 60% commissions that converts at only 3% (3% is a low conversion rate). Let’s say over time you get 100 clicks. At a 3% conversion this would mean on average you get 3 sales as an affiliate that would earn you over $150.

Now login to your AdSense account and see what you earned for your last 100 clicks. Probably around $10–$20.

This is so simple but so effective and I’m sure you want to get your hands on this incredible software. Well all you need to do is visit this link for more information.

Bargain: 2-in-1 Dominating ClickBank offer by Andrew Fox!

The old fox of ClickBank has not lost his mojo yet, because this time he has come up with a new set of ClickBank strategies to help you find more hungry buyers, cut down on advertising costs and still skyrocket your pay day in spite of what anyone would say about a ‘downturn’ situation.

Yes, to Andrew Fox, ClickBank is like nothing. He can toss it like a baby.

With a track record of over 2 years it doesn’t get any better than that. He’s proven his methods work over and over. Dominating ClickBank 2 really is the timeless affiliate blueprint.

Here’s the interesting deal: Invest in Dominating ClickBank 2 and get the original Dominating CB course featuring 9 action-packed videos on how to get a product you don’t even own, leverage on ClickBank affiliates and start banking profits immediately.

What more can you ask for when you can have a 2-in-1 offer here, for a very special one-time price that’s bound to increase sooner or later.

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