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Kajabi – All your Internet Marketing Tools Under One Roof

KajabiSince 2010, this Internet Marketing platform has changed the way John Reese, Andy Jenkins, Frank Kern, Trey Smith and Jeff Walker marketed their biggest products. I think it’s going to change the way EVERYONE markets online.

Kajabi is a hosted platform for marketing, selling and delivering information products online. It provides a platform for hosting content, like videos, audios and text documents, which are delivered using some proven templates, such as the video squeeze page and sales page for marketing the content, and a membership community area for delivering the actual product.

Every possible marketing tool is integrated under one roof so you do not have to work with a website builder, file hosting platform, membership site manager and autoresponders separately. Kajabi makes it easy and seamless so that its analytics feature can keep track of all aspects of your campaign performance.

The proof is in the pudding. Try Kajabi FREE for 14 days.

Inbound Marketing In Singapore Needs A Serious Jolt!

Google Trends

The screenshot you see above is captured from Google Trends. “Inbound Marketing” as a key phrase first appeared in 2007 and has been on an upward trend. Today, it is widely practiced around the world and is gaining popularity in Japan. We expect tremendous growth in South-East Asia for the adoption of Inbound marketing in 2015.

I used to hear that South-East Asia is behind the United States in technological trends by 10 years. We at iSmart seriously hope that Inbound Marketing catch on fast in Singapore, not just because we are in the business, but because outbound marketing is getting less viable by the day as the marketplace evolves. Many local marketers are not highly aware of new development in digital marketing methodologies, yet the potential for going Inbound is huge when Singapore is considered the most connected country in the region, with broadband Internet penetration close to 100%! Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines also boast a sizeable Internet user base.

It’s up to us to evangelize the long-term benefits of Inbound Marketing. With ECommerce getting more prominent of late, we are confident that Inbound Marketing is sure to follow next.

Singapore marketers must be thinking, “What’s so special about Inbound if it’s any different from digital marketing?” When I first got in touch with the Inbound philosophy, I could not tell it apart from my earlier Internet marketing experience either, but the subtle difference is there. In fact, you’d never realize email marketing can take an outbound approach as much as an Inbound one.

For example, every time you blast out an eDM mail and hoping and praying someone will click it, that’s outbound. On the other hand, a website visitor arrives at one of your landing pages and download an interesting ebook offer. Thereafter, a series of scheduled email messages is sent out to him on a 3-day interval to nurture his interest until he becomes sales-ready: that’s Inbound.

Outbound: First, you execute a marketing action, then prospects react within their choice.

Inbound: First, prospects signal their interest by their top-of-the-funnel action, then you follow up on them.

Which marketing approach is easier…much easier? There is no debate: Inbound is the way to go because it builds on prospects’ interest that is already there; they come to you on their own initiative. At any point in time—not even in the closing stage—there is no hard selling. Even traditional business owners would have a few good ‘Inbound’ moments, like when you pick up a call and someone whom you have never prospected asked about your products and services. Would you be happy to receive random leads like this at no extra advertising cost? Sure you would. Inbound Marketing is touted to lower lead generation costs by 60%!

I think one of the strongest component of Inbound that sets it apart from digital marketing in general is its follow-up process. Many corporations in Singapore may have an email database here and a blog there, but they’d never know how various digital marketing elements can gel together to become comprehensive. Inbound Marketing, through the use of HubSpot, the world’s no. 1 Inbound Marketing software, is a holistic approach to converting a cold lead into a warm Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) which ultimately becomes a customer, and throughout the process, the marketing execution is timely (saves time) and cost-effective (saves money).

Inbound Marketing Is Hard

Inbound is not just list building: landing pages are strategically positioned along the buyer’s journey to frame a lead’s problems or challenges and offer corresponding solutions.

Inbound is not just content marketing: articles are written not generically, but with a sharp focus that is relevant to the readers depending on their buyer persona and where they are along the buyer’s journey.

Inbound is not just email marketing: emails are written to be helpful, informative and conversational and sent to the appropriate segmented subscriber list to engage subscribers and build closer relationships. The dialogue and nurturing process breaks down leads’ defenses so they can be more open to speaking to your sales team later.

