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11 YouTube Video Marketing Tips For Maximum Results

11 YouTube Video Tips For Maximum ResultsWere you aware that 70% of all the traffic on the Internet today comes from videos? That is a pretty unbelievable number when you consider it.

Here are 11 tips on how you can create and market your YouTube video to get better results.

1. Post your videos on other social media sites besides just YouTube. These could include Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon, and Digg. Post it on your blog as well. Send a mailing out to your e-mail list and invite them to visit your blog and watch the video and leave comments.

2. Make your videos professional. Do not cut corners on sound and edit them so they are presentable. This should include lighting and color that is easy on the eyes.

3. Keep your videos short and on message, especially if you are doing a verbal presentation. I am not going to sit through a 10 minute video and neither are most of your viewers. Get to the point and then wrap it up. You can say a lot in a 2-3 minute video.

4. Just as in blogging, find ways to make your videos unique. This should include humour, controversy and really useful information that is not recycled from other people’s videos.

5. Use your YouTube video to brand yourself and your business. Include your website logo, and your website URL in the beginning, in the text, and at the end. Videos really give you a great chance to come across as an expert on what your video is about.

6. Before you tape it ‘live’, practice it a few times. This will give you confidence because you know exactly what you are going to say. Never create a video on the fly.

7. Think about creating a series of videos on one theme. This can bring people back to watch more of what you have to say. It also will help you break your video into smaller portions so you can really stay on message for each one.

8. Get search engine benefits by incorporating targeted keyword phrases into the title of your video. You should build a keyword list and know what you are trying to rank highly for. Search engines love to rank videos on their search results for fresh and unique content.

9. Ask your viewers to leave comments. This helps get them involved and let you know what they are thinking.

10. Track your hits by using YouTube Insights to see who is watching your video and where they are coming from. Just as analytics are helpful on your blog or website, they can give you a lot of good information about your video.

11. Have fun. Do not swear or use inappropriate actions in any way. Do not offend people when you are having fun with off color jokes or comments.

These are 11 ways the experts create YouTube videos and market them to build their business. If you are not applying video marketing, you need to start today!

A Bird’s Eye Summary Of 10 Traffic Generation Methods

A Bird's Eye Summary Of 10 Traffic Generation Methods

The one common purpose of every website is to attract visitors. Without visitors a website does not have any effect or influence. In this article we will be looking at 10 traffic generation techniques that can be implemented to attract more visitors to your website.

Nothing is for free and without hard work and dedication these techniques will not guarantee success. For the best results it is advisable to use a combination of the 10 techniques as part of your traffic generation strategy.

1. Article Marketing

Consumers use the Internet to get information on the topics that they are interested in. More information will be available on popular topics (celebrities, news, and more) than on niche topics. In order for article marketing to work you have to find a niche market to write about. Not all niche markets will generate traffic and you need to experiment a bit. The best part of article marketing is the fact that the costs are very low. There is however an investment in time. Articles need to be original, unique and well written in order to attract visitors through your text links within the article or resource box. Readers who find your article informative will point other users to your article through blogs, forums and bookmarks.

2. Video Marketing

The use of video as a marketing tool has increased dramatically over the last couple of years. Video can be used in various different ways to market your website or products. Videos can go viral easily and can attract a lot of customers to your website. Youtube is still the best site to post videos to but there are a number of high quality video sites available.

3. Social Sites

Facebook and Twitter are 2 examples of social media sites that have grown rapidly in a short period of time. The benefit of social media is the instant interaction with your consumer base. Google also lists Tweets in the search result pages and this can lead to additional exposure. You can integrate most of the social media sites with your website to allow visitor interaction. If you are serious about generating traffic to your website, you need to make use of social media to market your site.

4. Forums

Partaking in relevant forums or discussion groups through comments, questions or posts is still a very good traffic generation technique. You need to research related forums and join the high ranking trusted ones. With forums the key is your signature link. Use a signature link that entices the reader and that results in visits to your site.

