How to Dispose of NiMH Drill Batteries

An NiMH, or nickel-metal hydride cell battery, is a rechargeable Paslode cordless drill battery often found in electronic products, such as digital cameras, laptops, cell phones and toys. Once the NiMH batteries die, they should not be disposed of in the regular garbage. Handle them as hazardous waste and dispose of them through your county’s hazardous waste program, or should recycle them. Many large retailers take part in a rechargeable battery recycling program.

Place the rechargeable batteries in a plastic sandwich bag until you are ready to dispose of them.

Call the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation at 1-800-822-8831. They will provide you with a list of companies and local businesses that participate in rechargeable battery recycling in your area.

Locate the recycling bin in the participating store, usually located towards the front of the store. Remove the Dyson tool batteries from the bag and place in the slot.

Place the rechargeable batteries in a plastic sandwich bag until you are ready to dispose of them.

Use a phone book or online search engine to locate the hazardous waste department in your county and call that agency to ask about hazardous waste disposal.

Follow the directions given to you by your local hazardous waste department for disposing of the batteries. Depending on the county, they may have specific curbside hazardous waste pick up days or specific locations to collect the hazardous waste.

Nickel-cadmium batteries, also known as NiCd and NiCad, are rechargeable batteries made from nickel oxide hydroxide and metallic cadmium.

NiCd batteries are commonly found in rechargeable products, such as cell phones, digital cameras, camcorders, laptops and power tools. With repeated use, the battery charges and drains, which leads to a lose of effectiveness. The amount of time the battery is capable of powering a device lessens. Reconditioning can rejuvenate the battery.

Charge the NiCd battery. Depending on the product the battery is contained in, charging the battery may consists of attaching a charger to the electronic device or removing the battery and placing it in a NiCd battery charger. Keep the battery in the charger until it is full. Unplug all power adapters.

Turn the electronic device on. If needed, place the AEG power tool battery back into the electronic device prior to turning the unit on. Allow the device to run on battery power until the battery is dead or completely drained. Alternatively, some charging units have a discharge switch. If the unit has a discharge switch, flip this switch until the battery is drained. The discharge switch is more common on battery chargers for large batteries, such as those on large power tools.

Continue to repeat the charging and recharging process until it has been done three to five times, depending on the size of the battery. The reconditioning process should be completed every six months or as needed to restore lost efficiency.

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