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11 YouTube Video Marketing Tips For Maximum Results

11 YouTube Video Tips For Maximum ResultsWere you aware that 70% of all the traffic on the Internet today comes from videos? That is a pretty unbelievable number when you consider it.

Here are 11 tips on how you can create and market your YouTube video to get better results.

1. Post your videos on other social media sites besides just YouTube. These could include Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon, and Digg. Post it on your blog as well. Send a mailing out to your e-mail list and invite them to visit your blog and watch the video and leave comments.

2. Make your videos professional. Do not cut corners on sound and edit them so they are presentable. This should include lighting and color that is easy on the eyes.

3. Keep your videos short and on message, especially if you are doing a verbal presentation. I am not going to sit through a 10 minute video and neither are most of your viewers. Get to the point and then wrap it up. You can say a lot in a 2-3 minute video.

4. Just as in blogging, find ways to make your videos unique. This should include humour, controversy and really useful information that is not recycled from other people’s videos.

5. Use your YouTube video to brand yourself and your business. Include your website logo, and your website URL in the beginning, in the text, and at the end. Videos really give you a great chance to come across as an expert on what your video is about.

6. Before you tape it ‘live’, practice it a few times. This will give you confidence because you know exactly what you are going to say. Never create a video on the fly.

7. Think about creating a series of videos on one theme. This can bring people back to watch more of what you have to say. It also will help you break your video into smaller portions so you can really stay on message for each one.

8. Get search engine benefits by incorporating targeted keyword phrases into the title of your video. You should build a keyword list and know what you are trying to rank highly for. Search engines love to rank videos on their search results for fresh and unique content.

9. Ask your viewers to leave comments. This helps get them involved and let you know what they are thinking.

10. Track your hits by using YouTube Insights to see who is watching your video and where they are coming from. Just as analytics are helpful on your blog or website, they can give you a lot of good information about your video.

11. Have fun. Do not swear or use inappropriate actions in any way. Do not offend people when you are having fun with off color jokes or comments.

These are 11 ways the experts create YouTube videos and market them to build their business. If you are not applying video marketing, you need to start today!

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