I own a newer 18-volt cordless combo (drill and flashlight). I also have an older 16.8-volt drill with two expired Hitachi cordless drill batteries. (We all know the high price of replacement batteries.)

I had to ask myself a couple of questions:

1. Do I really want to do the “non-green thing” and send this good tool to a landfill?

2. Would it not be a great idea if the older cordless drill could join my working cordless combo family?

Step 1: The new member of my working cordless family

I then searched extensively online for a way to do this, but I never found one. After careful consideration, I FINALLY FOUND MY OWN WAY MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

Step 2: Items required for the modification

Cordless device with bad battery – drill, saw, light, etc.

A good battery handle from the working cordless group.

Masking tape and Sharpie marker

Camera – to take pictures for reference

Hacksaw with fine blade and a bench vise

Flat File

Shop rag or old wash cloth

Dremel tool with cutting blade

Solder iron, solder and flux

2” long pieces of 14 gauge wire (1- red & 1- black)

Shrink tubing or electrical tape

A 3” x 6 1/2” piece of 16 gauge galvanized sheet metal

Four – 2” diameter screw-type radiator clamps

Flat screwdriver or nut driver that fits the screws on radiator clamps

Phillips screwdriver to take apart the cordless drill batteries for Panasonic

Safety Glasses and leather gloves

Step 3: Good battery handle from the working cordless group

I had another 18 volt battery handle with the flashlight head broken off.

The handle uses that same battery as my cordless combo.

For some reason I had kept the flashlight handle. I am so glad I did!

Step 4: Opening the plastic cases

With the batteries removed, use the phillips screwdriver to unscrew and carefully remove one side of each case. Use masking tape to mark the positive lead on the drill battery wire and the broken flashlight handle battery clip.

Step 5: Know how they go back together

Take pictures of the inner parts as they lay in their open cases.

The pictures will be used as a visual reference during re-assembly.

Now, carefully remove the inner parts from both plastic cases.

Step 6: Old Drill Case

Screw the empty AEG cordless drill batteries pieces back together.
Use masking tape and the Sharpie to draw a horizontal line around the
outer circumference -about 1-3/4” below the trigger opening in the handle.


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