5. Blogging

It is very easy to start a blog and the costs are very low. Look at creating a blog linked to your website and post relevant information on the blog daily. Ping your blog to ensure that it is picked up. You can also link your blog posts to your Twitter profile. If you post high-quality and informative content, visitors will follow!

6. Social Bookmarking

Bookmarking your site on websites like Digg, StumbleUpon and Reddit will results in one-way links back to your site. It is also a great way to gain more exposure for your website. Use the bookmarking sites for your own use by bookmarking sites that you like. Make sure that these bookmarking sites are integrated with your website to allow visitors to bookmark your site.

7. Podcasts

Podcasts can be a great traffic generation tool. You can either publish a podcast or be a guest on an established podcast. Find podcasts or Internet radio shows that focus on a relevant subject and find out how you can become a guest speaker. Good podcasts are normally referred to friends and can go viral resulting in traffic to your website.

8. Banner Advertising

Look at using low-cost banner ads on large ad networks. Banners can attract attention in some websites and can be a great traffic generator. There is no need to spend thousands in the beginning and a banner with a simple sales message is just as effective.

9. Press Releases

Submitting a press release about your site whenever there is something to announce will generate traffic. Search for free press release templates if you want to write your own press release. Unlike article writing, do not overdo it; only submit a press release if you have something to announce.

10. Pay-Per-Click

Pay-Per-Click campaigns can be profitable or cost you a lot of money. What makes this form of advertising ideal is that you reach your identified target market directly and should therefore achieve a higher conversion rate. The key to a successful Pay-Per-Click campaign is great ads with perfectly targeted keywords. You might have to experiment a bit in the beginning with your ads and it is advisable to set a limit on the cost.

Generating traffic to your website is not as easy as it looks. If you are not familiar with any of the above techniques, please research them further before implementing them. Remember that the above techniques will also generate backlinks to your site and should therefore improve the position of your keywords on the search results pages and improve organic traffic to your site.

Video Marketing: 10 Tips For Using Videos To Market Your Business

10 Tips For Using Videos To Market Your BusinessYou want to use as many media as your business allows you to market since you’re reaching a wider audience than you would with text alone.

Some prospects respond better to video than they do to text, so here are 10 tips and tricks for using video to market your business:

1. Keep ’em short

Whether you’re loading videos on YouTube or you’re using them to pre-sell products on your blog, keep them short (around 5 minutes or so)…especially if your audience includes people who don’t know you.

If needed, break a long video into multiple smaller videos. From experience, I found that if people knew beforehand how short they can expect a video to be, they will be more willing to sit through it.

2. Post videos on your sales pages

You can use video salesletters to highlight the main points of your regular salesletter. You can also use videos to demonstrate what the product is and how easy it is to use.

You may also get your satisfied customers to give you video testimonials.

3. Choose your keywords carefully

If you’re loading your videos onto YouTube, choose keywords that your market is currently using to find information in your niche.

You may also choose keywords that match those being used alongside other popular videos in your niche.

4. Know your purpose before you start

Before you film, choose one purpose for your video. Is it to get subscribers? Send traffic to your blog? Pre-sell a product?

Whatever the reason, base your entire video around that singular goal.

Don’t confuse your viewer by giving more than one option.

5. Create a call-to-action

You should create at least one call-to-action in your video, where you tell people exactly what you want them to do and why (e.g. “Go to yourdomain.com to grab Part 2 of this video, but hurry, you can only get it free for a limited time!”).

6. Encourage comments

If you’re posting your video on YouTube, on your blog or other social sites, encourage comments (even controversial ones). The more people talk about your video, the more your visitors will return to your page to see what’s new in the discussion.

7. Use other social sites to jumpstart the viral effect

If you want your video to go viral, you need to promote it. One way to do that is to link to or embed your video on your social media pages.

8. Blog about your video

Another way to promote your video is to blog about it. If you embed your video on your blog, then encourage your visitors to social-bookmark it.

