How to Revive Lithium Ion Power Tool Batteries

Lithium ion batteries come in a pack and are used in laptops and camcorders. They are rechargeable, but only when placed in the device that it is used in and possibly plugged into the wall. Some items will charge the battery when the battery is placed inside the device, and sometimes the device needs to be plugged in to charge the battery. Sometimes you might think this battery is dead, but there is a nifty trick you can try that might bring your battery back to life. This will save you the time, money and hassle of buying a new power tool battery.

Turn off the power device where the battery resides and remove the battery.

Securely wrap the battery in a relatively thick layer of newspaper, securing it with regular tape or masking tape. Masking tape will work better in sub-zero temperatures.

Stick the battery in the freezer for three to seven days.

Remove the battery and allow it to sit overnight wrapped in the newspaper.

Remove the newspaper. If the battery is still cool to the touch, then wait until it is at room temperature. You do not have to rewrap the Dewalt power tool battery.

Put the battery back into the laptop or other device. Do not turn it on. Allow the battery to charge fully before turning on the laptop. You will know the battery is fully charged when the green light comes on the charger.

If your electronic device is still under warranty, send off for a new battery because this will last you much longer in the long run. If the cordless drill battery is warm when you put it in the freezer, the casing might crack. Let it sit at room temperature for a while.

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