NiMH Drill Battery Charger Instructions

NiMH batteries can be recharged and used multiple times. These Dewalt power tool batteries are easy to charge at home with an NiMH battery charger. Learning to use the charger is simple and can be done in just a few minutes.

Choosing an NiMH Battery Charger

There are quite a few options available when choosing a NiMH battery charger. Consider how many batteries the charger can charge at one time. Some can charge up to 10 AA or AAA batteries at a time, while other chargers can only charge two AA or AAA batteries at a time. How long the charger takes to fully charge batteries is another consideration. Some supposed “quick chargers” can actually take up to six hours to fully charge batteries, while other models can fully charge your batteries in 90 minutes.

Understanding the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Be sure you understand the manufacturer’s instructions before charging your NiMH batteries. The risk of serious danger is low, but there is a possibility that your Makita power tool battery charger could overheat if it is not used properly.

Using the NiMH Battery Charger

To use your NiMH battery charger, begin by plugging it into an ordinary wall outlet. If your charger is equipped with multiple charging settings, select the setting and insert the NiMH batteries into the charger, being sure to observe the correct polarity of the batteries. When the light on your NiMH battery charger changes from red to green, your batteries for Bosch power tool are fully charged and ready for use.

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