How to Safely Recharge a Power Tool Battery

Cordless power tools are good options when working where there is no available power source. Cordless power tools use a battery that installs in the tool to provide hours of use. The battery is a rechargeable type and should be recharged once the tool is losing its power to perform. Safely recharging a power tool battery requires using the charger that comes with your power tool battery for Hitachi. These chargers are specifically designed for the battery and have safety mechanisms built in to prevent overcharging.

Remove the battery from the power tool. Press the tabs on each side of the battery with your fingers and pull the battery straight out of the tool, if you have battery tabs on the side. Press the tab on the back of the battery and slide the battery off the tool, if your battery uses a single tab on the back.

Place the charger on a level hard surface. Plug the battery charger power cord into a wall outlet. Do not use extension cords to plug the charger in.

Insert the battery into the charger. The battery goes into the charger only one way. Watch the LED light(s) on the charger to indicate that the battery is charging. Some chargers use simple single lights that will illuminate red for charging and then change to green when charging is complete. Other chargers have a series of lights, and still more have a red light that blinks while the Drill batteryfor Metabo is charging and turns solid when complete.

Allow the battery to charge until the charger indicator lights are green. Chargers that have a series of lights or blinking red lights, remain steadily lit indicating the battery is fully charged. Check your manual to be sure how yours functions. Remove the battery from the charger and insert it back into your tool.

Tips & Warnings

Most battery chargers use a “trickle” charge after charging the battery fully. This prevents overcharging in the event the battery is left in the charger.

The battery and charger will likely be warm to the touch when in operation; this is normal

Do not charge the Worx tool battery in air temperatures below 40 F.

Keep conductive materials such as steel wool, aluminum foil or metal shavings away from the charger.

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