9. Ask your JV partners to share your video with their prospects and customers

Yet another away to advertise your video is by asking your JV partners to mention it in their newsletters, blog about it and share it with their social media contacts.

10. Put a video on a CD/DVD and give it away for free

You can build a physical mailing list by putting your video on a CD or DVD and giving it away for free to those who give you a mailing address. Be sure to include an upsell at the end of your video.

In summary: You can use videos to pre-sell products, demonstrate products, teach your prospects, drive traffic to your sites and grow your mailing list. Start applying these tips today and you’ll be amazed at what video marketing can do for you.

Discover 9 Powerful Video Creation Strategies For Quality Engagement And Emotional Branding

Discover 9 Powerful Video Creation Strategies For Quality Engagement And Emotional Branding

Consider the following Singapore video marketing statistics:

1) Videos increase purchase likelihood by 64% than text. (source: HubSpot Singapore)

2) 70% of marketing professionals say that video converts users to qualified leads better and more effectively than text. (source: HubSpot Singapore)

3) 74% of all Internet traffic will be generated by video by 2017. (source: Invodo)

4) 76% of B2B marketers use video content as part of their Singapore digital marketing strategy. (source: reelseo)

The use of video as a marketing medium is trending, but it also demands that we need to create content that stands out from the crowd. Here are 9 types of videos you can produce for quality engagement with your leads and customers.

1) How-to videos: Video content demonstrates, with instructions, how to solve common problems or operational steps to using your product.

2) Video testimonials by happy customers.

3) Customer case studies: how your customers use your product in their daily routine/work and the results or ROI. Example: HubSpot CRM

4) A daily or weekly video series that shows how daily life issues are quickly solved with your solution and how users’ quality of life improve as a result.

5) Give a virtual tour of your office, factory or facilities to introduce your staff and help people understand the nature of your business, your corporate culture, your business values etc.

6) Spoof videos showing, in a light-hearted/humorous manner, what happens to people if they don’t use your product.

7) Run a video contest. The video breaks down into the following segments:

a. Announce that you (the merchant) are giving away a few free copies of your latest product.

b. Explain the rules of the contest:

i. Upload a video explaining the biggest reason why you must have the product.

ii. Put the merchant’s website name, product name or contest name in the title space for the uploaded video. The merchant says it’s for his/her own easy search. In general, this is really an Singapore SEO tactic and branding exposure.

iii. Contestants include their names and contacts and other crucial description.

iv. Submit video to YouTube or other video sites where the merchant will visit.

v. Notify the merchant of the uploaded video.

c. Give a dateline for the contest and how you will pick the winners (best reason, best comment, most innovative etc.).

A video contest should provide a viral marketing impact in the sense that when you have more video uploaders mentioning your product and filling their pages with related keywords and tags, you effectively attract the attention of more people whom you would otherwise have not been able to reach out all by yourself, and get more views.

Conduct a video survey: Film your video as a survey to invite questions from the public via their comments or uploaded videos. Then you research for answers and compile them into a product!

Here’s a template message for your video, using guitars as a context:

“Dear online friend, I need your advice!

I’m halfway through preparing the materials for an audio/video course detailing all possible self-learning and very quick solutions for playing the guitar and other related issues and I want to make sure I don’t leave anything out.

So will you let me know your biggest questions about playing the guitar. It could be anything…even if you think it’s silly. It’d better be outrageously challenging and specific. Questions may include:

1) What are the different types of guitars available and which type is best played for which genre,
2) What are the different types of strings,
3) Which genres are played on what occasions using the guitar,
4) How to learn fingerstyle in a week,
5) How to take care of my guitar,
6) I know nuts about musical tones. Where do I start?

All you have to do is type your question as a comment below and connect me as your friend. In exchange, I’ll give you the first 3 chapters absolutely free when the course is ready. Just look out for my private messages in your inbox as I notify you of milestone progress.”

This strategy is hyper-targeted and relevant to all participants of the survey, and they’ll love you for addressing their questions or problems quickly and succinctly.