Inbound is not just search engine optimization (SEO): selected keywords lay the foundation for remarkable content to be written for searchers first, then the search engines. This paves the way towards better understanding of your buyer personas’ queries.

Inbound is not just closing the sale: Too much money, time and effort had been spent to acquire customers only for businesses to neglect them. It is a grave mistake and a huge let-down to customers. According to the White House Office Of Consumer Affairs, “It is 6, 7 times more expensive to attract a new customer than to retain an existing one.” Inbound customer service goes above and beyond to build trust and lasting relationships as a critical priority to creating the Inbound experience. When customers become promoters of your business, you gain 3 very powerful intangible benefits: social proof, marketing leverage and competitive advantage.

It is clear to us that Inbound requires a higher marketing school of thought in order to provide a fuller customer experience in relation to our businesses. Singapore companies have always been ahead of neighboring countries in terms of business practices, so it is high time that we must uphold our leading position by continually updating our marketing strategies to meet business growth goals.

Inbound is the next wave of marketing to maximizing your growth potential. If you are not sure how to get started, do not hesitate to call us or drop us a mail, or you can apply for a FREE website evaluation. We relish a challenge that helps us on both sides to grow in knowledge and expertise in 2015 and beyond.

Why You Can’t Rely On Inbound Marketing Alone

Why Can't You Rely On Just Inbound Marketing Alone?

Nowadays, Inbound Marketing* is becoming increasingly popular due to its effectiveness and cost-efficiency.

However, what happens when you’re not selling a product or service that is in high-demand (high volume of Google searches)?

1) What if no one is looking for your solution?

Prospects are not always searching for your solution or informative content, and hence your product.

While Inbound marketing strategies allow you to increase your digital presence, it is unlikely that Inbound Marketing alone will generate enough leads to sustain your niche business. Hence, there is a need for a certain amount of traditional, outbound marketing such as online advertising (e.g. search engine marketing) and email marketing.

2) Prospects are comfortable where they are—unaware they have an issue.

Studies show that one of the major obstacles the Inbound Marketer faces is the status quo. When it’s your prospect’s decision to do nothing, often because they do not realize they have a problem.

Thus, as your prospects are unaware of their issue, they do not actively search for a solution—and in turn, you.

If you want to better promote your products, you’ll need to challenge the status quo of your prospective customers.

Hence Inbound Marketing is not enough to acquire leads.

HubSpot, the World’s #1 Inbound Marketing Platform, has also seen this gap. They have integrated Outbound Marketing tactics such e-mail marketing along with marketing automation with Inbound Marketing features to help generate more leads for their customers.

Traditional Marketing isn’t dead.

Advantages of Traditional Marketing (particularly native advertising) include that the advertiser creates a focused and direct message and is able to control when, where and how it is seen by the targeted audience.

The best marketing strategies incorporate both dimensions of Inbound and Traditional, Outbound Marketing, and find the balance between the two to maximize ROI.

So Outbound Marketing and Inbound Marketing can not only co-exist but complement each other, such as marketing automation to follow up with leads.

* Inbound marketing is a form of digital marketing that involves SEO, Social Media, blog and landing pages to generate sales leads.

2 Secret Traffic Methods That Will Blow Your Mind! by Bryan Winters

Here are 2 very exciting, little known traffic methods that can be used to get steady visitors to virtually ANY offer online:

Secret 1. Something very few people have tried (or even thought of) is paying other list owners to add your e-mail (promo) to their autoresponders as a follow-up message.

Approach a list owner by e-mail, skype, or PM. Find out how many new subscribers they’re getting every day, and offer them a reasonable monthly fee for adding an e-mail promo (ad) to their automated follow-up messages so that it goes out to all new subscribers to their list(s).

Make sure to use a tracking link so that you can track results (clicks, etc.). And try to get placement such that your e-mail goes out within the first week of when a subscriber first joins their list (the sooner the better).

Another option here is to simply swap follow-up messages for FREE, assuming you have a list of your own where you’re also getting fresh new subscribers daily!

Many people do ad swaps with e-mails sent out to the full list (a one shot deal). But this “follow-up message” approach can mean a STEADY, increasing flow of traffic over time!

