How to Use Lithium Ion Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Battery

Generally speaking, lithium ion Dyson vacuum cleaner battery has a natural discharge rate. It will self-discharge 1% electricity even it’s not in use.

When in extreme temperature, battery performance will be degraded. Thus, don’t store battery in places where temperature is higher than 60? or lower than -20?.

Lithium ions are very active and react intensely. Therefore, when using lithium ion battery, you should take notice:

To avoid snow, sweat or other liquid penetrating. When a lithium ion powered device is drop in water, stop to examine it, or a fire may occur.

Lithium metal Dyson DC34 battery is non-rechargeable battery. Explosion may be aroused if it is charged forcedly.

Keep the battery away from high temperature environment. When battery temperature mounts to 80?, it will explode.

Not to use lithium ion battery with crazed casing.

Not to dismantle the Dyson DC44 battery casually. If it’s wet by rain or water, dry it with a piece of cloth and leave it in well ventilated place to allow it to dry itself or blow-dry it with 40? wind.

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