9) Core curriculum of video lessons: Offer a full video course. The aim is to interlink all videos such that when visitors stumble upon “part 6”, you can refer them to where they can watch “part 1” if they don’t know where the starting point is. The more videos you can produce, the more random visitors you are likely to attract. One reliable tactic for creating such video series is to plan tutorials for different modules for a subject matter, e.g. how to set up email workflows using autoresponders (featuring different functions of the marketing automation Singapore software in each video).

In an increasingly competitive business world, online videos stand to be a reliable marketing channel. All the above video creation strategies are applicable in B2C and B2B context. B2B purchasing decisions, however, affects not any one individual but an entire organization. Your content needs to help buyers make a decision that is right for their company. Of course, you want them to buy your product or service, but only if you are 100% sure it will serve their goals and deliver ROI.

Therefore, more than demonstrating your capabilities to solve a marketplace problem, an ideal long-term business goal is to get people connect personally and emotionally with your brand through clever and thoughtful marketing or a conceptual presentation (this HP commercial comes to mind).

Consistent application of the video creation strategies can only do good in generating new sales leads, building credibility your brand, and providing new opportunities to forge/strengthen relationships with customers and stakeholders.

Discover How To Optimize Your YouTube Videos And Generate Maximum Views

Video marketers may tend to associate YouTube with Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Marketing, but Business-to-Business (B2B) Marketing cannot be counted out.

92% of B2B customers watch videos online, 43% of that demographic researches services or products for their business through online videos and 76% of marketing professionals include video marketing as part of their overall digital strategy. (source: B2B Video Marketing Strategies)

When you produce your video, one approach is to address a main issue faced by your B2B customers, and then it is important to let your prospects or customers easily search for the solution provided in your video.

The trick is in keyword optimization, that is, filling in choice keywords in the video description and embedded text. Here’s how to do it:

1. Video subtitles and closed captions are actually searchable text, so they generally make your videos more searchable.

2. Search-optimized title, tags and descriptions are important to let target buyers search your solution to a problem, so make sure you are filling keywords which they are using for their online searches.

3. Associate your website to your YouTube channel, and also put in keywords and your website URL in annotations e.g. video title, speech bubble etc. to gain more exposure.

Video marketing usually has the common aim of generating sales leads. Therefore, you should:

1. Guide the potential customer to take action by going to your website. Simply instruct them directly in the video.

2. Add an annotation to your video with a link to your website or a landing page.

Video analytics is a valuable tool to track views and engagement statistics and discover how well your videos are doing. It helps you to re-evaluate the focus on future topics for your videos and the keywords you use.

Some points to note:

1. Actual audience engagement and average drop-off rates of your videos are shown in video analytics, as well as how each video is contributing to lead generation and revenue which help to gain better insight into who your hottest leads are.

2. Video analytics can track how long an individual actually remains engaged on a video, enabling you to treat a lead who watches only 10 seconds differently from one who watches the video all the way to the end. This feature offers a reliable means of tracking actual engagement with content and video analytics can provide the exact figure for the marketer.

3. Import video analytics data into your marketing automation or CRM platforms to to maximize the value of video marketing. It provides a comprehensive insight into how prospects interact with the brand across multiple channels throughout the buyer’s journey, and it also enables the marketer to start reporting on his/her videos’ impact on lead generation, pipeline development and closed revenue.

In conclusion, make sure that with every video include a call-to-action and an URL of a landing page or page back to your website where folks can learn more about your business or offer, and use video analytics to revise your video content strategy to generate more leads.

4 Ways To More Effective Viral Marketing

4 Ways To More Effective Viral Marketing

For any businesses that realize a need to provide constant support to prospects, customers or partners, these few ideas should provide the online means for the clients to pass on the businesses’ ideas in an enthusiastic and viral manner.

1. Set up a forum, online discussion board, Facebook fan page/group or LinkedIn group simply because it is such a great participative tool. As discussions blossom, the quality of information will attract more registrants.