Secret 2. Another traffic secret that works well for those on a budget, is called guest blogging. This is where you submit your own unique articles to popular blogs as a guest writer. Typically, you’re able to include a link back to your site, or an affiliate site, in exchange for contributing valuable content (your article) to the site…

Search Google for ‘guest post’, ‘guest blog’, ‘internet marketing guest blog’, ‘internet marketing guest post’, etc. to find blogs that will accept your articles!

Bryan Winters is the architect of the free list building website, 5iphon Hardcore, that gets you 5 *more* subscribers for every ONE you bring in.

Which products are easiest to sell online?

Which products are easiest to sell online?

According to Internet entrepreneurs Brock Felt and Buck Rizvi, products sold online can be divided into four categories:

1 – Products that alleviate the prospect’s pain.

2 – Products that solve a problem.

3 – Products that give or enable pleasure.

4 – Products that prevent a problem or condition.

Of these, #1 and #2 are the easiest to sell, because people feel an urgent need to solve the problem or get rid of the pain.

Pleasure is desirable but its attainment is less urgent, making products in category #3 more difficult to sell.

Products in category #4 are the most difficult to sell because, as health marketers have long known, people will buy cure but not prevention.

Source: ETR Internet Marketing Conference.

Build Amazon Minisites and win a coaching program from Lisa Gergets!

Amazon Minisite MEGAProfits

Whether you’re an experienced marketer or totally new to Internet Marketing, it’s hard to get started on any one business model without solid, actionable steps, right? More often than not, when a ton of info is thrown at you, information overload takes over and paralyzes you!

I have a friend, Lisa Gergets, who is an internet marketing coach, and one of her main business models is building and selling Amazon minisites, and teaching others to do the same. So you may be asking, “Why Amazon minisites?” Well here are just a few of the reasons this particular business model is so profitable:

• Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world—they literally have everything!

• Creating these minisites is quick and easy and you don’t need any technical knowledge at all!

• You don’t need to promote the sites—simply build them, and sell them. This is great if, like Lisa, you’re not crazy about the site promotion game.

Lisa has created Amazon Minisite MEGAProfits, a 30+ video series outlining every single step to the system that she, herself, takes to research, create, and then sell these sites! And she sells between 5 and 10 of these each week. Imagine what that could do for your bottom line!

Now, Lisa normally sells this course for $97, but she’s agreed to lower the price to just $27 but only for a limited time.

Listen, if you could convince a site-flipping expert to give you hours of their time for that price, wouldn’t you owe it to yourself to do that? Get in on Amazon Minisite MEGAProfits now before it goes back up to $97!

An easy way to make sales FAST from your websites.

Free One Time Offer Script

If you’ve been involved with Internet marketing for even a short amount of time, the odds are you’ve encountered the “one-time offer”.

One-time offers are commonly referred to “OTO” for short.

It’s a page that displays just once, giving you some super special discount on a product or membership.

The reason one-time offers are used by just about all the big money-earning Internet marketers is because they pull in sales like CRAZY!

The hard part is actually being able to make an OTO. Usually it requires some expensive membership software to even be able to show one that looks professional.

Luckily, Solomon Huey decided to create a service that could finally help Internet marketers create their own one-time offers for free.

You can check out his new site here.

Solomon is a full-time marketer who really knows his stuff, and his one-time offer software is something that has been needed for a very long time.

One-time offers are one of the easiest ways to start making more sales today, so naturally this service is perfect if you’ve been looking for more ways to earn bigger profits online.

OTOs are one of the FEW methods that can truly put you on a more level-playing field with the big-time marketers who typically spend thousands of dollars developing new software.

Of course you’ll see a very cool upgrade offer when you join. If you’re serious about pulling in more sales from the Internet, you don’t want to miss it!

See why so many people are rushing in to join Solomon’s OTO software.

Grab Tons Of Traffic PLR E-books, Training Videos And Coaching With PLR/Resell Rights!

Inspiration DNA: Traffic Triple Threat

Khai Ng has just released another mega PLR package with PLR/Resell Rights to one of his most complete PLR packages here.

I’ll give you 3 reasons why this package is so powerful:

1) E-books targeting the most profitable niche in Internet Marketing

Everyone knows that traffic generation or lead generation is the no.1 problem for marketers all over the world.

