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Clean up your useless PLR.

Content ProfessorIf you are anything like me then you have hundreds of PLR (Private Label Rights) material sitting on your hard drive collecting virtual dust.

Yes I know, thinking about the hundreds of dollars you spent on PLR you AREN’T even using isn’t the greatest feeling.

But I do have good news for you today.

Ludovic Louisdhon is giving free passes away to his new revolutionary system Content Professor.

What does that mean?

It means all that PLR you have on your hard drive doesn’t have to go to waste.

You see, with Content Professor you can copy and paste any text you have. Auto-find synonym variations, and create unique content on the spot.

I know it sounds too good to be true, that is why you can try it out yourself.

Even if you don’t use PLR in your business, Content Professor is invaluable. AdSense sites, niche blogs, and so much more can be created using its engine.

In fact I’ll be as bold to say wherever there is text written on a web page, then you can use Content Professor to make your job easier.

Your Own Product Factory For Only $5!

Speedy Profit CreatorI’ve gotta share something with you that I’m pretty excited about. The product is called Speedy Profit Creator and it’s by a guy named Omar Martin.

The website is a combination of software and training to teach you how to quickly create your own digital information products. I’m talking about e-books and reports that you can either sell or give away online to grow your Internet Marketing business.

Speedy Profit Creator takes you by the hand and shows you how to do this as well as provides the tools that you need to get it done fast and effectively. By using this program you can really create beautiful looking products to sell online.

Inside the members area they even give you 40 products to start off with. These are private label rights products that you can completely modify change and claim authorship on. Just like that, you are an instant author. It’s amazing.

Have a look at this if this is what you need to expand your PLR business. Here’s the link.

Why do most people fail online?

Why is it so easy for some lucky people to succeed online, while others work relentlessly and never seem to get ahead?

There are many reasons, but it all boils down to 3 important factors:

1. Their Minds Aren’t “Hot-Wired” for Success

Make no mistake about it—most successes are made, not born.

Whether your goal is to become an online millionaire, or simply make enough money to retire, it’s all entirely possible.

And it all starts up in your head.

Winners don’t let others discourage them. They have the determination to keep going. Keep pushing. And they do this by continuously feeding their minds the right “food”: positive input.

They read all the right books, learn from other successes and then they ultimately take action.

How about you—are you getting enough continuous positive input?

2. They Make It Too Hard

Let me ask you a question…

What is easier, creating a new online product from scratch—including product research, product creation, writing the copy, hiring a graphic designer, etc.—or sticking your name on a ready-made, professional product and calling it yours?

It’s pretty obvious that the second option is easier—yet so many people online don’t go that route…

Seriously—When you’re starting out online you’d have to be insane to start creating everything from scratch!

There IS a massive shortcut to online success and I’ll let you in on it in a minute.

3. They Don’t Take Action

You can have all the knowledge in the world, and still be wretchedly poor.

The thin line between success and failure is separated only by a willingness to take repeated, positive actions towards your goals.

Today you have the opportunity to take ACTION on a great opportunity—one that could FAST-TRACK your online success. Catapult your online earnings.

I’m talking about a brand-new private membership site that offers you all the tools you need to succeed online—positive mindset tools, an easy-to-follow method to make money online, and ongoing support.


It’s called Money2K and it’s a private PLR membership site that offers you all the latest, hottest Private Label Rights (PLR) products—products that you can put your name on and use as your own! (And yes, this is totally legal.)

Forget about boring product research, tedious product creation and expensive copywriting and graphic design. IT’S ALL DONE FOR YOU!

You can literally have your own product in minutes and start profiting!

However, this is much more than your typical PLR membership site—you’ll also get…

* Free motivational audio programs, videos and books to help you along the way, as you grow more and more successful…

* Ongoing training on the BEST way to use PLR (most people are doing this wrong…)

* Personal support from Marcel Vinson, PLR expert and the site’s creator.

* Amazing resources to help you learn WHATEVER YOU WANT about profiting online: CPA, affiliate marketing, list building, facebook, Videos—you name it!

And best of all, it’s Absolutely FREE for a limited time.

That’s right, if you sign up right now, you’ll get access to over 200+ hot products that you can use to build your list, sell for yourself, or use to learn the advanced methods and profit!

And this isn’t a 30-Day or 60-Day no-cost trial—it’s a LIFETIME membership. Better jump on this while you can!

Creating Your Own Internet Marketing Course In Various Ways

You’ll hear lots of marketers talking about a big payout. If you want the same, you’ll find they always have one thing in common: an online marketing course. It’s hard to make money at a constant rate online unless you actually have your own products to sell. Within this article you will find three ways to create you own Internet marketing course if you chose this is right for you.

Product Creation Method #1 – The Power of Private Label Rights

Private Label Rights (PLR) are all the rage right now online. In short, PLR means taking an existing product or item for which you have purchased the PLR rights, make it your own product and sell it. PLR rights basically mean “The Rights to Label it as your Own”. The major drawback is that they can become ineffective when so many people have access to them. You might strike gold when you secure PLR rights to a product that’s not widely distributed. Just hire someone to rebrand the product, repackage it with your own graphics and promote it and wait for the money.

Product Creation Method #2 – Develop Some Videos

If you haven’t noticed by now, videos are becoming the wave on the Internet. The same goes for courses that are marketed online. With videos, customers can be given step by step instructions that they can follow along with. A different but terrific way to utilize video is by making instructional videos around a product for which you are an affiliate. After making your instruction videos, offer them as a free reward for people who make purchases through your affiliate link (for which you get a commission).

Regardless of which video-method you choose, keep in mind a video is going to make a deeper impression than a written report any day.

Product Creation Method #3 – Do Interviews and Record the Audio

I really like this method since it gives you credibility even if you’ve never done any of this before. Also, there are not a whole lot of people already doing this (unlike PLR) so you will be able to stand out more. For free publicity there are a lot of marketers who will give you an half-hour or even an hour of their time. Just approach them and ask for an interview. Tell them you will be including an audio recording of it in an upcoming product you plan to promote heavily. It also doesn’t hurt to briefly tell them about some of your marketing plans so they know you’re serious and won’t waste their time. They will typically be happy to do the interview if you promote their products and services throughout the course. It’s as easy as recording the interview and adding some “packaging” and you’re set. Rinse and repeat with other marketers and ensure you have some exclusive and valuable information and you have yourself an Internet Marketing course.

There are many ways you can make a profit over the Internet. Writing an e-book, creating and selling graphic artistic work, or creating a software template are just a few other common ways to make money online. The most important step you must take after developing an Internet Marketing course is to do proper promotion of it from a variety of outlets, the most important one being affiliates. Deposit your checks, and remember to send me some of the proceeds