Place social bookmarking buttons in each discussion thread to encourage forum users to spread the word. Also place a banner ad at the top of the board.

2. Write an e-book or whitepaper report to give it away. Invite partners to place descriptive ads in the free e-book so they themselves can give it away to their web visitors or list subscribers. The viral effect will be immense!

3. If the staff or writers can’t find the time or the creativity to write from scratch, they can easily find info-products on the Internet that sell a license allowing them to distribute the product free of charge to other people. Look for those products that provide “branding” or “white label” rights. These rights allow you to include your own name, website, and contact information in the editable portion of the product (whether it’s an e-book or software). Of crucial note, it is important to rewrite the base content to augment your business’ unique positioning and selling point so that the e-book looks a little more ‘original’.

4. Write articles that pertain to your product or service. Invite other webmasters to republish your content in their e-books, newsletters, e-books, e-zines, article directories and magazines. Your profile signature at the end of the articles is what gets readers to go to your website to learn more about your business.

Hopefully these 4 ideas can act as catalysts for more creative viral marketing strategies, and I have not begun to go in-depth on video marketing or podcasting! Let’s get started.

Watch the evolution of video marketing.

Easy Video SuiteI’m going to get straight to the point.

Since 2009, one tool has helped evolve the way marketers use video for their online business more than anything else.

That tool is Easy Video Player by Josh Bartlett.

Even now, over 2 years after the launch of Easy Video Player 2, other video software is STILL trying desperately to catch up with what they innovated with back in 2010!

Meanwhile Josh has been working on the next evolution of video marketing for over 2 years…

And he invested multiple, six figures of his own money to create the “next generation” of video marketing, based on the input of tens of thousands of his satisfied customers.

If you want know how to record, convert, publish, market and track your videos with just one easy-to-use system, then you’ll want to watch Josh’s video!

In this video, Josh reveals his journey from just having the best video player on the market, to doing something even greater and producing truly the ultimate video marketing solution: the Easy Video Suite.

You’ll also discover how you can now do the following with videos:

* How to have a perfectly web-optimized video that is viewable on all mobile devices (simply by dragging and dropping your videos into a desktop app that is PC & Mac-compatible)!

* Know what type of video will convert your prospects into customers and raving fans (see how they interact with your videos in real-time!).

* Have your now-optimized and converted video on a sales page and viewable by your prospects in ONE minute or less (without uploading a single file or touching a piece of code)!

* Let Easy Video Suite actually automatically track and run your entire video marketing campaign (as close to autopilot as it can get!).

Watch the video now to realize the the true power of Easy Video Suite. With video being an increasingly attractive medium for marketing, Easy Video Suite can serve you well into the long term.

Easiest way to churn out slideshow videos yet!

Video Spin Blaster

I had come across a piece of advice on creating the simplest slideshow video in the shortest amount of time:

1) Create your slides in PowerPoint.

2) Record your voice-over elaborating on the slides in detail.

3) Use Windows Movie Maker to overlay the slides with your audio.

Problem is you still need to learn editing skills to ‘cut’ your slides for perfect timing. It’s already too much work when I have to look after most other Internet Marketing aspects of my business.

Thank goodness for Video Spin Blaster! All you need to do is:

1) Create a series of graphics using your usual graphics editor and prepare a public-domain music soundtrack if necessary,

2) Select them in VSB according to sequence,

3) Time your pictures (by entering a number of seconds) and click a ‘generate’ button.

You can create a 10-minute video in less then 10 seconds and the output file will be smaller than 1 MB so you will need only a few seconds to upload it to YouTube.

You wouldn’t believe Video Spin Blaster has features not Windows Movie Maker and even Camtasia have. Click here to watch some sample videos and compare the features of rival software in a table.

Creating videos could not get any easier. Get started with video marketing today!

Video marketing secrets revealed

Captain Mojo ManifestoVideo is HOT right now and everybody knows it. It builds deeper relationships faster and converts higher.