Therefore, Khai’s latest package targets the hottest topics such as ad swaps, AdWords, article marketing, blogging, Craigslist, e-mail marketing, expert interviews, Facebook ads, forum marketing, guest posting, joint ventures, link exchanges, 100% commissions, giveaways, SEO, social bookmarking, solo ads and many more!

2) Technical setup videos with resell rights

Khai understands that many Internet marketing newbies struggle with the technical barrier so he has added tons Internet marketing training videos that you can resell with this package.

You can resell videos that will teach you how to register domain names, web hosting setup, changing DNS, using FTP, installing popups, creating sales and “thank you” pages, Clickbank setup, creating a PayPal button, e-book creation, PDF creation and many more technical training!

3) PLR and Internet marketing training with resell rights

Last but not least, Khai has included the resell rights to his very own 5-tier PLR training (which works for basic, advanced, expert, market leaders and even Internet marketing gurus!)

These 3 components are very powerful!

Talk about a triple threat!

You will be armed to the teeth and your customers will appreciate you for giving them everything they will need to get started.

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First Time Ever – Half a million dollars worth of premium Turnkey PLR Content!

Inspiration DNA: Destiny

Words cannot describe the magnitude of value you are about to lay your eyes upon here:

I would describe Khai Ng, the founder of Inspirational DNA, simply as ‘insane’.

Not in the medical sense, but when it comes to creating super huge PLR packages!

And everything he has ever done in the past, will pale into comparison when standing before the mountain of ‘destiny’.

Inspiration DNA: Destiny is the mother of all original PLR packages.

He has packed half a million dollars worth of PLR content, targeting well over 100 lucrative niches in Internet marketing, general business, home business, network marketing, financial, personal growth, self discovery, peace seeking, spiritual, addiction breaking, skill mastery, leadership, relationships, health and wellness and even niches relating to dogs and cats!

But one of the greatest benefits of Inspiration DNA: Destiny is that unlike most low quality PLR out there, each niche comes fully armed to the teeth like a full business in a box.

Each of these businesses in a box consist of:

– An original, high quality product
– A professionally written sales letter with a unique mini-site template
– A lead sucking squeeze page also with a unique mini-site
– A “thank you” page
– An in-depth keyword list listing every keyword you can profit from
– A special preview report you can use in conjunction with your squeeze page
– 3 autoresponder e-mails you can use to promote your product or build rapport with your customers
– 5 unique articles for article submission for most of the series

You will find one set of all of these in EACH SET, or each business in a box.

I want you to take a deep breath and multiply all of these by 100.

In short: You will get 100 different businesses in a box. Each box comes with unique products and marketing materials I’ve listed above.

You will also get everything at an unbelievable price.

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Got a website?


Need more traffic, leads, sales and exposure?

If so, then I highly recommend you check out this new service called Netblaze.

Netblaze shows website owners how to quickly dominate their market and boost their revenue following FREE step-by-step training that requires no previous knowledge of Internet Marketing.

It doesn’t matter if you are…

– A general website, forum or blog owner…
– An Internet, affiliate or e-commerce marketer…
– An offline business with an online presence…
– An online business who just needs more revenue…

…even a multi-million dollar corporation with a hefty marketing budget!

Netblaze can take your online business to the next level fast AND easily.

You’ll discover how to:

+ Get free targeted website visitors quickly & easily
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…and that’s just a start!

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Conquer 20 Lucrative Niches With These Graphics

Inspirational DNA: Graphics Arsenal

If you’ve been in Internet marketing for awhile or you’ve just started, you’ll know that:

– Millions of dollars worth of sales are being left on the table because of poorly designed websites…

– An average sales page converts at less than 1%. If you’re very lucky, your website can convert at a rate of 1.5%…

– The first thing that catches your potential customers eyes is not the headline, but the site’s layout…

– 90% of marketers are paying through their noses for good graphic designers…

Apart from that, if you own an online business, you probably have come across some of these problems…

– You don’t have the skills to create you own professional graphics…

– You are too busy marketing your products to bother creating graphics…

– You lack the resources to pay designers hundreds of dollars for your graphics…

– You can’t find a good enough designer within your budget

– You are totally clueless when it comes to graphics!

– Many other problems too numerous to list here!

