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Warning: Don’t Use Google AdWords

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Tweaking The Numbers In Google AdWords

Tweaking The Numbers In AdWords

Google AdWords is a simple and easy-to-use advertising program, offered by Google, which works on a pay-per-click principle. You pay Google a predetermined amount of money each time a person clicks on your ad.

Of course, what you pay for it determines where it will be displayed in the Google search results! The primary goal is to strike the best balance between the cost and the ranking. Here is some tips for you to minimize your cost in setting up your Google AdWords campaign and increase your revenue.

Placing The Right Bid

Just like you optimize your website for keywords, you have to optimize your AdWords too. This is done by “bidding” for the relevant keywords from Google; choosing the amount you are willing to pay per click for that keyword, which, in turn, determines the location of your ad in the search results. For U.S. customers, this amount can be as low as one cent per click and as high as the competition drives it! While it is not wise to set too high a price initially, it can also render your entire campaign worthless if nobody gets to see your ad! Finding a balance between the position of your ad and the CPC is your first step towards PPC success.

Analyzing And Modifying

Ideally, you should start with 1 cent CPC for all your keywords and gradually increase it by a cent each for those keywords which are suspended by Google because of being too low priced. Once you have more than half of your keyword list working, stop playing with the CPC for the keywords until you get at least 50-75 clicks. You can start analyzing which keywords seem to be working for you at the low CPC and which need further investment.

Testing And Tweaking

Once you manage to cross phase 2 of the campaign, now you need to keep it going by revising, testing and refining your ad. You need to adjust the header, the design and the bid value. You need to keep finding ways of improvement!

Once you develop a certain comfort level with AdWords, it can actually be quite fun! Whether you are a total novice in the field of Internet marketing or you have been around for a while, but not with much success, I am sure that if you keep the above few AdWords tips in your mind, you will be able to see a definite success in all your AdWords campaigns! Playing smart is the operative word here!

10 Essential Google AdWords Tips

10 Essential AdWord TipsIf you are doing e-commerce or exploring lead generation via PPC marketing, some AdWords tips can help get the ball rolling for you. Making money with Google AdWords is very easy, and yet most people fail miserably at it! Using AdWords effectively requires a precise combination of art and science. You should be able to get that creative edge on your competitors, and you should also be able to manipulate the numbers game!

Designing The Ad

  • Be specific. This is the most important of all AdWords tips that you’ll get. You only want clicks that can convert to sales. So be specific in the headline of your ad. If you sell floral pattern bed sheets, mention the entire thing in the heading. You don’t want people looking for geometric patterned sheets clicking through!
  • What’s-In-It-For-Me. Yes, tell the customer how they would benefit by using your product. Find out what they need, and then provide it to them.
  • USP. What makes your product unique? What is the advantage in choosing your product over any other brand?

Keyword Selection

  • Cost. Most articles on AdWords tips will tell you about finding a balance between the popularity of keywords and their CPC. Sometimes incorrect spellings can also get you an abundance of targeted traffic while keeping the CPC low.
  • Targeted traffic. For exact keyword phrases, use quotes and square brackets, like NYC Theatre Tickets or [Lion King Broadway Tickets].
  • Freebie hunters. Use -free to keep them away as they aren’t likely to result in any sales.

The Extra Edge

  • Own website. What most articles on AdWords tips fail to tell you is that it is also important to have your own website, with a proper opt-in form so that you can build a mailing list of all visitors. People who don’t buy now can change their minds later.
  • Landing page. It is better to have a separate landing page for each of your products, just like a separate ad for each of them. This ensures a better customer experience and makes it easier for you to track the individual conversion rates of products.

Number Crunch!

  • Budget. Another hard-to-find point in the most common AdWords tips lists! You need to make a budget, as to how much you can bear to spend per sale, and then stick to it.
  • Profit. Ascertain your profit/sale. Then use that data to work upon decreasing cost or increasing sale, so as to reach the desired profit.

So that’s about it! The above 10 AdWords tips can help you get your profits rocketing up. Oh, did I miss the eleventh one? Well, the last tip in my list is Testing. You can simply never have enough of it. You need to keep testing and re-testing; keep changing a word here and a phrase there; keep improving! And don’t forget to enjoy the experience!

What are long-tail keywords?

A “long tail” keyword is a phrase very specific to what your website is selling and what people are looking for. By comparison, shorter keywords are called “head keywords”. Example:

Head keyword: laundry detergent.
Long-tail keywords: environmentally safe laundry detergent.

Long-tail keywords are usually cheaper to bid on for Google AdWords campaigns because there is less competition for them.

Also, people who search online using long-tail keywords are far more likely to become buyers because they know exactly what they want and are often searching for a supplier.

By comparison, people who search on the head keyword are typically more in the research stage and not so ready to buy.