That’s the bottom line.

We’ve been told this by virtually every Internet marketer (who is actually making money).

Mojo Video Marketing has built a Six-Figure Business using video (and they are quickly on their way to building a 7-figure business). For a limited time (due to high demand) they are releasing the automated video software they built that has helped them grow by 25% each and every month.

Even better…they are prepared to share the tactics that they have been paid as much as 20k for by select, VIP clients.

They are going to teach you the exact method they used to:

1) Get Arizona’s new County Attorney elected. Want to know the cool part? He beat out his competitor who had 16 years of experience in that same office! Not only that, before using this tactic he had zero visibility and no chances for victory.

2) Help Jude W. launch her startup HR consulting company and go from zero revenue to landing her first large paying client and get thousands of inquiries.

3) Increase Ray’s conversion for his tile installation business from 12% to 50% by using this method. Quick note about Ray’s success: he did this in December, which is usually his slowest month.

Watch the proof.

How To Get Much More Free Traffic From YouTube

Video Traffic Academy

Sean Malarkey & James Wedmore have put together a very special video revealing exactly how to get massive results with YouTube.

They show you how to drive a TON of traffic on YouTube without spending a lot of time or money on your video marketing efforts.

I’m serious, this video they put together shows you step by step on how you can do this for your business today!

In fact, they’ve boiled everything into 3 simple steps…

You’ll discover exactly how to set up a profitable video marketing campaign & leverage YouTube’s 3+ Billion Daily Views to funnel your share of targeted traffic straight to your website!

You can thank me later for showing you this as it’s already helping me get a ton of traffic

Do this and you’ll get traffic.

Here’s a simple 4-step video marketing method:

1) Download the free CamStudio screen recording software.

2) Use Powerpoint and CamStudio to create a quick teaser video presentation on a niche topic. Include a website address reference at the beginning and end of the video.

3) Do some basic keyword research and use relevant long-tail keywords in the video title that you can easily get traffic for.

4) Sign up for a free account on waach and distribute your video all over the web with a ‘live’ link to your web page in the description.

Do that each day for a month and I guarantee you’ll get lots of traffic. That being said, it does take work to get it done.

Dominate Niches With Video Marketing

Download this 73-page video marketing blueprint PROVEN to snare in huge amounts of traffic to your websites with easy-to-make videos for FREE!

Amazon S3 Is Not Fully Secure!

If you use Amazon S3 the way most marketers do, I guarantee you’re paying too much money and losing too many sales.

Find out how to prevent these problems once and for all…

You need to check S3FlowShield out if:

1) you do membership sites
2) do video marketing
3) use Amazon S3 at all
4) use WordPress

Actually, every serious marketer needs to check this out because right now there are over 1.4 BILLION files on Amazon S3 that even a brain-dead dork could steal.

Here’s the link again.

Create, Optimize, And Publish Your Videos For Maximum Response

Question: How many video marketing strategies can you think of immediately?

3? 7? 10?

Not quite enough. Josh Anderson and Scott Lundergan has 100+ video strategies you can access in one place right now!

I know both Josh and Scott are well known for their web video publishing and video marketing consulting.

Their clients are professional video production companies, top Internet marketers, independent producers, “DIY” video marketers, novices and experts alike.

You can see what they’ve been up to the last few years compiling the best strategies, blueprints, resources, and training into one powerful and comprehensive portal: Optimize Your Video 2.0

Video on the web is really where it’s at and you can get access to everything you need for your video creation in 2011 inside this portal.

1,635,212 visitors in a month??

Traffic Ultimatum

Traffic to your websites is one of the most important things you can do to increase your online sales…

Yet it is probably one of the things that gives people the most trouble.

Now don’t let this kid’s age fool you on what he knows about traffic generation.

He may be young but he’s been pulling in some serious traffic and sales over the past year.

Traffic Ultimatum is the ultimate traffic-getting course that 19-year-old George Brown uses to make several thousands of bucks each day!