Do all these sound familiar? My friend Khai Ng has created the ultimate solution to all these problems!

He has not only created the biggest graphics package in the history of personal development, he has also identified 20 lucrative niches you can use these graphics and cash in on them right away.

These niches are:

– Thinking Out Of The Box
– Law of attraction
– Keys To Success
– Leadership
– Accomplish Results

– Developing Courage
– Building credibility
– Taking Action
– Rewarding And Recognizing Others
– Making A Difference

– Personal Fulfillment
– Finding Your Purpose
– Habits Of The Heart
– Inspirational Stories
– Coping With Stress

– Thinking Out Of The Box
– Authentic Communication
– Self Healing
– Time Management
– Winning Attitude

Check out Inspirational DNA: Graphics Arsenal for the full details. This is one thing you will not want to miss!

Increase web revenues with people photos.

According to Internet marketing expert Amy Africa, the average user spends 10% more time on web sites that have a lot of photos showing people. Reason: according to Amy, when we see other people’s eyes, we stay longer.

How does this translate into more online revenues? “The more you stay, the more you pay,” Amy notes. (That’s the same reason why Barnes & Noble now serves coffee and puts out comfy chairs for you to sit and read.)

Tip: You can find cheap, royalty-free stock photos of almost any image, including shots with people, at some of these online stock photo resources:

18 Free Stock Photo Sites

24 Free Stock Photo Sites

Source: Thinking Inside the Box, 6/30/09.

How Did He Get 122,400 Free Visitors?!

Neil Shearing has a great track record for selling products that people love. In fact, he sold his first e-book in 1997!

Now he’s created a “blueprint” for creating fast, free traffic based on a year he spent building blogs OUTSIDE Internet Marketing.

Get this…with just 97 blog posts in a YEAR, he managed to get 122,400 FREE visitors to a niche technology blog!

Unlike a lot of products being offered today, Neil has full proof at his website…and he even waited a full YEAR to make sure the traffic was consistent before writing his Free Traffic Blueprint.

If you want to know how he got so much free traffic with almost no effort, take a look…

A review of my autoresponder service.

AweberAn autoresponder allows users to schedule and send multiple e-mail messages in a sequence. This is helpful for Internet marketers who constantly have to maintain communication with their subscribers. One of the leading services that provide autoresponders is Aweber.

In the past 5 years, I’ve stayed with Aweber so I consider myself lucky that I don’t have to jump around several mailing services. Here’s why Aweber remains a personal favorite:

1) User-friendly Interface: Aweber doesn’t give users a hard time in the creation and management of its autoresponders through its user-friendly interface. The buttons and images represent their functions well, and if that’s not enough there’s a setup wizard that guides you through the entire process of creating your autoresponder. Basically, you won’t have to feel awkward when working with Aweber because you’ll find your way around it easily.

2) HTML Templates: There are 150 templates for Aweber’s autoresponders, and they’re still creating more. Its templates feature excellent color schemes that can match your company’s identity. If that’s not enough, you can also add your company logo and images to your messages.

3) Tracking and Reporting: Aweber can give you information about how well your autoresponders are performing. It gives you data on open rates, click-through rates and conversion rates. It also presents the data in the form of a graph for trending.

4) Aweber gives you details on which e-mail clients your subscribers use to read your message. This allows you to adjust your autoresponders’ formats to their needs for a better business.

5) Automation: Aweber allows you to set a schedule for your autoresponders to follow. Besides scheduling the days to send them, it also gives you the option to choose what exact time you want them sent. This is important because time is a determining factor on human behavior (which translates into conversion and open rate differences).

6) Signup form customization: You can segment your list as it grows with Aweber’s fully customizable signup forms. Aweber allows you to incorporate more than 20 fields with drag-and-drop ease to your signup forms. If that’s not enough, you can create two variants of signup forms and test which one’s doing better than the other.

The Bottom Line

Aweber has been in the e-mail business since 1998 and is still a popular choice for Internet marketers. There’s no substitute for that kind of experience, making Aweber an excellent choice for anyone who wants to take e-mail marketing seriously.

Insider Secrets to A Million-Dollar Online Empire Revealed!

IM Riches Mastery

I just grabbed a copy of this awesome training video course called IM Riches Mastery which I think you should check out too!

