Learn to use a cord model and a cordless model drill.

Drills come in a few different styles. The most common we see are cord and cordless. Cord drills have a power cable and need to be plugged into a electrical source. Cordless uses a battery. If the Makita power tool battery is discharged, place it into the chargers charging receptacle.

For a cordless drill, insert the charged battery (most will only fit in one way) open the chuck if it is keyless just spin the chuck in the desired direction for opening or closing the chuck. The Chuck is the part of the drill that holds your bit. It needs to be tight so that the bit will not spin in the chuck causing damage to the bit or the chuck. Once the chuck is open insert your bit that is required for the job (either drill bit for holes, view sizes as needed located on drill bit or on the package, or the proper screw driver bit that matches the head of the screw you are working with) Close the chuck tight and depress the trigger on the drill. Check that the bit spins and does not wobble and that the drill is charged. Select the proper direction for either forward or reverse. Most drills have a speed selector on the top marked H for high speed and L for low speed. Select the proper speed in accordance to the project you are working on. There may also be a torque clutch that can be adjusted, the lower the setting the less torque the drill will put out the higher the setting the more the torque. For drilling use the higher setting, for putting screws into dry wall to hang pictures you may want to use a low setting (i.e. 4) so not to strip the threading.

Corded drills work under the same principal. Plug in the cord. Most corded drills have a keyed chuck which requires a small tool normally in a holder located on the power cable. insert the “stared) end in to the small hole on the chuck so that the teeth mesh and turn the key to open and close the chuck. At this time place the correct bit into the chuck and close the chuck tight. Depress the trigger and verify that the Milwaukee cordless drill battery have power and that the bit doesn’t wobble.

Wear proper saftey equipment such as saftey glasses and any other equipment you may need to prevent injury.

If the bit wobbles in the chuck open the chuck and reseat the bit in between the jaw posts and retighten the chuck and depress the trigger to verify if the the problem is corrected.

Wear proper safety equipment to reduce the risk of injury.

Do not operate equipment while impaired the Bosch cordless drill batteries.

Do not operate electrical tools under wet conditions due to risk of shock.

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