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12V Milwaukee Power Tool Battery Specifications

Nearly all car, motorcycle and tractor Milwaukee M12 batteries are 12-volt, lead-acid batteries. These batteries can provide hundreds of amps of electrical current for a short period of time. This is why these batteries are commonly used in automotive applications. … Continue reading

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Does a Larger mAh Number on Your Cell Phone Battery Mean a Better Battery

An ideal cell phone battery has a high mAh capacity, but it also has many other important features. A battery might have a very high mAh rating but if it does not hold a charge well, it is not a … Continue reading

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How to Revive Lithium Ion Power Tool Batteries

Lithium ion batteries come in a pack and are used in laptops and camcorders. They are rechargeable, but only when placed in the device that it is used in and possibly plugged into the wall. Some items will charge the … Continue reading

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