Calvin & Patricia reveal EXACTLY how they’ve managed to rake in over $1 MILLION selling to the IM niche over the last 3 years…

If you’ve always wanted to figure how you can break into the lucrative Internet Marketing niche as a super affiliate this is FOR YOU!

If you’ve always wanted to learn how you can sell your OWN Internet marketing products and get a HORDE of motivated affiliates to promote YOU, this is FOR YOU!

If the idea of 17 training videos PLUS 6 case study videos excites you, then this is FOR YOU TOO!

It’s REALLY RARE that you actually see such a high quality video course priced SO LOW.

And there’s even a couple of case study videos thrown in so you get to see EXACTLY how it is done LIVE.

The price is set to go up really soon, as they’re seriously under-charging.

So just HURRY and grab your own copy now!

A Popular Autoresponder Marketing Technique

Marketing through an autoresponder series is a popular strategy to increase repeat website visits and sales. Here is a popular strategy using e-zine e-books.

Instead of trying to publish a small daily or weekly e-zines, try publishing one large monthly e-zine (similar to a monthly magazine) as an e-book format delivered via autoresponder, preferably a PDF file. You could have it made up of a large number of articles per issue and insert regularly featured areas throughout like inspirational quotes, industry tips, favorite sites and advice from the pros. You could also insert full-color graphics, multimedia components like audio/video file links and ads. Then you can charge a monthly rate, with an annual discounted package purchase, and sell advertising spots to sprinkle in your autoresponder announcements for each issue and with an informational series to announce your monthly e-zine to new prospects.

In summary, by using customized marketing techniques like an e-zine e-book, tailored to fit your own products and services, you can reach out and increase your website traffic and sales opportunities. Internet marketing can mean more ways to grow your business.

Want To Know The FASTEST Way To Make Money Online?

Joint Ventures Exposed

I have a quick question for you.

Do you know what the fastest way to make a ton of money online is?

I’ll give you a hint. It’s the same strategy that almost all the Internet marketing gurus use. In fact, you see it happening right in front of your eyes every single week. Maybe you see other people doing it, but you never thought you could do it too.

Well I’m about to show you how you can use this proven strategy for yourself. The best part? You can learn everything you need to know for free.

What is this amazing method for generating a huge amount of cash in record time? I can sum it up in 2 words: Joint Ventures.

Imagine that you wrote an e-book, and you want to get the word out. You could try to promote it all by yourself, OR you could have 25 joint venture partners who each have a list of over 10,000 readers. Would that make a difference in your sales? I think so!

Joint ventures are simply incredible. The problem is that most people don’t know how to do them. It seems like a mysterious art that you either know how to do or you don’t. That’s only because nobody has been able to teach you the real secrets behind creating powerful joint ventures.

My colleague Michael Rasmussen has just created a set of videos called Joint Ventures Exposed. These videos will walk you through the entire process of becoming a successful joint venture marketer. He leaves nothing out.

Even if you’re a rank beginner, you can follow his step-by-step instructions and create your first joint venture within a matter of days (not months or even years).

You’ll learn things like:

* Where to find prospective joint venture partners who are eagerly seeking out people like you to do business with.

* What to say to them in order to get them interested in promoting your product.

* How to structure your joint venture in a way that will attract the BIG BOY marketers who have massive e-mail lists.

* And so much more!

Want to learn how to create killer joint ventures yourself? Click here to watch Michael Rasmussen’s free videos on how to do it!

You ask, “But what if I’m not a marketing guru with lots of connections and a big e-mail list?”

Don’t worry. Michael’s videos will walk you through the process of developing relationships with other marketers. He gives you the step-by-step process of how to do it. He even gives you sample e-mails that you can use if you’re not sure what to say to them at first.

If you want to create an online empire for yourself, then you need to explore the power of joint ventures. It is by far to fastest way to create a massive flow of revenue for your business.

Even if you’re just curious about how this works, you owe it to yourself to check out Michael’s free videos. There’s no cost or catch. He wants to prove to you up front that he knows what he’s talking about, so that you’ll trust his recommendations in the future.

Heck, I wish every marketer thought this way. Most people just ask for your money, but Michael is doing things the opposite way. He’s giving you top-quality content right up front in order to invest in his relationship with you.