It’s a very well rounded course all laid out in streaming & downloadable videos along with PDF overviews.

It’s very easy to follow and find exactly what parts you’d like to learn first.

Even if you already know lots of methods on getting traffic, have you honestly mastered every single one?

Here’s what’s included:

[+] 35+ unique traffic getting methods and strategies
[+] 300 plus process maps, mind maps, diagrams and everything else!
[+] Several tools and resources on Media buying, video marketing, Google AdWords, PPV and much more
[+] Personal 1-on-1 support from George Brown himself (exclusive!)

While I know a lot about getting traffic I can say that I don’t know everything (not sure if that is even possible nowadays).

I’m always on the look out for new or improved strategies on traffic generation.

So if you want a really good resource added to your library about traffic generation than this course is a must!

Do you have 28,800 hours every day?

If I can recall correctly, 20 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute. That’s 28,800 hours every day!

So my question is: is video production a hard thing to do?

I’ve heard plenty of excuses like “it is too hard” or “it is too expensive” or “too slow” and more sincere inquiries about file formatting or resolution in relation to file size. And the biggest challenge most marketers have about video has to do with storyboarding: how to craft an effective video that gets your message across.

Both software and hardware resources for video making are getting better and cheaper by the days. Just the other day a local technology review press supplement rated the 3rd-generation Creative Vado HD as an “Editor’s Choice” for:

* simplified elegance
* video and audio quality
* uncomplicated high-definition video shoot
* price
* form factor
* ease of use

On the software side, I came across the Debut Video Capture Software. It’s free and it’s fun and easy to use too. Do a PowerPoint presentation on your PC, capture it, save it into a video and upload it to YouTube.

You know you gotta have video when Frank Kern says his ‘ghetto’ videos are making millions of dollars during product launches, and he’s not lying. Videos are great for getting traffic to your site and proven to convert traffic into sales.

The video marketing part is what separates the real marketers from the leisure video producers. You may not know this but YouTube count as 1 complete video view when the video is loaded and played from start to finish. Most viewers would have already moved on if they can’t find what they want. How are you going to lock their attention and hook them for the close?

Here is where you can learn from Andy Jenkins’ latest coaching program: The Video Boss. You’re talking about someone who has a pro background in video editing and comes straight from Hollywood (he won an Emmy too!) before he co-founded StomperNet with Brad Fallon.

I won’t reveal too much about what’s inside other than to suggest you watch the video (what else?) and discover what’s in it for you, but let’s just say you won’t need very sophisticated tools that will drain your computer’s CPU or disk resources; in fact, some of the tools may have already been installed on your computer. What about SEO? You can’t practically do anything about SEO without text, but Andy will show you how to get ranked on the first page of Google with the most negligible amount of SEO work!

In short, you’re going to get your investment’s worth with 9 weeks of coaching from Andy to make YOU a Video Boss.

Don’t miss your opportunity to learn video from The Best Video Marketer Ever!

The 500 spots will go Fast, so Act Now!

Creating Your Own Internet Marketing Course In Various Ways

You’ll hear lots of marketers talking about a big payout. If you want the same, you’ll find they always have one thing in common: an online marketing course. It’s hard to make money at a constant rate online unless you actually have your own products to sell. Within this article you will find three ways to create you own Internet marketing course if you chose this is right for you.

Product Creation Method #1 – The Power of Private Label Rights

Private Label Rights (PLR) are all the rage right now online. In short, PLR means taking an existing product or item for which you have purchased the PLR rights, make it your own product and sell it. PLR rights basically mean “The Rights to Label it as your Own”. The major drawback is that they can become ineffective when so many people have access to them. You might strike gold when you secure PLR rights to a product that’s not widely distributed. Just hire someone to rebrand the product, repackage it with your own graphics and promote it and wait for the money.

