Tips for Shopping for a Cordless Drill

Shopping for a cordless drill? Arborjet is pleased to share the following tips to help you find exactly what you need.
Price: What’s your budget?

The average 18V cordless drill costs about $200, with prices ranging from $100 to $400.
Power: Balance power against weight and cost.

The average 18V Worx power tool battery can generate maximum torque levels of about 470 in-lbs. while top-end 18V cordless drills can deliver up to 650 in-lbs.
Speed: Faster is better.

Speed usually comes at the expense of larger motors and heavier weights.
The average 18V cordless drill has a maximum drill speed of about 1,525 RPM while the best 18V drills have top speeds around 2,000 RPM.
Weight: Lighter weight reduces fatigue.

The average 18V cordless drill weighs about 5-lbs compared to the lightest 18V drills only weigh about 3.5-lbs.
Battery: Run-time is never long enough.

Some 18V cordless drills have 2-3 times the run-time of others, so look for 18V drills that have Lithium-Ion batteries which also reduce the weight of the drill. The most important measure is the battery amp-hour (Ah) rating. The average 18V cordless drill has a rating of 2.0 Ah, while the best drills run up to 3.5 Ah Metabo tool battery.
Features: What’s important to you?

We like that the charge indicator greatly reduces the frustration of running out of power at the worst of times. Also, a side-handle is a good option when you’re trying to control high levels of torque.
Durability: The all-metal trade-off.

Consider an all-metal gearbox and chuck. Nylon and plastic are lighter weight, but they can wear-out and crack over time. The trade-off is higher weight, so if weight is critical to you, than a non-metal gearbox or chuck is acceptable.
Warranty: Always check the warranty!

The average for an 18V cordless drill is about 3-years, with Panasonic having the shortest, and Milwaukee and power tool battery for AEG having the longest.

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