Go ahead and check out his Joint Ventures Exposed videos right away.

There’s Ton Of Bills, In The Neighborhood…Who’ya Gonna Call?

Debt Busters

I just wanna share with you a simple idea today.

What if you could save someone from financial ruin?

Do you have any idea what that person will do for you?

Not only will they thank you for life, they will most likely buy any debt-reducing solution from you that you offer!

That is what it is like to position yourself as the GO-TO guy with all the right tools and techniques to help people bust their debts!

Know this:

1) Anything that helps people to save money or generate quick cash is hands down the most lucrative market in the world!

2) Helping others to reduce their debts frees up their funds so that they will buy your products.

3) Helping others first will almost guarantee that they will remember you as an expert and follow you for life!

So with the private label rights to the following products:

– Gas Saving Secrets Exposed!

All the techniques you’ll ever need to know about saving big bucks at the pump

– Millionaire Money Mindset Mastery
Reconditioning Your Mind To Get Out Of Debt And Live A Wealthy Life

– Internet Marketing Instant Money
Hands down the fastest cash generating methods on the Internet!

– Recession Retribution
How To Fight Back During A Recession And Save Your Financial Future!

– Budgeting Strategies For Busy Families
Financial Control With Less Effort And More Results

– How To Save Money In Internet Marketing
10 Ways You Can Save Money Online And Keep More Profits!

– Organizing Debts For Better Money Management
Know Where Your Money Goes And Keep More Of It

– Real Estate Money Making Techniques For Newbies
Insider Secrets On Making Money With Property You Don’t Even Own!

– Credit Card Catastrophe Avoidance
Everything You Need To Know About Managing Credit Better

– Curbing College Debt
Tips On Cutting Down On College Expenses And Tuition Fees

Imagine branding yourself as the author of the following books and marketing them to the world…

You can become a debt buster today!

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It takes skillz to make money…

Mike Filsaime just released a video where he interviews Chris Farrell, about how Chris was able to make $50,000 per month and he has been doing it in…


Yes, $50K per month—and all in the last 18 months!

Sound hard to believe?

He confessed he knew nothing about the intricacies of Internet Marketing back in 2008. 6 months later, it all clicked together…

See the video and it will all make sense.

There is great content here so make sure to pay attention and watch the whole thing and “take notes” because what you will learn can be applied as soon as you get done.

This is one of the most informative free videos I’ve sent you all year.

You’ll see why…

This Is How You REPLACE YOUR JOB On The Internet…

Welly Mulia wants me to give you $488 worth of valuable Internet Marketing products for FREE!

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With these gifts, you’ll discover and learn how to build a CONSISTENT 4-figure per month online business FAST.

I say ‘consistent’ because a lot of the times (almost every time actually) all the Internet Marketing “gurus” claim that you can earn a 4, 5-figure income with their methods.

But what they don’t tell you is that with their methods, your income will NOT be CONSISTENT.


Well, because these “guru” methods are usually short-lived and temporary, meaning you can’t earn consistent monthly income.

Sure you may be able to earn 10K in 1 day.

But how long does it last?

Can you still earn 10K in 1 day one month later?


Take a look at the CRAZY product launch that’s happening every single day with the “how I went from zero to 100K per month in just 14 days just by working 2 hours per day” yadda yadda claim…

Every day you receive numerous sales pitch e-mails promising you the “next big thing” that if you don’t immediately buy, you’ll definitely fail in your online business venture bla bla bla…

Next day you receive another e-mail from the SAME marketer, this time offering a different “next big thing” that is supposed to be the best discovery since slice bread.

A few days later this SAME marketer pitches you again on a different product by another marketer and the cycle goes on and on…

Sounds familiar?

And when I say FAST, I don’t mean you can build a 4-figure per month business instantly.

Fast and instant is VERY different!

Instant is very deceiving.

When you say “instant” you almost think that the income you’re going to get is very easy to generate without any hard work at all…

This is definitely NOT the case here!

When I say “FAST”, I mean you learning from the mistakes that other honest Internet marketers have experienced before, and therefore cut short your learning curve so that you can achieve a four figure per month online income much FASTER than if you were to figure out everything for yourself.

Make sense?

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