Product Creation Method #2 – Develop Some Videos

If you haven’t noticed by now, videos are becoming the wave on the Internet. The same goes for courses that are marketed online. With videos, customers can be given step by step instructions that they can follow along with. A different but terrific way to utilize video is by making instructional videos around a product for which you are an affiliate. After making your instruction videos, offer them as a free reward for people who make purchases through your affiliate link (for which you get a commission).

Regardless of which video-method you choose, keep in mind a video is going to make a deeper impression than a written report any day.

Product Creation Method #3 – Do Interviews and Record the Audio

I really like this method since it gives you credibility even if you’ve never done any of this before. Also, there are not a whole lot of people already doing this (unlike PLR) so you will be able to stand out more. For free publicity there are a lot of marketers who will give you an half-hour or even an hour of their time. Just approach them and ask for an interview. Tell them you will be including an audio recording of it in an upcoming product you plan to promote heavily. It also doesn’t hurt to briefly tell them about some of your marketing plans so they know you’re serious and won’t waste their time. They will typically be happy to do the interview if you promote their products and services throughout the course. It’s as easy as recording the interview and adding some “packaging” and you’re set. Rinse and repeat with other marketers and ensure you have some exclusive and valuable information and you have yourself an Internet Marketing course.

There are many ways you can make a profit over the Internet. Writing an e-book, creating and selling graphic artistic work, or creating a software template are just a few other common ways to make money online. The most important step you must take after developing an Internet Marketing course is to do proper promotion of it from a variety of outlets, the most important one being affiliates. Deposit your checks, and remember to send me some of the proceeds

Learn Why Internet Marketing Videos Are So Powerful

Being successful at internet/affiliate marketing is the Shangri-la of a huge number of people on the web.

Fed up with boring jobs, long commute times, lifetime mortgage repayments – the list goes on – people see the internet as akin to a Gold Rush. Big paychecks to be made online if only you know where to look.

We’ve all heard the stories about those who’ve struck it rich on the internet. And we’re not talking about savvy business people, but average Joe’s and even teenagers who’ve followed a program and seen real results for their work. True, there are the internet entrepreneurs who come up with an original idea, run with it and create a product that suddenly everyone wants – internet marketing of the highest order. But as in any line of business, those entrepreneurs are both not very common as well as being the kind of people willing to take risks.

The majority of people don’t like taking big risks or have ingenious ideas and even if they do, don’t know how to run with their idea. Like the prospectors of old, most people rush off to the store, buy some inadequate tools and go prospecting for internet riches without knowing the first thing about what they’re doing.

Is it any wonder that most people fail at making any real income online. Knowing the correct tools to use and where to internet wealth can be found is a huge step in the right direction.

The provision of information products is a booming industry, and a huge portion of it deals with informing people how to make money online. But, as you’ll learn if you buy a number of these products, a lot of information is regurgitated as well as being out of date in the fast-changing world of niche marketing. Besides, ebooks can be an effort to wade through.

As an alternative, Internet marketing Video tutorials are easy on the eye and they show real examples of techniques and tips in action. You are, literally, watching over the shoulder of someone who’s demonstrating a procedure as it happens. And, if the penny doesn’t drop first time, you can replay the video as frequently as you like till the penny does drop.

It appears that most people are visual in nature which is why they respond more to visual stimuli rather than the printed word. Why do you think shop windows use animated displays to get your attention rather than big printed banners? Moving images attract the eye engage the mind. That’s why watching internet marketing videos is so powerful. And it’s a technique you’ll learn from fast. A mentor’s personality comes across much more strongly through video and audio than it ever can from a book. So does enthusiasm, which can empower you to succeed when relying on printed words just drains you.

There are now some great internet marketing video training products available to help you in your goal of succeeding online. I’d urge you to think about these instead of simply reading an ebook. The advantages to you are enormous.

Discover how you can gain instant access to a goldmine of powerful Internet Marketing video tutorials, that take you by the hand and show you step-by-step how to fast-track your way to online financial success AND you’ll also get Master Resell Rights to these videos so you can sell them and keep all the profits!…