Source: Wordtracker, 7/17/12

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Traffic TravisI receive plenty of free gift offers in my inbox, but this SEO software is one which I have not uninstalled in a year and you can still download it for free while it lasts.

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How to Create Your Google AdWords Campaign

Google AdWords continues to be one of the leading pay-per-click systems on the Internet, and is a valuable way for you to buy traffic for your website or blog. Understanding how Google AdWords works is only a part of being successful with PPC advertising; you’ll need to understand how to create effective campaigns, how to develop ad groups, and how to place bids for the right keywords.

No matter what niche you’re in or what type of audience you are trying to attract, there are some specific guidelines to follow when using Google AdWords. Here are some important tips for creating a Google AdWords campaign that gets results:

1. Use AdWords Wizard to set up your account. If you’re new to Google AdWords, you’ll find it easier to get through the initial account setup process using the AdWords wizard. The AdWords wizard will take you into a tour of all basic account management tools; the section wherein you setup your campaign using just a few clicks and where you can choose the regions you want your ads to run.

2. Produce effective ads. Your ad needs to contain certain words and elements in a specific format to be effective. Use your keyword or keyphrase in your ads’ headlines. Include a benefit in your second line and state a special promo or feature in the third line. Lastly, do not forget to place your landing page’s URL in the fourth line. This is a proven formula for a successful campaign, and the strategy is still supported by AdWords experts such as Perry Marshall, author of the book “The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords” and Peter Kent, author of the book “Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing for Dummies.”

3. Search for the right keywords. You need to have the right keywords and/or keyphrases that will attract your market to your site. Google offers a solid keyword selector tool that will allow you to dig deep and find appropriate keywords for your niche. Explore this tool as much as possible when you are setting up your campaign, and even when you are looking for appropriate keywords for your website or blog.

4. Learn how to keyword match. The Google Keyword Tool allows you to perform broad matches, phrase matches and exact matches for your keywords in your campaign module. This allows you to broaden your scope of words for a particular campaign. You can also eliminate certain words with the negative match; this ensures that your ads will not show up on search results for users who type in that phrase. Keyword matching allows you to refine your campaign so that it is much more targeted.

5. Define your budget One of the biggest benefits of using Google AdWords is the ability to set up your own budget. You can enter in the total amount you want to spend each day and Google will deduct this balance from your account. Start small and slowly increase your budget amount as you start monitoring results from your campaign. You need to find out which keywords actually lead to a sale and the exact cost you incur for each lead. Once you have enough data, you can then confidently increase your budget.

Want more targeted clicks at less cost with AdWords? Try AdWord Accelerator.

Attention AdWords advertisers, AdWordAccelerator helps you break into more markets than any other tool at a fraction of the price. It contains 7 keyword power tools that will identify low-competitive keywords and phrases with high click-throughs for publishing ads that give you the best ROI possible. It lets you discover niche markets that are worth pursuing by using its clicks-per-day estimates. You can obtain more quality traffic by using its theme search feature to come up with additional highly-targeted ad groups.

You can just enter how much you are willing to bid for specific keyword phrase and AdWordAccelerator will bring up all the keywords you should copy and paste to your Google AdWords ad groups with the specific cost-per-click. AdWordAccelerator is very competitive to other AdWords tools because of its speed and simplicity. The software also provides negative keywords and misspellings to push your campaigns to the maximum adWords profits.

– Lateral and Refined keyword suggestion tool provides you with clicks-per-day estimates and different keywords themes ideas

– Research broad and exact keyword phrases with click estimates and cost-per-click

– Spy on your competitors and see which ads get best click-through ratio

– Look up how your competitors word their ads and which keywords they bid on

– Negative keyword tool helps you eliminate the keyword areas that are not relevant to your market

– Misspelling keyword tool helps you reach out to more customers in your market sector

– Reveal which misspelled keyword phrases your competitors are bidding on

– The AdWords campaign creation feature bridges the gap between the advanced keyword research features of AdWordAccelerator and Google’s AdWords Editor. Not only can you now do a detailed analysis of the keywords and competition in your market space, you can take this information and quickly turn it into your own highly targeted AdWords campaigns and ad groups with very little effort. The days where hours of your time were required to enter in large amounts of data into your AdWords account are officially over. Now you can create a high volume of well researched, tightly focused AdWords campaigns within minutes!

With AdWords competition growing more fierce each day and Overture’s bid search tool biting the dust recently, you still stand a chance to turn yourself into an AdWords expert! You should definitely consider signing up for the AdwordAccelerator service when it can cut your advertising spendings and research time in half.

New memberships are now available for the next 7 days and members can expect to take advantage of new international support features like international languages and currencies. Access the video section to see how AdWordAccelerator works.

Google Wealth Wizard: Your AdWords/ClickBank Solution.

Your AdWords/ClickBank Solution

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