Choosing a cordless drill driver: additional features

Many cordless drill drivers have additional features which are designed to make certain DIY tasks much easier. These include:

LED work light

Most cordless drill drivers have one or more built-in LED lights for working in poorly-lit spaces (e.g. under the stairs, in cupboards etc.)

On the left is an example of a cordless drill driver with an LED light.

How many LED lights a cordless drill driver has and where they are located will depend on the make and model.

Usually, the LED light will be positioned underneath the tool’s chuck.

But some are positioned at the base of the tool just above the Ryobi P108 battery.

Spindle lock

Most cordless drill drivers have a feature called spindle lock. When spindle lock is selected, the motor’s spindle is locked and so the chuck and screwdriver or drill bit cannot turn.

Most cordless drill drivers have automatic spindle lock, which means that the chuck and bit are automatically locked when the speed control trigger is released.

Other models require you to manually activate spindle lock, usually by sliding the forward/reverse switch into the central position. This will lock the drill OFF.

Battery-level indicator

A battery-level indicator works like the fuel gauge on a car – it tells you how much Ryobi RB18L25 battery you have left.

Some cordless drill drivers have a battery-level indicator which lets you know how much battery power the tool has left.

The location of the battery-level indicator will vary depending on the make and model. Most are can be found on the end of the drill driver as shown on the left.

Built-in level

A built-in spirit level helps you keep the tool straight when drilling or driving.

Some cordless drill drivers have a built-in spirit level to ensure accuracy when drilling or driving screws.

Built-in storage

A storage area built in to the tool for screwdriver or drill bits may be useful if you change between different bits frequently.

Some cordless drill drivers have storage areas built-in, which are used for holding drill or screwdriver bits when they’re not being used a Ryobi RB18L50 battery.

This usually consists of a simple clip that holds the bits, or sometimes a magnet as well.

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